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Five Dollar Jump

I just received the following message from a reader. “Got a call from Jyske Bank that Instrumentarium stock is being bought at a jump of nearly $5.00 per share over today's price until tomorrow. What's going on? Do you recommend selling my shares.” I wrote about this share on August 18 when the shares […] [Read Five Dollar Jump]

Why the U.S. dollar will fall now

The G7 market reecntly made a statement that signals aweakening trend in the U.S. dollar. This G7-statement wasthat more flexibility in exchange rates is desirable. Bytaking this step the G7 group highlighted that rigidexchange rate systems in the Far East and continuedintervening from the Bank of Japan (to strengthen the USdollar) is clearly unwanted. The […] [Read Why the U.S. dollar will fall now]

Interesting Investment

I have just received a very interesting Jyske Bank analysis regarding a new Bond issue by GAZPROM Russia yielding 7,50% in Euro maturing in 2010. Russia's president Putin is apparently contemplating easing restrictions regarding foreign ownership in the company allowing foreign investors to hold up to 40% instead of 20%. This could be a big […] [Read Interesting Investment]

Moves on Mexico

Merri's first international business began decades ago in Mexico and since we have always held a special fondness for this Southern neighbor. NAFTA brings special opportunity to both Canada and Mexico. For those who want to live outside the U.S., but in the sun and yet be close to home, Mexico is one of the […] [Read Moves on Mexico]

Healthy Investing = Wealth #16

The Wellness Revolution will have a huge impact on high tech and the high tech industry will have an even greater revolution on wellness. This is why you do not want to miss this message about high tech's future. Here are seven thoughts Ian Pearson, a technological futurist, recently shared. Ian talked at Jyske Bank's […] [Read Healthy Investing = Wealth #16]

Starry nights in the country

Merrily Farms lays in one of the darkest parts of the Eastern U.S. There is a huge benefit (I'll share here) we can gain from this. We are so far from town that it is truly dark at night. Clear nights are a starry treat. Things forgotten in the city, like the Milky Way and […] [Read Starry nights in the country]

Healthy Investing = Wealth #15

This series is running because I am placing a major bet on the Wellness Revolution and at the recent Jyske Bank seminar saw three ways that profits are sure to be made in the years ahead. This social revolution has incredibly far ranging implications in every walk of life. How we choose to think, eat, […] [Read Healthy Investing = Wealth #15]

Tigers, Rajas and Mountain Kingdoms

Join a Vedic Safari in the Footsteps of Kipling Our friend, Dr. Jay Glaser, is one of the best physicians we know and uses both Western scientific and Ayurvedic knowledge to heal. Jay lived and studied in India for many years and last year he began taking groups on an India adventure tour that includes […] [Read Tigers, Rajas and Mountain Kingdoms]

Future Profits

A reader who attended our recent International Investing Made EZ seminar in North Carolina (and went golfing with Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank) shared some valuable information that confirms what we have been sharing about the benefits of wellness revolution. Dear Gary,”Beat the banker”, that's probably the best name for a golf tournament I've ever […] [Read Future Profits]

Best Place to Be

Health is one of the most important assets of all and our environment affects our health. This is one reason why Merri and I spend so much time up here on our farm in Ashe county, North Carolina. This area is in the top 20% of clean environments of the U.S. Only 4% of its […] [Read Best Place to Be]