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Farm House + Land $45,000

Here is a tip that can improve your health, enhance your golf and perhaps earn you some extra profits as well. We recently looked at Ecuadorian condos for 17,000…hope you'll join us in Ecuador in February. Here is another real estate bargain. Just nine tenths of a mile down the road is a farmhouse (with […] [Read Farm House + Land $45,000]


Frito Lay has jumped on the health band wagon. A recent article in USA Today announced that the maker of such artery cloggers as Fritos will start placing “Smart Snack” labels on products that meet criteria developed by nutrition expert, Kenneth Cooper. These guidelines for smart snacks will be: fewer than 150 calories, fewer than […] [Read Purification]

Healthy Investing = Wealth #14

Haneda Airport, 1968. A message from Japan then shows us a path to riches now. Two powerful ways to enhance wealth is through the Wellness Revolution and by cashing in on currency shifts. Here is a way we might make money on both at once. To help us do this, here is an excerpt from […] [Read Healthy Investing = Wealth #14]

The Most Important Asset

Recessions and depressions are the breeding ground for the next group of extreme rich. What asset is required to be one of those who rise highest from the ash? Those who will succeed will need more than money. Those who succeed need a deep curiosity to see what changes will take place, a burning desire […] [Read The Most Important Asset]

Change in Portfolio

Leather clip-clops echo on cobblestone squares as bear-skinned soldiers stride by. Waterfront smells ride on a brisk ocean breeze. A bronzed temptress sits on rocks overlooking a choppy, windblown sea. What secrets are held in her mysterious eyes? Copenhagen, Denmark. Spotting trends before the pack does is one of the easiest ways to make substantial […] [Read Change in Portfolio]

White Bear & the Ancient Coals

Cricket songs hang gently in sun warmed air. Creek songs murmur for ancient willows that are crying out near the water's flow. Summer's blessings are everywhere. Merri's and my friend, White Bear, is head of the Pan American Indian Society. He comes up once in a blue moon to perform a sacred ceremony. This year […] [Read White Bear & the Ancient Coals]

Healthy Investing=Wealth #13

Ancient green fingers sway, singing in a gentle sun. Nature's lullaby calls as tiny wrens flit on giants near meadow's edge. Silent songs of nature sing. Sitt'n on the porch in the afternoon sun I'm about to nap in peace when a sudden crack cuts harshly through this peace like a knife stabbing into my […] [Read Healthy Investing=Wealth #13]

Most Powerful Secret in the World

Milky blankets of white cream float on a sea of black. Stars glitter in icy pride, diamonds of reflection, ancient runes that speak of millenniums past. Merrily Farms lays in one of the darkest parts of the U.S. so far from any town that it is truly dark here at night. This means that clear […] [Read Most Powerful Secret in the World]

Healthy Investing=Wealth #12

Magic moments of sunset paint shafts of orange and salmon on crystal waves. Evening mists veil a sinking lemon sun that suddenly rises and starts another day. The dusk's desire gives way to sunrise. Day's end and dawn become one. The beginning and end – end and beginning, they become the same. Time stops, and […] [Read Healthy Investing=Wealth #12]

The Chinese Factor

Warm fog swept from the South China Sea and hung like a humid blanket over a thin ribbon of asphalt that flowed, flat as a snake, through the jungle ahead. Low city rumbles rose through the green freshness and fought with the cacophony of birds. Bowen Road runs through the mid-levels of Hong Kong and […] [Read The Chinese Factor]