Archive | June, 2003

Wild Strawberry Crumble

We saw in Friday's message that eating right can make you smarter. One way to eat right is to balance the amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat we consume. A good balance is three grams of carbs for each two grams of protein and one gram of fat. One way Merri and I accomplish this […] [Read Wild Strawberry Crumble]


Health and wealth are connected and past messages have shown that restricting calories will add years to your life. Now we have learned that eating right can make our businesses better as well. A new study in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology suggests it can protect brain cells from […] [Read CALORIE RESTRICTION MAKES YOU SMARTER]

Tip for Better Business

Albert Einstein said that problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them. Here's what that can mean to your business. The Hendricks Institute's CONSCIOUS CONFLICT RESOLUTION Newsletter posted this interesting message: CREATING PEACE IN THE REAL WORLD: Conflict Resolution, Einstein-Styleby Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.In thirty years of business consulting, as well […] [Read Tip for Better Business]

Watch Out for Freddie Mac

Many readers believe there is a sinister conspiracy behind our government’s economic policy that is part of an active plot to weaken the populace and ease the creation of a one-world government that dominates all people. The thread of this thought is woven deeply enough in Western society that I used this concept as the […] [Read Watch Out for Freddie Mac]

Even More Time

Recent messages have looked at the value of time. This message continues by looking at ways that time affects investing and business markets now. Go to Until next message may all your time be filled with prosperity and joy! Gary [Read Even More Time]

Definition of Good Health

Friday's message shows how ideas relating to health and wealth seem to conflict. How can a person who weighs 130 pounds too much be in good health? What is good health? See the only definition I have ever seen below. Jay Glaser explained at the recent rejuvenation course here at the farm that in his […] [Read Definition of Good Health]

Essentials for wealth and health

The U.S. government has recently declared war…on American fat. Someone should as obesity is one of the entire Western world's greatest security, social, health and economic risks. All the terrorists on earth cannot even dream of killing as many westerners as the fast food industries such as McDonalds, Burger King and such. However Wall Street […] [Read Essentials for wealth and health]

Financing Business Plan

A businessman involved in raising money for a restaurantcreates this lesson on how to develop business plans. Steve Rosberg is an experienced banker who I have worked with for years. He recently began putting together a business plan to help his son start a restaurant in Barcelona. Study this plan if you want to see […] [Read Financing Business Plan]

Who are controllers?

In my novel, The 65th Octave, there are 65 families called the controllers trying to control the world. This is not all fiction as you will see. Have a series of families or organizations knitted together to slowly take over the economies of the world? I don't think so, not in the predetermined sense that […] [Read Who are controllers?]

More time

Last week's message looked at the value of time. This message looks at how to make money by looking for reducers of time and space. Innovation's erosion of time and space affects our investing. I have written often about how the economic evolution outlined by Austrian economist, Joseph Schumpeter, shows how innovation created industrial revolutions […] [Read More time]