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Market psychology and trading tactics

A friend who specializes in market psychology and trading tactics outlines his feelings about the equity market now. Do not miss the important ideas he shares here. “Hi Gary, I'm 100% long right now because the market is going up and it could go up 100% from here over the next 12 months, but I […] [Read Market psychology and trading tactics]

Raising Money Abroad #5

Last lesson looked at the ten times theory and outlined how important having a good business pan can be. This lesson looks at how to develop that plan. Whether selling private investors on the idea of buying a product, making a loan or an investment, it is important to sell the sizzle as well as […] [Read Raising Money Abroad #5]

Controllers on Wall Street

A reader whom I know well and deeply respect sent me a memo. I am forwarding excerpts to you because he has been a very successful equity trader for decades and follows the market in a multitude of ways. This means he is in a position to spot something funny that 99% of investors would […] [Read Controllers on Wall Street]

Removing Ten Years

The May 19 issue of Time magazine writes about the new partners to Botox (injections of dilute botulism toxin). Botox works on the forehead, but cannot be used on the lower face. This has created a boom for fillers that puff up the face and make wrinkles vanish. People all over the world are filling […] [Read Removing Ten Years]

Survive The D Word

The editorial page in the May 19, 2003 issue of U.S. News & World Report is entitled, “Dealing with the D Word.” This article points out how our current Texas President is taking the U.S. one step beyond Lyndon Johnson's “Guns & Butter” plan that nearly bankrupted the nation. Learn what the D word is […] [Read Survive The D Word]

Path to Profit

Here is a thought coming from one of Merri's Mother's day cards that shows an important part of raising money in business. Here is a quote from her card sent by our son. Businessmen will do well to remember. “Never for her was there a place in the terrible slow armies of the cautious. She […] [Read Path to Profit]

Two Quick Thoughts

Quick Thought #1: This comes from a reader on the U.S. West Coast. “Ted's Stuff is the best leather cleaner I have ever encountered. I have lived in the San Francisco Bay area for years and I can assure you that we take our leather very seriously here. It was very nice to clean my […] [Read Two Quick Thoughts]

Shape Up/Get Smarter

There are few things that most of us can do to improve health. In fact recent studies suggest that overweight people are at higher risk of cancer. Scientific studies have shown that caloric reduction increases longevity and now studies also suggest that reduced calories increase intelligence. Gosh, if we get some weight off we feel […] [Read Shape Up/Get Smarter]

The Equity Boom

Last Friday's message outlined that an equity recovery could be on its way. Catching the trend of the market is one (though very hard and risky) way to increase your capital. Another way to enhance capital is to pick shares you believe in. This may be harder, but often works better. A way to do […] [Read The Equity Boom]

Birm and Prostate Cancer: University of Miami Medical School

I have just learned that a scientific study at University of Miami Medical School has demonstrated that BIRM is a potent orally active anti-neoplastic agent, which primarily affects caspase-mediated apoptosis and inhibits metastasis by inhibition of hyaluronidase, an ECM-degrading enzyme implicated in tumor angiogenesis and metastasis. You can read the whole thing at For […] [Read Birm and Prostate Cancer: University of Miami Medical School]