Archive | March, 2003

Seven Steps to Health and Longevity

Many readers have asked Merri and me what we do to have energy and good health. Our lifestyle program is aimed at helping us stay young, healthy and vital through seven practices. Our disciplines have been developed over 35 years of study while traveling and living in Asia, Europe, the Amazon and the Andes as […] [Read Seven Steps to Health and Longevity]

Economics of War and More

  This message looks at the war’s impact on global economics, reviews how I’ve spread my global portfolio breakdown and then reveals a major auto maker’s bond that yields up to 16%. First, let’s see why a constructive stance can help us invest now. Investors find perspective a difficult companion in troubled times. Yet a […] [Read Economics of War and More]

Jay Story

A bite of chilled wind swept the broad Andean marsh where diamond sunrays sparkled and danced on a frying pan lake below. Damp odors of ooze, mud and grass were mixed in harmony to the taste of my blood, my senses concocting strange mixtures in the altitude-thinned air. High on a mountain slope overlooking the […] [Read Jay Story]

A Unified Field for Wealth

These messages have increasingly focused on inner growth, health and having your own business. They seem three separate subjects, but actually tie together rather well. First health, wealth, meaning and service are so inexorably linked it is difficult to have one without the other. This thinking came clear to me years ago when one small […] [Read A Unified Field for Wealth]

A Battle Won

While national attention has been distracted by the war in Iraq, a bigger battle has been taking place. Terrorism is a horrible thing and genocide and war horrendous, but there is something worse as you will see in this message. The battle against pollution and a need to protect our environment overrides all our physical […] [Read A Battle Won]

A visionary way to have a free trip to Ecuador

I recently looked at how dental savings can pay for a trip to the equator and more. Now we can use our eyes in this formula as well. See what one savvy reader shares with us below. One delegate from New Zealand who attended a recent International Business Made EZ course in Quito, Ecuador sent […] [Read A visionary way to have a free trip to Ecuador]

Investing Ideas

Here are three important business and investing ideas. Before we review these, may I point out that most things mentioned in thesemessages whether investments, business, health ideas or whatever, comemostly from our experiences. So the ideas we share have been tried by me,Merri or someone we know and have trusted for years. I can never […] [Read Investing Ideas]

Of Meaning History and Wealth

Last week I addressed 275 investors in Delray Beach, Florida. The main theme was that investing and business work better if they add personal meaning in your life. When one of the delegates approached after the speech and said “You know what I need in my life is a purpose”. I realized how important this […] [Read Of Meaning History and Wealth]

Sharing Power Case Study #2

The title of a motivational speech shows why society has so many sicknesses. Over the weekend a notice in the business section of the Winston-Salem Journal jumped so strongly off the page that this entire Case Study was added to the course. “Sharing Power” shows us that powerful things enhance life. Force defeats life, creates […] [Read Sharing Power Case Study #2]

Of Wildflowers and War

A little known culture lives near Merri and me in the Blue Ridge. They are the Melungeons and their history is steeped in mystery. They are called the “Lost People ” or the “Mysterious” people of the Appalachians. There are many stories about their origins. Some say they are descended from the “Lost Colony of […] [Read Of Wildflowers and War]