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Nine laws of success and nano tech

Nine laws of success and nano tech Many recent messages have looked at ways to invest during these times of turmoil. Investors who understand that the chaos is caused by transition from one new wave of productive technology to another have an enormous advantage because they know to look for the next wave. For example […] [Read Nine laws of success and nano tech]

Business Ideas

Last Thursday's message looked at how having an international businesses can help us be free. Here are a variety of business ideas that may help you. Idea #1: Import silver reproductions. Reader Mat Gilroy has moved to Ecuador and has set up a business of reproducing silver works. He already has some customers in the […] [Read Business Ideas]

Wild Cherry and Sassafras

Green leaves, fragile tendrils in a magenta dusk shimmer in ecstasy with the evening breeze. Little Horse Creek serenades them and they dance and sway in joyous harmony, praising the coolness of the night that descends. Our seminar hall at Merrily Farms has a huge open deck that hangs over the creek, surrounded by trees, […] [Read Wild Cherry and Sassafras]

A White Bluff Appears

Rock solid rifts, in their ancient wisdom, hold the bluff in wonder. A millennium message, perfectly silent memory, but shouting, bold and strong. Recently while wandering and plotting a new hiking path along a new piece of land we added to the farm I stumbled across the most incredible bluff of rocks, huge, maybe 50 […] [Read A White Bluff Appears]

#1: By Mike Tidwell

It's a lovely, breezy, early spring day, temperature in the forties, not a cloud in the sky. Inside my house, the temperature is a toasty 70 degrees as I reach for a cold beer from the refrigerator while turning the television to a spring training game. Later I'll unwind with a hot, steaming bath while […] [Read #1: By Mike Tidwell]


I use “Longevity Maca” a food supplement created by Dr. Gary Gordon, the formulator of Beyond Chelation. Dr. Gordon is a brilliant bio-chemist, a man of great integrity so I enjoy his products very much and have heard nothing but raves from readers. To order go to [Read Maca]

Blackberry Pie?

Summer sun shadows are cast deeper as the katydids suddenly go still. Sweet afternoon silence, rich in the day’s lingering warmth, falls like a warm blanket through the woods and the fullness of the day whispers with sweet promise at the coolness of dusk. August days up here in the Blue Ridge are perfect. Some […] [Read Blackberry Pie?]

More global investment clues

Recent messages have looked at ways to invest in these times of turmoil. Here is another tip. One way to invest is in distortions, such as in Argentina. EClub advisor Teddy Christiansen gives us an idea when he writes: “Today I bought some 8% Argentine bonds denominated in Euro maturing in 2008. I paid 20,000 […] [Read More global investment clues]

Can you tell me what is wrong?

Page 25 of the Economist, August 10, 2002. The article “A stigma that never fades” points out that the U.S prison population has risen from 110 people per 100,000 in 1973 to 700 per 100,000 now! Compare this to other countries: Canada, 102 per 100,000, Britain 132, France 85 and Japan 48. The article also […] [Read Can you tell me what is wrong?]

Side Affects – BIRM may alter vision

Everything we imbibe has side effects of one sort or another. Reactions with BIRM, the Amazon Food supplement is no exception. But have a look at this side effect. It is one that will surprise you! Here is what a reader wrote. “Dearest Merri & Gary! I noticed my eyes, actually my contacts & glasses […] [Read Side Affects – BIRM may alter vision]