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Where is a good place to invest?

Inspired investors always have a good place to invest. So if the stock market is in a 15 year decline as my recent article suggests – see – where should one invest now? The chart in that article suggests that the market and economy move in thirty year cycles, 15 years up and 15 […] [Read Where is a good place to invest?]

Financial Survival with Camels

Last Friday's message – see – reviewed 100 + years of stock market,economy and social development. The chart in that message made one clearpoint. For over the past 100 years markets have moved in 30-yearcycles. Another fact the chart revealed was that half that cycle is a long15-year downturn. Another vital reality we did […] [Read Financial Survival with Camels]

When the Blackberries Speak

Afternoon mists fall on ripe green. Cool mountain meadows hide in the hemlocks and fir. A quiet brook sings to robins and squirrels as Merri and I hiked the farm over the weekend on a pick and eat program with the cooperating wild blackberries that had turned luscious and black. While in a deep glen […] [Read When the Blackberries Speak]

Cycles, Markets, Trends…Wars

While in London last week, I participated in an international investment seminar organized by Lalic Insurance Services of Panama – See At that course I pointed out how we are in a 15 year downward cycle that is supported by over 100 years of history. These cycles appear to be intricately connected with waves […] [Read Cycles, Markets, Trends…Wars]

Profit from the crisis

As the stock market plummets (I explain again why in tomorrow's message and what to look forward to) we have to ask how much more can our standard of living drop? During our recent trip to England, I drove a rented car on the left side of the road, jet lagged and all. The Somerset […] [Read Profit from the crisis]

Tax Tip

Part of Everlasting Wealth is keeping what you make and one tax tip from tax attorney Carlos Kepke shows that if you are a U.S. citizen fortunate enough to have a foreign relative (by blood or by marriage) who is willing to create a foreign trust for you and/or your family members as beneficiaries then […] [Read Tax Tip]

Great Places To Be

One night last week we hiked to the top of Glastonbury Tor for sunset! We saw a panorama unfold for miles in every direction. Camelot lay below, the ancient Isle of Avalon, set amidst the Somerset levels and a horizon stretching to the sea, the Salisbury plain and beyond that faded into the mists. The […] [Read Great Places To Be]

Beyond Logic

We recently had a full house at our course “Beyond Logic” with Indian Pundit, D.S. Dixit. See (You can see Dr. Dixit in this picture). The course really became interesting as we moved into the areas of quantum physics, which helped clarify in our western minds how quantum science and astrology support one another. […] [Read Beyond Logic]

The Money Game

When the market is crashing and CEOs, accountants, brokers, analysts and many other business leaders are being shown to be corrupt, it is refreshing to see CEOs and businesses that are ethical and doing well. I noted the article “Ethics don't always pay, but lack of them always hurts” on July 5 of USA TODAY, […] [Read The Money Game]

Join Gary & Merri Scott at Merrily Farms

Dear International Friend, I made a horrible mistake. Almost! The supposed error? Letting my mind wander four decades back to an hour I spent with a girl. You can learn from this near disaster as I did, seven most powerful sources of wealth, health and asset protection, security and fulfillment of this era. The girl […] [Read Join Gary & Merri Scott at Merrily Farms]