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Fifteen-year downward cycles

I have been writing for years about the dangers of fifteen-year downward cycles. Since the 1800s the stock market has moved in 30 year waves, peaking in bubbles and ending in troughs. Technology, warfare and politics are all related to these cycles. Several years ago I began researching the principles outlined by Austrian economist, Joseph […] [Read Fifteen-year downward cycles]

Next Hot Investment Abroad

Dear International Friend, All the financial press now tells us that Argentina is a basket case. Infact the reality may be even worse as the report from George Buxton at Bear, Stearns & Co. wrote: “We assess Argentina's ability to service its bond debt based on assumptions of the size of the economy and fiscal […] [Read Next Hot Investment Abroad]

Inspired Investing Protects

Inspired investing is looking within and doing what you love, then figuring out how to make money from it. Most investors look outward instead. They look for ways to make as much money as they can and little else matters. This is a guaranteed way to get into trouble. Profits and wealth are all subject […] [Read Inspired Investing Protects]

Good places to be

A reader's recent note sparked off an important thought about how to pick the best real estate. Here is what he wrote. Good Evening Gary, I am thoroughly enjoying your valuable, unique insight through the International Business Made EZ course – see – and I was hoping you would have anopportunity to expand upon […] [Read Good places to be]

Quantum Hit

We had a huge response to last week's message on Quantum Mechanics and its affect on our attitudes and health. For example this reader wrote: “I just read your Quantum message am so glad to see you sharing this truth with all of others. I have worked as a psychiatric nurse for more than thirty […] [Read Quantum Hit]

The most difficult time for investors since 1968

This is the most difficult time for investors since 1968. That period over three decades ago was the end of a thirty-year economic boom which had been started by the end of WWII and had been fueled by the introduction to the common man of the TV and telephone. 1968 or so was the bottom […] [Read The most difficult time for investors since 1968]

World in Motion

At the International Business Made EZ course we start tomorrow the delegates will do more than just learn how to create, focus, finance and market their products. We'll soak some in the healing waters of the Indian's Trough see, enjoy a local ballad singer round a bonfire (after roasting some gourmet vegetarian hotdogs on […] [Read World in Motion]

Perpetual motion machine

Timing is everything. I recently discovered this while solving a huge problem. Merrily Farms has over 250 acres. Much of the farm is in meadow and in the spring the grass grows like wildfire. We spend more time and money on mowing than I would like. In past years we mitigated this by allowing our […] [Read Perpetual motion machine]

Inspired Investing Beyond Logic

Yesterday's message was about the Quantum aspects of life and health and how this explains how the tiny particles that compose us have such an important aspect on our attitude. Quantum mechanics also helps us understand what astrology is about and why it works. If the movement of minute particles of energy separated by billions […] [Read Inspired Investing Beyond Logic]

Great Places to Be

Merri and I decided years ago that cool, green, uncrowded places with peace and quiet and lots of water were the greatest place for us to be. We have that all here at Merrily Farms. Yet once long ago a wise physician said to me, “Gary all medicine is dose!” So we make sure that […] [Read Great Places to Be]