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Three Scams Circulating Now!

Dear International Friend, Please note these three scams…so you can easily avoid them! Rip off #1: Stock brokers are trying to sucker you in now, even after paying hundreds of millions of dollars of fines! The attached international portfolio ideas presented by Swiss eclub advisor Andy Kaegi outline the extreme caution we must exercise in […] [Read Three Scams Circulating Now!]

Learning as the Bubble Bursts

Dear International Friend, A recent article is USA Today (Money Section B – Thursday May 23, 2002) entitled “Unpredictable Market Bursts Expert's Bubble” by Adam Shell, explains one reason why I so strongly recommend that we all learn how to turn our passion into profit. This article outlines how many broad market calls made by […] [Read Learning as the Bubble Bursts]

Inspired Investing is Feeling Good

Dear International Friend, Wealth should make us feel better. If we invest in things that make us jumpy then its a bad investment now matter how much profit we gain. On the other hand if we believe in something, even if it performs badly, it may still be the right investment for us. With this […] [Read Inspired Investing is Feeling Good]

The Vedic Roots of Ayurvedic Medicine — Lesson 4

From: Jay Glaser, MD Lancaster Ayurveda Medical Centers For the full course see or email Introduction This course is designed to provide an introductory knowledge of the Vedic roots of Ayurvedic Medicine and thereby to encourage the student to seek further instruction. It gives the essential theory behind the functioning of the self-repair […] [Read The Vedic Roots of Ayurvedic Medicine — Lesson 4]


One of the most sensible, easy to use health programs that Merri and I have tried is Ayurved, the Indian science of life. Years ago after we became ill from Chernobyl radiation we visited the Ayurvediuc Health Spa in Lancaster Massachussets every six months for seven years. The treatments there not only helped us rid […] [Read Ayurved]

Argentina Revisited

Last week we looked at how today's blue chip can be tomorrow's disaster and how tomorrow's great deals will be unexpected (see link below). This is one reason we have looked at investing Argentine bonds over the last year as the country slid into economic disaster. A recent message from a reader and a reply […] [Read Argentina Revisited]

Ecuador Opportunity

One of the greatest places to be is in a position where you have more than one place you love. So while Merri and I are in North Carolina we often yearn to get back to Ecuador (and vice versa). We crossed the Atlantic every 3 weeks year in and year out and now we […] [Read Ecuador Opportunity]

Coming up Roses

We have been looking long and hard for ways to help our readers who are interested in helping raise their income. Merri and I have lived part time in Ecuador for eight years. One thing we discovered there is that the Andes grows the most beautiful roses in the world. A fresh, long stem Andean […] [Read Coming up Roses]

How Inspired Investing Works to Help You Earn More

Last week's message on Great Places to Be outlined my belief in the enormous potential of Small Town USA. Monday's message on health fortified this belief. Now the May 14 cover story in USA confirms how terribly correct this idea is. The article entitled “Retirees Staying Put” (available through outlines how the 78 million […] [Read How Inspired Investing Works to Help You Earn More]

A Most Obscure Health Secret, Great Places to Be

Rolling hills, green in Spring's fresh splendor are cut by a graying fence and horses mellow in the rich grass. Merri and I are sitting in a hillside condo overlooking this pastoral scene. A warm breeze, ripe with scents of wild honeysuckle, rises up the hill. We are between Helen and Cleveland in the North […] [Read A Most Obscure Health Secret, Great Places to Be]