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Security in Ecuador

  There has been a ton of text written about security risks in Colombia and Ecuador and even the U.S. State Department has issued travel advisories for certain areas of the country. Thus it was no surprise when I received the letter below. Read it and my reply to understand better what is going on. […] [Read Security in Ecuador]

Health Tip

Dusk fought the horizon in darkening finery of oranges and gold. Twilight painted in fading light and brushed amber memories on quiet waters below. In the patina of eventide, weariness descended on a day past. Hushed anticipations grew with thoughts of warm fires, cozy beds and the excitement of new dawnings ahead. This long day […] [Read Health Tip]

About Inspired Investing

Learn a source of Everlasting Wealth. One of the most important ways to succeed in investing again and again is to have an overall view of what society has done and will do. To help you with this, I recommend a book given to me by a friend. Here are details. “The Mainspring of Human […] [Read About Inspired Investing]

Visits to Ecuador

Worried about security? Here is what one visitor says. Many readers have written to me asking about security in Ecuador. Here is a letter from a friend who recently visited there that answers many of these questions. “Dear friends, In Puerto Lopez, I had a wild dayhiking 8 or so miles of beach, climbing a […] [Read Visits to Ecuador]


Here are improvements to help you. Over the past two years our web site has grown so we are now approaching 2 million words, quite a batch of data to chew. To make the site and our services easier to use we are refining our 1-5-7 system. We have one goal, to make your life […] [Read 157]

Swiss Portfolio Update

eClub advisor Andy Kaegi echoes my sentiments that Wall Street is still overvalued in his most recent portfolio update below. Dear International Friend, Here is the latest portfolio update (in Adobe Acrobat format) from eClub advisor Andy Kaegi ( at Bulach Private Client Service. Dear Readers, Our today's list of possibilities is longer than usual […] [Read Swiss Portfolio Update]

Health Secrets of the World

“Health Secrets of the World” are one week total immersion courses that run concurrent to the business courses conducted at Little Horse Creek and in Ecuador. The course fee at the farm is $999 for the week ($1,499 for a couple sharing a room), which includes luxury accommodations at the farm and use of all […] [Read Health Secrets of the World]

Increasing Savings and Capital

International Investment Course with Jyske Bank The investment course to help learn how to increase capital and savings is hosted by Jyske bank (Denmark's third largest bank) about how to increase capital gains with investments around the world. Once you have earned income, you have to know how to save, protect and make your savings […] [Read Increasing Savings and Capital]

Center for Reduction of Religious-Based Conflict

Center for Reduction of Religious-Based Conflict are a US charitable organization, tax exempt under US laws, dedicated to the reduction of religious-based conflict throughout the world through publicizing existing conflicts, their significance to all of us, and their causes; as well as providing realistic long-term solutions. The Center is not a religion or church; nor […] [Read Center for Reduction of Religious-Based Conflict]