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BellaVista Cloud Forest Reserve

Each month we offer Deep Amazon Expeditions, but recent political problems on the Colombian border meant we were unable to take our recent group to our Amazon Amazing Eco Lodge. We chose BellaVista instead and the lodge lives up to its name. Located just north of the equator in 1,800 acres of virgin rain forest, […] [Read BellaVista Cloud Forest Reserve]

Beware of private placements

Many investors think that private placements offer especially good deals. In some instances the reverse can be true! Dear International Friend, Recently a reader wrote asking about a private placement of shares in an up and coming company (so they thought). “Are private placements always the best way to go', he asked. “Beware,” was my […] [Read Beware of private placements]

Investing pensions in real estate abroad

Here is an exciting way to diversify pensions out of your local currency into high growth real estate. Dear International Friend, I am conducting an International Business Made EZ course this weekend and eClub advisor Larry Grossman provides us with two valuable messages on investing abroad. This first message shows how you can invest in […] [Read Investing pensions in real estate abroad]

Updated Multicurrency Sandwich

See how the European Union can create extra income for you now. Dear International Friend, For the past decade many of my readers have learned how to cash in on lowinterest rates and weakness of the Japanese yen. We have borrowed yen atrates as low as 1.5% and invested the loan for 8%, 10%, 12% […] [Read Updated Multicurrency Sandwich]

What They Won’t Tell You About the Internet

Our webmaster discovers a new book that reads more like a good spy novel. In short, if you are concerned about online privacy, ever use the Internet, you probably need this book. Steal it now. Am I cynical? Having used the Internet for over 11 years and seen plenty of “Wow! Exclusive!!” it wasn't the […] [Read What They Won’t Tell You About the Internet]

A very interesting thought

Don't miss what this reader has written and our schedule for the rest of the year. Dear International Friend, Here is a reply from a veryintelligent readers to recent messages about Everlasting Wealth. “Gary,Fun is indeed the purpose of life, as you seem to have discovered.So what makes fun? Overcoming not unknowable obstacles toward a […] [Read A very interesting thought]

Why investors lose money

EClub advisor Larry Grossman has provided valuable investing information for investors here (in Microsoft Word format). See also Larry's website at Larry will join me and a number of international investment experts at Jyske Bank's International investing course August 28 to September 3 this summer. Please see the following two files on this conference: […] [Read Why investors lose money]

Third True Story

The mountain stream roars, white waters boiling over huge round boulders ground smooth from the water's toil. Verdant hills rise steeply silver waterfalls that spew fresh from the green. Here is another key that unlocks sacred knowledge that can make you rich. Learn what that is here. Dear International Friend, Opportunity gets thrown at us […] [Read Third True Story]

Second True Story – How to Earn 4,800% a Month

Learn how sacred knowledge can make you rich. We all possess sacred business knowledge that can bring us continual fortunes. Yet often we don't even know we possess it and even if we do, don't know how to unlock it. Learn how in this second true story here. Thin sheets of salmon and golden orange […] [Read Second True Story – How to Earn 4,800% a Month]

First True Story-How to Gain Privacy and Reduce Tax

Three true stories share sacred knowledge that can make you rich. Dear International Friend, A great benefit of our world travel and isolation at our farms in North Carolina and Ecuador is that we are mostly out of touch with the day to day world. When in the jungle or high mountains we do not […] [Read First True Story-How to Gain Privacy and Reduce Tax]