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First Key for Everlasting Wealth: Enjoy Bargains

There are seven keys to Everlasting Wealth, the first is higher and continual income. Learn one way to increase your earnings here.Money flows to distortions like water runs downhill. My life has been blessed financially (and in so many other ways) because traveling the globe has made economic distortions obvious. In London real estate prices […] [Read First Key for Everlasting Wealth: Enjoy Bargains]


We have enjoyed numerous raves and an overwhelming demand for the Amazonian food supplement BIRM. Now look what's next! Dear International Friend, Merri and I have been flooded with business and health opportunities while in Ecuador this year. One of our most gratifying discoveries has been Amazon BIRM (Bio Immune Response Modulator). We have heard […] [Read Smooth]

Reasons for Longevity

A very interesting article shows five ways to lengthen your life. Dear International Friend, A recent USA Today article “Fabric of Long Life“, reviews the book, “The Okinawa Program” written by Craig and Bradley Wilcox. This article points out that Okinawans live longer and better than anyone else in the world (other than in a […] [Read Reasons for Longevity]

Will the U.S. Dollar Remain Strong

Here is a view that the dollar will remain strong…at least for a while. Two recent messages (see and have shown reasons why the U.S. dollar may fall against what. A recent message from a knowledgeable reader suggests we might wait before betting everything on a weak greenback. Here is what he wrote. […] [Read Will the U.S. Dollar Remain Strong]

Will the Dollar Fall?

Or should we say why gold could rise? Dear International Friend, A recent message pointed out seven reason why the U.S. dollar could fall. But a big question is what will the dollar fall against? One thing may well be gold. One reason gold has remained depressed is that many governments, as they have demonetized […] [Read Will the Dollar Fall?]

The Art of the Steal

Many offers of overseas structures are scams. Here's how to avoid getting caught. We receive a large number of inquiries about how and whether to set up overseas structures. Questions are about IBCs, LLCs, overseas trusts, contractual trusts and constitutional trusts, etc. to reduce tax or gain asset protection and privacy. Regretfully many of the […] [Read The Art of the Steal]

Going, Going, Gone

I have been recommending Ecuadorian real estate as real bargain buys. The bargains may just about be gone. Learn what to do about this now. Dear International Friend, During our winter's stay in Ecuador we have been looking at land and property. If you have been reading my messages for some times you will know […] [Read Going, Going, Gone]

The Economic Power of Love

Hummingbirds sing in the dew, kissing sweet hibiscus, honeysuckle and jasmine and dancing with joy. Entangled in love they embrace in a glorious waltz of life and become the vine as the flowers become the birds. This is the Valentine's message of wealth as well as love. Harmony comes from love and vice versa in […] [Read The Economic Power of Love]

Ecuador Update

Here is an economic review from one of the best speakers at our latest course. Hotel Quito sits atop a high mountain that just above the bustle of Quito. Above the melee it faces down into a jumbled mixture of mankind. Tall skyscrapers sit next to decrepit block shacks with rusting tin roofs. Looking east […] [Read Ecuador Update]

Current Multicurrency Sandwich

There are fundamentals that suggest danger in the U.S. dollar. Here is another place to go. Yesterday's message reviewed seven fundamentals of U.S. dollar weakness and shared some suggestions of alternatives currencies in which to invest. At our recent International Business Made EZ course in Quito, Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank outlined a different non […] [Read Current Multicurrency Sandwich]