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Alice In Wonderland Economics?

Argentina's collapse should create worries about emerging markets. Right? Guess again and read this message. Dear International Friend, In eras past the default of a major debtor to the tune of 130 billion (as in Argentina), would send shock waves through other emerging markets. Not this time. South Africa's rating just rose a notch and […] [Read Alice In Wonderland Economics?]

A Rare Find?

How to let the Ecuadorian government pay for half of your property. Dear International Friend, Once in a blue moon a special deal, usually created by some unusual situation comes along. Our Ecuador eClub advisor may have found one such deal for us now. Here iswhat he wrote: Dear Gary: As you know, two years […] [Read A Rare Find?]

Live like a millionaire on a taxi driver’s salary

Own a colonial mansion in the heart of Quito's old quarter for $150,000 or a riverside townhouse inCuenca for $45,000 Rent a luxurious apartment for $550 a month…employ full-time household help to cook and clean, for $37 a week Enjoy a gourmet meal for two, with wine and dessert, for $25 Join our upcoming expedition […] [Read Live like a millionaire on a taxi driver’s salary]

How to Make 13.04% on US Government bonds

Here's how money will be made by a select few from the Argentine disaster. Dear International Friend, Yesterday we looked at how Argentina's debt default might create opportunity for a few. Here is what eclub advisor Steve Rosberg in Buenos Aires has to say. “DEAR GARY, Here are some ideas on how money may be […] [Read How to Make 13.04% on US Government bonds]

Don’t Cry for me Argentina

How to find the profits in Argentina's crash. Dear International Friend, You have probably read that Argentina's President resigned, then another and that the third President in just two days stated that Argentina's debt would not be repaid. You may also be aware that I have recommended, in some circumstances, investing in Argentina debt. If […] [Read Don’t Cry for me Argentina]

Boxing Day

Here's an important point many investors miss. In England the day after Christmas is also a public holiday called Boxing Day. This is a day to box up gifts and show them around. The British have it right for if Christmas is a day of giving, boxing day is the day to receive. Every day […] [Read Boxing Day]

A Holiday Gift

How families from the Middle East and India gave us the greatest gift of all. While in London last week, Merri and I took our daughters for afternoon tea at our favorite cafe in the central part of town. The Art Cafe was our favorite old haunt from years ago. We were sipping Indian tea […] [Read A Holiday Gift]

Liquid Gold?

Oil used to be called liquid gold. Then environmental problems grew so drilling was not so easy. How has this affected the oil business? More profits! Will the water be next? See why below. Not more than a week after I started this series on investing in Wood, Water and Air, articles began showing up […] [Read Liquid Gold?]

The Gift is in the Giving. A Gift from a Thief.

Here's a Christmas message that brings an economic message. This was sent in a most unusual way! Christmas music and aromas of fresh baked bread rose fragrantly from the floor below. Shoppers scurried by, a child's giggle mixed with the hiss of steam frothing milk. This was a Christmas scene at the old Whiteleys building, […] [Read The Gift is in the Giving. A Gift from a Thief.]

Problems Create Opportunity

Business is solving problems. When you see something wrong don't run. Look at how to profit from it instead. Take the problem of rainforest destruction as an example. Dear International Friend, We have shared numerous messages about the potential of investing in wood, water and clean air. Plus we have shared ideas on how to […] [Read Problems Create Opportunity]