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Earn 40.95% per annum with triple AAA rated bonds!

Normally such returns with safe bonds are impossible…but wait a minute….look at this. Dear International Friend, Here's the catch. Iceland is an unusual place, in many ways including its issue of government bonds. The bonds issued by the Icelandic government are (according to the bond rating agencies) among the safest in the world. However because […] [Read Earn 40.95% per annum with triple AAA rated bonds!]

How anyone can hold emerging market bonds

Many readers like emerging bonds but ask which ones and how can I do all this. Here is one really simple answer. Bond mutual funds provide an easy way for investors to diversify into a spread of bonds. Emerging market bond funds are even more important because choosing the right markets abroad requires even more […] [Read How anyone can hold emerging market bonds]

More on Argentine Bonds

As Argentina's affairs grow bleaker, the bond opportunity may mount. Dear International Friend, Argentina now has the lowest credit rating of any country in the world so any investment there contains great risk, but look at the rewards. Bond yields exceed 20% per annum and this return can be locked in for years. If the […] [Read More on Argentine Bonds]

More Bargains in Ecuador

Since I began preparations for my trip to Quito I have found more really interesting buys. Here is a note from one of my best contacts in Ecuador. Dear Lover of the Sun, If high prices and or low income in North America are cramping your standards or shortening the time you can winter in […] [Read More Bargains in Ecuador]

Guaranteed Market Deal

Here is one of the few ways you can invest in global markets and be guaranteed not to lose. Dear International Friend, Here's the investor's dilemma. To remain in the market or not? Chances are your portfolio has been devastated already and is down 20%, 25% or even more. Should you get out to protect […] [Read Guaranteed Market Deal]

More Bonds with High Yields

Short Term Polish Government Bonds Pay 11.99% A recent message outlined the strategies of top value investment manager Jeremy Grantham. He suggested that one of the best investing values today is emerging market debt. Thus we have been reviewing bonds abroad. Philippine bonds, Argentine bonds, Dominican bonds, Mexican bonds and SAS Airline bonds. This message […] [Read More Bonds with High Yields]

More on the Potential of a Sprint Terrorist Attack

Yesterday's message warned of a large jump in Sprint's short sales. Here is more about Sprint. Sprint is a global communications company serving 23 million business and residential customers in more than 70 countries. With more than 80,000 employees worldwide and $23 billion in annual revenues, Sprint is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying […] [Read More on the Potential of a Sprint Terrorist Attack]

How to Earn 22.85% in Mutual Funds or Better

Equity mutual funds have performed poorly over the past year. Here is one way to reduce losses. The average stock mutual fund fell 17.6% over the past year while the average bond mutual fund rose 5.255. If you switched from equity to bonds last year and those bond funds performed with mediocrity you are 22.85% […] [Read How to Earn 22.85% in Mutual Funds or Better]

Why Terrorism Will Lose

Here is more information on the SAS bonds. Dear International Friend, The attached report gives the latest details on the SAS Airline bonds we have looked at in recent messages (see Investing in the Shadows and Government Owned but paying 31.25%?) For more information contact Teddy Christiansen or Jyske's web site at Until […] [Read Why Terrorism Will Lose]

Listen to the Music

In the ebb and flow of this new war it may seem we are on the run. How can we stop what we cannot see? Yet one economic force we possess is more powerful than all the bombs in the world. Dear International Friend, We have looked at how controllers may try to take advantage […] [Read Listen to the Music]