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14% per annum or more!

Recent messages have looked at ways to increase returns in the current environment of crashing shares and falling interest rates. One alternative we have to view is investing in Argentina Bonds thatnow payup to 18% per annum for as long as 27 years. What's the catch?Argentina is in its third year of recession and is […] [Read 14% per annum or more!]

A practical way to implement the President’s Speech

The President hit a chord that is really important to every investor and business person. Fight Terrorism with Business Live Full or Part Time Anywhere in the World Turn Travel Into a Tax Deductible Expense See How to Increase Tax and Asset Protection With IBCs Fellow Lover of Freedom, Sunny Skies and Clear Blue Seas: […] [Read A practical way to implement the President’s Speech]

Another Safe 10% Idea

Jyske Bank is launching a bond fund that could pay up to 14.6%. Here is a note sent to me by Jyske bank: “Dear Gary,Your mails regarding the atrocities in USA were very good and helpful. As you can imagine Europeans have been shocked and to show our respect Europe came to a stand still […] [Read Another Safe 10% Idea]

Multicurrency Dollar Hedge

One grave risk at this time is a US dollar crash caused by falling interest rates. If the greenback collapses, we will see our cost ofliving rise in many ways through higher fuel costs and more expensiveimported products. Yet where can we diversify? We have looked at the potential of Dominicanand Argentine bonds, but as […] [Read Multicurrency Dollar Hedge]

The Cure?

The Cure? There may be no cure for the wrong doing that has been suffered in the recent tragic attacks, but there is much that each of us can do to restore our own vitality and harmony. This is important! A nation is never more than the collective sum of its individuals so our building […] [Read The Cure?]

What do we do now?

The current economic crisis has created two sad financial facts that can really hurt. Really low interest rates and inflation are two economic combinations that hurt anyone living on a fixed and or interest income. What can we do when our cost of living rises and income falls? One answer is to live in a […] [Read What do we do now?]

Safer Spice

Here is a way to add performance to your portfolio in these dangerous economic times without greatly increasing risk. In a recent message ( we looked at how emerging markets offer special value and saw how this especially pertained to Argentine and other emerging market bonds. Emerging market bonds can pay much higher yields and […] [Read Safer Spice]

The Most Important Asset Now!

Recessions and depressions are the breeding ground for the next group of extreme rich. What asset is required to be one of those who rise highest from the ash. Those who will succeed will need more than money. Those who succeed need a deep curiosity to see whatchanges will take place, a burning desire to […] [Read The Most Important Asset Now!]

I Want Burning

An Islamic poem contains some relevant investment wisdom. I have enjoyed the 14th Century Sufi poet Rumi for many years. Because of this I studied for quite some time with a Sufi Master and learned they are very devout, incredibly peace loving people. To blame Islam for the recent terrorist attacks is akin to blaming […] [Read I Want Burning]

Urgent Warning About Attack!

From: Gary A. ScottSubject: Urgent Warning About Attack! Dear International Friend, Last night friends from New Delhi sent an urgent note saying that India has gone on Red Alert. They expect to be involved in an attack on Afghanistan and suggest this could create additional tension between India and Pakistan. Considering the mutual nuclear capability […] [Read Urgent Warning About Attack!]