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Sherlock Holmes?

An alert reader led me to take an even deeper look at global economics. Here is what that reader said. “Hi, Gary, I thought about you and your programs, both when I read this mornings offering and an introduction to an Arthur Conan Doyle article. The questions was asked of Doyle: “Was there a Sherlock […] [Read Sherlock Holmes?]

Ecuador brightens

My contacts and outside sources continue to tell me the same things about Ecuador. The country has a long way to go, but everything continues to look brighter. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal confirms this when it saysthat “While recession appears to have Latin America's three biggesteconomies against the ropes, analysts are […] [Read Ecuador brightens]

Markets in the Imagination Era

Here are four markets that are thriving as the Imagination Era unfolds. Adventure One great market that has opened is the market for adventure. Recently theWall Street Journal featured a front page article about the Replica ofCaptain Cook's ship “Endeavor”. The article told how people are paying bigbucks to board the ship and live in […] [Read Markets in the Imagination Era]

More thoughts on Imagination Era

Here are more thoughts on the Imagination Era and how we can get a head start on investing in areas that will be the wave of the future. As you read these ideas, we can be pretty sure that none of them will be totally correct. Economic forecasting and social trends are like forecasting weather. […] [Read More thoughts on Imagination Era]

Cashing In On the Death of Demand

We continue to review how we can alter our activities to benefit with demand shifts from products to services. Yesterday's message looked at likely trends in the era ahead. These trends lead us to two ways to enhance or wealth. The first alternative is to spot new innovations and trends in rich countries and invest […] [Read Cashing In On the Death of Demand]

Dematerialization of Demand

Here’s how to cash in as demand shifts to memories from things. Having looked on our last message at the death of demand, let’s look at how we can follow this path to financial success by spotting major non material markets before they become mainstream institutions in the next social economic revolution. In the first […] [Read Dematerialization of Demand]

End of Demand?

Here is an economic fundamental that can rock everyone's financial world! The message below just came from a very sharp reader in reference to my recent article about Jeremy Grantham and timber. “Namasté, Garyji — enjoyed your comments on Grantham and his viewpoints. Something that not many people are wondering, however — and something that […] [Read End of Demand?]

Believe in Yourself

Yesterday's message shared a reader message on whether now was the time to invest in Argentine bonds. Why the era of the guru is dead. Here is a message that I am told was sent by the Dalai Lama. Regardless of the sender 18 of these points make sense to me. Can you guess which […] [Read Believe in Yourself]

Stay Away!

Here is a message from a reader that everyone should hear loud and clear! Here is a message from a reader in response to my urgent alert on Argentina which pointed out that now may be the best time to get great yields on Argentine bonds. “NEED TO KNOW>WOULD IT BE WISER TO MAKE THE […] [Read Stay Away!]

Embrace Change

Here it comes and we can't do a thing about it! Forest's silence cut by sweet songs of waterfall that rise on a warm mountain air. Blackberries and dew, glistening like purple diamonds and golden leaves floating. Summer's ripe wardrobe offers its richest plumes claiming joy in its plump fullness even as it begins to […] [Read Embrace Change]