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20% a year for 27 years?

Twenty delegates just completed our Inspired Investing course with Teddy Christiansen (Jyske Bank) and Steve Rosberg (Highoak Finance). One opportunity we reviewed was the potential of Argentina bonds that now pay up to 26% per annum for as long as 27 years. What's the catch? Argentina is in its third year of recession and is […] [Read 20% a year for 27 years?]

Manipulation in Markets

A message about Gold from eClub member George hits the nail on the head but is unclear of the concept. Here is a message from a reader named George in response to our currency terror messages. “Dear Gary: Inquire about what is included in the USA and Britain's official inflation indices. What is not included […] [Read Manipulation in Markets]

Reality Check

Here is one of the most important lessons about markets learned in the last 35 years. In the last four messages we have looked at what might happen with currencies next. Yet some of the finest economic and investment minds in the world have taught me we never know what markets, currencies and investments will […] [Read Reality Check]

Why Argentina may make sense

Contrarian theory is usually right. See why this may create a case for investing in Argentina now. Last message we looked at several factors affecting emerging currencies, inflation, current account and foreign reserves. We did not mention external debt. When a country has more debt than it can pay the temptation is to devalue the […] [Read Why Argentina may make sense]

Best Emerging Market Currencies

In our last two messages we have looked at the major currencies and potential currency instability. Now let's look at emerging currencies where we can earn up to 26.04% on real short term deposits! We use the same system to analysis emerging market rates of return. We deduct inflation from current short term rates. You […] [Read Best Emerging Market Currencies]

More on Currency Terror!

Here is the startling and somewhat frightening economic thought our research for the Inspired Investing course here at the farm unveiled. Recently an EClub member asked me this question. Hi Gary, Question: When is the almighty U.S. Dollar going to sink? It is no wonder that the US Economy is starting to falter. It is […] [Read More on Currency Terror!]

Currency Terror!

We have a full house for our Inspired Investing course this weekend. As we prepared my global economic update some startling and somewhat frightening economic figures appeared. One of the objectives of this course is to figure out which currencies might be strongest over the months ahead. To do this we look at current interest […] [Read Currency Terror!]

International Business Made EZ 2001, Lesson 3

International Business Made EZ Chapter Two – Session Two Use collapsible overheads to protect your real wealth. A recent article n USA Today entitled “Outsourcing Business Steps Up As Economy Slips” by Jon Swartz. This article shows that the downturn has prompted more companies to hire others to handle their information technology needs. There […] [Read International Business Made EZ 2001, Lesson 3]

Global Portfolio Update

Here is the regular portfolio update from eClub advisor Andy Kaegi. Date: July 19, 2001 Possibilities in the markets We update this paper at irregular short term intervals based upon our internal buy and watchlists and make it available to interested parties by email. These comments are for informative purposes only. They do not cover […] [Read Global Portfolio Update]


A message from eClub advisor Steve Rosberg points out an economic fact you should not ignore. Here is a reply from Steve about our last message on health and wealth. “Gary, your message on health and wealth comes just as I was thinking that we should consider the incredible psychological impact a recession has on […] [Read Stampede]