Archive | June, 2001

Global Portfolio Update

Here is the latest email Club portfolio update from Switzerland. Eclub advisor Andy Kaegi continues his regular portfolio update. For more information you can contact Andy direct at Date: June 28, 2001 Possibilities in the markets We update this paper at irregular short term intervals based upon our internal buy and watchlists and make […] [Read Global Portfolio Update]

Emerging Market Bond Update

When used with low interest multicurrency loans, emerging markets can add punch to your portfolio. See why with the latest emerging market update from eClub advisor Jyskebank which highlights: emerging bond markets in Argentina (under pressure), but with a credit spread that is historically wide. Power shortages in Brazil may have blacked out the economy? […] [Read Emerging Market Bond Update]

A Quantum Message From Orlando

While in Orlando conducting my course “Self Fulfilled-How to be a Publisher” a reader sent this very important message to me. Nothing to do with cash…but actually everything. Recently a read from Australia shared some infinite wisdom when he passed on a short note that said, “work…like you don't need the money, love as if […] [Read A Quantum Message From Orlando]

Secrets of Success

Secrets of success have little to do with cash and money. Learn here the most important secret  to success… I am convinced that the most important  wealth and success secret is doing what you love. This opposes the normal tradition where  people get jobs to create income and not always success.  The sad secret is […] [Read Secrets of Success]

Everlasting Wealth, Lesson 1

Here is the Tax and Asset Protection Course promised. Lesson One Session One * IMPORTANCE OF NON-CONTROLLED CORPORATIONS: There are seven levels of corporate structures you can use with international business. One foolproof level for reducing tax is to use a non-controlled foreign corporation. Learn what, why and how in this lesson. * GAIN VALUABLE […] [Read Everlasting Wealth, Lesson 1]

New Tax & Asset Protection Complications

One of mankind's greatest qualities is working together, to specialize and share fruits. But this pinnacle of our humanity also creates the need for tax, a part of this noble idea, that is rarely, honorably carried out. This could never be more true than with the new U.S. tax rebate, a political mishmash if there […] [Read New Tax & Asset Protection Complications]

International Business Made EZ 2001, Lesson 1

Lesson One-Session One * HOW TO MARKET YOUR PRODUCT: Your international business can give you the freedom and independence to live in the way you choose. Learn more about this starting below. * WHAT TO DO FIRST: Create a formula for your international business. Profitable businesses begin with a dream, but success comes from good […] [Read International Business Made EZ 2001, Lesson 1]

Final Nail in Coffin?

Fate or Will? That is the question. My experiences with investors suggests fate, so before you read two final stakes in IGP’s heart let me share a true story that happened to me at another time in a different… I was living in Hong Kong about 30 years ago and had become enmeshed with the […] [Read Final Nail in Coffin?]

Ecuador Real Estate Listings

Ecuador’s Dollarization and an improved economy have pushed real estate prices higher, but they are still remarkably low. Here are two listings from reader Mark Burris showing that asking prices on good properties are still low and that bad properties are very low. 3) bedroom,(2)1/2 baths beautiful condominium located in an upscale historical section near […] [Read Ecuador Real Estate Listings]

Seven Threats to Your Wealth

Here's how you can turn seven economic threats into financial boosts. Dear International Friend, For many investors there are just seven threats between them and financial success. Here I've outlined them and then show how these threats can actually become beneficial. Threat & Obstacle #1: Politics. England's election and the British pound are good examples. […] [Read Seven Threats to Your Wealth]