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We are spotting scams for you!

We are spotting scams for you! Readers are sending us more and more what appear to be legitimate business deals but they are not as you can see below. We have been reviewing three types of business scams: Offshore structures (such as pure trusts) that do not work Investment clubs and investments that are Ponzi […] [Read We are spotting scams for you!]

Global Shares to Watch in High Value Markets

Here are overseas shares to watch now. EClub advisor Andy Kaegi has been my banker for nearly 30 years. He was just starting with Credit Suisse when I opened my first account there in the 70s. His business Bulach Private Client Services helps manage portfolios for investors from all over the world and they update […] [Read Global Shares to Watch in High Value Markets]

Another Rip Off and How to Save $5,700 Bucks!

Here is another story of loss from the three types of scams we have been following. We have been studying three types of scams, (Ponzi, African Sob Stories and Offshore trust Rackets). Recently an email member asked me the following question about them.   “Gary, THANK YOU for what you are doing to help us […] [Read Another Rip Off and How to Save $5,700 Bucks!]

Seven Best Markets for Investing Now

When stock markets are tough we need every advantage we can get. One way to gain one extra advantage is to invest in markets which offer the best value. Here are the seven best major and seven best emerging markets from a value point of view now. My friend Michael Keppler of Keppler Asset Management […] [Read Seven Best Markets for Investing Now]

Investing in Adventure

Here are some thoughts on what will affect markets next and what to do about it. Past messages have emphasized the Dream Society and how it will affect investments in the years ahead. This new era will expand markets in Adventure, Togetherness, Care, Peace of Mind, Convictions and the Who Am I market. Now let […] [Read Investing in Adventure]

Secrets of Wealth and Longevity

Surprise. Surprise! The keys to wealth and longevity are the same! *From an economic point of view, I have been studying longevity a lot. Few aspects of finance have such an impact from a personal and social point of view as how long people live. Long lives create more time to make money or more […] [Read Secrets of Wealth and Longevity]

Three scams unveiled!

Our messages on scams are helping readers. Here are some scams we have recently helped bust, plus an urgent warning one of our readers has shared. The first scam sent to one of our readers shows that the Nigerian scam has now hit the internet. Here is what one of our readers received and passed […] [Read Three scams unveiled!]

Who wants to be a billionaire?

A rich Greek shipping magnate gave the secret of being a billionaire many years ago. I share it here with you. A wealthy Greek (one of the richest men in the world) once said that one does not need an astrologist to become a millionaire. Then he added that to become a billionaire you do. […] [Read Who wants to be a billionaire?]

Back From Ecuador

Frances Urco (French Mountain), an Incan pyramid, looms like a sharp emerald tooth biting into the powder blue sky. We move southwest, dropping from Cuenca into the Tarqui Valley, a green rolling spread covered with haciendas that glow white against thick equatorial grass. I reflect on all I have heard and seen on this trip. […] [Read Back From Ecuador]

When it is EZ

As more and more readers have expressed interest in owning land in Ecuador I have had increased enquiries about the difficulty of buying property there. This can range from easy to difficult (as in most places), but here is an amazing story from one reader who just bought an Ecuadorian home. Here is what this […] [Read When it is EZ]