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One more scam warning!

I am off to Portland and Vancouver for book signings and the Jyske International investment course, but want to share what a reader just sent to me. Here is the Nigerian rip off I have been warning about that a reader has shared. Here is what he wrote:. “Namasté, Garyji — over the past six […] [Read One more scam warning!]

Scam Help

Here's a new anti scam service that can help you. Here is a request I just received. If you are offered something that appears suspicious or too good to be true, let us know. We will post us at our forum or send it out to see if any readers know more. Have any of […] [Read Scam Help]

Liquid Gold?

Oil used to be called liquid gold. Then environmental problems grew so drilling was not so easy. How has this affected the oil business? More profits! Will the water be next? See why below. Not more than a week after I started this series on investing in Wood, Water and Air, articles began showing up […] [Read Liquid Gold?]

Types of Scams

Here are four types of scams I run across often. The first type of active scam is the Ponzi scheme we have been reviewing often in our messages. They offer huge returns for investors, sometimes as high as 10% to 20% per month. Watch out for anyone who offers this type of return. Another type […] [Read Types of Scams]

Things Money Cannot Buy

Ecuador is called a third world nation so many feel it is poor. In dollars and cents, maybe, but there is more there than you would expect. There are some things that money cannot buy as you can see below. IMAGES: The images on this page that Gary sent from Ecuador are incredibly beautiful and […] [Read Things Money Cannot Buy]

Another Scam Outrage

The message from eClub advisor Leslie share shows one reason why you must beware of scams. Here is a reply from eClub advisor Leslie Share on why you must avoid pure trusts (which are scams). “Here is Another “pure trust” story. One of the US attendees at the Tortola seminar that we both spoke at […] [Read Another Scam Outrage]

Of Health & Water

Purple mountains bite at a thin Rocky sky and loom large in the thin, fresh air. Granite grandeur in small valleys. Elk and pine, freshened by white ribbons that are mountain streams rushing for the valley floors below. Aspen Colorado in the brilliance of fall. I missed an opportunity of a life time. Learn what […] [Read Of Health & Water]

World Reports, Spring 2001

* LEARN FIVE TOP INVESTMENTS. This is the beginning of a seven to fourteen year Wall Street consolidation. Bargains abound. See below. * DISTORTIONS CREATE EXPLOSIVE OPPORTUNITY. A new coastal highway will turn useless land into ocean resorts. Yet the owners don't know. Buy 38 acres of Pacific Ocean paradise for just $25 a month! […] [Read World Reports, Spring 2001]

Three Scams

I recently wrote about a reader who had been duped in a pure trust scam. Now it appears that they may also be caught up in a scam of another sort. Here is what I received. Read on because knowing about this could save you some big bucks! Here is the message I received, “Dear […] [Read Three Scams]

Gary A. Scott Current Courses

[Read Gary A. Scott Current Courses]