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The key to long term returns

Pssst! How would you like to make 1,000% next year? Read on. The question below from an eClub members highlights the keys for long term returns. Hello Gary, I have a lot of respect for you and when I read on your site that earning high returns like this below his almost impossible, I would […] [Read The key to long term returns]

Security in Ecuador

One of the first concerns Merri and I wanted to address on arrival here (in Ecuador) was security. Demonstrations had started again which we knew would help economic opportunities remain a little longer. But we wondered, would there be a price to pay in reduced safety. The press magnify events to such an extent I […] [Read Security in Ecuador]

What is paradise?

38 acres of beachfront for $15,000 or is there something more? Waves crash on black haystack rocks that grind an aquamarine Pacific into foam and mist of white. It is early March, near the coast of Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. We head due west. Merri and I are with friends, sitting on the gleaming 35 foot […] [Read What is paradise?]

I Scream for Ice Cream

Here is a way to really earn 330% in ten days in Ecuador and have fun as well A warm breeze billows a message of freshness and new crops. Patchwork quilts of green plowed by a farmer with brown and white oxen rise through the valley mists. I hang on. Ibarra Ecuador Feb. 27 2001. […] [Read I Scream for Ice Cream]

How you, through Corporate America, can help feed the poor

While here in Ecuador we see what it really means to be hungry. This is a terrible problem that all of us in our wealth must help resolve. Quite clever of the UN to do this. Go to the Hunger Site at the UN. All you do is click a button and somewhere in the […] [Read How you, through Corporate America, can help feed the poor]