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Vital Currency Information on the Dollar

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Spot   Current market and economic conditions are similar to the early 70s. Following a long bull in the equity market and strong economic expansion, the market has collapsed and the economy is in retraction. Recession nears. Yet there is a difference. The U.S. dollar has remained strong. […] [Read Vital Currency Information on the Dollar]

Where to Invest Now? Three Paths to Real Wealth.

The average U.S. share price has fallen 20% in the past year. So what? This average may be true. It may also be true that most stock markets around the world are suffering consolidation after the longest bull market yet. Plus every past indicator suggests this retraction will last for years. Yet think about this… […] [Read Where to Invest Now? Three Paths to Real Wealth.]

I left my heart in San Francisco… Ecuador that is.

Cayo Tambo (in Quichua, a place to rest), is a huge shark’s tooth peak that bites at the powder blue sky. White waters of the Paute River dash over giant river rock smoother than marble as they rush to the valley floor below the brand new road. I was amazed at the progress that Ecuador […] [Read I left my heart in San Francisco… Ecuador that is.]

Why be International?

I have noticed some unusual commodity events in unlikely places. They confirm why we should all be global in our investment (and all) thinking. I first wondered when a friend and reader (one of the largest distributors of popcorn in the USA) was travelling to Argentina to grow popcorn. Why would he go that far […] [Read Why be International?]

Join Gary Scott in Vancouver B.C.

I have just returned from Quito where I conducted our newest course Ecuador Business Made EZ for the first time. Over 20 delegates attended at a special half price offer of $1,799 for the first courses. Now the course is $3,499. Yet I want to give you the taped sessions of this course free!  These […] [Read Join Gary Scott in Vancouver B.C.]

Last Excerpt

Here is the final excerpt of my book, the 65th Octave. A full amber moon cast ivory beams that floated lightly on the water like a film of thick cream. Here, far from his small Costa Rican village, there were no lights and the stars were bright and danced through the darkness. They shattered into […] [Read Last Excerpt]

More Fun

Here’s another excerpt – the 2nd of three excerpts to help you learn the roots of wealth in an enjoyable way. Gary Chapter Two Robin stepped from the car he had rented at Heathrow, blinked back weariness and stared into the pitch dark. There was not a sound. He was alone on the path. An […] [Read More Fun]

The Gold Question Again

To be hot or not to be hot? That is Gold’s question. In my last World Reports I suggested that gold could rise soon. Recently a reader asked what I thought the price should be and what technical factors to watch. Here is his question and my reply. Dear Gary, Not long ago you wrote […] [Read The Gold Question Again]

What to do in 2001: Learn Lessons in all we do!

Bolts of orange cut the horizon. Razor streaks of blood that carves the night into dawn. Last month Merri and I headed for our old home, Naples arriving late one dusk. We had a great time there and everywhere I turned and everything I did held a new lesson. When we finally left we drove […] [Read What to do in 2001: Learn Lessons in all we do!]

The 65th Octave

Chapter One Robin MacAllen’s stomach knotted when Usha, his assistant, entered his hotel suite. Dressed in silk, she was, as always, cool, elegant, despite Miami’s humid air. But the old man dressed in a rumpled tweed coat who trailed behind her reeked of trouble and grief. Robin had left explicit instructions not to be disturbed. […] [Read The 65th Octave]