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Gain Independent Wealth, Adventure, Freedom & Fun

Learn How To…   Earn Enormous Wealth Live Full or Part Time Ecuador Turn Trips Into a Tax Deductible Expense Increase Tax and Asset Protection   Fellow Lover of Sunny Skies and Clear Blue Seas, Sun rays sparkle on emerald prisms of cool, spring fed pools. They reflect and dance, rainbows that glimmer on towering […] [Read Gain Independent Wealth, Adventure, Freedom & Fun]

An Icelandic Multicurrency Sandwich

You can borrow yen and deposit the loan at more than 10.5% in Iceland. See why this makes sense below. A reader recently asked me if an Icelandic multicurrency Sandwich made sense and I referred him to Jyske Bank (one of Scandinavia’s largest). Here is what he learned and wrote. “Dear Gary, I spoke to […] [Read An Icelandic Multicurrency Sandwich]

Valuable business and economic insights

I just learned something I didn’t even know from my own book and want to share it here with you. The best way to learn is to teach and I hoped my novel would give readers a fun read with insights about the fundamentals of wealth that I understood. I never imagined would interact with […] [Read Valuable business and economic insights]

Even More Scams

I have witnessed hundreds of scams during the past thirty years. One remarkable fact is that even when potential suckers are told how they will be robbed, they still invest! Protect yourself by reading the story below which explains why. Here are two more letters I just received after writing about scams.. #1: ” Gary, […] [Read Even More Scams]

Report from the Equator

Two suns hang orange on cotton clouds over black keys that float on a fading Caribbean blue. Grey corrugated clouds ride in a long plain and slide into the fading inkiness of dusk. February 22, 5:10 AA Flight 967. Part of the pleasure in flying to Ecuador has been that flights always leave at dusk. […] [Read Report from the Equator]

An important message from Ecuador

When Merri and I headed south we took lots of ones, tens and twenty dollar bills. Read below to see why. Excerpts from a message from reader LARRY ROHTER shows why you should bring small denomination bills with you to Ecuador. My comments are below. A year ago, the government announced that it was abandoning […] [Read An important message from Ecuador]

Investing in Thin Air

Brilliant stars, like diamonds on a carpet, stud the opaque laciness of the milky way. Chilled winds whip me through the inky night as I stand shivering under shadows cast by an ivory moon. I look up at sharp crispness, pure, clean sky. I was thinking how we have learned from looking at scams that […] [Read Investing in Thin Air]

Investing in Wood

Ancient green fingers sway in a gentle winter’s sun, singing the wind. Nature’s lullaby calls to tiny wrens that flit with the giants near meadow’s edge. Silent songs reach the porch and my eyes droop. Then another crack and a crash cuts harshly through this peace like a knife stabbing my heart. The loggers have […] [Read Investing in Wood]

High Andes Ecuador Real Estate Discovery Tour May 3-11, 2001

Dear International Friend, “When you’re introduced to a country from the top down, when you get to know personally the people who make things happen in a place-your trip is a success,” our correspondent Gary Scott, said to me once. “I was lucky this way in Ecuador,” he explained. “When Merri and I first went […] [Read High Andes Ecuador Real Estate Discovery Tour May 3-11, 2001]

Will Profits Gush in With Water?

White ridges of wetness crash on sodden rock ripped by roaring currents that lash the creek bank and swell over its edge. Gushes of brown spray strain at greying wood. They sing a rushing song in harmony with the groaning bridge. Smells of damp leap through the willows. I feel this soggy touch and taste […] [Read Will Profits Gush in With Water?]