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Other negative economic factors confirmed

Recently I wrote about negative economic factors that can help make you rich. I have been warning for months that big U.S. banks could be headed for trouble. I enhanced that warning in my last World Reports, which was sent to my International eclub members last month. Here is what I wrote. “There are negative […] [Read Other negative economic factors confirmed]

Five Economic Lessons

Thank you for the many wonderful replies about the economic lessons learned from farmer Bob’s plight. These were wonderful ideas and they were all right! In fact the point I had hoped to achieve was that there are hundreds of lessons we can learn from every situation. You can read a few of the replies […] [Read Five Economic Lessons]

An Economic Puzzle

The Fed has lowered interest rates, but the economy continues to slide. We shouldn’t be surprised or worried as I recently wrote. A couple of weeks ago I sent my International eClub readers a message warning that the Fed would cut rates but stock markets might not respond. Here is what I wrote. “Here’s An […] [Read An Economic Puzzle]

Five Vital Economic Lessons

I have recently had correspondence with a farmer in Ohio that reminded me of five vital economic lessons. I want to share this here with you. Here is how the correspondence began. Read below please.   Dear Gary & Meri, “You don,t know me, I am one of the faceless people who dwell in your […] [Read Five Vital Economic Lessons]

How to Profit From a Day in The Life of a Publisher

Morning mists of early dawn lay in sheets at meadows edge. Pale sunlight warms morning birds that dance on pine straw and applaud the rising sun. Their song is harmony with the creek rushing below, nature’s, sweet symphony in tune with the freshness of this new day, pure and ready to enjoy. North Carolina-deep the […] [Read How to Profit From a Day in The Life of a Publisher]

The Benefits of Trading a Rolls Royce for a Beat Up 87 Ford

Recently two friends stopped by to visit Merri and me at the farm. Their reaction to my truck leaves a financial message for us all. These friends knew us first when we lived in Florida and I drove a Rolls. So they really laughed when I arrived to pick them up at the local hardware […] [Read The Benefits of Trading a Rolls Royce for a Beat Up 87 Ford]

Believe in Yourself – the Era of the Financial Guru is Dead

I hesitated to disagree with the Dalai Llama, until I realized our wealth can be better in this era where the Guru is dead. Last message I passed on 18 tips for a better life from the Dalai Llama. One tip did not ring true to me. This posed three points, the first being whether […] [Read Believe in Yourself – the Era of the Financial Guru is Dead]

Good Advice

Here is a message that I am told was sent by the Dalai Lama. Regardless of the sender 18 of these points make sense to me. Can you guess which one I do not agree to? Send me the one you think does not make sense to me at The first person to give […] [Read Good Advice]

How to Make Money Even When You Don’t Want To

All we wanted to do was to get away. We were not looking for ways to make extra cash. But despite this I can see the money startingto roll in once again.   We moved into Ashe County to get away from the crowds, hustle and bustle of life. Making money in real estate was […] [Read How to Make Money Even When You Don’t Want To]

Where is the best Place to Invest?

Imagine how I answered this question from an eClub member.   “WHAT WOULD BE THE BEST THING TO DO IF YOU HAD ONLY ABOUT 25$ TO 50$ TO “INVEST AND YOU ARE 48 YRS OLD?”   Here is my reply: Depending on many many factors and your nature, you could do one of three things: […] [Read Where is the best Place to Invest?]