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Make 2001 the Best Year Year yet

Some investors make more money spotting currency distortions rather than finding good value in shares. I do and this is why I want to share two ideas right now for the multi-currency sandwich. I am sending this ideas as a holiday gift because a full circle has turned. In 1994 I recommended borrowing Japanese yen […] [Read Make 2001 the Best Year Year yet]

Where to Go In a Dollar Tumble

First let me be clear that the U.S. dollar is already tumbling as I write and there are at least three factors that could push it down 10% or more versus the euro over the upcoming months. The first factor is that (as a 500 year old prophesy foretold) is that the world in the […] [Read Where to Go In a Dollar Tumble]

An Economic Puzzle

You may have read that the fed will start lowering interest rates soon. You may also hear from some that this will stimulate the U.S. economy and cause the stock market to once again boom. Perhaps, but before you get to excited think about these economic facts. During the long stock market boom which ended […] [Read An Economic Puzzle]

Surviving Cash Spurts and Sudden Wealth

How much extra money would it take to make a difference in your life? Be careful with your reply because most wealth comes in spurts and this can be dangerous. Most wealthy people receive their income in spurts (read our last message at if you missed this point). We have recently seen this process […] [Read Surviving Cash Spurts and Sudden Wealth]

The 65th Octave

“Dear International Friend, In my first decades of global investment research I unearthed five golden investments that were among the century's best. Some readers made millions. Yet a haunting question gnawed at me. Information I gave delegates was the same, yet some investors earned fortunes, others made only a little and some lost! “What was […] [Read The 65th Octave]

An International Adventure with Gary Scott — FREE

Have Everlasting Global Fun and Wealth Learn how to have global travel, adventure, togetherness, family values that actually turn into never ending affluence. Travel worldwide and meet international bankers that will lend money at 1.5% and redeposit the loan for 11.33%…or more…plus offer investments that can earn 20%, 30% or more, yet are guaranteed they […] [Read An International Adventure with Gary Scott — FREE]

Poor Investing is Just a Bad Habit – Lesson 6 – Plant a Seed

One great advantage of being Gary's webmaster is that I get to read all of Gary's articles before anyone else does! Gary's ongoing course, “Poor Investing is Just a Bad Habit”, got me thinking – about where these habits start. I'm 36 and I still have a number of “habits” (bad or good) – I […] [Read Poor Investing is Just a Bad Habit – Lesson 6 – Plant a Seed]