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How Benford’s Law Can Affect Your Wealth

There are natural laws that affect our affluence yet that we can barely understand, such as Benford's Law. They make no common sense at all, yet have been so strongly mathematically proven that tax collectors (as you will see below) are trying to use them against us now. This is why we looked at approaches […] [Read How Benford’s Law Can Affect Your Wealth]

Ecuador – Thai Connection

Dear International Friend, I continue to receive concerns from readers who have read negative news about Ecuador, such as the query below. “Mr. Scott, Email I have read implies that the Plan Colombia fallout is already spilling over into Ecuador. My wife and I liked to attend Carnival in Trinidad each year until they imported […] [Read Ecuador – Thai Connection]

Ecuador Bond Update

Dear International Friend, The Global Sovereign Debt research department of Bear Stearns has recently provided a very positive update on Ecuador's bonds. They have stated: Introduction/Recommendation At the risk of seeming to endorse Ecuador's debt restructuring, which we do not wish to do, we believe the short- to medium-term economic and credit outlook has improved […] [Read Ecuador Bond Update]

The Worst IRS Privacy Attack Yet – Do Not Miss this!

Dear International Friend, I have repeatedly warned that no investor should use bank privacy to hide money. The message below shows why. I know that many banks and financial planners have long touted using non-resident credit cards for privacy. This is a good tactic if the privacy is not used to hide income to avoid […] [Read The Worst IRS Privacy Attack Yet – Do Not Miss this!]

Poor Investing is Just a Bad Habit

Dear International Friend, Most investors have many bad investing habits. One of the worst is the habit of trying to keep up with the world. Most of us are overwhelmed by the tyranny of adaptation. We feel we have to know as much or more as everyone else. This turns most investors financial logic upside […] [Read Poor Investing is Just a Bad Habit]

How to Raise Money Abroad

The message below is typical of one I have received many times. “Gary, Does anyone know of reliable sources of information about strategies to raise money abroad (i.e., outside of the U.S.) from individuals for companies that you have started? I have seen scattered references to the idea, but am looking for seasoned professionals or […] [Read How to Raise Money Abroad]

You Have a Sanctuary On the Farm

Beginning streaks of forest crimson, winked with orange and gold in a crystal dawn. Early autumn’s bite worked through boots that tread over fields of frosted grass. Fall’s first mixture of morning stillness, frozen in the day’s beginning, scolded the summer’s wildflowers, purple aster, goldenrod and wild daisies announcing that time was nigh for their […] [Read You Have a Sanctuary On the Farm]

How to Beat the Tyranny of Reason and Avoid Unreasonable Pre

We have just finished the first three days of our Inspired investing course here at the farm. We had a full house with delegates from Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada and Madagascar as well as the U.S., but limited the size to an intimate group, much smaller than our hotel based courses, so we can get […] [Read How to Beat the Tyranny of Reason and Avoid Unreasonable Pre]

More on Ecuador’s Opportunities and Pitfalls

I am not sure that Ecuador's current position is as optimistic as quoted in a recent USA Today article, but believe circumstances are much better than some who worry about problems with Colombian guerrillas suggest. I asked several friends who live in Ecuador and began their comments yesterday. here are more. The first reply below […] [Read More on Ecuador’s Opportunities and Pitfalls]

Ecuador Improves?

Dear International Friend, This week USA Today featured a front page article exclaiming the huge improvements that are taking place in Ecuador due to dollarization. I am one of the greatest advocates of Ecuador and have a large commitment there myself but am skeptical about having excessive optimism too early on. Also there have been […] [Read Ecuador Improves?]