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Perhaps Capitalism’s Greatest Menace?

God Bless capitalism, the best social system humanity has lived by yet. Letting every man and woman decide what to produce and consume is natural and effective. Yet our understanding of this system is far from perfect and there are errors. Some capitalistic flaws are downright menacing to our economic well being, our health, our […] [Read Perhaps Capitalism’s Greatest Menace?]

Some Tipping Economic Projections

Dear International Friend, Recently I recommended the book, “Tipping Point”, by Malcolm Gladwell. Let's look at how knowledge in this book can help us predict markets. One of the points the book makes is that it is little things that causes an (social-economic-disease) event to tip. For example the book explains the “Broken Window Theory […] [Read Some Tipping Economic Projections]

Francesca’s Lasting Economic Message

Dear International Friend, Please pass the note below (sent to me by my daughter Francesca) to as many people as you can. This information points out an important far I have been harping on at my courses for the past three years. Our global economy is based on growing in a way that cannot be […] [Read Francesca’s Lasting Economic Message]

More on the Multicurrency Sandwich

My answer to a question from an eClub member may help you understand how to use the Multicurrency Sandwich better. Here is his message: Subject: Re: TIME FOR THE EURO? Gary, This was interesting to read (despite the typos). What you should remember is the position where you are talking from. From a European viewpoint […] [Read More on the Multicurrency Sandwich]

Time for the Euro?

I have had numerous enquiries about leveraged investing opportunities in the greatly weakened euro. One of these questions and my reply below may help you understand this position better. QUESTION: Gary, I was wondering if the time was opportune, being that the US dollar was so strong and the euro so weak. Would this be […] [Read Time for the Euro?]

Endings and the World economy

Economic history repeats itself and I want to share how the West's aversion to endings could lead us into a really dangerous economic mess. If we look back a decade for example we can see how many factors in the economic crash in Japan is similar to many of today's financial events. Many aspects of […] [Read Endings and the World economy]

The Economic Power in Silence

Dear International Friend This morning is a starry night, the faint glimmerings of dawn coming later. This season's air is spiked more heartily with winter's coming bite. I am conducting an experiment after reading in USA Today about the National Park System's crisis of sound. The crush of visitors, airplanes, helicopters etc has so clogged […] [Read The Economic Power in Silence]

Gain Friends and Wealth in Ecuador

Dear International Friend, One amazing feature about Ecuador is that every trip brings something surprising, wonderful and new. During a recent journey we shared with almost 100 IL readers, the spotlight was on the people of this Andean nation. Though the locals have suffered several years of extreme political and economic adversity, their sweet nature […] [Read Gain Friends and Wealth in Ecuador]

Enjoy a Canadian Trip FREE

The message below from eClub member Ron Meade is so positive I want to pass it along with a tip on how to enjoy a trip to Quebec City free. I have written several times that this is my favorite city and last time there I found a real jewel, a small team of cobblers, […] [Read Enjoy a Canadian Trip FREE]

Beware of Indoctrination re endings

Beginning streaks of forest crimson, winked with orange and gold in a crystal dawn as early autumn's bite worked through my boots. I strode over a field of frosted grass in Fall's first mixture of morning stillness. The day's chilled beginning scolded summer wildflowers, purple aster, goldenrod and tiny dances of wild daisies, announcing that […] [Read Beware of Indoctrination re endings]