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Be Smarter, Happier… Healthier

Mozart as Medicine

Mankind has been using music for the past 40,000 years.  Talk about sticky.  Anything that lasts that long must have incredible stickiness and power.


A group at a Super Spanish course responding to Baroque music.

In fact 40,000 years only relates to sophisticated music.  40,000 year old flutes have been found in Germany.

Music actually goes back 600,000 years.  Neanderthals and the first humans most likely enjoyed music.  Animals even use a sort of music.  For example, primates use tempos and pitch ranges to signify danger and safety about whether to approach or avoid certain areas.  They have emotional responses similar to human’s reaction to music.  Take the famous shower scene from the movie Psycho, Violin phrases create a response similar to screams, a clear danger sign for many animals.  In order to see how music affects us in this way, watch that Psycho shower scene scene at Youtube (1).  You’ll see how violins can set us on edge!

Music can enrich us.

Music has made a few people, like the Beatles,  Jimmy Buffet and Lady Gaga, really rich,  (see the 21 richest musicians below) (2).  There must be something to it!

Music helps us beyond money… it has been proven to even make us smarter.

Music is also a powerful medicine.

The article “Mozart as Medicine” (3) compared the calming effects of music versus a Valium-type drug midazolam (sold as Versed) and said: A study from Sweden sought to determine if relaxing music has a greater anxiety-reducing effect than a standard dose of midazolam.  Researchers whipped out some Kenny G, and the music worked significantly better than the drug.  Those listening to Mr. G had lower anxiety scores, heart rates, and blood pressures.  This is perhaps the first report of any anti-anxiety therapy working not only as well as, but even better than, benzodiazepine drugs.

These facts come from NUTRITIONFACTS.ORG, a strictly non-commercial, science-based public service provided by Dr. Michael Greger, providing free updates on the latest in nutrition research via bite-sized videos.

That post goes on to show the subconscious power of music.

The article says: Well, if you take someone with a latex allergy and inject their skin with latex, they get a big, red, angry bump. But if you repeat the test after they’ve been listening to Mozart for 30 minutes, they develop a much smaller bump (as you can see in my video, Music as Medicine).  That is, they have less of an allergic reaction.

Banned from Marathons.  Scientific research has shown music has such influence on competitive performances that at times there has been a USA Track & Field ban on music during competition.

Music can even help us lose fat!

Music even super charges our metabolism. The research on music found that listening to music increases our metabolic rate so we burn an average of 27.6 more calories a day just lying in bed.

It is estimated that 3,436 to 3,752 calories creates a pound of fat. This means that if you do nothing but eat and exercise as you have been but listen to music, you’ll lose a pound every 4 and a half months or so.

Wait a minute…

Dance a little… even by yourself.  Throw in the exercise, and the weight loss may be more.  Plus listening to music can help you feel good so maybe, just maybe the right tune can help you avoid comfort food as well.


PS. Life of course is never quite as simple as turning on the music.  Researchers doing the latex allergy test found that the reducing effect on allergic responses may be specific to Mozart.  Music composed by Beethoven, Schubert, Hayden, and Brahms didn’t work. The subjects had the same reaction before and after listening to that music.  Music can be used as medicine, to make us smarter and stronger, but the key is knowing which music to use  for each benefit.

See below how we use specific types of music to help learn Spanish in just three days.

(1) Youtube.com: Psycho shower scene

(2) 21 Richest Musicians

(3) Nutritionfacts.org: Mozart as Medicine


Spanish Course in Panama Beach

Panama Beach Spanish Course

Free Night Galapagos Stay

About 20 years ago, we took one of our first top to bottom rides along Ecuador’s coast with our friend Kjetil Haugan.   Merri and I and Kjetil had all recently discovered the amazing values in Ecuador and were seeking knowledge and bargains.

We found them aplenty and since the three of us took that trip Kjetil has created a luxury hotel & spa, and a housing development on Ecuador’s coast, opened the best jungle lodge in the Amazon and offers Galapagos cruises on three of the most luxurious vessels in the islands.

Now he has added more Ecuador service, a luxury Galapagos hotel.


Kjetil recently sent me this note.

We are proud to share with you our latest venture in providing the highest quality of luxury services in the Galapagos Islands. What was previously the Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge will now be known as the Red Mangrove Hotel by Haugan Cruises.

As you know, Haugan Cruises operates three motor catamarans of the highest luxury standard.  Now, the Red Mangrove will be added to this list of Galapagos products with the added plus of guaranteed excellence you already know Haugan provides.

Rooms are sold by night and guests have the option of purchasing 4 and 5 day packages.  They can do this with activities included at popular attractions found on Santa Cruz like the Charles Darwin Station, beautiful beaches, and more.

The hotel, located on oceanfront property with direct views of Academy Bay, is surrounded by lush gardens, mangroves and the occasional visit of friendly sea lions and marine iguanas.  It is a traveler’s delight to visit and relax at the hotel, and perfect because of so many activities like snorkeling and hiking can be done within five minutes from our location.

Throughout the year we will renovate the entire hotel in order to offer the same standards of luxury Haugan Cruises is known for.  Meanwhile, we will be operating as normal with availability beginning May 2nd, 2017.

Be part of this new adventure with us and take advantage of our Special Kick Off Promotion at the Red Mangrove Hotel where guests can reserve 2 nights and receive the third night free!  Contact us directly via email or telephone today to learn more!

For details contact Kathy Lasso. Her email address is redmangrove@haugancruises.com

Call US Toll Free 1.877.319.0324 or Direct US 1.917.259.1055. The local line in Ecuador is: +593.2.514.8605


Orders for fresh Mother’s Day roses will be accepted through Monday May 8, 2017.


See details on how to order fresh Ecuador Mother’s Day roses here.

Special Offer in Panama

Here is a  special offer from Panama.

Our site focused on the benefits of living in Ecuador for many years, but we have always had many readers ask about Panama.  That’s why we have worked closely with Jackie Lange at Panama Relocation Tours.

panama tours

A Panama relocation tour.

When Jackie suggested that Rick Brown conduct a Super Spanish course right after the June Panama Relocation Tour, we arranged the course for our many readers who had always wanted to check out Panama.  We have had a lot of interest (and signups).  Now  the opportunity is better because Jackie Lange sent this special offer.

Gary, I just sent out a promotion to my subscribers that I will give them $100 off  per person on the June tour if they also register for the Learn Spanish in 3 Days class.  Within 5 minutes I got 1 couple and 1 single person signed up for the June tour.

They both said the Spanish class was the icing on the cake!

My June tour is the 10th – 15th so it is perfect timing to stay 3 more days for your class.  You are welcome to extend that same offer to your subscribers.

If you have always wanted to get to know Panama and learn Spanish as well, this is the perfect opportunity, and you can save an extra $100.

Get full details on how to save $100 per person on the June Panama Relocation Tours here.

panama tours

Relax & Learn More

How do we get to the core of true success in learning?


Super Spanish delegates listening to Baroque music and Spanish phrases.

One path to Super Thinking and better learning is music.

Research at a University of North Carolina website entitled “Music Can Help You Study” (1) says: Did you know music can help you study?  Studies have shown that the right kind of music can help you relax your mind which enables you to concentrate better.  Perfect to studying, doing homework or studying for a test or exam.  It cuts down on distractions and helps you focus on your work.

The most cited study is the “Mozart Effect” a set of research results that indicate that listening to Mozart’s music may induce a short-term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks known as “spatial-temporal reasoning” which is the ability to think out long-term, more abstract solutions to logical problems that arise.

What Kind of Music Helps You Study?

There are many types of music that have been shown to put your mind in study mode. Here are a few of the most mentioned:
Baroque classical music is said to have mind-boosting effects. Productivity writer, David Allen, of “Getting Things Done” fame has said he prefers music like Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” “Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #3”, and other Baroque tunes. Others say that music at 60 beats-per-minute is required to put the brain in a “bright and breezy” frame of mind. In this state your thinking and creativity are said to be easier. Concertos for Recorder – Telemann & Vivaldi is recommended.

How does this work?

Music helps settle the mind into a state of relaxed concentration.

Concentration is the most rewarded ability on earth.  The longer one can concentrate on one thing… the more one can accomplish and learn.

There are three steps to being unbelievably smarter in a relaxed way… #1: having correct thoughts… #2: being able to focus on these thoughts and #3: being able to stay focused on these correct thoughts.

A comparison on the benefits of meditation and Baroque Music can help us see how to attain the state of relaxed concentration.  This study compares Transcendental Meditation to listening to Baroque Music.  Since TM is the most documented form of meditation worldwide, it lends itself to a comparison with Super Thinking.

Below, we can see the physiological changes during sessions of listening to certain types of music as compared to TM Meditation.

Super Thinking Concert Meditation (TM)
Slow Baroque Music during Intense Mental Activity Reciting a Mantra
Alpha brain waves Increase by
an average 6%
Alpha brain waves increase.
Beta Brain Waves Decrease by
an average 6%
Theta Brain Waves unchanged Some increase in Theta
Pulse slows down by an average a mean decrease of 5 beats per minute Decreases significantly with 5 beats per minute
Blood pressure drops slightly Tendency to decrease
Awareness becomes relaxed concentration Restful alertness

Meditation creates a state of “Restful Alertness”…. which is great for tuning into deeper levels of intelligence.

Baroque music, however, creates “Relaxed Concentration” the state one wants to attain during study and action.

We can use Baroque music to help us learn just about anything but especially lends itself to learning languages.  We use this technique in our Super Spanish course.

Listening to Baroque music and Spanish phrases at the same time tunes the mind to the language.   This is one of three steps we use that makes Super Spanish completely different than traditional Spanish courses.

Relaxed concentration is one reason you can learn Spanish in three days.  See the other reasons below.


(1) University of North Carolina: uncc49er.com – Music can help you study

Learn Spanish Online

Increase Income – Reduce Stress- Multi Task

There are many benefits from enhanced multi tasking through frequency modulation and meditation.

In today’s era of accelerated change, we can multi task to create multiple streams of income.  When we learn to control, extend and guide the depth and length of our focus  we can dramatically increase productivity and reduce stress.

This photo from the El Cajon Ford blog shows the really WRONG way to benefit from multi tasking.

Most multitaskers make a really big mistake.  They multi task on the small stuff.  This creates a negative and often dangerous downward spiral.   The driver shown above may be trying to gain five minutes at the risk of life and limb… his and anyone else unfortunate enough to get in the way.

Merri and I used to be alert for weaving drunk drivers when on the road.   Now we are also always on the lookout for texting drivers.  Several times we have nearly been rear ended by multitaskers whose eyes were on their phone rather than the red light ahead.  This type of multitasker is getting it wrong.

Reserve multi tasking for the big stuff.  Multi tasking the big stuff can help you prosper during the social economic technological shifts we are encountering now.

Our business is one big multi task of focus… serving information on how to prosper during change through multi currency investing, international micro businesses ideas,  with self publishing and… earning from a seminar business… as well as how to have an internet business and how to live anywhere and earn everywhere. Whew!  One could get tired just thinking about all these different directions except… for the benefits.

We gain multiple streams of income by writing about and teaching at our seminars about the techniques we use in our lives, yet we remain relaxed.

One technique I use to improve multi tasking and remain in a state of relaxed concentration is listening to specific types of Baroque music as a form of meditation.

We teach how to use this technique in our Super Thinking + Spanish course.  Delegates learn how to communicate in Spanish in just three days… but learn much more.

For example initial results from a study at University of Washington of the effects of meditation confirm that this improves multitasking performance.

An excerpt from a study (1) at the University of Washington says: This paper reports initial results from a study exploring whether training in meditation or relaxation can improve office workers’ ability to multitask on a computer more effectively and or with less stress.  Human resource (HR) personnel were given 8 weeks of training in either mindfulness meditation or body relaxation techniques, and were given a stressful multitasking test both before and after training.  (A third group, a control group, received no intervention during the 8-week period but was tested both before and after this period.)  Results indicate that overall task time and errors did not differ significantly among the three groups.  However, the meditation group reported lower levels of stress and showed better memory for the tasks they had performed; they also switched tasks less often and remained focused on tasks longer.

Here is a new, better way to look at multi-tasking.   The downside to multi-tasking is that one act can detract from the other.  However there are ways to multi-task that actually make each process better.   There are numerous classical music techniques that enhance multi-tasking.

Numerous messages at this site have looked at how we can use baroque music to gain balance.    Another message on multi-tasking looks at how I use classical music when meditating and also when using a chainsaw to cut wood.   My Bose sound cancelling headphones help protect my hearing from the loud chainsaw, and the unique music I listen might actually help improve my hearing and help me stay focused on the chain saw.

There are numerous risks to our hearing, such as loud music or loud chainsaws.  Improperly used ear buds, iPods, MP3 players and mega speakers in automobiles for example increase the risks of hearing loss.

I multi-task with a form of sound therapy based on the work of ear specialist, Dr. Alfred Tomatis.

This therapy has helped some people correct hearing problems because there are numerous contributing causes to not hearing well.  Four main factors of loss are prolonged exposure to loud noise, lack of high frequency sound,  poor muscle tone in the middle ear, (from stress or poor diet) and poor central auditory processing.

Dr. Tomatis was a French inventor and MD trained at the Paris School of Medicine. He specialized in disorders of the ear, nose, throat (ENT), and related structures of the head and neck.  He created an alternative approach to improving hearing and listening known as the Tomatis method.

The son of an opera singer, he gravitated to treating opera colleagues with vocal problems and found traditional treatments lacking.  He came up with the idea that vocal problems were often hearing problems.  “The voice does not produce what the ear does not hear” became central to his research and healing.

To help his patients hear better (so they could sing better) he developed an electronic device that exercises the ear with alternating high and low frequencies.  The exercise strengthens the muscles of the middle ear so they once again process missing frequencies.

The Tomatis therapy uses classical music filtered through a specialist device using specific algorithms and activation filters that stimulate the entire auditory system for natural hearing improvement.

In short, I attach a MP3 player to my Bose headphones and play a recording of classical music that has been manipulated to include frequencies that match a sound the human auditory curve.  The brain likes listening to classical music, so is open to the deficient frequencies which ride along with the music.  This enables the brain to  hear these frequencies as a normal ear would hear them.

This is a long term process, which when carried out consistently has helped retrain the brain to permanently hear the higher frequencies.

The Tomatis processed classical music presents fluctuating sounds, alternating through high and low channels so the ear constantly adjusts between high and low tones.  This gives ear muscles, cilia, auditory pathway and auditory cortex a complete work.  Such work-outs can help return muscles to their natural tone and provide physical improvement for better hearing.

Tomatis therapy (as are so many integrative health disciplines) is controversial.  My beliefs are based on my personal experience, and I have no scientific evidence to prove its validity.

My hearing  have been bad for decades, especially on my left side (as is my vision).  Years ago I purchased Tomatis Sound Therapy Tapes and began listening originally with a Sony Walkman.  Later I transferred the music to a Sansadisk MP3.   When I meditate and or cut wood or bush hog, weed eat, shoot or do anything that involves loud noise, on goes the headphones and the Tomatis music.

Unlike compensating with a hearing aid, Tomatis music aims to improve the ear’s natural functions by resolving root causes of hearing loss.  This can be useful for those with and without hearing aids.

I recently took a hearing test and though my left ear still has a high frequency deficit (due to causes beyond age), my right ear is very much in the normal range.

The downside of using Tomatis music is minimal.  After the basic cost (I believe I paid about $400 for the original tapes), all that’s required is to listen.  I listen when I write, when I meditate and when I am involved in loud noise.  I also listen when on flights.

This is not really a task.  I enjoy the music.  Plus there is plenty of scientific evidence that classical music does help balance the brain.  The listening helps me write better.  The listening keeps me alert and aware when working with fast moving, sharp, dangerous equipment. This is not a bad idea.

Certain types of classical music create a state of relaxed concentration, that lowers blood pressure and enhances the mind.

This is how to refine the art of multi tasking.

We are healthier and more productive in a state of relaxed concentration so let’s introduce a new word for the type of multi tasking where each task reinforces, rather than distracts, from the other.  We could call it BMT (Booster Multi Tasking).  Each task boosts the other.  The task of listening does not detract from the other tasks.  Instead it makes them better.  Listening to Tomatis music helps me write better.  Listening makes my meditation deeper.  Listening makes the chain saw, weed eater and bush hog safer.  Listening to this music protects my ears from loud noise and appears to even make my hearing better.

In most things there is an element of good and bad.  This is true in multi-tasking.  Do not text when you drive.  Do not put on sound cancelling headphones when you drive either.  But classical music, that does not interfere with your awareness, can help to be more comfortable and alert and help to drive better.  Using classical music in the correct circumstances is a benefit and better way to multi-task.


(1) faculty.washington.edu/wobbrock/pubs/chi-11.13.pdf

How Super Thinking & Super Spanish Began

Here is how our Super Thinking  story began in Ecuador.

While living and working with Ecuador shamans for over a decade, we learned ways to combine modern ideas with ancient wisdom for everlasting wealth, better health, less stress and a lifestyle that is fulfilled.  During our years in the Andes, along Ecuador’s Pacific coast and Amazon, we helped thousands of readers explore and invest in this amazing country.  We also met and studied with some very special men who were from long lineages of healers.  They received such intensive training they became Taita Yatchaks, Father of Fathers-Healers of great purity.


Rosaspamba, our Ecuador hacienda where we lived, worked and studied with a Taita Yatchak.

One yatchak shared a 500 year old Andean prophesy and urged us to use the connection between the heart and the brain to help restore the equilibrium of mankind.

How Super Thinking began.

Ecuador, around 1997.   A bite of chilled wind swept the broad Andean marsh where diamond sun rays sparkled and danced on a frying pan lake below. Damp odors of ooze, mud and grass were mixed in harmony to the taste of my blood, my senses concocting strange mixtures in the altitude-thinned air.

High on a mountain slope overlooking the Llanganatis Valley, the sun filled the Amazonian Valley below.  Who was to know that the discovery of one of South America’s most ancient secrets for vitality and good health lay just ahead?  Breathing heavily in the 14,000’ rarified air, we rethought how this trip has evolved.  My wife, Merri, and I, along with two medical doctors (who specialize in anti-aging) and friends, walked toward a sacred valley where western man had never been invited before.

This was an unusual beginning for a couple who had devoted their efforts to the hard facts of making money with international business and investing. 

Forty nine years ago I began a business-speaking and writing about international investing.  This led me (and later my wife, Merri) from helping readers find and invest in real estate and other investments in Hong Kong, to London, to the Isle of Man, then the Dominican Republic and finally in the mid 1990s to Ecuador.

We became involved in creating a foundation to help the indigenous of Ecuador and because of this the Taita Yatchaks asked us to help them fulfill a task to bring secrets from the South to the North and to bring important knowledge from the North to the South.  The Yatchaks told us there was a 500 year old prophesy that states when the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South flew in the skies together, a greater equilibrium would exist for mankind.  People of the north live too much in their brain.  People of the equator live too much with their hearts.  When we integrate our intuition and our logic we become wiser, more intelligent and take on expanded horizons.  The quest of the yatchaks is to help accelerate the evolution of man’s intellect.  They asked if we could help fulfill this prophesy.

To be part of a prophesy unveiled five hundred years ago is humbling at the least.  Scary is probably a better word.  Yet we felt compelled to accept and so with several friends, we started helping these healers meet people from the North, not knowing the best was yet to come.

The Yatchaks explained there was a sacred preserved valley where no man was allowed to live and where no westerner or outsider had ever been invited.  The Yatchaks were protectors and kept it carefully guarded.  Part of their prophesy was when the time was right they would take a westerner to open secrets from this valley to the rest of the world.  We were told that our efforts to help them were signals that we should go into the valley.

We had no idea then how special this valley was.  Only later did we learn that even in colonial times the Spanish knew of it and believed that the valley contained the fountain of youth.  The valley is considered to be a spiritual rejuvenation.  This valley was also said to contain a hidden treasure of the assassinated Incan emperor, Atahaulpa.  The Spanish had tried to find this valley but the natives would not reveal its location.  Hundreds accepted enslavement, torture and even death, rather than disclose its secrets.

This was to be the first time these protectors had ever taken an outsider into the valley.  We did not know this when Merri and I arrived with several friends including Dr. Jay Glaser and his wife, Danielle, and another medical doctor who also was studying longevity.  This was a good thing because our arrival was with a sense of foreboding.  We felt almost frightened rather than thrilled.

Several villages held a special meeting of the protectors to perform a rite of permission.

ecuadorliving home page

Gary and Merri Scott after a purifying bath in a sacred spring before beginning the journey.

Only then did we discover that even native Ecuadorians had never been allowed to know the location of this valley.  Only the healers and spiritual leaders of the Andes went there.

The other M.D. researching longevity traveled with us but rather than visit the valley visited another valley where there are healing thermal pools. While there he told the owner of the hotel where we were going and was told we would never ever be seen again alive! The owner told our friend he (as a young man) had once tried sneaking into the valley, had been caught, stripped naked, hogtied and dumped on a lonely road.  The man’s effects had all been dumped in a bundle at the hotel with a note saying where to find him with a warning of the dire consequences to anyone who tried to go in the valley.

ecuadorliving home page

Merri, Danielle, Jay and I didn’t know this as we headed into the valley.

We started our journey at 4:30 a.m. riding up into the mountains to a hiking point with six llamas that carried our food, two young boys to herd the llamas, a cook, the Taita Yatchak and his son and daughter.

ecuadorliving home page

We began hiking at about 10,500 feet, tramping through deep Alpine marsh for six hours as we ascended to 14,000 feet. Here we drank from a spring that formed part of the head waters of the Amazon Basin and then descended straight down (4,000′) on a hidden mud animal trail for three hours into a virtually impenetrable cloud forest, ripped by thorns, cut by razor grass, soaked, and caked in mud.

Here we are after the day’s hike at the lip of the valley,

ecuadorliving home page

Then we moved down into a dense jungle.  Here is Merri and me in the thick of it with the Taita Yatchak.

ecuadorliving home page

By the time we arrived in the valley, it was just minutes before dark. We were fatigued more than I can describe, by the high altitude, bone weary from our heavy packs, every muscle aching from fighting all day, in the altitude thinned air, the sucking mud (which had regularly pulled off our boots).

We stayed in a floorless, leaky thatch hut, sleeping on dirt, no heat except the cooking fire, no running water, nothing.  We were continually cold, wet, dirty and cramped-all 12 of us in this tiny hut with its earthen floor.  The next morning, to our surprise we all felt wonderful!   We had no aches, no pains and each of us looked glowing and wonderful.

Here is the group!

ecuadorliving home page

We explored the valley which is perpetually wrapped in mist and fog.  We swam in small icy, deep blue lagoons and did ancient exercises while the Taita Yatchak talked with us about longevity and health.

None of us had ever had so much fun!  There is something about the valley that one cannot explain, an abounding energy and peacefulness.  Even at times when we were really worried about some of the party who had gone into shock from fatigue, there was never a moment of regret.

We discovered a magical quality to this Sacred Valley and after our return found powerful emotional and physical evolution happening to all of us.  Merri and I, along with the others, felt physically stronger, more alert, more positive, more active and yet more serene than ever before in our lives.

This feeling of well-being was physical as well as emotional.  We found that though our stay had been short we lost weight, increased muscle mass and were stronger, more balanced and our bodies and mental state felt better in almost every way.

This is the magic of the Andes, merging the spirit of the condor, the most powerful intelligence we have, our intuition, with our logic.


Merri and I conducted dozens of Ecuador shamanic tours.

We learned that when the heart and brain work together, we gain the magical quality called Super Thinking.

We brought thousands of readers to the Andes and we brought yatchaks to the USA.

Merri and I are now both well past retirement age and though we have no plans to slow down our business activities, we are focusing more of our time where our grandchildren live.  This means we are not in Ecuador much.  Yet the teachers we have trained can help you learn Super Spanish in Ecuador.

We also share the experiences we gained from our 49 years of global business and investing merged with the wisdom of the Andes.

ecuadorliving home page

Here we are with an Ecuador Yatchak conducting a purifying ceremony at our North Carolina Farm.

Use Super Thinking to live better in this era of cynicism.

Super Thinking helps create a lifestyle that unites the mind and the heart, uniting the logic and intuition that leads to wiser action.  We look forward to using what we have learned so far about action through Super Thinking, learning more and sharing what we learn with you.