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Experience Micro Business Experience

Experience micro experience in your business experience.   Here is a secret to having happiness and money.  Turn your passion into profit.  Focus on the passion more than the profit.  Experience first.  Accumulate things second.

The greatest fear in the Western world is not having enough money in retirement.  Having no fear is better but if we are going to be anxious, let’s at least worry about the right thing… not having enough happiness.  Who cares if we have extra money if we feel good and are content?

The error comes when thinking that money alone brings happiness.  We need enough for basic needs yes, but after the basics, the law of diminishing returns quickly sets in.  Numerous studies have shown (depending on the cost of living in the state) after income of somewhere between $65,000 and $122,000 (Hawaii-the highest cost of living) a year, any extra income does not bring much extra happiness. (1).

In economic psychology this is called the Easterlin paradox, “Money buys happiness, but only up to a point”.

An article “Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things” (2)  helps us understand that extra things do not bring so much extra satisfaction because of adaptation. The article urges:  You don’t have infinite money.  Spend it on stuff that makes you happy.”

If  we have a choice between buying a new car (or computer, etc.) or taking a one-off experience like a great vacation, research suggests the vacation will bring greater fulfillment in life.

Research at Cornell University by Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor, found that an enemy of happiness is adaptation.  New things do make us happy, but only for a short time.

Gilovich says: “So rather than buying the latest iPhone or a new BMW, you’ll get more happiness spending money on experiences like going to art exhibits, doing outdoor activities, learning a new skill, or traveling.”

New things excite until we get used to them.   The experience of new additions is exciting, but once mastered, the thrill and enthusiasm wane.

Studies that compare happiness with major material and experiential purchases find that  initially, happiness with purchases of things ranks about the same as satisfaction with the purchase of experiences.  Over time, as stuff accumulates, satisfaction with things goes down.  Satisfaction with experiences goes up.

We do not have to rent storage space to have and/or enjoy experiences.  Happy memories are stored free!

We can keep physical objects. Experiences however are once-and-done.  The ever present element of the keeping something around is what works against having stuff.  Things are with us so we adapt.  Ho hum.  Like an odor, things fade into the background.  They become part of the new normal and may even become obstacles or troubles to keep up.

Experiences on the other hand become an ingrained part of our identity, a bigger part of our being than things.  Our stuff, house, car, computer, jewelry, etc. can be part of our identity, but not us.  We are our biography, not objects.  We are the sum total of our experiences.  It is human nature to look at the past with rose colored glasses.  Everyone knows that the catch grows in size after a fishing trip.  Even experiences that are viewed as bad become better with the patina of reflection and assessment of what happened.  Stressful, scary experiences become invaluable character-building lessons.

Experiences also bond us more closely to like minded souls than having the same thing.  We are much more likely to feel connected to others who took a mountain cycling vacation in the wilderness with us than with someone who happens to own the same expensive mountain bike we do.  It’s the experience, not the bike, that bonds.

Experiences are more likely to bond rather than divide.  One study found that things are easy to compare, ie. my house has more rooms that yours, my car more horsepower, my diamond more carats.  Experiences are harder to compare so we don’t see differences between our experience and others who shared similar experiences.

These facts of life, happiness and fulfillment have implications for those who want to maximize the fulfillment from expenditures, financial investments and the way we earn.

By shifting emphasis towards experiential pursuits rather than stuff accumulating activity we can  promote greater happiness.

If we take the research on happiness to heart, it means we can shift our discretionary income, our investing and our business to place an emphasis on experiences.  We can focus more on our passion and less on the profit.

A good micro business is one where we enjoy gaining mastery over ever growing, satisfying missions that create enough profit, but are not just profit driven.  Let’s think about that so that we  begin to experience good business experiences.


Seven P Secrets of Self Publishing

When you write, you can work anywhere. 


Here I am working poolside in the winter, at our Florida farm.

gary scott

Here I am with our hound Ma, working during the summer at our North Carolina farm.

Learn how to earn everywhere, while living anywhere you choose.  I have been able to earn by writing in Hong Kong, England, the Isle of Man, Dominican republic and Ecuador to name a few of the place I have lived.  Everywhere I have been… too numerous to share here, I have been able to work.  All I need is my laptop.

Before computers, a pencil and pad even did the job.

Freedom is just one benefit that you can gain from writing.

Another benefit is income.   Writing has brought me both our farms, free and clear… plus a lot more.

Another good example is my friend Hugh Howey.  He was working for $10 an hour in a book store when he self published his novel Wool, typing in a storage room during his lunch breaks.

Soon he was earning over $100,000 a month on Amazon.com.  This helped secure a six-figure book deal from Simon & Schuster, and an option for film by Ridley Scott, director of Blade Runner and Alien.

Hugh Howey

Sometimes Hugh and I get together at my  farm and play chess (he beats me badly).

Writers like High are great inspirations.

A couple of years ago Hugh  left Florida, and moved to South Africa.  He had a sailing catamaran built for him and now can sail the world while he continues to write.

Hugh explained it like this: And that’s the miracle of working as a writer: I can do it from anywhere and everywhere. The past few years, I’ve done a lot of writing from airplanes and airports while on business trips abroad.  SAND was entirely written overseas while traveling through seven different countries; I think it’s a better story because of those inspirations.  In upcoming years, I may be writing near your home port.

Hugh’s a super star writer and his success could not happen to a more deserving and talented person.  He pours enormous energy into being worthy of his readership.  But you do not have to be a million dollar a year earner or a traveler to benefit from writing.

The good news is… you do not need a huge success to have a rich and fulfilled lifestyle.  Self Publishing can bring you a life that most people only dream of, as a journeyman writer, instead of a super star.

May I hastily add that the path to stardom begins as a journeyman… so the journeyman’s path brings success without stardom… but can also lead to stardom.

What most success stories like Hugh’s rarely explain is the many hours of writing that was devoted before their self published book sales soared.   Hugh, like me and most writers were journeymen first.  Stardom came later.

Here are sevens secrets that can help you become a journeyman writer. 

The secrets are a writer’s armory of tools that allows almost anyone to create successful publications for income, freedom and fulfillment.

Take Merri’s and my publishing business as an example.  

Merri and I are not writing stars.  We are journeymen who have for more than 40 years, year in and year out, earned solid income writing and self publishing dozens of publications about multiple subjects.

Some years that income has been more than solid… over a million dollars.  Yet in terms of stardom, we are hardly known.

In a moment you’ll see why that’s fine for us and probably will be for you too.

First some history.

Merri became involved in self publishing over 40 years ago… first helping a veterinarian publish a book on a very specific market… animal acupuncture. Then she showed a needle point artist how to sell more books to an even more specific audience… “needle point enthusiasts”  about her needle point work to an audience larger than the population of the city she lived in.  This led Merri to eventually become Executive Editor of an award winning magazine in Florida.

My story allowed Merri and me to work and live from Hong Kong to London to Europe to Eastern Europe, then the Caribbean and then Ecuador… making millions in the process of following our adventures… having fun… while helping a large readership adapt to a rapidly changing world.

That’s what self publishing can bring, profit, adventure and fulfillment, a great feeling of worth and wonder.

Self Publishing has created exactly the lifestyle we desire allowing us to span the world and work with meaning and purpose.

Self Publishing has become a new business art form. 

The seven secrets can help you start your own self publishing business now.

Everything in publishing is new and exciting and changing.  Publishing is being recreated by the wonderful power of destructive technology.

Everything is new… except the seven secrets. 

Change in the publishing industry is disturbing many.   We love this evolution due to these seven secrets we call the 7Ps.  The 7 Ps are so fundamental to writing and publishing that new technology enhances rather than reduces their power.

The First P is Passion.

Whatever your passion, you can immerse yourself in it AND create income with self publishing.  This can be your direct ticket to the kind of fulfillment you’ve always wanted.

Whether you want to travel the world or live as a recluse, work 12 hours a day or not work much at all,  you can set your schedule to succeed, if you’re willing to learn these seven secrets.

You can start part-time with any dream, passion, and budget.  Once you’ve created a product, you’ll enjoy the “multiple effect” of producing profits over and over again.

So the question is… What do you love to do?

What’s Your Passion:  An example is that thirty years ago, a client of Merri’s had a passion to help people who were in pain?  He published a series of pamphlets explaining various chiropractic disorders in very simple terms.  For example: “What Is Whiplash?”

The pamphlets contained solid information, but were simple 5″ x 7″ brochures with drawings and explanations. He sold them with a rack to chiropractors, who put them in their offices for patients to read.  These little self-published items sold year in and year out for decades.

There are thousands of ideas of this sort that can lead to big business.  It’s just a matter of defining and then acting on your passion.

Although I can work when I please and go where I wish, for me the most important reason for being a publisher is the satisfaction it brings. 

I love the projects I take on, so work doesn’t feel like, well… work.

What do you love?  If you love golf, then you can write and sell publications about golf.  Love travel, fishing, dogs, dolls, or art?  Write and sell publications in these fields.

Are you concerned about crime, war, poverty or environmental issues?  You can publish information products that help reduce these concerns.

Would you like to help the world be a more spiritual place?  Publish a newsletter, write a book (or hire someone to write it for you), record a tape… publish something that enlightens people.

Whatever your passion, you can immerse yourself in it and earn income by publishing for ereaders, print on demand, CDs, lists, bound books, or any format you choose.

Be immersed in your passion and get paid well for it. 

This is why stardom is not the main goal for most writers and self publishers.  Extra income, more freedom and fulfillment are usually more than enough enough.

The seven Ps are:

#1: Passion

#2: Problem

#3: Person

#4: Profitably Priced Product

#5: Prospecting Pathway

#6: Promise

#7: Presentation

The first time I exposed others to the secrets in Self Publishing was in a weekend “Writer’s Camp” seminar.  We offered the camp for $1,500. 80 delegates enrolled.  People from all walks of life attended—chiropractors, businessmen, investors, doctors, realtors, inventors, airline pilots, engineers, and housewives.

Merri and I were so overwhelmed by the response, we decided to make it available to a larger audience.  We created a written course based on our current self publishing activity called “Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher.”  Then we recorded the weekend “Writer’s Camp” seminar.

Thousands have used the course as it has evolved over the decades.

You can receive both the written course and the recorded weekend seminar, in an MP3 file, in a special “Live Well and Free Anywhere” program I am making available to you.  The normal fee is $299 for the written course and $299 for the recorded workshop.   I’ll send you both the course and the recorded workshop and my course “International Business Made EZ (also $299) all for $299.  You save $598.

We are so confident that you’ll gain from this offer that if you are not fully satisfied, simply email us within 60 days for a full refund .

These courses are not theoretical.  They describe, step-by-step, how Merri and I built a million-dollar international business and how we are running this self publishing business right now.   We use the 7Ps today just as we did four decades ago to create a strong annual income.

This correspondence course is for those who would like their own international self publishing micro business for fun and profit. If you want fun, freedom, extra income and fulfillment with your own full or part time writing or want to build your existing business, by writing to sell you can profit from this course.  The course can help who want their own business or who want to have a business together or a family business.  This is the perfect course for those who can no longer find employment, who are looking for ways to earn abroad and who wish to retire and supplement their income.

Whether you are retired, an investor, chiropractor, doctor, dentist, professional or already own your own business, this offers another way to make money, to turn your passion into profit. We guarantee that we have shared all we know to help you start and run your own international business.  Enjoy and live a life of following your Passion to Profit… through writing.

Here is a special offer. 

We provide two emailed courses  “Self Fulfilled – How to Write to Sell and be a Self Publisher” and “International Business Made EZ”.

We include the “Self Fulfilled Writing and Self Publishing Course” because there are two reasons to write, when you have something to say or when you have something to sell.  In this day and age many of us want to do both, make a statement that makes the world a better place and earn something extra in the process. 

Whatever your passion, however you do business, chances are you’ll be writing either to create a product or to sell a product. 

You save more than $598 because you also receive a recorded webinar conducted by our webmaster David Cross (at no extra cost).

David-cross-images tags:"2012-4-20"

David Cross

David has been our webmaster since our website began in the 1990s.  He is Merri’s and my business partner. We could not run our business as we do without him.

Learn the tactics we use in our web business that condenses 27 years of practical experience about search engine optimization, and writing for search engines.

For the last 27 years David has worked with companies large and small – IBM, Agora Publishing, AstraZeneca and many small business owners.  He has worked in 22 countries, and lived in six of them.

David’s clients span the globe and represent companies and charities both large and small.  From corporate giants to small, one-woman businesses and everything from finance, healthcare, publishing, technology, real estate, veterinarians, alternative health centers and everything in between.

David is an essential part of our web based business.

Myles Norin, CEO of Agora, Inc.  wrote:  “I have found David’s knowledge and experience unmatched in the industry.  Without David’s expertise and guidance for the past 7 years, we would not be nearly as successful as we are.”

As Senior Internet Consultant to Agora Inc. in Baltimore, MD, he worked closely with Agora’s publishers and marketers and – over a 7-year period – helped to propel Agora’s online revenues from around $20 million to well over $300 million.

David’s webinar will help you gain benefits in your micro business that large internet marketing companies use.  In this practical recorded workshop you will learn valuable skills to help your micro business.

There has never been a time when the opportunity for small businesses abroad has been so outstanding.  Expand your borders now!  Increase your economic security freedom, independence and success.

If you are not fully satisfied that this offers you enormous value simply email us for a full refund within 60 days.  You can keep all three courses as our thanks for giving our courses a try.

You also receive a report  “How to use Relaxed Concentration to Brainstorm Business Ideas” and a recorded workshop “How to Become and Remain Rich With Relaxed Concentration” at no additional cost.

Plus you get more in the program.


You receive regular writing and self publishing updates for a year.  Businesses usually need to evolve.  Merri and I continue to publish and have our independent businesses.  Some basics have remained for decades, but new strategies occur all the time throughout the year.  We’ll be sending along updates that share our most recent experiences as we learn and continue to grow our international micro business from Smalltown USA.

My special offer to you in this “Live Well and Free Anywhere Program”, is that you receive:

  • “International Business Made EZ” course
  • “Self Fulfilled – How to Write to Sell” course
  • Video Workshop by our webmaster David Cross,
  • The entire weekend “Writer’s Camp” in MP3,
  • MP3 Workshop “How to Gain Added Success With Relaxed Concentration”
  • Any updates to any of the courses, workshops, reports or recordings for a year.

We are so confident that you’ll gain from this offer that if you are not fully satisfied, simply email us within the first three months for a full refund . 

Order “Self Fulfilled – How to Publish to Sell” and a quarter of update lessons $79.   Click Here.

Order “Self Fulfilled – How to Publish to Sell” and a full year of update lessons $299.  Click Here.      

See success stories from Self Publishers and a few who have attended the “Writer’s Camp” that you will receive on MP3.


(1)  Income versus happiness research

(2)  The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things

Yard Sale of Wealth Unexpected

Build an extra income selling your experience.  Create an experience event!   This process has allowed us to live and work in dozens of countries, enjoy wonderful profits, create enormous friendships and gain deep satisfaction.  You can do it too.

How would you like to make an extra $105 an hour having a yard sale of experience?

airbnb experience

See how this AIRBNB experience generates extra income. (1)

You can gain extra income because everyone has something to share.  There are extra profits we can all make because we live in the sharing economy.

An earlier post at our site , “Overcome the Income Gap” (2) shared three specific steps to earn extra income.  The first step is to create a core business.  The business can be involved in anythingIt can be gardening, farming, fishing, golf, finance, travel, photography, art, construction, machinery, inventions. whatever. 

Below you’ll see examples of businesses as obscure as sketching nude models, making gin in copper pots and designing bras.  These people are sharing their experience to earn extra income.

The trick is to turn your experience into an event.  This event can be a seminar, course, exhibition, workshop, tour or even an AIRBNB experience.

AIRBNB began by offering property sharing.  We use the AIRBNB platform to offer cabins and our farm and that works well.

Now AIRBNB has added “AIRBNB Experiences”.  These are small get togethers that share experiences. Here are just five examples of many current AIRBNB Experience Listings:


These listings offer experiences ranging from sailing in a boat in Barcelona to listening to a traveling jazz duo in a boho flat to learning about San Francisco’s architecture.

 One experience is about how to make your own gin in copper stills.  This is a 3.5 hour food & drink experience for $83.  Over 1,800 people have viewed that listing last week.

 The AIRBNB listing says: “What we’ll do. Join us for a hands-on gin making class. We’ll teach you everything you ever wanted to know about this glorious spirit – from its long history, to the fascinating science of distilling.

The author of the book,  “Sustainable House, ” has an AIRBNB experience listing entitled,  “Learn about sustainable living & reduce your bills”.

The listing says :“I’ve lived with no energy or water bills for 20 years by going off the grid. I’m passionate about teaching people how we can all live a sustainable life.” The experience is $21 a person for up to ten people at a visit. What we’ll do is Tour my Chippendale home.  I’ll teach you how I live with no bills for energy, water, waste or food.  My inner-city terrace works off the grid. I want to share simple solutions so you can cut your bills & reduce your pollution. It’s a friendly social setting to share stories, ask questions and discuss sustainable ideas. We’ll also harvest food grown in the street and there  will be a tasty surprise!”

How unique can your experience be?

Experience can be pretty darn one of  a kind. For example, one experience starts with an álfresco lunch before visiting the hosts design studio to browse and try on lingerie collections available for purchase.  The experience resolves common bra myths, provides useful tips on bra fitting and has an option to be personally fit by the host. This is fun for girls soirée!

At another event in Spain , the guests sit around a nude model and learn to fast sketch.

The moral of this message is not necessarily to use AIRBNB to list your experience, though,  for many this is a good place to start.  I have not listed any experience at AIRBNB.

The moral of this message is that you have experiences that are valuable.  Your experiences are like unused items collecting in a closet awaiting a yard sale.  When you learn how to create and market events, you create a yard sale of your experiences.

This is why I want to introduce you to my course “Event-Full:  How to Turn Your Experiences into an Events Business”.

This course helps you choose your core business based around your experience and then teaches you how to build that business through  creating events.

AIRBNB is just one of many ways to market.  As mentioned, I have never listed an event on AIRBNB but we use this excellent platform to host our cabins and we enjoy it.  We are one of the rare hosts who has been awarded Superhost status four quarters in a row and have  a 4.9 star rating (of five stars).

Here are a few of the recent reviews from our guests:

Latif wrote:  “This was the absolute best AirBnb experience for our family (we have stayed in over 25 Airbnb properties in 20 countries). We spent 4 memorable nights at the cabin. We were surrounded by woods, nature  and next to a running mountain stream. It was very tranquil as we slept listening to the water flowing freely and smoothly between rocks. First of all, Gary and Merri are amazing hosts: ~ Fresh cut flowers on table upon arrival. ~ Home made  Peach, Orange and Locust jams left in our fridge. ~ Local farm eggs delivered for us. ~ Gary showed the kids how to fish at his beautiful Trout pond. ~ Gary gave us a Trout from his pond which was the best we have ever eaten. ~ Gary and Merr i invited us to their magnificent house at the top of the hill where we had tea and discussed traveling. Then Gary took our entire family on his truck and gave us a tour of the 250 plus acres of the farm. It was amazing! Gary and Merri checked u p on us and made sure we were comfortable. The kids played with the 2 rescue dogs,  2 horses, as they roam freely on the farm. We went hiking on one of the 3 designated trails on the property. The kids swam and played on the creek. Merri and Gary are very caring hosts and they made our stay absolutely amazing! They even gave us a framed photo of the covered bridge at the farm as a parting gift. We loved this cabin so much that will make this an annual gateway for our family. ”

Sandra posted this note: Thank you for opening your doors to our family and making us feel right at home. Our stay was everything we hoped for and much more. The quality of time spent with our family has been very tranquil and unparalled! Being here in the mountains takes Mom right  back to her birthplace, specially having the creek so close. Mos t definitely a trip that has to be repeated because a week is just not enough! Thanks again for being such great hosts Gary & Merri!

Joshua’s review was: These hosts were nothing short of spectacular.  They even drove 20 minutes to meet me when I wasn’t sure of the directions as I arrived – wow! Incredibly attentive and welcoming. And the property is absolutely beautiful and remote.

Tim said: Merrily Farms is an absolutely breathtaking and enchanting place.  The Virginia Creeper Trail Cabin is so very quiet and peaceful, and has everything you could ever need or want for a trip away from your regular day-to-day grind. Gary and Merri Scott are the most wonderfully generous, congenial, and friendly people I think I have ever met! They were so fantastic, and my wife and I have already discussed making another trip out here just to see them. Any of their cabins will be  a fantastic getaway. Rest assured, Gary and Merri will make your stay one to remember! We LOVE Merrily Farms, and loved the Scott family!

I am not sharing these reviews to brag but to show you why the experiences shared in our fully guaranteed course “Event-Full – How to Turn Your Experiences into an Events Business” can help you turn your experiences into extra income.  Learn more about the course below.


(1) AIRBNB Experience “Off Grid Guy”

(2) Overcome the Income Gap


Tips on Starting a Micro Business

There are many benefits to having numerous micro businesses. 

Last week I was giving one of our AIRBNB guests a tour of our farm.  As we rode around, I pointed out the ginseng patch and our trout raising pond, mentioned how we focus on Florida oranges in the winter.  We also discussed our real estate investing and how my real business was writing.  He stopped and asked, “Just how many businesses do you have?”

I had to stop and think about the answer.  Because our micro businesses are so seamless, so interconnected, I rarely think of them as numerous businesses.  Actually each is a business on its own and I have to say, this makes life interesting as well as provides an income with staying power.

Diversification into multiple micro businesses increases the odds of always having enough income from one activity or the other.  The years bring ups and downs in any business, but when there is no pressure for immediate income, the ability to work through slow times increases… a lot.   When you have numerous businesses, odds are there will always be one of them that is doing well.

Here are seven tips on how to find micro business ideas that make sense for you. 

Tip #1:  Look for businesses where the activity is enjoyable and fulfilling… for you.  What can be more important than enjoying a fulfilled, satisfied life?   Having multiple businesses stops us from becoming bored or burned out if each is varied and fun.  A passion or interest, not the money, is always the starting point we use to find new ways to serve and earn.

Don’t get me wrong, businesses have to be profitable, but a lot of fun and a little profit is better than being miserable just for the sake of more profit.  Plus the way life works when you enjoy what you do, the chances of profit are best.

Tip #2:  Look for businesses that are compatible and support one another.  For example, we have our self publishing business.  This has always been our main source of income.  Writing is a great way to earn and I love writing.  Writers can work where they want, when they desire and keep the process casual.  Because I like to be out of doors a lot, in the summer I often work out in the forest.

garyascott self publishing

During the winter, while we are in Florida, I can still work outside at our home.


The writing business has always meshed well with our real estate business.  When we find good real estate markets, we are able to invest ourselves plus conduct plus write reports about real estate opportunity and  conduct real estate tours.  So over the years we have invested in Swiss, London, Isle of Man, Dominican Republic and Ecuador real estate, written reports about each and conducted real estate tours in each of these countries.

Tip #3: Look for businesses that create tax benefits.  Merri and I have loved to travel all over the world.  Almost of that travel has been tax deductible.

We have an orange grove in Florida.  This is not a good earner right now with citrus greening but one benefit that remains is reduced property tax.   The property tax on the acreage we have in orange groves is hundreds of dollars instead of many thousands.


Tip #4:  Look for businesses in things you know.   Since I have been investing in real estate for 50 years, Merri and I are always looking at property.  We have a real estate rental business with annual leases and also use Airbnb to rent cabins at our farm.


One of our airbnb listings at our North Carolina farm.

We raise trout which we sell locally in North Carolina.   Those cabin rentals are reinforced by our trout business (guests can fish).

Since I love to fish, this is really fun and even the fishing equipment I buy (used in the trout business) can be tax deductible.


Tip #5:  Look for businesses that are easy.

Our trout micro business is a natural.  We only started it because we already had a perfect creek and had already added a pond.


There is a trout hatchery near our farm where we can buy the trout small. We bring them back in large, aerated tanks


We dip them into the pond.


The trout weigh about a pound each when we get them.


All we have to do is feed them a bit and they grow quickly which creates the profit.


We gain similar benefits with our ginseng business which is also a natural on the farm.

The environment at our North Carolina farm is perfect for ginseng and goldenseal to grow.

We began in our back yard, a north facing slope with many hardwood trees.

goldenseal ginseng

Starting with a few seeds, the ginseng (and goldenseal) have grown naturally.


Each plant then provides a number of seeds.


We have ginseng all around the house and because this is the natural environment it grows without fertilizer, cultivation or any real effort.  Non fertilized ginseng is the most valuable type of ginseng so we get the highest price product by putting in less effort.

When we create businesses with multiple streams of income, we put ourselves in a position that whatever happens, whenever, wherever, we have improved our odds of always having enough, purpose, fulfillment and income .

Tip #6: Start small and let everything grow naturally.

The world is in an era of global structural change… in economics… in politics and the way we work.  Technology brings us low cost administration, low cost access to data, low cost communication, and low cost travel.   Plus the opening of markets beyond material logic means we can create products and services for markets based on passion and purpose rather than just cost.

No matter your age, your health or your education, you can find something you love to do that can create an income.   Even if it is small it, go try it.  Learn as you fulfill your purpose.


The Value of Multi Dimensional Income

One of our micro businesses is raising trout.  What fun1 Last week we stocked the pond for the season.


One of the golden trout rising on our pond.

Our farm manager and his son drove to Rural Retreat Virgina and the Cedar Creek Fish Hatchery.  They brought back the fish in a large aerated tank.  We dipped them out and eased them into the pond.


We raise rainbow and brook trout for the market, but add in a few golden trout for decoration.   Normally it takes a day or two for the fish to become active and fed, but the golden trout began jumping and eating right away.  That’s a good sign that these trout will do well.


I do not expect that this to ever be a big business.  The reasons for having this small business have big implications that might help us all live better.  That’s why I would like to share these ideas with you.

First, this business is fun.  Merri and I like feeding the fish, watching them jump in the pond.  Once in awhile I drag our my fly rod, get the smoker ready or Merri gets the Dutch oven warmed up and we have a trout feast.

The business helps us meet like-minded souls.   We sell our trout at a local butcher shop that’s like a cooperative and  supports about 40 local farms.  Most of the farmers selling through the shop are interested in non-gmo, organic, sustainably raised, humanely harvested food.   We have that common interest so we find that many people we meet really interesting.

ann rose

Home page of Rose Mountain Butcher Shop.

This is a Pruppie type business.  Pruppies like businesses that take advantage of modern technology and profit under existing circumstances, but would also be useful if society and the economy, as we know it, falls apart.  In this case I have several hundred pounds of fresh, healthy protein swimming around in our front yard.

Little streams of income lead to a lot.  Having a number of small businesses, that are all fun, can create an income stream that helps improve our lifestyle.  At the least , it turns the activities we choose to have in life from after tax events to tax deductible pleasures.

The sum of the parts can outweigh the whole.  Our small businesses enhance one another.  Writing about life on the farm can attract readers who stay at the cabins we offer on AIRBNB.  The trout pond helps guests enjoy their stay more (and they sometimes buy a big trout).  The trout business introduces me to people who may be interested in our organic oranges or ginseng.  Those who are interested in organic clean food are likely to buy organic BioWash and Purely Green to improve their nutrition.  Each small business we have helps make our other small businesses better.  All of these micro businesses give us good experiences so we have something realistic to write about.

This connection between our small businesses uses a formula I call focus refinement, where the sale and successful delivery  of one product leads to the sale of another, totally different, but somehow related product or service.

There is always something we do not know.  Merri and I try many things.  We have trout in the pond and ginseng growing in numerous patches around. We do not expect these businesses to become substantial, but keep our eyes open and our senses glued to what’s going on.  Our goal in business is to always be spending our greatest effort on the areas of business that are currently trending.

The businesses come naturally.  We do not try to push water uphill.  Both the ginseng and trout thrive at our farm because natural conditions support them here.  We don’t have to do much to support these businesses.  They sprang naturally from our desires and flow easily because trout and ginseng grow well here naturally.  We have no plans to expand these micro businesses, but do watch for circumstances that would  suggest it would be easy, natural and enjoyable to expand anyone of these businesses we have.

This is what happened with our publishing and seminar business in Ecuador.  In the 1980s and early 1990s our publishing seminar business was all about printed matter and international business.  When we decided (for lifestyle reasons) to move to a farm where there was no close printer nor mailing center that met our needs, we shifted to Internet only business and took a holiday in Ecuador.

We saw opportunity in tremendous Ecuador real estate values.  We tried just a little tour.  That worked well and we expanded.  Within a couple of years we had the largest Ecuador real estate tour business going.  When increased competition changed what we had to do in business and more grandchildren (in America and England) changed what we do in life, we moved on.  A micro business, we already had in Florida, started to expand on its own accord so so it was an easy shift.

Over nearly 50 years, our business has changed again and again, but the change has been positive because we follow the directions of our purpose and are continually trying new things.  All research ultimately is based on trial and error.  When we try many things, a lot of them won’t work well.  This is why we like to start small.

When we were in Ecuador our advice was always, visit first, rent second and buy third only after you have a feeling for what’s going on.  This is good advice in all business and in all of life.  Keep doing new interesting things.  Don’t worry if they don’t work out.  Enjoy the process and watch for the activities that seem to unfold easily, enjoyable and naturally.  The easy expansions will be the ones that bring the greatest fulfillment and profit.


Math Based Debt

Let’s look at the math of debt.   A basic investment tenant that value investors use is to rely on mathematically based financial news rather than rumor and conjecture-based economic news.

So let’s apply some math to last week’s Wall Street Journal article “Puerto Rico to request bankruptcy protection”. The article says that Puerto Rico’s debt at $73 billion is about eight times worse than the previous worst municipal default which was Detroit’s $8.9 billion.

Here’s a graph from that article that puts the size of this debacle into a better perspective:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 6.22.53 AM

Please note the fine print “Does not include pensions and other obligations.”   This means, whatever the debt numbers show, it is actually worse.

Let’s looks at the math of this debt based on the census.

The chart below is from the US census and compares US households to households in Puerto Rico.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 6.45.43 AM

According to that US Census (2), Puerto Rico had 1,261325 households.  This means that each household  ($73,00000000000 divided by 1,261325) has $57,875 of debt.   Even a couple of years ago Puerto Rico declared this unpayable.


This is the last weekend to order fresh Mother’s Day roses. Orders will be accepted through Monday, May 8, 2017.


See details on how to order fresh Ecuador Mother’s Day roses here.

Let’s compare this to the math of US debt.  The chart below is from the US Treasury Department website.


According Treasurydirect.gov (3) US debt is $19,846,045,309,192.19 (19 trillion).  The US Census graph above shows that the US has 105,480,101 households.  That math ($19,846,045,309,192.19  divided by 105,480,101) works out to $188,149 of debt per household.

In other words, US debt per household is 3.25 times higher.

According to economywatch.com (4) the GDP Per Capita for Puerto Rico in year 2015 was US$37,951.75 and for 2016 was forecast to be US$37,869.31.

puerto rico

According to the same website the GDP per capita was $55,805.20.  The GDP per capita in the US is 1.47 times ($55,805.20 divided by 37,951.75)  greater than in Puerto Rico.

US GDP is 1.47 times higher than in Puerto Rico.  US debt is 3.25 times higher than in Puerto Rico.  That’s the math of debt.

Other Pesky Problems

As with the * in the debt statistics for Puerto Rico, the US debt numbers do not include future obligations like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. either.

Is the US debt repayable?  This actually does not matter. No one ever expects any government to ever pay off all its debt.

The bigger question is whether the US debt service is sustainable.  Puerto Rico’s problems hinge on the fact that the Commonwealth cannot service its huge debt payment.

If this math suggests that the US could be pressed to service its debt, the question you might ask is “If the debt is not sustainable, what can I do personally to protect my health, savings and lifestyle?”

One answer of course is to leave the US.  But this presents its own dilemma.


From CNN.com article “Who Own US Debt” (5).

Living abroad can reduce one’s cost of living.  Living abroad can bring new adventures and expand horizons.  But living abroad may not escape the reverberations of a US debt default.

The CNN article above points out the reason why no country is secure from a US default when it says: “The global financial system is built on the notion that U.S. Treasuries are absolutely safe assets.”

If the US defaults on its debt, shock waves will cause economic disturbances around the world.

This is why Merri and I in recent years have focused on three steps to survive a debt shakeout.  One step is to take care of one’s one good health.  The second is the increase profits and safety of our savings with slow moving good value, purposeful investments.

The third step is to live a simpler life in Smalltown USA, or wherever, and have a micro business that offers a product or service that will be of value regardless of circumstances.   Merri and I are creating micro businesses doing things we love that are good for our community and that fulfill our lives.

A look at the math of US and global debt distribution can help us get to the heart of the matter.

Our ability to cooperate lays at the core of humanity’s success.  Yet due to the competitive nature that exists in the weft and warp of societies around the world, there are flaws in the weave of our international tapestry.  The tensions and imbalances mean that the global economy occasionally  needs a reset.  Either a new burst of productivity created by some new technology or a diet of austerity balances the numbers so they make mathematical common sense.

During the reset, some people win.  Others lose.

We do not know when or what will happen.  Events are beyond our control, but we can and should make life better with a micro business that assures we’ll land on our feet, however the world turns.

Turn your passion into profit.  Become more  valuable to others with your own micro business now.


(1)  www.wsj.com/articles/puerto-rico-to-request-bankruptcy-protection-1493824050?mod=itp&mod=djemITP_h

(2) Census  www.census-charts.com/HF/Puerto_Rico.html

(3) www.treasurydirect.gov/NP/debt/current

(4) www.economywatch.com/economic-statistics/Puerto-Rico

(5) money.cnn.com/2016/05/10/news/economy/us-debt-ownership/



A Fit Way to Be Rich

Here is an example of seven basic qualities that can help us have everlasting health and wealth.  Our times have seen a rise in our awareness of deceit, trickery and alternative facts.  The growing use of obvious deception in business, politics and just about every walk of life might seen to be an obstacle in living well and in good health.  However, we live in a dualistic universe so every action has an opposite and equal reaction.  We can use counterpoints to points that might hinder our progress to help us live a better lifestyle. 


Image from first 37 seconds of home page video Fitness Blender.com home page (1).

The Wall Street Journal article “A  fitness empire quietly rises on youtube” (2) shows how a couple combined doing what they love in a way that improves their health (along with millions of others).

The article says:  “Fitness Blender, an online-workout company run by personal trainers Kelli and Daniel Segars, is the most-watched fitness channel on YouTube and just passed 4 million subscribers.  That’s more than the number of members at 24 Hour Fitness, one of the nation’s biggest health-club chains.”

This is an era of big and slick but this couple has created this success from their garage north of Seattle.  There is no flash, just this couple sharing how to stay fit filmed against a plain-white background.   The couple even occasionally stumble a bit, but it’s this fact that the Segars look normal, like friends who can help you be healthy, that has created this success.


Image from first 37 seconds of home page video FitnessBlender.com home page.

The first 37 seconds of the home page video shares six of the seven basic qualities that can make us healthy.

  • Honest
  • Gimmick Free
  • Fitness Resource
  • Positive
  • Helpful
  • Community

We’ll get to the seventh quality in a moment.  First, let me emphasize that this business helps the couple be wealthy as well.

The WSJ article says:  “Fitness Blender makes most of its revenue from video ads, plus digital eating plans and workout plans that sell for $6 to $25. Despite the bare-bones approach, or perhaps because of it, the seven-year-old Fitness Blender has grown into what the Segarses say is a multimillion-dollar business with revenue growing more than 20% a year.”

There you have it, a counter point to the big, flashy, gimmicky, services offered by big businesses.  A positive and gimmick free service instead of the big business model based on brain hacking, gamification strategies that addict us to poor quality and terrible service obscured in fine print and wrapped up in red tape.

Honest, simple and helpful. These qualities are so basic refreshing in these cynical dishonest times.   Because honest and simple are easy, all of us, no matter where we are in life, can create a successful micro business.

“Fitness Blender is the leader in free workouts. The site’s fans have embraced its simple approach to health: Do a blend of exercise types and eat whole, healthy foods. “It’s not about being bikini-ready,” Ms. Segars says. “It’s about not dying of a heart attack.””

The more complex the world becomes, the more valuable simplicity will be.  The more dominant big businesses are, the greater opportunity small businesses will have.   The more deceit and dishonesty prevails, the value of sincerity and integrity grows.

The seventh quality is to let a short amount of work create a long amount of earning.  This couple has created 500 free videos.  Now that the work is done, those videos can generate new customers and income opportunities for years, even decades.

See the importance of working short and earning long below!


(1) www.youtube.com/user/FitnessBlender

(2) www.wsj.com:  A fitness empire quietly rises on youtube

How to Start Anew

Here’s how to begin a new beginning.  Spring is the time when nature brings the world back to life, a time of new beginnings.  Light overtakes darkness.  It is time to plant seeds for growth… like this…


Spring apron featured at Zazzle.com

If we want a new beginning, a change in direction towards a better life, a rebirth, here’s three steps to kick start the process.

These three tips can make a new beginning possible and are exemplified by a Forbes article “From line cook to CEO of a multi-million dollar opportunity” (1) . This is the story of a start up apron business run by Ellen Bennett.

Ms. Bennett started Hedley & Bennett, an apron company whose designs have been adopted by (some of the best) restaurants in the world.   Here are three steps she used to move this company from an at home business in 2012 that sold its products at a flea market, to a 14,000-square-foot factory in Los Angeles that employs over 40 people.

The article says: “Four years ago, Bennett went from a line cook to the founder and designer of Hedley & Bennett, a custom apron and culinary work wear company based in Los Angeles. Today she has her aprons in Whole Foods and in more than 4,000 restaurants worldwide including celebrity chefs-Martha Stewart, Mario Batali and Alton Brown. Because aprons aren’t just for the kitchen, she has collaborated with SpaceX, Google, Lexus, Delta, Four Seasons and Food & Wine to craft functional aprons for their needs.”

Her first secret is to keep things simple.  Hedley & Bennett uses simple designs, nothing fancy.

Second,  she maintains high quality and keeps the product personal.  The firm uses carefully chosen hardware, customized detailing, reinforced bar tacked pockets and durable fabrics.

Third, she started small and then let the business grow at a natural pace.  Ellen Bennett did not let the need for financing stop her from recreating her life.  She started in her house.  She worked as a cook to pay her bills and sold aprons on the side.  She never got investors.  Hers was a bootstrap operation starting in her living room.  Then she moved into a small 400-square-foot office.  Each year as the business grew and could afford it,  she got a bigger space.

The article quoted Bennett: “I sold at the Hollywood Farmers Market and told people about them everywhere I went.  Since 2012, we’ve grown from a tiny office to a 14,000 sq. ft. apron factory.  We outfit 4,000+ restaurants around the world, including some of my favorite chefs and heroes like Martha Stewart, Nancy Silverton, April Bloomfield, Mario Batali and Alton Brown, to name a few.”

There you have it, a pretty simple formula, start a small, simple, high quality business and let it grow organically.

Here are three last words of wisdom.  These are mantras we repeat continually at our website.  “Do what you love”.  “Go try things”. “Be resilient and embrace change”.   As Ellen Bennett puts it,  “The path in front of you is rarely a straight line.  It’s full of bumps.  Embrace the bumps in the road”.


(1) www.forbes.com: From line cook to ceo of a multi million dollar opportunity

Ten Days Work – 30 Years Pay

Over 30 years ago Merri and I locked ourselves in our basement every day, for ten days.  We wrote a report in that time.  The effort immediately generated an excellent bonus of cash.  Even better those ten days of effort, three decades ago, continues to create residual income to this very day and should do so for many years to come.

Learn how to get extra income now and create life long nest eggs with brief periods of work.

Learn how to easily gain the most important things in life:   freedom, friendship, financial security, prestige, tax savings, legal protection, fun, adventure, self sufficiency, fulfillment and more satisfaction…with very small amounts of money and time by publishing to sell.

What is publishing to sell? 

Publishing is the business of producing, selling and delivering books.  Self publishing is the business where the writer is also the publisher.

“Publishing to Sell” is the business of producing, selling and delivering books that provide important information, but also leads or sells some other publication, service or product.

For example, Merri and I used publishing to sell in Ecuador.  We published a report about living in Ecuador.  This was an informative report that helped thousands of readers move there.  The report also outlined the benefits of our Ecuador real estate tours and Super Thinking Spanish courses.  That particular effort starting in 1995 created a million dollar business that still generates earnings to this day.

Here are other examples.  One publisher who utilized the course, Joe Culbertson, D.C.  is a chiropractor.  Eating junk food creates numerous problems including difficulties in the spine so Dr. Joe published a series of articles about the spine.  Then he self published a three part book  Secrets of the Spine: The True Mind/Body Connection.  The series of articles and the books were informative and of great value but also introduced a valuable product Joe invented called the Spinal-Tuner.


See how Dr. Joe put his website together click here

Another smart self publisher, Jamie Alexander, who used our self publishing course, has a cooking school.

Jamie started her professional baking career at age 20 when she apprenticed under the best-selling cookbook author, Nathalie Dupree.  When she was living in Paris, she studied at LaVarenne, the Cordon Bleu Cooking School and with the pastry chef of Maxim’s.  Her health problems created by high blood sugar levels caused her to change how she baked.  She began perfecting chocolate cake recipes that added nutritious ingredients and eliminated unhealthy ones such as sugar.

She published recipes on how to bake extra delicious deserts-sugar free deserts, with extra healthy ingredients.  She created opportunity with the publication.  Her publishing efforts also made her an expert and enhanced her cooking school.  The main ingredients she chose to work with were quinoa, the Andean super grain, and stevia.

Jamie learned how to take out the unwanted ingredients such as white flour and white sugar and replace them with healthy ones.  She uses veggies and quinoa along with stevia and natural honey…all organic ingredients. The cakes are gluten-free as well by replacing flour with flaxseed meal nut flours.

You have my word for it, these cakes are delicious and there is not an ounce of sugar or white flour! What a treat!

jamie alexander

Jamie Alexander’s recipes are for sale at Amazon.com and include “Carrot Cake Quinoa Brownies”, “Reid’s Gluten-Free Chocolate Quinoa Brownies”, “Pumpkin Cranberry Quinoa Cake” and “New Orleans Espresso-Infused Chocolate Quinoa Cake”.  See all five Jamie Alexander quinoa stevia recipes here. 

You can write what you publish to sell or publish what others write to sell.   Some writers, like myself write and also publish.  That’s because 85% of the income from printed publications normally goes to the publisher.

You can earn as a writer.  You can earn as a publisher.  You can publish, or write, or both!  You can also generate long term income from what your publication sells.

Publishing to sell can create outrageously high long term income for little work.  You can create it from your home, in an RV or even while cruising or living on a boat or traveling.  It is possible to generate large amounts of extra income month after month that continues year after year.  Below is proof from confidential results of  sales I have made though publishing.

One November, I ventured $1,900 in postage to mail 10,000 letters. $16,823 came back in the mail (before I even had to pay the printer).  My profit after deducting all costs was $12,136 on the $1,900.

Then in December, I ventured $475.  It returned $3,106 in one month.  That led me to venture another $475 the same month.  $2,688 came back.  I ventured even more, another $475 that December and earned another $2,673.  I kept that ball rolling and ventured this amount one more time that month to gain an extra $3,970!  My business never ventured more than $475 at any one time, but my earnings were $12,437.  These are not just luck either.  I tried the same publication the next March and a $5,500 venture brought back $12,774.  In April a $1,900 venture returned $4,152.

These profits all took place in the early 1990s, but the efforts still generate residual income today.

With figures like this, you have got to ask can they be true?  I guarantee they are, but obtaining such results is not without pitfalls.  In fact, there are seventeen pitfalls I have learned to avoid and it took me more than a decade of struggle to learn how to avoid these problems.

Then the Publishing to Sell business got better, much… much better.  You see the earnings we just shared were all earned when our publishing to sell business was in print.  When the internet became popular and we created a website (in the 1990s), the cost of risk went into a steep dive due to a new advertising medium called Pay Per Click (PPC).  Prior to PPC the biggest part of every publishing venture was paper, printing and post. If a publication was mailed, and not read, the paper, the printing and the postage still had to be paid for.  The cost of sending publications which were never opened created a huge risk.

PPC means that a publisher only pays from the delivery of a publication when it is opened.  This dramatically reduces upfront cost and risk.

Freedom is even more of an important benefit that publishing to sell can bring you.

Back in 1974, I had what I thought was a good business but to be honest I could never get ahead.  I always seemed to be in debt and the harder I worked, the deeper the hole my finances seemed to be in.  Then I discovered a secret on how to avoid the 17 pitfalls of publishing to sell.  Since then our publishing to sell business has brought in millions.  We gained all the physical possessions we desire (more in fact than we wanted), more houses than we could use (we rent them), two tropical beachfront homes and a Tuscan inspired villa in the mountains overlooking a roaring creek, a 250 acre farm and a 900 acre plantation in Ecuador, plus more than enough money in the bank.

We do not have one penny of debt and we have as much leisure as we choose.  We are free to work when we want and can decide when we want to slow down and relax.  We live where we like and most important, we arise from bed without an alarm, work without undue stress and have fun every day!  My wife, Merri, and I are our own bosses and do what we love and have learned that through publishing to sell, we can accomplish far more important goals, to gain self fulfilment and be of service to our community.  In short, we can help make ourselves and the world a better place.

What do you love?  Rare cars?  You can make a fortune publishing to sell in the genre you love.  Do you prefer fine art?   Or do you love beautiful jewelry, coins, gems, real estate, furs, model railways, dolls, scientific equipment, war memorabilia, old and rare books, or whatever?  Do you prefer social subjects rather than objects?  Are you concerned with the environment problems, with crimes, war, poverty?  Would you like to help wipe them out?  Each of these offers opportunity in publishing.  Are you a golfer?  Do you love to travel?  Why not make the kinds of money I’ve just mentioned publishing reports about golf courses all over the world?  Would you like to help the world be a more spiritual place, help people get along better together? You can do something good for the world, increase your income in the process and live wherever you please!  Whatever your passion learn how you can make a fortune by publishing information that sells-whether books, tapes or online.

Publishing to Sell can also be international so you can live anywhere and still earn everywhere.  This is especially valuable if you love to travel.  For example, one shrewd publisher realized that Panama was a great place to live so published information on Panama that sold real estate and seminars.  Other publishers reaped rich rewards selling information on their own country in others and vice versa.  For example, there is currently a huge growth in domestic tourism and self publishers are in a position to do something about it…by selling U.S. knowledge everywhere!

Merri and I, for example, lived in Europe for years, then fell in love with Ecuador for 15 years, but now in our 70s, we live in the US where we are closer to my mom, our children and our grandchildren.  In each phase of our lives, the publish to sell business allowed us to move and live where we desired at that time.

Imagine what this type of business means if you love to travel.  Part of every trip you take can be tax deductible!  You can honestly write off every trip that is related to your publishing business.  Every journey becomes a research oriented adventure and a tax deductible event.

As a publisher, you’ll have one of the most respected and tax protected businesses in the country.   Many benefits come in the form of reduced tax.  Other benefits come in the form of legal protection. Publishers are protected by the U.S. constitution. You do not need a license to publish. There is no government watchdog nor do you have bureaucratic red tape involved in publishing. The biggest benefits are the freedom, the independence to work wherever you choose in any field you desire.

We created an entire system to help our readers have their own publish to sell business.  This system is unique because my wife, Merri, and I are unique.  We started our publishing business together.  Since we’re almost recluses, we decided to do the whole business by ourselves.  We began working at home. Today, though we have tens of thousands of readers and have made millions, we still work at home and do not employ a single person.  We added one business partner, our webmaster, who created and runs our website.  You’ll can learn how to do this in the course.

May I introduce you to our course, SELF-FULFILLED – How to Be a Publisher to Sell.

The course teaches all you need to know on how to start and run your own publishing to sell business by yourself.  The first lessons in the course answers your questions and get you started!

This course can put you well on your way to publishing to sell and give you the freedom to live wherever you choose!  It covers the secrets below:

Secret #1:  How to gain 1,000% returns.  See why some of the wealthiest families in the world today come from publishing.  Learn how margins can be so incredible that few would believe them. This course that you can study online contains many case studies.  Case Study #3 for example shows one publisher who sold an idea delivered on one photocopied page.  His cost was only three cents, his selling price $12.50!

Secret #2:  How to create and market your product or find products to sell.   Learn 11 steps in creating the perfect product.  Understand how to review ideas, test focus, aim at markets.  See why you don’t have to write anything if you don’t want to!  Learn where and how to get your data and get others to write for you almost FREE.

For example, I showed how one friend, who never wanted to write and yet decided instead to publish on cassette tape.  He later switched to webinars.  He started part time and built a career that brought in millions and brought him to know some of the most interesting people.

Learn how marketing is the key to successful publishing and how to turn pennies into dollars with good marketing focus.  Gain samples of winning marketing pieces.  Learn 21 frequently committed marketing mistakes and what to do about each.

You’ll learn how to turn advertising dollars into a fortune.  How to create your own ads.  When to use classifieds, space ads, direct mail or word of mouth.  See how to build a PR list and get thousands of dollars in free publicity.  I share my most secret results on recent mailings so you will know why sometimes you sell more units of a publication at $49 instead of $29.  I show how one couple used ads about retirement to supplement their retirement income and get free trips all over the world.

Secret #3: When to print, how to print and when to go online only.  How to print and fulfill.  Learn how to cut your printing bill in half by asking for quotes differently.  Learn tricks of the trade, how to get the best quality at the lowest price, why to avoid the biggest printer in town and why to avoid the franchise printers.

Secret #4: How to compute and use the Internet.  With an inexpensive computer, you can easily run a business from home and still have tons of time left over-even if they are computer illiterates.  Merri and I have proven this!  The secrets in the course include a step-by-step approach on what to do.   Our partner, the internet expert includes what you need to know for online publishing.

The course contains information on how to use computers and the Internet for your publishing business.  For example, you will learn how I have eliminated hundreds of thousands of dollars of printing and postage by switching all of my business onto the net.  We’ll unlock all the secrets of publishing so you can have increased lasting income and reduced taxation.  This course is perfect for those with great computer skills and can help you learn how to focus these skills into a profitable publishing business.

However, the course also helps computer illiterates like myself and shows how to get your computer work done with no upfront cost.

I have created this course in an easy to understand style.  Everything is explained what to do in vivid detail.  We share all, how we have done it ourselves.  The course is full of publishing ideas and case studies.  You’ll learn about a pilot who published a book on the best airport cafes (suddenly all his flying became tax deductible!)  You’ll see how one couple who loved an island wrote a guide on the place and made enough to buy a home on the beach there.  Another made millions with one simple legal idea.  I give names, resources and addresses of contacts in marketing, printing, plus attorneys, accountants, Internet whiz kids who can give help.  This course is not theoretical.  It describes on a step-by-step basis, how Merri and I built a million dollar international business in just 7 years and how you can do the same.

The course is designed so you can get your own publishing to sell business going, full or part time right away.  I’ll explain how and why by sharing one other amazing experience that makes this special offer available for you now so you can have the course for pennies on the dollar.

We have had self publishing writers weekend courses.  Delegates came from all over-young couples working for an income, publishers, chiropractors, doctors, dentists, businessmen, investors, real estate brokers, inventors, airline pilots, engineers, millionaires and housewives. People from all walks of life.

This course was an outstanding success and the raves from delegates you will read below show how satisfied the delegates were.  For example, one delegate, a publisher from California said:

“Your publishing course is outstanding! Just two hours of study on Sunday alone were worth more than the price.”

An engineer from Ohio wrote, “Basically, I learned how to be a publisher, especially the selling and marketing implications. The course is absolutely worth its fee.”

A retired railway worker from Michigan said, “Your course opened my eyes to the merits, profits, and prestige of becoming a publisher, particularly the idea of publishing in Canada for distribution in the U.S. (for total tax protection).” An employed couple from New York wrote, “We found the course interesting and informative. We were inspired to start work on a booklet. When we came down, we had no idea on what to publish.” And an attorney from Germany stated, “What I like most is that it is a nuts and bolts course-not pie in the sky.” While a business woman from Atlanta exclaimed, “It was great going through your steps, being 100% honest without fear of giving trade secrets since you have paid the price (to gain this knowledge).”

Merri and I were overwhelmed at how much the course helped those delegates.  We felt so good that we decided to make it available to a larger audience.

So we did a recording when we conducted this course and also placed the course in written form online.

Here are some of the lessons you will learn in the online course:

Lesson #1:  A Day in the Life of a Publisher.  See how you can start with only a very small amount of money, work as little as four hours a day (if you are operating full time) even less if you start part time. Learn how two of my publishing friends, one an M.D.-the other a pilot ran their own money letters.  This gave them incredible tax protection, took them on many free, exotic trips, widened their perspective and field of friendships, helped them keep the money they were making in their fields and gave them a backup business that they loved for retirement.

Lesson #2:  How to Create Your Product.  Learn 11 steps in creating the perfect product.  Understand how to review ideas, test focus, aim at markets. See why you don’t have to write anything if you don’t want to!  Learn where and how to get your data and get others to write for you almost FREE.

Lesson #3:  How to Choose Your Format.  Some ideas are timeless and can be sold in a book for years on end.  Others are better in a magazine, newsletter or other periodic publication. Some products can just be lists, simple one page photocopied ideas or names and addresses. Understand when to print, record (on audio or video) and when to transfer through the Internet. Learn how to choose the format that suits you, full or part time.

Lesson #4:  How to Publish to Sell.  Learn how marketing is the key to successful publishing and how to turn pennies into dollars with good marketing focus.  Gain samples of winning marketing pieces.  Learn 21 frequently committed marketing mistakes and what to do about each. Know where and when to advertise (such as never near Easter-Christmas is OK).

You’ll learn how to turn a few advertising dollars into a fortune.  How to write or have ads written.  When to use classifieds, space ads, direct mail or word of mouth.  See how to build a PR list and get thousands of Dollars in free publicity.  Learn the tricks of the Internet to easily focus and capture a market there.

Lesson #5:  If You Print-How to Print?  Did you know that you can reduce your printing bill by half just asking for a job in the right way?  Learn all the tricks of the trade, how to get the best quality at the lowest price, why to avoid the biggest printer in town and why to avoid the franchise printers.  Learn how to choose the right graphics, correct paper, envelope, style, letter fonts.  When on demand printing is best.  Every Secret is included…or perhaps just write through the Internet.

Lesson #6:  How to Fulfill.  This session is a practical guide on how to administer your business.  How to set up a computerized fulfilment system, get local families to do all your work for you and run your business (if you wish) from your home.  Learn how and why to use low and variable overheads, yet give one day turn-around delivery.  Learn when to choose delivery services, to fulfill yourself or build your own system…or when to simply fulfill via the Internet.

Lesson #7:  How to Finance.  Learn all you’ll need about the financial end, of the business, how to control physical or online inventory, keep overheads down, check ad results, get 30 day free credit and stay on top of your business.  Learn 11 hazards to avoid and tricks to stay profitable without a daily accountant.  The course and manual contain all these secrets and more.  The computer/internet workshop personalizes the knowledge so you can get started.

Who is This Course For?

This course is for those who would like their own publishing business for fun and profit but also helps business people, brokers and professionals, insurance agents and marketers who want to enhance their existing business or build a second source of income.

Publishing can be used to shift the cost of marketing into a profit center. If you want your own full or part time publishing business, or want to build your existing business through publishing you should sign up for this course right now with a special pennies on the dollar offer.

Here is what to do.  If you’re not sure whether you really want to have a publish to sell business, consider the ways that such a way of living can improve your life.

This course is for individuals and couples.  You can order the course but your entire immediate family has permission to take it.  We include those who want their own business or who want to have a business together or a family business.  Business people or professionals who want to add an extra profit center to their business or who want to change their business entirely will benefit.  Those who want more control over their career should take this course.  Plus those who love travel and want to turn their trips into profitable tax deductions!

This is a one year program. You receive a complete manual and then have access to an exclusive publishing updates provided by me, Merri and our webmaster, David Cross (who teaches the internet aspects of publishing).

These updates are an important part of the course because we continually get input from those who use the course and share ideas and contacts with all of the other publishers who have used it.  There is nowhere else where you can gain such a unique network of information and help.  This enhances what you learn from the course.

Due to the enormous savings of an online course, you can start for only $79 with a full money back if not satisfied guarantee.

Merri and I have had a publish to sell business together for over 30 years and both of us were in publishing before we got together.  Merri’s publishing experience even outstrips mine and we spend a great deal of personal time continually updating the course as the publishing business evolves.  We have a successful publishing business with over 20,000 readers, so our updates are based on real time experience.

Are you interested in a publishing business?  It can be small and part time mainly to gain prestige, fun and tax benefits.  It can be full fledged and rake in thousands a day.  If so, this course is an absolute bargain.  You should sign up now!  Our goal and guarantee is that you will be able to run your own publishing business that publishes to sell.

Though many readers have paid up to $2,000 for this course, you can start for only $79.  You could not duplicate the computer and Internet knowledge for $2,000.  It covers what you need to get on the Net, how to use the Web to publish, how to define your Internet market, how to develop your site, target your market and start getting visits, the top ten Internet tips to use, the top ten traps to avoid, and many other lessons our Webmaster has used in his 20+ years on the net.  In many cases your tax savings will be five to ten times the cost of the system alone, plus you will learn how to gain thousands of FREEBEES and earn hundreds of thousands a year.

Our publish to sell business has brought us more wealth, satisfaction, fun and friendship than I imagined possible.  It has brought so much to my life, I would like to help everyone be in publishing and I hope you are one with whom I will have the pleasure sharing this exciting and profitable way of life!

Whether you are retired, an investor, chiropractor, doctor, dentist, professional or already own your own business, this offers another way to make money, to turn your passion into profit. We guarantee to share all we know to help you start and run your own publishing business.

Don’t miss this opportunity.  Sign up with this special $79 offer.   We’ll send the full original of the course “Self Fulfilled – How to Publish to Sell” (101) and additional updated lessons each month for a quarter.  We will charge an installment of $79 each quarter if you continue the course for the update lessons. Or you can enroll in the entire course and updates for a full year for $299.

Our Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied, you can cancel the course any time in the first quarter for a full refund of all unfilled lessons, and there will be no additional fee.  No quarterly renewal fee will be charged if you cancel.

Why the Update Lessons?

What all professional publishers know is that the world of publishing changes continually and that the key to continual success is to test, test, test and keep the business evolving with the market place.   The course you receive is up to date, but it could fall out of date soon.  To keep you in touch with the latest trends, techniques and ideas, we add regular update lessons to your course.

We have over thirty years experience and are active in the publishing world every day.  We work with several of the largest internet publishers in the world and gain a continual flow of new experiences, ideas, tactics and strategies.  Your update lessons bring you the latest innovations that are being used in the publishing world right now.  This is a key to maintaining a continual flow of ever lasting residual income from you publications.

Order “Self Fulfilled – How to Publish to Sell” and a quarter of update lessons $79.   Click Here.

The $79 price is a special introductory offer that will expire shortly and the cost of update lessons will rise.  You can however lock in this low price for an entire year.

Order “Self Fulfilled – How to Publish to Sell” and a full year of update lessons $299.  Click Here.      

What Others Say about the “Self Fulfilled” course.

Thousands have used the course as it has evolved over the decades.

Here are  few stories of how those who attended our Writer’s Camps have used what they learned.

Barry Weinhold sent this note: We were successful authors before attending the Writer’s Camp, with our first book published in 1989 selling over 200,000 print copies. With the tips from your course last fall, we have published six new ebooks in Kindle format that are now available  at Amazon.com.

Thanks for helping us get the word out about Barry’s 2-part Breaking Family Patterns series. Janae has also released her 3-part Con Job series.

weinhold book

We’ve co-authored “How To Break Free of the Drama Triangle and Victim Consciousness.”

weinhold book

Our monthly royalty checks are now coming in and we are very pleased with the response to our new books (656 books sold and 1295 free downloads in seven months). We have six more new ebooks in the pipeline for publication.  Our goal is to publish twelve new ebooks by our one-year course anniversary.  We couldn’t have published this quickly without the great support we received from your Writer’s Camp. We highly recommend it to anybody seeking the fast track to becoming independent self-publisher.

Self Publishers can also write in more than one niches.

Nickolette Goff writes non fiction in two niches.  After attending the Writer’s Camp, Nicki used what she had learned to help promote her first book… a Quinoa recipe cookbook with 13 recipes.  She had 10,000 downloads of the book in five days and obtained dozens of good reviews!

You can get 13 more great quinoa recipes in Nicki Goff’s book at the links below.


You can order Nicki’s first book at Amazon.com.

She wrote:  Hi, Gary,  Book sales are actually going well, and I’m having a lot of fun with this. I’m so grateful to you and Merri  for pushing me to get some action going!

The free promos really get things going, and seem to reignite sales.

Two more in the works – both on gardening topics.  Best wishes for you and Merri.   Love, Nicki

What a joy seeing how helping and connecting people helps self publishers create their own special success.  How beautiful to see friends turn their passions into profit!

Nicki learned at the camp that getting these downloads is step three in a seven step process. We (and others) have been helping Nicki and our delegates walk through these steps so they can earn income through writing and publishing again and again.

Nicki is now well on her way to wonderful self publishing success.   She just completed her fourth book in a totally different genre gardening. This book is “Under Cover Gardening”.

She used the three day free Kindle marketing program again. Read about Nicki’s new book here.

kindle book

Nicki wrote:  Gary: My book was downloaded exactly 6000 times during the 3 days, and is selling around 5 per day right now.  I’m very pleased with the results – three 5* reviews so far.  Nicki

Chances are that most books you write will not be a best seller.  However Nicki’s books show the process that you use to create a steady income as you build inventory.  She is publishing numerous books in each of the genres she loves.  This creates extra income and added inventory if one of your books becomes a big success.

Let’s look at Nicki’s example again to see these benefits. Imagine this. Nicki writes a half dozen books, three on organic gardening and three on quinoa.

Then imagine that Oprah is interested in quinoa, reads Nicki’s book and has her on the show.  Nicki’s quinoa book sales will go bananas.  So too will all her other quinoa books.   Add further to this example and say that the national psyche just happens to be focused on better nutrition when this all happens.  If so, Nicki’s organic gardening book sales will skyrocket as well.

To sum this up… at the camp you’ll learn the importance of writing a lot for your niche.   The increased number of publications will allow you to keep your price low, but generate income that keeps you writing as you build inventory so any bigger success can grow in exponential bonds.

You can also self publish at any age.  A number of our friends who have used our writers course to self publish are in their 70s and 80s.  Yet college students have self published as well.

The father of the family of four wrote:  Hi Gary and Merri:  Just thought y’all would like to know that today Doss published his first book.  It is called College Confidential and it is currently listed at number 42 on amazon. com.  He would not have done it but for our experience this summer at your Writer’s Camp.

So, here is thanking you both very much.

Bill Winter

This book is written by a student, for students, College Confidential: An Insider’s Guide to Success written by Doss Winter is filled with practical tips and insider information addressing everything from Academics to getting your Zzzzs.

dos winter

Dos Winter

Order College Confidential at Amazon.com here.

Here are a few more examples of how others used the information from our workshop?

A long time friend, who had just retired from a 30 year career in the oil industry joined our program.  His passion was to learn more about health and looking at the deep, more spiritual aspects of life since he had ended a financially successful career. He has gone on to publishing the leading healthy living magazine where he lives.

Not only was he able to publish 20,000 copies of a 48-64 page magazine on healthy living every month, he was able to meet and work with leading health and spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dwyer and even the Dali Llama. What a thrill.

Michelle Toole, an at home mother, made a fateful decision… to attend our self publishing course.

Michelle was disabled when she took the “Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher” camp.

She took what she learned from our publishing courses and created her own successful global micro website.

Michelle wrote:  “I have some great news, my web site  http://healthy-holistic-living.com is now getting on average 2,000 visitors a day! Yup my little one man show web site now gets close to 60,000 visitors each month!  The power of the internet is amazing as well as the opportunities.  We have said it before but it deserves saying again the internet is truly the great equalizer.

“My web site is at a point now that it is growing without much effort and produces a nice passive income allowing me to continue working on my second site http://home-remedies-and-natural-cures.com and to get my third site up and running.  I am also working on various joint ventures with other web sites focusing on helping others start their own web business. I am doing monthly webinars helping disabled individuals start their own business on the Internet and will be starting a coaching club in the new year.  The opportunities are only limited by one’s imagination.

“Again I can not thank you and Merri enough, I look forward to many great adventures and new experiences in the coming years!”

Another successful self publisher who attended our workshop wrote :

“MY HEAD IS STILL SPINNING from all of the valuable input I received. Out in the boonies, 2 + hours from the airport in Charlotte,  North Carolina it was not your typical setting for a business seminar.

“It was presented by a fascinating guy with an interesting career history. Gary Scott and his wife, Merri, split their time between their idyllic farm in North Carolina and their property in the mountains of Ecuador . I first heard about Gary through my interest in Ecuador .

“By his own admission, Gary is often ‘a bit ahead of the curve’ which is part of what makes his material interesting. You sense the authenticity of what he is saying but it has not caught on in the mainstream media or pop-culture.

“The input is that is already affecting my life was not just from the instructor, but from other participants. The small group, less than twenty, seemed to be intimately bonded as soon as the seminar started. People from all walks of life and all parts of the country gained insights from the information that was geared to create a ‘life of your choosing more so than just a successful business. A very simple but powerful concept. Why do we want the money in the first place?

“The lifestyle aspect of the course was taught by example. We, as a group, were temporarily inserted directly into the lifestyle led by Gary and Merri.  No better way to learn than by doing.

“The course content suited my needs very nicely. It addressed issues pertinent to FilmTrips and my marketing company, MJ Media. New life has been injected into several FilmTrips projects that had been languishing on a back burner for quite some time. Gary talks about being open to ‘connect the dots’ and take advantage of distortions or discrepancies between economies and countries. I am in a very good position to do that. Telephone and Internet technology has certainly arrived to help make it happen. I will keep you posted!”

Delegates from our last camp wrote:

My daughter and I had a fantastic time at the Writer’s Camp this past weekend.  We both felt we gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on “how to make money with our writing skills”!  Thank you.
Yours and Merri’s expertise on transmitting knowledge to others is phenomenal.  The warm, personal feel of being with you both along with the great people in the class was great!
Thank you again for all the added information gained in all areas of life and what I consider gourmet meals served to us all.

Another wrote: Have just returned from the writing seminar conducted at your farm in Ashe County, North Carolina, I thought I’d give you my take on what I experienced. To suggest that the location, hosts, seminar content, and accommodations were adequate would be an understatement.

The seminar itself opened a whole new world that I hope to explore in the coming months. I drove away from your farm with a well inflated right rear tire and a wealth of information that could catapult me into a whole new profession should I opt to go that route. I still have a number of professional business ideas that I intend to pursue, however, the concepts and ideas conveyed in your seminar will serve to enhance whatever I undertake going forward.

But if there was one underlying common denominator that I recognized, it was the fact that you are both so well qualified to present in this field of communication. Probably my most prolific observation was how well read and knowledgeable you are. The breadth and depth of knowledge on so many diverse yet associated subjects kept my unswerving attention. It also opened my mind to a variety of fields that, heretofore, I would not have considered relevant to my interests. And as a presenter, Gary is prolific. I drove away knowing that not only did the seminar give me my money’s worth but I was introduced to some very valuable contacts.

The bottom line is your seminar was both eye opening and entertaining. I came, I saw, I learned, and I even ate healthy. Thanks for everything. John

The son of a father/son team sent this note:

Hi Merri!  I just attended your writer’s camp with my dad this past weekend.  I didn’t get to express how much I appreciated all that you and Gary did for us this weekend because we were in a hurry to get to the airport.  Letting us stay in your cottage and having us for your writers camp was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life! Gary and Merri’s stories of adventure, success, your lessons, and advice are truly priceless!!

This camp has inspired me. Writing has always come naturally for me but I never was able to view it as a business opportunity.

This camp has shown me not only that writing can be profitable, but HOW to make it profitable! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me. In my lifetime, I could only hope to see the success that you and Gary have achieved.

I not have only signed up for your newsletter, but I can’t stop spreading the word to my friends about my experience. Thanks again for your amazing hospitality,  Mitchell

If you accept our invitation, the course hammers, even bombards you with the absolute, vital importance of starting small.  We live in the era of epublishing that makes small “big”.  This plays perfectly into the hands of small businesses and copywriters as we just happened to have a perfect advantage right now in the marketplace.

Now let’s get to the important stuff.  Our life is less stressed (not stress free – every business has stress) but Self Publishing to sell can be a low stress business… no commuting… choose your own hours… immersed in your passions with like minded souls. Work at home. How refreshing!


Here I am at our Florida home… at work?

gary scott

Here I am at work in the Blue Ridge.  Better than a cubicle for sure!

You can have fun every day doing what you love as you accomplish goals that are important… to you… and are a service to your community.

What do you love? Why not make the kinds of money I’ve just mentioned publishing your passion and do something good for the world at the same time?

Your passion and self publishing create…magic, wealth, happiness.

Three other things you gain.

#1: Respect. If you are not a recluse like Merri and me, you’ll find yourself the center of attention at social events and with your friends and in business because publishing is highly respected.

#2: Power. Everyone wants publishers to distribute good information about them. And everyone fears publishers a bit. The pen IS mightier than the sword!

#3: Protection. Writers are protected by the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. You do not need a license to publish. There is no government watchdog nor do you have bureaucratic red tape involved in publishing. Publishers enjoy almost more freedom than any other occupation because of the Freedom of the Press. This is so powerful because the first amendment is actually a part of the Bill of Rights. Just in case you missed this in school (as most students did including me) here are the exact words of this amendment:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

You become the press and you are set free.  You cannot get more protection than that.

Shall we get back to the money and lifestyle? What can self publishing do financially for you?

Why enroll in this course?  Self publishing can easily fulfill all of your material needs.  More importantly it throws you together with fantastically interesting people from all walks of life.   You all share a common goal… to write… to sell… to earn.  This create magic for all.

You can enjoy this wonderful lifestyle.  Married, single, rich, poor, in good and bad health, educated and not, travelers and those who want to just stay at home.  This is why self publishing works for… those who want a gradual part time improvement in life and for those who want to make big enhancements now.

This course works for anyone who would like to write or publish or both.   See how published products can include compilations, catalogues, CDS, interviews. Plus look at how to sell treks, tours, visits, products and services through self publishing.

You’ll see how one delegate who attended the workshop used her publication to sell real estate.

This course is for individuals and couples. We include those who want their own publishing system together as a family business.

This course is not theory. Merri and I share our real time experiences. We start at the beginning over 40 years ago but mainly look at how we earn hundreds of thousands and even millions a year in our exciting lifestyle…right now.  We study and listen to many other self publishers.  We help you keep your business stay tuned to he times with the course updates.

Self employed, retired, professionals and those who are employed who want to add extra income or who want to change their life entirely will benefit. Previous course delegates have included investors, chiropractors, doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects, other professionals and those who already own their own business and of course retirees.

You can start self publishing to sell with no printing costs, no shelf space, no inventory, no postal delivery.  Most of the publishing expenses are eliminated.

Buyers of books fall into niches so the course helps you learn how to focus on a niche and create trust with the readers in that niche..   Choosing the correct niche is a first step in the elusive process of capturing the national psyche, a key to publishing to sell.  When you tap into this phenomenon, you can earn millions just from online sales.   I know. This process has netted an extra $2,072,614.89 for my business in the past several years.

Yet the income from selling ebooks… as profitable as it can be… is only a part of the earning potential.  Efforts you make today can generate income for dozens of years, sometimes for life!

The eBook revolution makes this entire process easier because Amazon sales can be like prospecting tools.

Some amazing websites and businesses have been and will continue to be built using eBooks.  Kindle sales act like a search engine.  They are the starting point that attracts the original readers who become the nucleus of your success.

Technology especially favors small publishers today. Portable computers, the internet, wireless access, on demand printing smart phones and electronic readers all create enormous new potential for small publishers.

You can receive both the written course and a recorded weekend seminar, in an MP3 file, in this course.

We are so confident that you’ll gain from this offer that if you are not fully satisfied, simply email us for a full refund on unfilled lessons.

You also receive a recorded webinar conducted by our webmaster, David Cross (at no extra cost).

David-cross-images tags:"2012-4-20"

David Cross

David has been our webmaster since our website began in the 1990s.  He is Merri’s and my business partner.  We could not run our business as we do without him.

You can learn the tactics we use in our web business that condenses 27 years of practical experience about search engine optimization, and writing for search engines.

For the last 27 years David has worked with companies large and small – IBM, Agora Publishing, AstraZeneca and many small business owners.  He has worked in 22 countries, and lived in six of them.

David’s clients span the globe and represent companies and charities both large and small.  From corporate giants to small, one-woman businesses and everything from finance, healthcare, publishing, technology, real estate, veterinarians, alternative health centers and everything in between.

David is an essential part of our web based business and Myles Norin, CEO of Agora, Inc.  wrote:  “I have found David’s knowledge and experience unmatched in the industry.  Without David’s expertise and guidance for the past 7 years, we would not be nearly as successful as we are.”

As Senior Internet Consultant to Agora Inc. in Baltimore, MD, he worked closely with Agora’s publishers and marketers and – over a 7-year period – helped to propel Agora’s online revenues from around $20 million to well over $300 million.

David’s webinar will help you gain benefits in your micro business that large internet marketing companies use.  In this practical recorded workshop you will learn valuable skills to help your micro business.

There has never been a time when the opportunity for small businesses abroad has been so outstanding.  Expand your borders now!  Increase your economic security freedom, independence and success.

If you are not fully satisfied that this offers you enormous value simply email us for a full refund within 60 days.  You can keep all three courses as our thanks for giving our courses a try.

You also receive a report  “How to use Relaxed Concentration to Brainstorm Business Ideas” and a recorded workshop “How to Become and Remain Rich With Relaxed Concentration” at no additional cost.

Plus you get more in the program.

You receive the Report, “How to Finance a Small Business” at no extra fee.

Merri and I have always preferred to start our micro businesses  through cash flow.  However in the early the days of our business I found myself raising extra capital several times.  I have also helped numerous businesses raise money to get started.  This report shares several experiences to give a thumbnail sketch of how to raise to get a micro business off the ground.

One of the biggest reasons readers do not get started being their own boss, gaining a second income and taking a first step towards greater freedom, is they can’t find the funds to get of the ground.  This is so important and I am so dedicated to gaining  more independence  that I’ll send this report to you free even if you do not order our Self Fulfilled course at this time.   See the link below for the free report  “How to Finance a Small Business” free and without obligation.

In addition you receive all the updates we make in this course during the year.  Businesses need to evolve.  Merri and I continue to publish and have our independent businesses.  Some basics have remained for decades, but new strategies occur all the time throughout the year.  We’ll be sending along updates that share our most recent experiences as we learn and continue to grow our international micro business from Smalltown USA.

My special offer to you in this “Live Well and Free Anywhere Program”, is that you receive:

  • Self Fulfilled – How to Write to Sell course
  • Video Workshop by our webmaster David Cross,
  • The entire weekend “Writer’s Camp” in MP3,
  • The report “How to Raise Start-up Money”
  • Report and MP3 Workshop “How to Gain Added Success With Relaxed Concentration”
  • International Business Made EZ course
  • Any updates to any of the courses, workshops, reports or recordings for a year.

We are so confident that you’ll gain from this offer that if you are not fully satisfied, simply email us any time during the first quarter for a full refund of all unfilled lessons. 

Our Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied, you can cancel the course any time in the first quarter for a full refund of all unfilled lessons and there will be no additional fee.  No quarterly renewal fee will be charged if you cancel.

Order “Self Fulfilled – How to Publish to Sell” and a quarter of update lessons $79.   Click Here.

The $79 price is a special introductory offer that will expire shortly and the cost of update lessons will rise.  You can however lock in this low price for an entire year.

Order “Self Fulfilled – How to Publish to Sell” and a full year of update lessons $299.  Click Here.    


Double Digit Income – The Green Rocking Chair Business

Whether we are investing or running a small business, we are told, “Follow the Green”.  This is wise, but the idea can offer much more than money even if you use it from a rocking chair.

Yesterday I spoke at an investing seminar in Tampa, Florida conducted by ENR Asset Management Company.  One delegate I was speaking with explained how he purchased over 35,000 acres of farmland.  A timber company immediately offered him over $200 per acre just for the timber.

Not bad, $3.5 million of quick profit and he still owned the land.  He said, “I didn’t sell”.  That’s the nice thing about timber!  Unlike most other commodities, when it’s held, the inventory grows.

But investing in green is about more than timber.  Green goes far beyond profit and cash.

blue ridge farm

I often work  at my micro business from a rocking chair at our Blue Ridge farm.

Almost all the delegates at that Tampa seminar were boomers, so longevity was on their minds.  In addition, they were interested in the question, “What happens when I am relegated to a rocking chair?”

“Go for it” is my answer.

A rocking chair today is not what it was two decades ago.  Technology makes the rocking chair an effective business tool, as good a place to generate income as the the seat of a jet is for a jetsetter.   I can run my micro business, which generates a nice monthly double digit income, from that rocking chair in the mountain air on pleasant summer days.

I bring in the green better because I avoid commuting, the clutter of the city and I am surrounded by green and blue.


Here is the view from my Blue Ridge rocking chair. I often work with this view during the summer.  In the winter, I trade the chair for a chaise lounge but the common element is a low stress activity that I really enjoy, which produces income and surrounds me with nature’s blue and green.


This makes the business of business incredibly fulfilling and encourages longevity.

Our recent message The Value of Trees said:

A National Library of Health article, “The Unique Human Health Effects of Blue Light” shows that color has an impact on our well being and health.  The article says:  “A major milestone came with the 1998 discovery of melanopsin retinal ganglion cells, a new type of photoreceptor in the eye.  These cells provide signals to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), the brain’s master clock.  They project to many other brain regions as well, influencing myriad aspects of human physiology.”

Researchers have shown in humans that light influences hormone secretion, heart rate, alertness, sleep propensity, body temperature and gene expression.

Another article at Livescience.com, “Does the color green boost exercise effects?” shows some health benefits from the color of green.  Working out in the great outdoors may produce more psychological benefits than hitting the gym, suggest researchers who say that “green exercise” may boost mood, self-esteem, motivation and enjoyment. But according to a new study, the positive effects of green exercise may have more to do with the color green than with being surrounded by nature.

The study is the first to show that the color green may contribute to the  feel-good benefits of outdoor exercise, the researchers said. The findings were published in the Journal Environmental Science and Technology in August.

That’s the beauty of the new economy.  Technology changes everything.  A rocking chain set in nature’s serene beauty, (connected to 45 mbps of fiber optics) replaces the stale air of a crowded jet or the busy office that can only be reached through time consuming, stress creating, dangerous, frantic and simply plain rude heavy traffic.  Our own thoughts become our boss to gain the freedom to create a better, more independent life, free from the chains of big business, big pharma and big government whoever we are, whatever age and wherever we want to be.  We can truly live anywhere and earn everywhere.

Learn how to apply old wisdom with new technology to create your own green rocking chair business.  This not only produces income but can improve your health and help get rid of the blues.


How to Reduce Stress and Increase Profits Part II

Growing numbers of pensions have problems but there is a way to have the perfect form of financial security in 2017.   I call it the Perfect Pension.  To help understand how to build an unshakable economic platform here is Part Two of the report,  “The Pruppie Factor:  Seven Steps to Comfortable Living & Profits in 2017”.

If you missed Part One on how to integrate income and profits from savings, read Part One here, as this report will only be available free for three days.

“The Pruppie Factor – Seven Steps to Comfortable Living & Profits in 2017 – Part Two”

PIEC investing combines three types of investments.  The first is your own business or businesses that you are comfortable with and know more about than any other.

The second are safe, liquid investments, blue chip types or the ultimate in stogy and safe, country index ETFs.

The third type of investments are speculative deals or safe investments that use timeless leverage.

Two Ratios

There are two important ratios we need to set.  The first is the ratio between the safe and speculative investments we hold.  This will vary with every investor.  Our needs in relation to our assets, the time we have to let our investments grow and most important, the level of comfort should be determining factors.

My ratio fluctuates between 80% safe and 20% speculative and 70% safe and 30% speculative.

The Perfect Ratio for Leverage

A research paper shows how Warren Buffett has used leverage to amass his $50 billion dollar fortune.  The researchers found that the returns from Buffett’s investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, far outweighed those achieved by any rival that has operated for 30 years or more.  The research shows that neither luck nor magic are involved.  Instead, the paper shows that Buffet’s success hinges on using leverage at the ratio of 1.6 (or a 60% loan) to make large purchases of “cheap, safe, quality stocks”.  In other words, if he chose million to invest, he would borrow an extra $600,000 and invest $1,600,000.

The Perfect Percentage for Each Individual

Buffett has amassed an amazing fortune by leveraging a good strategy for very long periods of time, surviving rough periods where others might have been forced into a fire sale or a career shift.  He uses this in his borrowing:  not too little, not too much, for him.

All investors need to know how much they can borrow.  Financially and emotionally they need to stick for long periods and survive rough patches if that come along.

There are factors to consider when planning whether to use leverage or not and if so at which investment to loan ratio.

Factor #1:  How long can we invest?  We should avoid leveraging short term “get in and out investments”, unless we can afford to take an increased short term loss and have the discipline to cut that loss if and when it happens.

Otherwise we should plan to invest for at least a year (5 years is better) to let the leverage work.

Factor #2: How is our staying power?  If we don’t want or can’t liquidate a loss, can we afford to put up a additional capital as additional collateral?

Factor #3: How much can we afford to lose?  Leverage increases risk.  We can quickly lose part or all of our investments.  We should never speculate with savings that we cannot afford to lose.  We should not use our emergency funds.  We should not use the money set aside for our kids’ college education.  We should not mortgage our house in the hopes that we are going to make some great profit.  We cannot risk our pensions.  (Pension law normally does not allow leverage.)

The more important the need and the sooner the need for that money will be, the lower the loan to investment ratio should be.

The most important factor is comfort.

How do we feel about taking risk?

For many years, I made speculative investments in equities and made some good profits from them.  However, never once did I feel comfortable.

Some investors worry so much about their investments that the stress and strain to their nervous system is not worth any profit they might make. When to comes to equities, that’s me.

Speculating in real estate or currencies does not bother me much at all. Over the decades as I realized this, I dramatically reduced my speculative equity deals.  I hold just one such investment now and later in this report we’ll review why that one investment does not bother me.

Stress can kill!  We should never leverage a speculation if we are going to continually worry about it.

Be comfortable.  A PIEC plan gives us a way to gain everlasting wealth and a feeling of security by being aware of and in tune with a fulfilling, strategic investment plan that goes beyond short term dollars and cents.

Too few investors ask the question, “Why do I want to be wealthy?”

We know that food has to be bought.  Rent has to be paid.  Taxes, bills, cars, gas, education, health care, entertainment all require money.

Yet these expenses do not require that we be really wealthy.  In fact, as we saw earlier in this report, research shows that money’s ability to make us feel good is quite limited once we cross a threshold in the $75,000 a year range.

The link between having money and being happy is not strong because happiness comes in two ways “evaluative” and “affective”.

Evaluative happiness (a sense that we are progressing toward our life goals) keeps getting better as we earn more.

Affective happiness (how often we experience positive emotions like joy, affection and tranquillity, as opposed to negative emotions) does not rise much after a household reaches an annual income of around $75,000.

The research is clear.  Growing happiness comes from achieving goals, not getting or being rich.  When the process of making money is divorced from a long term strategy of completing fulfilling missions, the process of investing is more likely to engender fear and unhappiness, than a feeling of fulfillment and security.

When we invest without a personal, meaningful strategy; our investing logic can be turned upside down in numerous ways.  We risk having a behavior gap.

For example, the Golden Rule of Investing #7 is to never measure an investment by its high or low price.

Price does not represent value!  One of my clients (his name was Dick) taught me this lesson about 40 years ago.  Merri and I were conducting London real estate tours.  London property prices had crashed when most property prices globally were rising.  Property investments there offered excellent value at that time.  Dick heard my story and invested in a property related deal I had written about.  Over the next 12 months, Dick’s investment doubled.

He asked me what to do.  My reply was “If it were me, I would sell half the investment.”  He did.  The sale recouped his original investment.  He had the same amount still invested so his profits could grow, or not.  Over the next 6 months the price of Dick’s remaining shares rose 50% more.  He called me in a rage, disgusted that he had sold half.  He felt he had lost extra profit on the portion of the investment he had sold.  Dick had gained three times his original investment in 18 months.  Instead of being delighted with what he had gained, he was angry, frustrated and bitter over what he viewed as a loss.

He reinvested and never spoke to me again except one time.  He called again.  The share price had corrected dropping 70% in a short time.  Because his reinvestment had been exactly at the highest (distorted) price, he was now in a loss position.  His comment was “Why in the — had I ever suggested he invest?”

Dick should have been looking at a return of 75% in 24 months.  Instead he had a 5% loss.  The moral of the story is that Dick lost because he had no strategy except accepting the current share price of his investment as the final arbitrator of value.

If Dick had a longer term strategy and held onto his London real estate position he would have made a fortune.  Few locations have seen as much property appreciation in the last four decades.

The biggest lesson I gained from Dick was the fact that he was not content, even when he had huge profits.  With “profit as the only motive” investors are in doubt all the time.  If the price skyrockets up, the frustration is not having invested more.  If the price goes down, the frustration is having invested at all.  Every price move creates doubt, insecurity and questions.  “Should I invest more? Should I sell?  Should I hold?”

The reality is that share price rarely reflects true value.  In fact, the faster and higher an investment’s price rises beyond the rise of its income producing power, the lower its value.  Fast rising prices often mean rapidly dropping value and vice versa.  The higher and faster a share price rises, the less it takes for the price to turn around.  The bigger the correction is likely to be.

There is a correct value for every investment.  The problem is no one really knows what that value truly is.  People argue about correct pricing.  This argument is called a market…  investors putting their money where their mouths (or beliefs) are.

No one ever really knows a correct price.  There is always something we do not know because the true value of every investment is changing every single day.  Value even changes each hour or minute.  Factors, forces, events and conditions, far beyond a brain’s capacity to logically process, create changes in true value that no one can always know.

However as humans we all want to know the unknowable.  This flaw in thinking creates a tendency to focus on price and confuse price with value.

What we should know are the wants, needs and desires, created by our unique purpose that we have chosen as our destiny.

We should then know how our investments help complete this purpose, in terms of profit and fulfillment.  We should know how much we paid for investments, how much they are worth and the relationship between our investments and their income producing power.

Trying to know much more than this is counter productive.  There is always something we do not know.   When we invest, we will sometimes be wrong.  George Soros shared an important lesson on what to do about this human frailty when he stated that he was wrong as much as anyone else, but just for shorter periods of time.

He is also quoted as saying:  “The financial markets generally are unpredictable.  The idea that you can actually predict what’s going to happen contradicts my way of looking at the market.”

Soros realizes that it is human to not know everything.  There is no guilt in being wrong.  The only shame comes if we fail to correct our mistakes.

Dick’s mistake in London was that he tied his happiness to the price of his investment.  When the price of his investment rose, he was upset because he wished he had more.  When the price of his investments fell, he was upset because he had anything in that investment at all.

Focusing on investments at their current prices or its high or low price is short term thinking that can create a losing behavior gap.

Another reason many investors lose is because they want their investing to be exciting.

We can again learn from George Soros who said: “If investing is entertaining, if you’re having fun, you’re probably not making any money.  Good investing is boring.”

A few years after my experience with Dick, an investment adviser named Harris contacted me about an arbitrage deal with Japanese yen.

As far as I could tell, Harris was a well educated, conservative businessman who had earned a solid living and built a respectable estate so he could afford a comfortable lifestyle.  He needed to work, but not much.

Somehow a con artist slipped his grips into Harris who otherwise seemed an intelligent, well balanced person.  The scammer convinced Harris that someone in Japan wanted to do some weird form of currency arbitrage with him.  Harris was convinced he would make millions.  All he needed to do was put up some seed money.  What Harris explained to me made no sense at all.  The idea Harris was spouting was so convoluted that I couldn’t even apply logic to it.  Yet he found the deal fun and exciting!  He was able to participate in secret meetings, strange overnight faxes and lots of long distance phone calls to put this deal, always just around the corner, together.

Many times over the past decades I have found that even reasonable intelligent people, when captured by the allure of what they think is big business, refuse to accept that they are engaged in a big ripoff.  They simply will not listen, even when presented with the facts.

Harris refused my warnings that he was being fooled and robbed.  He ignored his business, invested all his savings (and perhaps those of some clients) in seeding the deal.  He eventually went bust.  There was some flap with the law and Harris chose to exit the scene via death by heart attack.  The more realistic term I believe was he passed away from a broken heart when he finally realized how he had given up his savings, his business and his integrity, all for a bit of excitement.

We can have fun and satisfaction with a worthwhile, personal purpose and accomplish missions that achieve a steady foundation of growth.  The process when combined with mathematical investing logic creates everlasting wealth.  Chasing the excitement of quick bucks always stacks the odds against us.  The idea of winning the lottery is exciting, but the odds against us are millions to one.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the behavior gap is the power of fear.

The great value investor, Warren Buffet, tells us why fighting fear is easier said than done. “There is no comparison between fear and greed.  Fear is instant, pervasive and intense.  Greed is slower.  Fear hits.”

This creates a problem because we are conditioned to have fear every day.  So much frightening information is thrown at us that fear becomes a habit.  Fear is the norm.  Almost every establishment that structures our society tries to make us feel fear.  The government says, “Break the law (there are so many laws now) and we’ll put you in jail”.   The medical and insurance professions rely on fear to sell their wares.

We are bombarded with bad news, risks and warnings so fear becomes a habit.  This fear is a hard habit to break as well because we remain immersed in a daily flood of alarming data.

Many readers write in and tell me how they plan to speculate in currency (or other commodity) futures, based on programs they have tested on paper.  I ask them what they’ll do about the fear.

Studying markets in advance is great but do we think that this type of test is anything like actually investing?

When I hear of testing a share (or commodity or currency) trading program on paper, I give this advice.

“Buy a 12 foot long wooden two by four.  Lay it on the floor.  Walk on it.  All 12 feet.  Unless you have an inner ear problem, or other mobility issue, walking the board is easy.

“Now span a 100 foot deep chasm with the board.  Now walk across the board over that 100 foot drop.  It’s the same board.  Right?  Can our emotions ignore the risk of death from the drop?  Probably not.  Mine certainly can’t!”

Actually we should not do this!  Hopefully the point is clear without risking death from a headlong plunge.  The 12 foot walk is easy on the ground.  Over the chasm it’s impossible for most of us… because of our emotion.

Investing on paper without risk lacks emotions.  When real money is made or lost, emotion kicks in and so does the behavior gap.  20% of good investing with real money is knowledge.  80% is emotional control.

My experience suggests that 20% of investors look for change, calculate what the new horizons might bring and invest based on inner beliefs and purpose they stick to.  They do not get caught in the emotions of greed when markets rise. Nor do they panic when markets fall.  Perhaps it is not a coincidence that 80% of the world’s wealth is controlled by those 20% of the population.

80% of investors invest emotionally and lose.

Wise investors know that there is always something they do not know.  Wise investors embrace change as they embrace the reality of their emotions and circumstances.  Wise investors adjust their individual investing style accordingly.

Adjusting our investing styles to our individual personality is important because each of us thinks and feels differently.

An article “It’s not your fault you don’t learn from mistakes… your brain is just wired badly” tells of research that shows that the ability to learn from mistakes varies so wildly between people.

A study at Goldsmiths, University of London created insights about why some people are better at learning from their mistakes than others.

The researchers analyzed electrical brain responses and identified the difference in brain activity to see why some people learn from their errors and experiences faster than others.

The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, investigated brainwave patterns to see why some were able to more easily use feedback to check past performance and to adjust their next performance accordingly than others.

Fear is a much stronger motivational force than greed.  Two psychologists, Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, have conducted many studies on the psychology of investing.  In one study they gave potential investors an option between a sure bet of $3,000, or an 80 percent chance of winning $4,000 (meaning there was a 20 percent chance of winning nothing).  Most said they would take the $3,000.

The same question, was then asked in a different way.  Would you rather lose $3,000 or accept an 80 percent chance of losing $4,000 (with a 20 percent chance of losing nothing).  Most took the riskier bet.  The subjects were willing to take a bigger risk to avoid losing money than they were when they stood to make more money.

Know Thyself

Investors are better when they believe in a purpose and understand (at least a little) their attitudes and fears.  There are as many ways to invest as there are investors.  Each of us live by a multitude of emotions created by association over our lifetime.  These emotions are totally subjective and completely unique to each individual.  Take a ping pong paddle as an example.  If one person played happy games of ping pong every day with their friends, every time they see a ping pong paddle their neural system is flooded with neural transmitters that enhance energy and flood the person with a sense of positivity and well being.  Another person who was often beaten with a ping pong paddle sees the same paddle and associates it with pain, terror and fear.

Kirk Kerkorian, a billionaire investor recently passed at age 98.  He left a tip about investing and knowing oneself when he explained, why, when he was a billionaire, he continued to take risks.  “When you’re a self-made man, you start very early in life,” he told The Las Vegas Review-Journal in 1999.  ‘In my case it was at 9 years old when I started bringing income into the family. You get a drive that’s a little different, maybe a little stronger, than somebody who inherited.’”

He started very poor and became rich but nearly lost everything several times.  His attitude was, “Sometimes you lose, but that’s the nature of the game.  There’s always another game and another chance to win.”

Mr. Kerkorian knew his attitudes and had rituals that helped him develop missions that would accomplish what he considered his purpose in life.

Creating New Rituals with Association

Each of us has a personal task to find and face our weaknesses and fears, to discover and reinforce our strengths and desires.  Breaking down old habits of thought and emotion, some that have been with us a lifetime, is hard.

For example I have a tendency to worry.  I know it and the way I face this is with my dad’s old fashioned shaving brush… an “Ever Ready Guaranteed” that he kept with an Old Spice shaving mug.

I have found that I can replace my worry with gratitude, that I was born at this special time, to such special parents and have so many great investing opportunities literally laid in my path.  Every time I have followed my passions in life, some great way to earn excellent income and profits has been there.

What are the odds that I would land in Hong Kong just before it emerged as the world’s hottest stock market for decades?  What are the chances that I would then move to London and then Naples where two of the hottest real estate markets in the world would explode?  What are the chances I would visit Ecuador just before it became one of the hottest expat countries anywhere?

The odds of each were a billion to one and yet each time I moved somewhere I loved, the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket was waiting for me.  So why should I ever worry?

I use my dad’s shaving brush to remind me of this incredible good fortune.  My father passed at an early age and I wish we had had more time together.  I am enormously grateful for what he taught me and how he loved me.  So every day I start by using a gift he left me… that shaving brush.

Picking up that brush brings back a touch of the wisdom and good feelings he shared with me and reminds me how lucky I am, even if my investments happened to have risen or fallen.

There is nothing spectacular about these ideas he gave but the powerful memory of being loved and remembering his touches of wisdom provide positive associations that start my day.

One way to being smarter… happier… healthier is to start every day with something that creates a happy association.  Warm and fuzzy is good!  Such associations are comforting and we are more likely to make wise decisions the day based on what is right for us… instead of based on fear and dread.  That’s darned important in these times of social and economic turmoil and change that create so many feelings of threat.

This is fundamental to well being because happy associations create positive attitudes and positivity cuts through the multitude of noise that an imbalanced society creates.

There is even scientific evidence that the power of this type of ritual can even improve our DNA.

Dr. John Douillard wrote about this at his www.lifespa.com site.

Here is an excerpt:  “In a new study set to be published in the Journal of Psychological Sciences, Harvard Business School researchers set out to measure the effects of ritual.  A ritual could be singing happy birthday, or how you brew your coffee, or saying grace before a meal.

“The study demonstrated that when a ritual was performed before eating, the food tasted better and delivered more satisfaction than when there was no pre-eating ritual.

“In the study, participants cut a chocolate bar in half.   First, they opened only one half and enjoyed that half.  Then, they were allowed to open the other half and eat it – a very simple ritual.

“Another segment of the study created a ritual around eating a carrot.  Participants were asked to hit the table 5 times and close their eyes for 5 seconds before eating the carrot.

“In both groups, the carrot and chocolate were enjoyed more as compared to control groups who did not take part in a ritual.  Additionally, participants in the ritual groups took more time to eat and were actually willing to pay more for the carrot and chocolate after the experience of the ritual.”

The latest research in the field of epigenetics has shown that behaviors and belief systems can actually change our DNA.

This is one way to easily and gently create improvements in your life.   No matter what your background… your genetic makeup… your circumstances… your good fortune or bad, you can make circumstances better by creating positive routines.

The study Dr. Douillard mentioned did have a caveat: the rituals have to be repeated steps, not random gestures, and you cannot watch someone else say grace or open a bottle of wine and expect to enjoy the meal or wine better.  You have to do it yourself.

You can make your life better… no matter what circumstances exist.  Just create simple, positive rituals that you use at the beginning of and throughout every day.

This is why slow, worry free, good value investing is at the core of PIEC’s Everlasting Wealth.

Stress, worry and fear are three of an investor’s worst enemies.  They create a Behavior Gap, that causes investors to underperform in any market good or bad.  The behavior gap is created by natural human responses to fear.   When we combine the  income, from our own fulfilling business, with slow, worry free, good value investing we bridge the gap.

There is always something we don’t know.  The years ahead will create challenges and be interesting.  When we become Pruppies, we look forward to the new with enthusiasm instead of dread.   Merri and I look forward to sharing ideas and information in 2017 that help bring everlasting wealth for you.


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Stress, worry and fear are three of an investor’s worst enemies.  They create a Behavior Gap, that causes investors to underperform in any market good or bad.  The behavior gap is created by natural human responses to fear.   Pi helps create profitable strategies that avoid losses from this gap.

Lessons from Pi are based on the creation and management of a Primary Pi Model Portfolio, called the Pifolio.  There are no secrets about this portfolio except that it ignores the stories from economic news (often created by someone with vested interests) and is based mainly on good math that reveals the truth through financial news.

The Pifolio is a theoretical portfolio of MSCI Country Benchmark Index ETFs that cover all the good value markets using my (almost) 50 years of global experience and my study of the analysis of four mathematical investing geniuses (and friends).

The Pifolio analysis begins with a continual research of international major stock markets that compares their value based on:

#1:  Current book to price

#2:  Cash flow to price

#3:  Earnings to price

#4:  Average dividend yield

#5:  Return on equity

#6:  Cash flow return

#7:  Market history

We combine the research of several brilliant mathematicians and money managers with my years of investing experience.

This is a complete and continual study of what to do about the movement of international major and emerging stock markets.  I want to share this study throughout 2017 with you.

This analysis forms the basis of a Good Value Stock Market Strategy.  The analysis is rational, mathematical and does not worry about short term ups and downs.  This strategy is easy for anyone to follow and use.  Pi reveals the best value markets and provides contacts to managers and analysts and Country Index ETFs so almost anyone can create and follow their own strategy.

The costs are low and this type of ETF is one of the hardest for institutions to cheat.  Expense ratios for most ETFs are lower than those of the average mutual fund.  Little knowledge, time, management or guesswork are required.  The investment is simply a diversified portfolio of good value indices.  Investments in an index are like investments in all the shares of a good value market.

Pi opens insights to numerous long term cycles that most investors miss because they have not been investing long enough to see them.

For example, in the 1980s, a remarkable set of two economic circumstances helped anyone who spotted them become remarkably rich.  Some of my readers made enough to retire.  Others picked up 50% currency gains.  Then the cycle ended.  Warren Buffett explained the importance of this ending in a 1999 Fortune magazine interview.  He said:  Let me summarize what I’ve been saying about the stock market: I think it’s very hard to come up with a persuasive case that equities will over the next 17 years perform anything like—anything like—they’ve performed in the past 17!

I did well then, but always thought, “I should have invested more!”  Now those circumstances have come together and I am investing in them again.

The circumstances that created fortunes 30 years ago were an overvalued US market (compared to global markets) and an overvalued US dollar.  The two conditions are in place again!   There are currently ten good value (non US) developed markets,  plus 10 good value emerging markets.

Pi shows how to easily create a diversified, worry free portfolio in some of these good value markets using Country Index ETFs.

The current strength of the US dollar is a second remarkable similarity to 30 years ago.   The dollar rose along with Wall Street.  Profits came quickly over three years.  Then the dollar dropped like a stone, by 51%  in just two years.  A repeat of this pattern is growing and could create up to 50% extra profit if we start using strong dollars to accumulate good value stock market ETFs in other currencies.

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These two events are a strong sign to invest in precious metals.

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