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Terror of Risk

Most people have a terror of risk which is why risk offers so much opportunity.

Here is an amazing story (to me at least) that I hope illustrates three really important points about investing in risk.


The story has to do with Okies… from whom I descend. This shot from the website www.livinghistoryfarm.org  brilliantly depicts the plight of Americans living on the great plains during the depression and dust bowl.  That site has a link below.

The Thanksgiving message at this site showed the bullet my dad was shot with during the invasion of  Iwo Jima.  A few inches made the difference between my existence or not.  That was quite a risk I was taking even before I was born!


Here is another family story about risk.

My Grandfather and Grandmother on my mom’s side were “Okies”… part of that massive migration of farmers.

There was a great economic depression in the 1930s and the misery was worsened by a terrible drought on the Great Plains… called the Dust Bowl.

Hoards of of farmers were ruined.

Hundreds of thousands left the plains for the West Coast.  So many people migrated from Oklahoma that they were dubbed “Okies” in the popular press.  Many who were pushed off of the plains were pulled west because they had relatives who had moved to the coastal areas.

California – a state that had once advertised for more migrant workers – found themselves overwhelmed by new migrants and in 1936, the Los Angeles Police Department sent 136 deputies to the state lines to turn back migrants who didn’t have any money. Bordering states like Arizona were angry that California was trying to “dump hoboes” back on them.

Mom’s family came from Miami, Oklahoma and Niosha, Missouri, small farming communities right in the middle of this mess. Adding to this misery my Uncle John, who worked in a bakery, was electrocuted in a freak accident when one of the ovens shorted out.

My Grandmother could not get over his death so Grandpa decided… all things considered to go West for a visit to relatives.

They packed the children Uncle Frank, Uncle Cleo, Aunt Viola,  Amy and mom in their car… probably a 1930s Ford something like this and headed West.


My mom was the youngest of the lot and recalls it being… “crowded and having to stop a lot to fix flat tires!”

Point #1 about investing in risk.  Economic and political circumstances will cause migrations beyond our control. We can call them stampedes. Attempts to stop the thundering herd can bring disaster.  Yet there is almost always great opportunity in the shift… whether it be Americans from the plains to the coast… Mexicans to America… Americans to Ecuador… boomers from cities to smalltowns USA.

There is energy in movement and money is simply stored energy.

What to do?  Look for big shifts.

The story continues. Once they reached Oregon… a job opportunity arose and my Grandpa decided to flip a coin… “heads they returned to Oklahoma… tails they stayed in Oregon”.   So there you have it… one way to look at my and my family’s existence is that it was determined by the flip of a coin.

There is more to it than that but this brings us to the next point about investing in risk.

Point #2 about investing risk… events way beyond our control and understanding can take place at crossroads in our finances that have a major impact on our failure or success.

The story continues. My grandma Cleo left her brothers and sisters behind in Oklahoma.  Our daughter Cinda learned these details when she began researching our family history.  One brother remained in Oklahoma and to the best of our knowledge never saw my Grandma Cleo again.  However one of his granddaughters decided to also investigate her family tree.  She joined an internet site (as Cinda did) where people can share family trees…and meet long lost relatives and communicate by email.

Cinda found this granddaugther via this site. That granddaughter’s name?  Cinda.

Were my daughter’s and this relative’s named Mary, Ann or Joan… I would not have thought twice… but Cinda?  What are the odds?

I was astounded, yet this third point was fortified with some research on the name Cinda which I though was unusual… one in a million. Certainly my wife and I thought we had thought up a unique and unusual name.

According to thinkbabynames.com Cinda is a very common first name for women (#1777 out of 4276)  in the 1990 U.S. Census.

Point #3 about investing risk…  There will always be forces at work that we cannot conceive… influences that affect us and that are connected with aspects of our lives that we cannot possibly imagine with our logic.

This means we really are always taking risks anyway.  What the market calls risk are investments in new ideas in an ever changing world.  Investments that are deemed safe are those that used to work.

We exist because of coincidences beyond our imaginings we embrace rather than fear change. When you see (or even better, feel) an opportunity that others would deem risky but feels right to you… go for it.  Don’t abandon your good investing and business sense. Stick to the rules of investing in risk, but go for it!


How we can help you invest in risk.

#1: Reports on how to invest globally in multi currencies.

#2: Services that help in Ecuador.

#3: Online courses on how to have a global micro business

#4: Seminars on international investing & business. See the 2011 schedule here.

#5: Ecuador real estate tours.

International Micro Business Added Twists

You can enhance the chances of success in a micro business by brainstorming from twists.

One thought to throw in your brainstorming pot is your micro business relationships to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

This a snippet from is a great photo by Pieter Hugo for the New York Times that shows foragers in Ghana who tear up old computers for the precious metals inside.  This perfectly depicts what Maslow says.


Every place is affected differently by the human reactionary path that was described by Abraham Maslow in his “Needs Hierarchy”.   He states that humans move through six steps in life if given a chance to progress.

“The first step in Maslow’s ‘Needs Hierarchy’ is to take care of one’s physical needs, the second is to gain security. After these two levels the third step is to focus on social needs before progressing to the fourth step of acknowledgment and finally to self realization. Maslow years later stated that there is perhaps a sixth step he called idealization or the need to find a purpose beyond oneself.

“Let’s put this into day-to-day economic terms. A person first makes sure he or she has food, clothing and shelter. If these needs are not fulfilled, not much else matters. Someone who is cold and hungry rarely thinks too much about how they look or about the social impact of their process of getting food. Enough hunger and cold will lead people to take great physical risks to be fed and warmed.

“But once the belly is full, the body warm and the larder filled, one begins to think about how to protect that food and how to stay warm. When secure and comfortable that the physical needs are met and will remain satisfied we start to think about how we look, how we get along with others and how we fit into our society and family. We want to fit in! At least for awhile.

“Then we want to excel, to be acknowledged, in our society or family, as being special, being good, being more than just acceptable.

“When we reach a point where we have convinced others we are special and unique, we become driven to convince ourselves of this fact. We look for acknowledgment.

“Finally, if we prove ourselves to ourselves, we reach a sixth level of having needs that goes beyond ourselves.

“Our upcoming society will be dramatically affected by this hierarchy of nature and four other important facts. First, the fact that parts of the world (industrialized society) have seen a six times increase in wealth in just one century. Today the average American is 40 times richer than ancient mankind, an amazing increase. Second, most of the incredibly rich westerners are still not satisfied. Third, most of the world hasn’t enjoyed this increase in wealth.

Fourth, most of the world, rich and poor can see the discrepancies in wealth between the rich and poor.

There are many ways to use these aspects of human nature to add twists in a micro business.

One approach to micro business opportunity is to create a unique business that takes advantage of imbalances in a specific area.

The computer salvagers above take advantage of low labor costs (and a lack of pollution regulations) to create that business.

A better example is one couple who were readers for many years. They started a used tire business in Africa.

The National Highway through Togo is the only link to the landlocked countries of Niger and Mali. The road is rough and trucks have worn out their tires by the time they reach the city of Dapong, half way up the road. A couple developed this perfect structure because they learned that used tires would sell briskly in Dapong.

However, when they checked out shipping used tires from the U.S., they found freight costs too high. Then they realized there was also a good market in Togo for used shoes as well. They knew that Americans hardly ever wear out their shoes. They then had a brilliant idea to stuff the used tires full of used shoes! Thus, they were able to ship the used shoes inside the used tires and establish a thriving, successful business.

Read the entire story about this business here.


In another example, a reader many years ago, as computers and word processors became common in Canada and the USA, began buying up IBM Selectric typewriters for pennies on the dollar.  He shipped and sold them in Latin America where the computer evolution had not begun.

Another way to create a micro business is to be traditional… with something like a restaurant… but with a twist.

We saw last week how a family opened a restaurant… the California Kitchen in Cuenca.

A California Kitchen would be pretty mundane in the USA… especially California… but In Cuenca, Ecuador it is unique.

Here is a note from a reader who is involved in numerous micro business ideas.

Hi Gary,  We are doing very well in Cuenca.  We have recently become partners in the local CURVES franchise which went into the black in its first month.  Like you, I believe that Ecuador is actually one of the few ideal places in the world that will handle this crisis with relative ease and grace.  To support that belief we are looking for additional small local business investments.  All the best to both you and Merri.

Curves… is an okay idea… a proven success in some places, but curves in Ecuador shows an added twist adaptation to a new growing market of gringos there.

Technology makes it easier then ever before to have your own micro business.  Combine the benefits of technology with added twists adapted from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and you’ll increase your chances of success.


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Smalltown Blue Ridge Opportunity

See below how a huge Smalltown USA problem that will create environmental problems everywhere that creates income opportunity for many small businesses.

Merri and I love Smalltown USA, especially the Blue Ridge where we spend a lot of time in the summer.

While there, I spot a lot of really worthy opportunity… satisfying… profitable and good for the environment.


I took this shot of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina from Blowing Rock.

These mountains are islands, forgotten in America’s mad rush west and south. This is the most ancient land mass on earth and old time values still reign. Men and women work in friendly, honest labor with wood and cloth using the traditions of our ancestors amidst the timeless forest and stone.

It is our  privilege to be in the Blue Ridge but there is a huge change happening… bad enough to make anyone blue.

Merri and I love our farm… the…


water and…


the forest.


We have a wide variety of timber… pine, poplar and


all types of hardwood… oak, maple, cherry.


Especially majestic… are the hemlock that…


run along our creek.  Many are first growth timber… huge and thick.

Yet soon in most of the Blue Ridge the hemlock will be gone because of a blight called woolly adelgid.

According to Wikepedia hemlock woolly adelgid is a destructive pest imported from Asia that poses a major threat to the Eastern and Carolina Hemlock.

The earliest records of this infestation in the Eastern USA is from 1967 and now it is established in eleven eastern states from Georgia to Massachusetts, causing widespread mortality of hemlock trees. 50% of the geographic range of eastern hemlock has been infected.

The woolly adelgid feeds on the sap of a tree and death typically occurs four to ten years after infestation.

This is an environmental disaster. Hemlock is a vital component of the Northeast’s forest system, and is the third most prevalent tree in some areas.

Hemlock provides protection from erosion along stream banks, food for deer and wildlife, and shelter for deer in the winter.

Major changes in ecosystem structure and function, including hydrologic processes, is expected with the loss of hemlock.

A 2009 study conducted by scientists with the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station suggests the hemlock woolly adelgid is killing hemlock trees faster than expected in the southern Appalachians and rapidly altering the carbon cycle of these forests. According to Science Daily, the pest could kill most of the region’s hemlock trees within the next decade. According to the study, researchers found that “hemlock woolly adelgid infestation is rapidly impacting the carbon cycle in hemlock tree stands and that adelgid-infested hemlock trees in the South are declining much faster than the reported 9-year decline of some infested hemlock trees in the Northeast”.

Few options are available for control of this pest. The adelgids can be physically removed from the tree, either by vigorous washing or by cutting off infected branches. Various petrochemical pesticides are available for home use or by a licensed arborist, including diazinon, fluvalinate, imidacloprid and malathion. The use of pesticides is limited because hemlocks tend to grow within close proximity to aquatic environments such as rivers or streams, and the risk of contaminating these vulnerable ecosystems is great.  Horticultural oil and insecticidal soap are another option.

This is a huge problem.

Problems create opportunity.

So when I discovered the adelgid in our forests a number of years ago, I made two calls.   My first call was to Ted Tidwell who makes the organic degreasing soap Bio Wash.

I used Ted’s soap (Bio Wash) in many ways and though it is not a pesticide I knew it killed many insects. I am not sure of the process but figured it might be like neem oil and Indian plant that blocks the breathing process.

We use Bio Wash for so many things from washing dishes to killing ants to helping plants grow that I asked Ted…  could this help slow the woolly adelgid?  Ted did not know so I called a couple of arborists… Ryan and Tracie Franks of Appalachian Tree Care. They specialized in fighting the wooly adelgid so I  asked him to come out to our farm and test Bio Wash on the wooly adelgid.

He did some tests and was amazed. Bio wash dissolve the adelgid’s cocoon and stops the growth process.

So for years we have sprayed as many of our hemlocks that we can reach with Bio Wash.

This is a tiny spot of good news in a really blue situation.  The alternatives to stopping the woolly adelgid diazinon, fluvalinate, imidacloprid and malathion are incredibly dangerous chemicals!   If these chemicals get in a water system they can kill fish and just about anything in a stream.  The makes using it extra problematic because hemlocks tend to grow near rivers or creeks.    These are the worst chemicals but there is even the risk of contamination with the milder horticultural oils and insecticidal soaps.

Bio Wash is on the other hand organic, bio degradable and non mutagenic so we can spray along near the creek without so much concern.

Bio wash offers many micro business opportunities and we have looked at many of them at this site in past months.  See how Bio Wash provides agricultural and export opportunity at Ecuador Imports. See how it is being test on citrus greening at Ultimate Small Overseas Business Freedom.

So I thought it would be good if Ryan and Tracie Franks could talk about the problems of woolly adelgid and how Bio Wash helps so I can show ways to use this in micro business opportunities.

I emailed Ryan if he would speak at our June North Carolina course.

He replied:   Hello Gary,  Tracie and I are doing well.  This winter’s weather may well have slowed the Wooly Adelgid  a bit…we had several long cold spells which could have knocked their population back significantly.

We appreciate your invitation to the seminar in June and we would be honored to attend and glad to talk about Wooly Adelgid and Bio Wash.

We are so grateful that our paths crossed and I would be glad to help share the story with others.  We’ve saved thousands  of hemlocks and have done so without having to spray potentially harmful chemicals.  This has been a win/win/win/win….situation for all involved!  Ryan

So Ryan will join us with our other speakers to provide you with experience, knowledge and contacts on health and wealth.

In the meantime if you are in Ashe or Watauga North Carolina and have tree problems be sure to check on Appalachian Tree Care

Woolly adelgid is a huge problem that creates great opportunity for those who help fight it.   There is more.  Energy and capital will be needed to remove millions of trees. What can one do with the timber?  Plus how can we mitigate the damage.

I know that Ryan and Tracie are already busy fighting this blight.   More environmental help will be needed in many ways. This creates a worthy opportunity… an effort that will satisfy and reward as it helps the environment.


See another huge and more environmental catastrophe that create opportunity with Ecuador shrimp here.

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2014 – 2015 Schedule

Schedule 2014-2015  Seminars and Courses

Mt. Dora Photo

Delegates enjoy taking breaks at our winter courses in Mount Dora.

jefferson Landing

We conduct our summer camps at Jefferson Landing in West Jefferson North Carolina.

Join us in balmy Central Florida in the winter and the Cool Blue Ridge in summer… plus this autumn our Multi Currency Investing Course will be in Montreal, Canada.


Montreal Skyline in autumn.

Join Merri and me for all the courses and seminars that we’ll conduct to help you gain positive solutions to your economic, financial and lifestyle concerns.

Here are the courses we will conduct in 2014 and early 2015.

October 10-11-12 International Investing & Business Seminar, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. )$799 or $999 for couple)   See details here.

November 14-15-16 Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, Mt. Dora, Fl. ($799-$999)

January  16-17-18,  2015 Super Thinking + Spanish, Mt. Dora, Fl. ($699-$899)

February 13-14-15,  2015  Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, Mt. Dora, Fl. (normally $799-$999 for a couple).

International Micro Business Inspiration

An international micro business can enhance wealth and protect against inflation especially when you take a global perspective and a bird’s eye view.

Get ideas on how to spot micro business ideas from this field and…

ecuador electric

these cars.


The novel “Lake House” by James Patterson… was a great success but was a rather odd novel with sympathetic characters being genetically altered children who are part bird. They have wings and fly.   I was surprised when I learned that this has been a really top selling novel.

Why did this story do so well?

Patterson says it’s because most people have a dream of wanting to fly.

My thinking is the yearning goes deeper. We humans yearn for bird’s eye views.

We want to see the big picture…connect dots…to enhance our lives, yet see all the detail just as birds do. We want to improve our life and make the world a better place with win-win views. Like the eagle. He sees the entire panorama yet spots the smallest mouse moving in a field.

This is not always easy. It has been said that man can achieve the impossible, fly to Mars even put a man on the moon. Yet we can never overcome the inconvenient.

Take energy concerns. Fly into Copenhagen and you’ll see windmill after windmill built in the middle of the sea. What a huge undertaking that was!

Or go visit my state of birth, Oregon. Drive up the Columbia River and see the Bonneville Dam. A monster of a grand project…all to have more energy.

There are almost impossible jobs done…the wind captured…the mighty Columbia tamed just to replace fossil fuels.

Merri and I have noticed something interesting when we drive to Charlotte Airport. Coming south (North of Charlotte) a DOT Lane starts where only cars with two or more people can drive. Traffic was backed up for dozens of miles in the right lane…all cars with one driver. Merri and I whisked into the totally empty DOT lane and at 70 MPH right through Charlotte while these multitudes sat, burning fuel and wasting time.

Why? Because it’s a little inconvenient to find another person to ride with to work! Instead the masses sit there, thousands of man hours lost and tens of thousands of gallons of gas consumed.

Our international business can enhance our wealth when we use a bird’s eye view as well. We increase our odds for great prosperity when we tap into life supporting investments….because in the long term what makes money is solving problems.

Here is a case study on how to create micro business opportunity by spotting problems as they unfold every day.

This case study looks at opportunity in energy.  Energy shortages are a huge problem and hence a huge opportunity.

Problems create three types of opportunity.

#1: Adaptation

#2: Mitigation

#3: Structural Change

Let’s begin by looking at the problem and opportunity in energy structural change.

During a Smalltown USA study on electricity costs, I stumbled across a January 29, 2010 Economist article entitled “Running out of juice” that created new thoughts about green investing and about living in Ecuador.

An excerpt from the article says:

How will we recharge all the electric cars?

IN THE ten years since hybrid electric vehicles first hit the highways and byways of America, they have come to represent 2.5% of new car sales. Yet, in places like Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, DC, every other car seems to be a Toyota Prius. That is because hybrids like the Prius have sold overwhelmingly where well-heeled early adopters reside.

A couple of million of the new electric vehicles could be bought by early adopters during the first few years.

The popular assumption is that they will be plugged into a wall socket in the garage late at night, taking advantage of cheap off-peak power. Unfortunately, things are not that simple.

One thing the new plug-ins and pure electrics have in common is a beefy lithium-ion battery pack that needs a lot of heavy charging. At the very least, that involves installing 220-volt wiring in the home. Trying to recharge a modern electric car with a standard American 110-volt supply takes too long to be practical (up to 18 hours in the case of the Leaf).

Of course, if not fully charged at night it may have to be recharged during the day—when electricity rates can be up to five times more expensive. Average peak rates in America are 33 cents a kilowatt-hour compared with seven cents off-peak.

In theory, recharging electric vehicles during off-peak hours should help utilities “fill the valley”—the trough in electricity demand between midnight and six in the morning, and thereby get better utilization from their coal- or gas-fired generating stations. But, again, things are not quite as they seem. No utility wants to run its network flat out. Scheduling maintenance becomes difficult, which can lead to more frequent failures. The net result is that additional capacity has to be installed at a cost that would not otherwise be justified.

This time the Californian utilities are being more circumspect. They are concerned about highly concentrated pockets of ownership and the effects of everyone deciding to recharge their electric vehicles at once—as they inevitably will do when they return home from work. The local electricity system could be easily overwhelmed, and wider swathes of the grid brought to its knees in the process.

Preparing for this means beefing up local transformers as well as installing heavy-duty wiring and smart meters in homes to provide early warning of network troubles ahead. Sooner or later, those additional costs will have to be passed on to customers.

Now let’s talk about US electricity costs.

Excerpts from an April 2009 NPR article entitled “An Aged Electric Grid Looks To A Brighter Future” by Jeff Brady point out a story for rising costs and says:

The nation’s electricity grid is facing some huge challenges — it’s outdated and unprepared for increasing demand and a future that includes more renewable sources of energy. In a week long series, NPR is examining the state of the nation’s electricity infrastructure.

The economic stimulus bill passed in February includes $11 billion to upgrade the country’s power grid, but that’s just a down payment on a massive undertaking. That’s because when it comes to electricity, not much has changed since Thomas Edison fired up the first commercial power grid in lower Manhattan on Sept. 4, 1882. The fundamentals he pioneered are still the basis for an electricity grid in the U.S. that is almost 100 percent reliable. But in recent years, that grid has started showing weakness.

On Aug. 14, 2003, a lot of people in the northeastern U.S. learned that they couldn’t take reliable electricity service for granted anymore. A utility in Ohio failed to trim a few trees, causing a surprise outage that rolled across the region. Eventually, it left 50 million people without power for about a day. The risk of blackouts still exists in just about every region of the country.


The cost of this upgrade will eventually be passed onto consumers.   This started me thinking about electricity in the parts of Smalltown USA where Merri and I live.

Living in Smalltown USA often means living with extra space and in some parts of the country that space can be used to generate electricity.

I have already figured out what to do with hydro power on our North Carolina farm… because our farm has space… water and a lot of drop in altitude.

But I wanted to check potential solutions for creating energy in Florida… where energy might best be provided by the sun. We have 16 acres in the sun and parts are in the form of large empty fields with no obstructions.  I was wondering what to do with this space and started looking at Hybrid Solar Energy Systems.

ecuador electric

Right at the entrance of our house is a perfect…

ecuador electric

place for an energy field.

So I started researching.

I was surprised. Though the numbers will not send me rushing to the bank… they have caused me to pause… and consider.

A 5040 watt complete MyGen solar electric system by Kyocera can generate up to 5,000 watts of power an hour… sometimes.   Our electricity co-op will buy this electricity from me for .11 cents a kilowatt.

This 5040 watt system was offered to me totally installed for $37,380. “Whew,” I thought at first.

But a 30% federal tax credit is available thus lowering my real cost to $26,166.  A talk with the electricity co-op suggests that the actual electricity generated from such a system is worth about $500 a year or about a 1.3%  per annum return on that cost… if electricity costs remain at .11 cents a watt.

1.3% isn’t enough to get excited about until you ask two questions.  The tax credit raises the return to 1.8%.

First, what is my bank  paying me on a $26,000 CD right now?

A  local bank here in Florida is offering 1.6% on a one year CD.

Second, how much might electricity costs rise?

I do not know the answer to this but certainly would be surprised to see electricity prices fall.

In Florida there is one added kicker. The state has been paying a subsidy of four dollars per watt on the first 5,000 watts of installation. In other words… they would kick in $20,000 if I put in the system.  Wow!  That means the cost starts at $37,380.  The tax credit saves me $11,214…. leaving $26,166 of cost minus $20,000.

This is a no brainer… an investment of $6,166 with an 8.1% return at current prices on a commodity that is likely to rise in the years ahead.

The downside is that Florida ran out of money for this subsidy and there are numerous buyers already on a waiting list… which is the only reason why I am still researching rather than having the installer working now.

Yet there are three points we should consider as they may lead to some green profits

Green profit point #1: Solar energy systems are becoming more efficient.

Green profit point #2: Energy costs are rising.

Green profit point #3: We, as investors, may profit from installing solar energy in some states now.  This will create more demand for solar products and cause the shares of solar energy companies to rise.

So a bird’s eye view shows us that micro business services in alternate energy generation structural change makes sense.

We can see a different type of energy opportunity in adaptation.

One micro business Merri and I had was publishing reports on how we to import used Rolls Royces and Bentleys from England to the US.

A better idea…


now might be reports on how import the deux chevaux instead.


This was described by CAR magazine journalist and author LJK Setright as “the most intelligent application of minimalism ever to succeed as a car”. Imagine how much good we could do in the world if everyone drove a two cylinder 61 miles per gallon car! See more in Lowtech magazine below.

Or in researching the deux chevaux I spotted a micro business that imports and rebuilds them to sell at a premium… up to $20,000 each.

There are…


many small, fuel efficient cars and…


many micro business ideas that can be built around small cars… like converting the Suzki Samari engine to a much more fuel efficient Volkswagon diesel engine.  Ideas range from a how to manual to importing the engines to providing the conversions.  I have had my Samari for 24 years and would be your first customer!

So there are plenty of micro business ideas that come from adaptation to the energy crisis.

How about mitigation.  Our efficient energy driven society forces most of the population to work so hard they have no time to eat right and exercise properly.   So energy mitigation creates business opportunity in wellness.  Selling people on ideas of cycling to work is an example.  They save on fuel and get exercise they need.

This opportunity could unfold in businesses as diverse as offering reports on cycling to selling bikes.

Problems create opportunity to change… mitigate and adapt.

Get a bird’s eye view of the world’s problems. Then look for micro solutions.  This is a great way to start your micro business for everlasting wealth.


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Schedule 2014-2015  Seminars and Courses

Mt. Dora Photo

Delegates enjoy taking breaks at our winter courses in Mount Dora.

jefferson Landing

We conduct our summer camps at Jefferson Landing in West Jefferson North Carolina.

Join us in balmy Central Florida in the winter and the Cool Blue Ridge in summer… plus this autumn our Multi Currency Investing Course will be in Montreal, Canada.


Montreal Skyline in autumn.

Join Merri and me for all the courses and seminars that we’ll conduct to help you gain positive solutions to your economic, financial and lifestyle concerns.

Here are the courses we will conduct in 2014 and early 2015.

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Visit our Blue Ridge farm.

Welcome to Little Horse Creek… where it is…


always quiet and cell phones do not work.


In times that so many perceive as tumultuous, inspiration becomes even more valuable and important in business.  The news on the internet, in the papers and on TV are so filled with negativity that it can be catching. In such eras, those who see positive realities gain an extra edge.

You own small business can help you enjoy a lifestyle of freedom…such as Merri and I have.

Our international micro business allows us to live part time at our remote North Carolina farm on Little Horse Creek.

Here is the creek…


deep in the forest…


isolated and with many waterfalls.


The creek becomes a bit swollen in the spring time. Changing from this to…


this!    The creek starts on our land… fed by dozens of pure water springs. It feeds the pond below our main house and…


fills our…


deep woods…


Japanese soaking tub that is heated with a wood burning stove and refilled after each soak… so the water never requires chemicals but is always clean.

The creek provides some great trout meals also. Here is a brookie our daughter Eleanor caught.


The water refreshes in summer. Here is…


our son Jake soaking in one of the pools on a hot summer day.

We have a…




forest office where…


we can feed everyone on the deck looking over the waters.


In winter our meandering stream becomes part of the wonderland.

This beauty and solitude provide many positive inspirations. There is plenty of space to hike. We have put in over…


eight miles of road (the blue lines).  Each leads…


to a place… like our…


isolated glen labyrinth which has a great…


view.  Vistas are…


everywhere. The paths themselves are…


places of…


Blue ridge mystery leading to beauty… year round… summer green, gold in autumn. They are white powder in winter and…


lead to flaming wild azaleas in spring.


We grow bold sunflowers and a lot of our own vegetables in the summer.


and have…


farm fresh…



Here is my office and…


my sunrise view on…


crisp mountain morns.


In the summer we get to watch the horses being…



We invite delegates at our North Carolina courses to come up for an afternoon tea to…


our house. The horses like to visit also.

Merri gets busy in our teaching kitchen…


and cooks up the treats when…


we have seminars.

A few people come stay with us in our…


seven cabins and farmhouses for guests. This is Blackberry…


Cabin.  All have feather top mattresses and high thread count…


sheets and mountain made quilts and Pendleton wool blankets for cool nights.

The blackberry has a great porch and…


rocking chairs for idle afternoons.  The Trout Cabin…


is next door. With a…


big porch for Bar B Qs plus a king…


size bed.

The Johnny Appleseed Farm House sleeps up to 7 and the Wildflower Cabin is here as well.


We converted this…


falling down tobacco shed into a great Guest Barn… with all amenities including a pillow top king size bed. This is very comfortable.

However if you are not into comfort we have a primitive cabin…


deep in the woods… cold water and a pot bellied stove for heat and cooking… but still a great pillow top king size bed.

Here is Thomas Fischer of Copenhagen’s Jyske Bank speaking at our seminar with roses we imported from Ecuador in the background.


This is why Merri and I like having our own international micro  business. North Carolina farm… Danish bankers… Ecuador flowers!  The best of every world.

This gives us the freedom to live part time in the North Carolina mountains but also part time in Ecuador… and part time in Florida…  yet still earn income.

I can do shamanic exercises  when our son visits us in North Carolina even in the winter.


Or swim in this, a warm Pacific current, about 45 seconds stroll from our Ecuador beach penthouse.


Here I am chasing our horses past the primitive cabin during a snow storm.


But when it gets too cold, I can ride in Ecuador instead. Here my friend, Joe Cox, and I enjoy winter views of Cotacachi below.


Merri and I can walk in this…the entrance to our Farm in January.


Or we can hike around Lake Quicocha, a sacred Andean lake near our Inn Land of the Sun (formerly Meson de las Flores).


Of course this message is not really about weather… North Carolina… Florida or Ecuador.

This message is about the benefits of having a business that provides freedom and allows you to live and work wherever you find inspiration.

Get away from the gray humdrum… go where your horizons expand.

Inspiration is everywhere. Seek it. There has never been a better time for a micro business and an upbeat outlook on life.

One kind reader sent me two coffee mugs recently, enamel bumper stickers if you like, that said “Ille Gitimati Noli Carborundum.”

The translation is “Don’t let those who are illegitimate wear you down”.

Look for inspiration in your passions.  They may lead you to strange places… in the minds of the humdrum herds.  Yet success is waiting for you in the nooks and crannies where others do not go.


If you want extra income, adventure and fulfillment in your life…consider a international micro business.

Our emailed course on having an international micro business may help you do this. Click here to learn more.

An October 22, 2008 New York Times article entitled, Inspiration Can Be Found in Many Places, but You Need to Be Looking By MICKEY MEECE says:

“Successful inventors, entrepreneurs and writers say they are often asked where their big ideas came from.

They will acknowledge that serendipity often plays a role. But equally as important, they say, is having an open mind — especially in tumultuous times like these. Big and small ideas are out there, they say, if you are looking for them.

Consider the experience of Lopa Mehrotra, who was studying to be a political scientist. One hot summer day, she said, she was watching her 6-year-old daughter outside playing.

“Look,” her daughter said, as she scraped two gray rocks on stone and watched them turn white. “It’s magic.”

“I said, ‘Actually, it’s science,’ ” Ms. Mehrotra said recently, explaining how that moment inspired her to create TestToob.com, a social networking site that allows students to showcase scientific experiments.

Jacques Heim, who founded Diavolo Dance Theater, was in Aspen with his dance company, using an elementary classroom as a dressing room. Naturally, it was full of toys, he recalled. He saw a box of blocks, including three in particular that caught his interest: identical five-sided pyramids that created a cube. “I was inspired by the geometry behind it,” he said, “and played with it for months.”

Ultimately those cubes led to a performance piece called “Foreign Bodies,” set to music by Esa-Pekka Salonen, music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Members of Diavolo, based in Los Angeles — gymnasts, actors and dancers — use everyday objects, like doors, stairs and chairs for dramatic movement, as well as the three mobile pyramids for “Foreign Bodies.”

“I believe if you have the child inside you and you walk down the streets, things happen to you,” he said. “Intuition. That’s how I operate.”

Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, a physics professor, said she got her idea when she was changing the channels one day and happened upon a Nascar race. Without warning, she recalled, one of the cars hit an outside wall. None of the cars had bumped, she said, and there were no engine failures or flat tires. So what happened?

It was not idle curiosity. To solve the problem, she immersed herself in racing by spending time with pit crews, crew chiefs, mechanics and drivers, and eventually wrote, “The Physics of Nascar.” The book traces a race car from its design to its race to the finish line.

Sometimes, Ms. Leslie-Pelecky said, she finds herself on the track and thinks, “How did I get here?” It is because of her “pit bull gene,” she decided. “When you get to a problem, you don’t let go until you solve it.”

Our mission is to make sure that our International Business and Investing courses in Ecuador and North Carolina inspire.

Lifestyle Control

Freedom is having control over your lifestyle.


You can see the direct reply to this reader’s question if you click here.

However a more important side note below may help you make investing and business decisions about your lifestyle.

First let me state that there are five really important reasons (to Merri and me) why we are spending more time in the US now than in some previous years.

First, my mom (now going on 90) and our…


granddaughters Teeka and…


her older sister Sequoia who is busy here working in the greenhouse




Garren, our grandson, here helping us (ahem) on the farm.  Plus…


trusty Mahananda, our pumpkin patch hound.  She is closing in on 14 and according to Dogworld.com, that’s pretty old for a human.  She is still spry and acts like a kid when she sees a rabbit…  but her sighs when we reach an airport are enough said.   So we no longer fly her… and she does not like kennels so we hire someone to stay at home with her when we are away.   (Sorry, only dog lovers will understand.)

These reasons get to the crux of matching one’s daily situation to one’s investing and business activity.

The reader’s comments above started me thinking about this important point that relates to matching lifestyles with business and investing.   On our recent visit to Oregon…   as we left Portland Union Station heading…


heading for Seattle to


visit friends and to have health exams… the trains intensified the importance of the lifestyle wealth match.

That train trip started me thinking about Warren Buffet and his purchase of  Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.

When Buffet made the purchase there was a lot of criticism.   Morningstar Inc., the Chicago research firm, valued Burlington shares at $90, below the Buffet’s price of $100.  Buffett could have purchased Burlington’s stock at its low for about $67 a share.

Buffet’s comments on this criticism pointed out the importance of matching lifestyle with investments when he said that “$100 was his first and best offer. You do what you can when you can,” he said.

Buffet clarified this importance of fitting investments to one’s situation in an interview with Charlie Rose. An excerpt from the transcript is below.  The bold is mine.

CHARLIE ROSE: Reasonable return is good enough?

WARREN BUFFETT:  Reasonable return is good enough, Charlie. I mean, 50 years ago, I was looking for spectacular returns, but I can’t— I can’t get them. We have— we have eight or $10 billion to invest every year. And we’re in the utility business, and it’s the same thing there. When we build electric generation or something of the sort, we shouldn’t expect a spectacular return. We’re building things that are essential to society, and people need our services. They really don’t have any choice in the case of the electric utilities, for example, and sometimes in case of rail. And we should get a decent return on that. Enough to encourage us to keep putting money into the business, but we’re not entitled to spectacular returns.

There you have it.  25 years ago when Buffet was young and investing reasonably smaller amounts, he could look for bargains. With eight to $10 billion to invest his lifestyle dictates reasonable … not spectacular returns.

Buffet is matching his investing and his business to his unique circumstances. He is not getting the cart before the horse. I doubt that you’ll see Buffet altering his beliefs… his actions…. his organization… to try and get spectacular returns from his multi billions of investments. He instead is matching his investing to his lifestyle.   That’s good for his quantum wealth balance.

That train trip perhaps also helped me understand buffet’s investment as well.  There is something solid about trains…  a solid link from the past to now… a solid bedrock of communication less fraught with the risks that are associated with air travel.

The industrial revolution went into high speed when America embraced the train.  Maybe railroads will again advance America in some new revolutionary way. I am for it!  Whenever there is a logical alternative… I remain grounded these days and you’ll find me traveling by train.


P.S. I spotted two other important comments, about investing and business balance, in my research on Buffet’s railway purchase.

First, important comment about investing and business balance:

Billionaire Warren Buffett is showcasing his company’s recent acquisition of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad at the start of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting.

Buffett did a series of interviews before a cardboard BNSF locomotive Saturday morning, played with a model BNSF train and performed a version of “I’ll Be Working on the Railroad” before the meeting.

Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger will spend more than five hours answering questions from roughly 40,000 people.

Buffett says he believes BNSF is a big, solid business that will deliver good returns over the long-term. Berkshire spent $26.7 billion on the railroad earlier this year.

Buffett played his ukulele with the Quebe Sisters Band at the Justin Boots booth before heading backstage.

The point is that Buffet uses music to help maintain balance.  My experience is that many really successful business people use some artistic form to help connect their right and left brains… so they have whole, long term thinking that keeps them in tune with our universe that is beyond logic.


I certainly try this which is why I love to play music and paint.

Imagine the benefits railroads may gain from the Icelandic volcano.  Yet… there is no way that Buffet could have logically known about this new risk to travel when he bought the railroad.

Another comment in Buffet’s interview was: Without becoming too insipidly philosophical here, let me quickly add this. Blaise Pascal once said: “Most of men’s problems arise from their inability to sit quietly and alone”.

This is why our quantum wealth courses feature how to use music and meditation to reduce stress and increase intelligence.

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2014 – 2015 Schedule

Schedule 2014-2015  Seminars and Courses

Mt. Dora Photo

Delegates enjoy taking breaks at our winter courses in Mount Dora.

jefferson Landing

We conduct our summer camps at Jefferson Landing in West Jefferson North Carolina.

Join us in balmy Central Florida in the winter and the Cool Blue Ridge in summer… plus this autumn our Multi Currency Investing Course will be in Montreal, Canada.


Montreal Skyline in autumn.

Join Merri and me for all the courses and seminars that we’ll conduct to help you gain positive solutions to your economic, financial and lifestyle concerns.

Here are the courses we will conduct in 2014 and early 2015.

October 10-11-12 International Investing & Business Seminar, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. )$799 or $999 for couple)   See details here.

November 14-15-16 Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, Mt. Dora, Fl. ($799-$999)

January  16-17-18,  2015 Super Thinking + Spanish, Mt. Dora, Fl. ($699-$899)

February 13-14-15,  2015  Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, Mt. Dora, Fl. (normally $799-$999 for a couple).

New Occupations Reduce Stress

New occupations can reduce stress.


Spas are a great way to…


reduce stress. Jean Marie Butterlin who conducts our Ecuador Super Spanish… and Shamanic programs is visiting many spas with his wife,


Pascale. Here they are at a spa in Puyo, Ecuador. A report on Ecuador spas comes soon.  Jean Marie and his family left a much more stressful life and careers in France and Spain and now live in Ecuador, researching, writing and discovering their new path.  He is centering now on finding business opportunities all over Ecuador.

Reducing stress is important. In 42 years of advising readers on global investing and business… my experience is that that most losses and most opportunities missed are due to bad decisions… not lack of information.  Stress leads to bad decisions.

A science daily article entitled Stress Hinders Rats’ Decision-Making Abilities shows how much the effect may be. Here is an excerpt.

ScienceDaily (Nov. 21, 2008) — A little bit of stress goes a long way and can have far-reaching effects. Neuroscientists from the University of Washington have found that a single exposure to uncontrollable stress impairs decision making in rats for several days, making them unable to reliably seek out the larger of two rewards.

We do not have to live on a rat race of stress either.

Another article on May 18, 2010 entitled “Daily stress and worry plummet after age 50″ in USA Today By Sharon Jayson gives us a clue.

An excerpt says:  After 50, daily stress and worry take a dive and daily happiness increases, according to an analysis of more than 340,000 adults questioned about the emotions they experienced “yesterday.”

The research, published online today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that young adults experience more negative emotions more frequently than those who are older. Negative emotions, such as stress and anger, are similar in that they consistently decline with age, but worry holds steady until around 50, when it sharply drops, the study shows.

There are many ways to reduce stress.

Stress Buster #1: Exercise. Here is an excerpt from the Mayo Clinic article “Exercise: Rev up your routine to reduce stress”
Physical activity — whether it’s a relaxing walk, bicycle racing or meditative tai chi — helps relieve stress.  By Mayo Clinic staff
By now, you should know that exercise does your body good. But did you also know that virtually any form of exercise can decrease the production of stress hormones and counteract your body’s natural stress response? It’s true. The same regular exercise routine that helps prevent disease and builds muscle can also help you better manage stress.

Stress Buster #2: Listen to Baroque Music. One chapter in a study at Weber University in Utah entitled “Stress and the Environment” says: The Effects of Music.  Even though the term music therapy is fairly new, the practice of using music to heal can be traced back to antiquity. The healing power of music therapy is even recorded in the Bible: “And whenever the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, David took the lyre and played it with his hand; so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him.” (1 Samuel, 16:23).

Another interesting example, in our earlier history is written about the Russian Envoy Count Kayserling. The Count suffered with miserable insomnia. To deal with the problem, he asked Johann Goldberg, a local musician to play for him at night. Goldberg seized his harpsichord and played a piece of music written especially for the Count by Johann Sebastian Bach. The Count had informed Bach about his terrible problems with sleeplessness. He asked Bach to compose some music that might help him relax and get to sleep.

Soon Goldberg was playing the music that Bach had composed for the Count’s problem every time the count was having one of his sleepless nights. The Count had Goldberg installed in a room nearby ready to play at the Count’s beckon call. The Count was so happy with the positive effects of this music that he gave Bach a lavish gift of gold. We know this relaxing composition by Bach today as the Goldberg Variations.

Music therapy has been used throughout history as a way of coping with difficult situations. One such example is that of the people who were forced into Auschwitz, a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. People being separated from family and friends, being forced into slave labor, watching many people around them executed and waiting for their turn to die created an extremely stressful situation. The people in these camps seemed to have little to live for, yet many remained strong, and endured the trial. When asked what kept them going many would respond that music was one source of strength. It seemed to bind the prisoners together. There is a story of a group that was in the changing room for the gas chamber, and they were heard singing the Czechoslovakian national anthem and then a Hebrew song, “Hatikvah,” as a way to give each other strength for what was ahead of them. Music was a way for them to find peace, even in war and death.

Don Campbell, teacher and researcher in the fields of music, sound, health, and learning and founder and former director of the Institute for Music, Health, and Education in Boulder, Colorado writes of others throughout history who have shown evidence of the importance and power of music:

•    Early Greeks thought there was a clear connection between music and mathematics. Over the entrance to Plato’s Academy at Athens there was an inscription that could be translated: “No one may enter who does not know earth’s rhythm.” . . . in the belief that what held all things together was music.

•    Hindus believe there is a seed sound at the heart of creation, the Nada Braham, the tone from which God made the world, “which continues to sound at the bottom of creation, and which sounds through everything.”

•    A passage in the Tibetan Book of the Dead describes the essence of reality as “reverberating like a thousand distant thunders.”

•    Pythagoras asserted in the fifth century B.C. that, “There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacings of the spheres.”

•    Plotinus: “All music, based upon melody and rhythm, is the earthly representative of heavenly music.”

•    Lao-tzu spoke of the Great Tone that is “the tone that goes beyond all unusual imagination.”

•    Ancient writings are filled with testimonies to music’s power to perform miracles of healing or transformation, whether in ancient Greece or Rome, in the Bible, or other ancient texts.

•    Rumi, thirteenth century Islamic master, wrote: 
We have heard these melodies in Paradise; 
But while we are thus shrouded by gross earthly veils, 
How can the tones of the dancing spheres reach us?”

•    To get in touch with music that allows access to the unconscious and inner depths, one must listen to the masterpieces of baroque, classical, romantic and impressionist composers who have encoded many of their works with messages of divine inspiration and unity. Great compositions offer those who listen, keys to personal transformation and the understanding of wholeness.

David Tame, another musicologist, spoke of music in his book the Secret Power of Music in these ways:  To the question, “Does music affect man’s physical body?” modern research replies in the clear affirmative. There is scarcely a single function of the body that cannot be affected by musical tones. The roots of the auditory nerves are more widely distributed and possess more extensive connections than those of any other nerves in the body. Investigation has shown that music affects digestion, internal secretions, circulation, nutrition and respiration. Even the neural networks of the brain have been found to be sensitive to harmonic principles.

Music affects the body in two distinct ways: directly, as the effect of sound upon the cells and organs, and indirectly, by affecting the emotions, which then in turn influence numerous bodily processes.

Stress Buster #3: Do what you love: Yet it turns out that part of the reason that those over 50 have reduced stress is they become more willing to take on new occupations.  To see more on why this is important click here.

This is one reason we have a special offer for five more days on our courses that can help you create your own micro businesses.


Learn how our quantum wealth sessions in North Carolina can help reduce stress.

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2014 – 2015 Schedule

Schedule 2014-2015  Seminars and Courses

Mt. Dora Photo

Delegates enjoy taking breaks at our winter courses in Mount Dora.

jefferson Landing

We conduct our summer camps at Jefferson Landing in West Jefferson North Carolina.

Join us in balmy Central Florida in the winter and the Cool Blue Ridge in summer… plus this autumn our Multi Currency Investing Course will be in Montreal, Canada.


Montreal Skyline in autumn.

Join Merri and me for all the courses and seminars that we’ll conduct to help you gain positive solutions to your economic, financial and lifestyle concerns.

Here are the courses we will conduct in 2014 and early 2015.

October 10-11-12 International Investing & Business Seminar, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. )$799 or $999 for couple)   See details here.

November 14-15-16 Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, Mt. Dora, Fl. ($799-$999)

January  16-17-18,  2015 Super Thinking + Spanish, Mt. Dora, Fl. ($699-$899)

February 13-14-15,  2015  Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, Mt. Dora, Fl. (normally $799-$999 for a couple).

Stress Hinders Rats’ Decision-Making Abilities

Daily stress and worry plummet after age 50

Exercise: Rev up your routine to reduce stress

Stress and the Environment

International Micro Business Income Idea

Learn how unique knowledge you have can create international micro business income and everlasting wealth for you.

Merri and I are preparing for two quick trips across the Atlantic.  The first to celebrate a Cotswold wedding of our daughter Eleanor to Ben Marsden…  way to go Ben & Ele!

Here is a shot of the happy couple at our Blue Ridge farm.


The second trip will be to Copenhagen where I’ll speak at Jyske Bank’s bi-annual seminar.  This is always a really education event. I’ll give you details on how to join Merri and me in Copenhagen below.


Copenhagen is my favorite European city.  See some great shots of Copenhagen at www.perroloco.net

Thinking about Atlantic flights reminded me of  a special business knowledge that can bring us continual fortunes.   This is an asset that we often don’t even know we possess.   Even if we know it, we sometimes don’t know how to unlock it.

Learn how to create everlasting wealth in three true stories below.

Thin sheets of salmon and golden orange slice the inky blackness on the horizon. The jet turns right and slightly rolls. Land appears. Ireland. Passengers awake to coffee smells and the bustle of a morning meal.

Having lived in Britain for eleven years and educated three kids there, Merri and I have crossed the pond so many times, I cannot count. Yet flying into Heathrow always gives me a special thrill. The plane glides over never ending rows of homes and I am always reminded of an amazing story about untapped inner  knowledge and how it can make you rich.

I call the knowledge untapped because knowledge is just a thought, an electrical impulse we cannot touch, cannot see, taste, smell, hear or feel…  just like a vein of gold buried deep beneath the surface.

Yet there is a unique knowing that we all possess. This IN formation is so real and powerful it can change our financial future forever and can even alter the world.  This information is infinitely powerful and different within each of us, so  I call it a “unique sacred view.”

This true story is about a man who was in the greenhouse business.

He raised and sold flowers and made enough money to take a holiday in London.

As the jet lowered itself towards Heathrow he saw the myriads of houses stretching out of view, the streets, the tiny back yards, the roofs and chimneys. He thought it looked like a miniature wonderland from his high altitude view. This man’s unique, sacred knowledge gave him a different view so he did not see chimney pots sitting on the roofs of the roofs below. Being in the flower business, he saw flower pots below.

Sacred inner knowledge is a different view of a common thing. Because chimney pots are a common and necessary commodity on every house, their price is low. Flower pots on the other hand are discretionary items people are willing to pay a great deal for.

This man’s unique sacred view created an idea. He bought hundreds of chimney pots for a few dollars apiece in London, shipped them back to the U.S. and sold them as flower pots for hundreds of dollars. He made a fortune.

I share numerous such stories because I see them every day while working with my delegates at our Quantum Wealth – International Business & Investing Made EZ course.

In the second story, when we were conducting Quantum Wealth in Ecuador, one our course delegates visited the Ecuadorian village of Calderon. The craftsmen there specialize in manufacturing masapan, bread dough figures that come in every shape and size. This pasty material is made into flowers, dolls, chess pieces, statues, figurines and so much more. If you can name it, the craftsmen can make it out of this flour dough material which dries rock hard. They make them into bracelets, necklaces, pins, refrigerator magnets, earrings as well. Prices are low and this delegate had unique sacred knowledge about hotels (this was his business).


Masapan fridge magnets.

This knowledge allowed him to see how masapan flowers could be excellent gifts on his turn down service instead of a piece of chocolate.   He bought a batch and gave it a try. They were wildly successful. Everybody loved them so he started selling them to other hotels. He paid between seven and twenty five cents for each piece and sold them for a dollar up to $1.95, making as much as 2,800% on his money in a month!


Masapan fruit.

And his business grew.


So much can be made from masapan… jewelry… toys… figurines… nativity sets… flowers.  The list goes on and on.

The third example of this true story is of another Quantum Wealth delegate, a woman who worked at a self defense training center for women. She came to the course in Ecuador and while shopping in Otavalo (the largest Indian market in South America) saw clay whistles molded into decorative form selling for 33 cents apiece. These whistles were made in the forms of dogs, fish, turtles, etc. Her unique sacred business knowledge saw something other than clay figurine whistles. She saw decorative security whistles that women could wear for safety and make a fashion statement at the same time. She bought over hundreds (at 30 cents a piece) on her first trip and sold them at the center for $15.95 each, making over 5,300% return on her investment!

Everyone can gain everlasting wealth when they recognize their own unique knowledge that is sacred as well.

The sum of your life has created some tiny impulse within you that when unlocked can create almost unbelievable profits. Unlocking this secret knowledge begins when you recognize it, broaden your horizons and look.

Unique sacred knowledge usually works best when something old you know matches up with something you see that is new.

You get an aha where the total is more than the sum of the parts. This is why I call the knowledge sacred because the profit comes from an invisible sacred place.

Global travel stimulates unique sacred knowledge because every culture lives differently from all others… in many, tiny ways.  Sacred knowledge is unleashed when you observe how others live, what things cost and how another society works differently.  This observation allows you to spot distortions and create everlasting wealth.

Knowledge you already have can create wonderful flows of  income.   The sacredness is that this information is infinite.  We never run out of thoughts and ideas… they are a gift that we all have within.  When we open our awareness and blend ideas we gain from broadened horizons… magic takes place… sacred gifts that an bring everlasting wealth.

Merri and I hope we can help you spot your unique sacred knowledge for income… fun… fulfillment and service.


How We Can Serve You

2014 – 2015 Schedule

Schedule 2014-2015  Seminars and Courses

Mt. Dora Photo

Delegates enjoy taking breaks at our winter courses in Mount Dora.

jefferson Landing

We conduct our summer camps at Jefferson Landing in West Jefferson North Carolina.

Join us in balmy Central Florida in the winter and the Cool Blue Ridge in summer… plus this autumn our Multi Currency Investing Course will be in Montreal, Canada.


Montreal Skyline in autumn.

Join Merri and me for all the courses and seminars that we’ll conduct to help you gain positive solutions to your economic, financial and lifestyle concerns.

Here are the courses we will conduct in 2014 and early 2015.

October 10-11-12 International Investing & Business Seminar, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. )$799 or $999 for couple)   See details here.

November 14-15-16 Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, Mt. Dora, Fl. ($799-$999)

January  16-17-18,  2015 Super Thinking + Spanish, Mt. Dora, Fl. ($699-$899)

February 13-14-15,  2015  Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, Mt. Dora, Fl. (normally $799-$999 for a couple).


Get an invitation to attend Jyske Bank’s Global Wealth seminar here.

Music and Earthly Vibrations

Music is one way we process data beyond logic.  This fact can help improve our health and wealth in numerous ways.

Our recent message The Power in Sound looked at how music creates order from chaos.  As it does so, it also helps reduce chaos in the mind and enhances mental order and increases awareness.  As in Music – So in Life!

The Power of Sound message looked at scientific studies of the sound OM… a universal sound.

Two articles in Wired magazine shows that scientists are also studying our worldly sound.

Here is an excerpt from the Wired article “Things That Make the Earth Go Hm” by Stephen Leahy.


Photo from Wired article “Things That Make the Earth Go Hm”

The article says: The Earth hums. Although inaudible to human ears, powerful ocean waves produce a quasi-harmonic humming sound in the ground that can be detected just about anywhere with seismometers.

Long dismissed as “background noise” by seismologists, a new look at this constant hum is opening a window on ocean activity, providing insight into the Earth’s structure that may one day be used to give advance warning of earthquakes.

Microseismic data readings from a few locations allow scientists to triangulate the location of individual storms in the middle of the Pacific or Atlantic. Some researchers hope they can use the phenomena to assess the strengths of El Niño  conditions in the Pacific when little or no direct ocean data is available.

Collectively, these ocean microseisms have an annual cumulative seismic energy comparable to that generated from earthquakes, said Kedar. All that constant low-level energy has another use: detecting changes in the Earth itself.

To understand what’s going on deep in the Earth requires seismic data. Until now, only the occasional tremors from earthquakes and big explosions generated such data. Nor were seismometers designed to detect low-frequency tremors or vibrations.

“Newer digital broadband seismometers can detect the ocean microseisms,” said Rob Clayton, a geophysicist at the California Institute of Technology Seismological Laboratory.

A constant flow of seismic data from a region over a long period of time allows the detection of very subtle changes in the Earth, said Clayton. “I think we will be able to monitor a lot of things this way.”

Using data from 155 digital broadband seismometers, Clayton said they should be able to detect the seasonal cycle of the filling and pumping out of aquifers in the Los Angeles Basin. That may prove useful in monitoring groundwater levels one day.

But by far the biggest application is in learning more about earthquakes and as a possible early-warning tool. The constant stream of data from ocean microseisms may allow seismologists to detect small vibrations deep within the Earth itself.

Music and sound magnetizes mankind within and without.  Music aligns brain frequencies with natural rhythms so the brain processes more accurately or erroneously (depending on the music).  At the same time this alignment affects all who hear it and molds social behavior patterns in cultural conformity.

The study of sound can help us in many ways… to spot earthquakes… to predict weather… even to see what will happens to stock market prices.  Observing music is like watching hemlines.  The hemline theory says that the hemline goes up on women’s skirts, the stock market goes up as well.

As music becomes more discordantso too the market.

One wealth building trick is to observe what is happening to music!

Why not? Music is a reflection of society and music is all about frequency. For example we can look at the music of a society and immediately learn a lot about the society. Even better we can look at the music of the youth in a society and start to draw conclusions about how they will be…in the future.

Music has a profound impact on how a society acts. Or maybe how a society acts has a profound impact on its music. More likely it’s a bit of both. Society is the person…music the mirror.  Watching the mirror has an impact.


Andeans, for example, have sweet energetic music and…


sweet energetic people.

So if we watch music and how it changes we can glimpse  how this music affects our youth (who are our future).

If you are my age you may remember your high school music teacher or your folks calling Rock and Roll, “rotten roll”? They preferred Glen Miller and the twenties bands.

We of the Golden Oldies era may dislike Rap or Heavy Metal. That’s music doing its job.

Our music fought the Johnson Administration when the kids rallied for peace. Our children’s music will probably fight us now that we are the guys with mortgages and pensions trying to have some stability and peace.  We may not like the turmoil, but it is this struggle that helps us grow.

Watch music. It will help you understand how various generations will think and act.

Marketeers depend on the power of music to mold cultures. This is such a powerful truth that there is a psychological (or marketing) name for the impact of music on young people, called “Cohort Synchronization”. Cohort Synchronization says that we as age groups are affected for life by what happens to us at around the age of 18. For example Jonesers (people born 1952-1956) think differently than boomers, (born in 1946 through 1952). Boomers were promised the world and we got it. Jonesers were promised the world but came onto the job market during a recession caused by the oil crisis. Thus Jonesers have always been more conservative, price conscious buyers than Boomers until recently. Suddenly as they approach the age of 50, they can see that life is passing them by and they had better get while they still can.

Cohort synchronization also works with music. Music that was popular when we were about age 18 maintains high emotional impact. This music has a profound impact on the way we think and act our entire lives!

Retail businesses especially use cohort synchronization to choose music for their stores that will have a positive uplifting impact on their targeted buyers. If a retail outlet is trying to appeal to me, it might play music of singers such as Tommy Sands, Johnny Tillotson, Bobby Vee, the Shirelles, Brian Hyland…all music of the early 60s. Yet if they are aiming for my sister (born seven years later), a Joneser, they would do better with Funk bands like Parliament-Funkadelic, The Meters, War, The Commodores and Earth, Wind and Fire.

So to see the future better listen to the music…not just yours but that of each upcoming generation.

This wealth building trick…to observe music to understand a society is nothing new.

As in Music – So in Life! Emperors in China understood this.   According to David Tame’s book  “The Secret Power of Music” Each year in the second month Emperor Shun could be found journeying eastward to check upon his Kingdom and to assure that everything was in order in the vast land. Yet he did not do so by auditing the account books of the different regions.  Neither by observing the state of life of the populace, or by receiving petitions from them. Nor by interviewing the regional officials in authority.    According to the ancient Chinese text “Shu King” the emperor Shun went about the different territories and test the exact pitches of their note of music.

Tame goes on to say that when the Emperor wanted to measure the efficiency of his central government he listened to and checked the five note of the Chinese musical scale.

Tame says: He had the eight kinds of Chinese musical instruments brought before him and played by musicians. Then he listened to the local folk songs and the tunes which were sung in the court itself, checking that all this music was in perfect correspondence with the five tones.

According the the basic philosophy of the ancient Chinese music was the basis of everything.  In particular they believed that all civilizations are shaped and moulded according to the kinds of music performed within them.  Was a civilizations music wistful and romantic?  then the people themselves would be wistful and romantic.  Was it strong and military? Then the nation’s neighbours had better beware.

They believed that to change the type of music a nation listened to would change the nation.

See some photos from Jean Marie Butterlin, who conducts our Ecuador shamanic tours, from our recent tour that show the connection between healing and music.


Jean Marie Butterlin.

The photos showed the relationship between frequency and…


sound.  Here is Clemencia, Shamana of Zuleta conductng a ceremony on the tour and using the frequency of color and vegetable rattles.

On another segment of the shamanic tour the group visited the crater lake Quicocha and as they headed out to a sacred shore on the lake  for a ceremony… the Taita Yatchak used…


pan pipe music. He played for the group.


He used pan pipe music in the purification ceremonies. See pictures of this ceremony and take a musical emotional test at our Ecuador Living report The Power of Andean Music.

We will review how to use music to be healthier and wealthier at our upcoming Quantum Wealth course in North Carolina.


How We Can Serve You

2014 – 2015 Schedule

Schedule 2014-2015  Seminars and Courses

Mt. Dora Photo

Delegates enjoy taking breaks at our winter courses in Mount Dora.

jefferson Landing

We conduct our summer camps at Jefferson Landing in West Jefferson North Carolina.

Join us in balmy Central Florida in the winter and the Cool Blue Ridge in summer… plus this autumn our Multi Currency Investing Course will be in Montreal, Canada.


Montreal Skyline in autumn.

Join Merri and me for all the courses and seminars that we’ll conduct to help you gain positive solutions to your economic, financial and lifestyle concerns.

Here are the courses we will conduct in 2014 and early 2015.

October 10-11-12 International Investing & Business Seminar, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. )$799 or $999 for couple)   See details here.

November 14-15-16 Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, Mt. Dora, Fl. ($799-$999)

January  16-17-18,  2015 Super Thinking + Spanish, Mt. Dora, Fl. ($699-$899)

February 13-14-15,  2015  Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, Mt. Dora, Fl. (normally $799-$999 for a couple).

Read Wired Articles Things That Make the Earth Go Hm

Scientists Track Down Source of Earth’s Hum

Global Lifestyle Question

A reader recently sent me this global lifestyle question.

Gary,  I am interested in the Cotacachi Condo building.  If it is still available, the rental income looks attractive. Does it have a long rental history, and do you currently have a manager for the building? Sounds like you don’t like being a landlord, may I ask why?

I’m a fluent Spanish speaker (lived in Madrid 3 years) and thinking of investing in South America soon, living there eventually. Your newsletters have been a real inspiration and I’m now working with Jyske Bank.


Here is the building with a central location and this…



See a Ecuador coastal duplex where you can enjoy an Ecuador beach lifestyle and an income here.

My reply to the reader’s question above may help you learn how to have a fulfilling global lifestyle.

I receive numerous questions about where I live and why and have written about this often.

You can see some of the reasons why we live were we do at
Ecuador DiversifiedTriple Protection and Ecuador Florida.

See how this type of global lifestyle adds tax benefits at Tax Angles & Quantum Wealth.

Merri and I have a deep philosophy about freedom that also impacts what we do. See more on this at
International Investments & Freedom.

Plus we also let our intuition and coincidence help us move in directions we might otherwise miss. See why at Intelligent Protection.

Finally see how we finance and enjoy our global lifestyle at



How We Can Serve You

2014 – 2015 Schedule

Schedule 2014-2015  Seminars and Courses

Mt. Dora Photo

Delegates enjoy taking breaks at our winter courses in Mount Dora.

jefferson Landing

We conduct our summer camps at Jefferson Landing in West Jefferson North Carolina.

Join us in balmy Central Florida in the winter and the Cool Blue Ridge in summer… plus this autumn our Multi Currency Investing Course will be in Montreal, Canada.


Montreal Skyline in autumn.

Join Merri and me for all the courses and seminars that we’ll conduct to help you gain positive solutions to your economic, financial and lifestyle concerns.

Here are the courses we will conduct in 2014 and early 2015.

October 10-11-12 International Investing & Business Seminar, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. )$799 or $999 for couple)   See details here.

November 14-15-16 Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, Mt. Dora, Fl. ($799-$999)

January  16-17-18,  2015 Super Thinking + Spanish, Mt. Dora, Fl. ($699-$899)

February 13-14-15,  2015  Super Thinking Writer’s Camp, Mt. Dora, Fl. (normally $799-$999 for a couple).

Global Lifestyle Anniversary

Each year around the first of May we celebrate the anniversary of a lifestyle change that has led our lifelong global micro business.

My global investing and business began over four decades ago May 2, 1968 in Asia and eventually led me to Europe, Florida, the Blue Ridge and Ecuador.

My background as son of a zoo keeper did not leave me prepared.


Here is a newspaper clipping of my sister Sandra and me feeding a baby lion we kept at home… one of many lions and tigers we raised.

The goal of our websites are to help you prosper from the world’s increased pace of change so let me share over 40 years of ideas that can help you have the lifestyle you desire by looking at important facts that Merri and I have learned about earning via a micro internet business.

I arrived in Hong Kong in the night, the tropical air so soft it was a velvet mist.   Thick evening scents in the fragrant harbor and mellow insects purring in rhythm with the cacophony of the great city!  What a an exotic adventure.

Kai Tak was Hong Kong’s airport then and being American born and bred, I knew nothing about investing aboard.

That was my first airplane trip, first time out of Oregon. Portland to Vancouver, Tokyo to Hong Kong.  I melted in my heavy woolen blazer, was weary and afraid but excited too. An incredible global investing journey had begun… and continues to this day.

Here I was, 21 years old.


Here is the first stamp in that first passport. That stamp you might say was my first international investment.


That first stamp makes a point by the way about how to enter and initially work or invest in a country.  That first stamp was issued May 2, 1968 and allowed me to stay in Hong Kong until June 2, 1968.

I worked in Hong Kong for quite some time on tourist stamps… coming in for a month at a time.   I was developing sales teams in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines at the same time so a month was plenty of time before I exited.


Here is one of my first sales teams… this one in Hong Kong led by John So Kwok Kee (far left – you can guess which one I am).

I built teams from the north in Japan down through Thailand.  One of the salesmen we worked with in Thailand, Brian Tracy, returned later to Canada and has had great success in the sales education field.

Starting a business, investigation or residence with a tourist visa is a pretty good idea. This is usually the easiest, most efficient, practical way to begin so you can be sure what you are doing and how you’ll develop a more permanent stay if you want one.  In many cases… such as mine… a permanent tourist system is simply the easiest and best.

Having a micro internet business is even easier since you can start small, live almost anywhere and still run your business.

I began my business in Hong Kong this way (small) and for years I also lived and worked in England on tourist visas before obtaining my permanent residence there.

A reader recently sent me this note about Ecuador tourist visas.

“Gary, When I was staying at the Hotel, someone mentioned that you do not have a residential visa for Ecuador.  Is this correct?  How do you
spend as much time in the country as you do?”

Here is my rely:

“We have always spent less than six months a year in Ecuador as we do not want to become resident in most of the places we live.  We believe in the six point command posture which you’ll learn about in this handbook. The idea is to separate  your residence from where you earn and where you invest.

Back to Hong Kong.  I began there selling US mutual funds.

When arriving there 41 years ago there is no way I could have known how exciting the next decades would be, how much information, facts, figures, ideas and insights on how to invest globally would be gained. Had I known the mistakes to be made I would probably have run!

Then I moved east again to England and Europe… trying many things.

Thankfully all the trials, tortures and errors were mitigated by much fun and an earnest endeavor to learn.


Here is a newspaper clipping of me  with a business partner in my London office on Artillery Row selling square inches of Graceland. This was before the Elvis estate really became big. This was not really a very good idea I might add.

Later I imported used Rolls Royces and Bentleys from England to the US… a better idea…  but


in retrospect this is not a business I would do again.  We live and learn and this helps our businesses grow.  I might import the deux chevaux instead.


This was described by CAR magazine journalist and author LJK Setright as “the most intelligent application of minimalism ever to succeed as a car”. Imagine how much good we could do in the world if everyone drove a two cylinder 61 miles per gallon car! See more in Lowtech magazine below.

One goal at this site is to share basics of global investing.. micro internet business and living an international life learned over our more than 40 years of experience. Global investing and business have changed so much during this time and is changing even faster now.  I am continually forced to rearrange my thinking strategy and tactics at a faster pace.

For example in the 1980s few of us gave much thought to the gas consumption of a Rolls Royce.   Today the deux chevaux would sell better.

This shift is one reason we began offering health courses at our North Carolina farm.  Here I am with our son, Jake, with one tactic we taught… a morning dip in a cold creek after exercise… yes, that is snow on the banks and no… this idea, not surprisingly, did not sell very well either.  However our natural health focus has grown a lot.


Our food as medicine courses taught by Merri in her teaching kitchen at the farm had better attendance!


For over 15 years we conducted courses in Ecuador and you’ll learn in this handbook why we now integrate them with US and Canadian seminars as well.

Here I am in the meeting room at the Cotacachi museum next to Meson de las Flores on an Ecuador export tour.


This continual evolution has helped Merri and me, our readers and our income continually grow… through good times and bad.

The reason we have survived and progressed amidst never ending update is because we recognize that the stuff that shifts and evolves is important, but the fundamentals remain immutable.  Plus ce change plus ce la meme chose… the more things change, the more they stay the same.

So though our business is totally online now… the basics and our mission statement are still the same… “provide interesting, useful information and contacts that help make people’s lives better as they prosper from change”.

Global investments and businesses are not a panacea, but expanded horizons are.  They help us see further into the future.

Life is a trip and we have an entire globe to enjoy the ride.  Expanding our horizons beyond our local borders can help our visions penetrate the mists of tomorrow so we can adjust to gain opportunity and avoid dangers ahead.

For example global studies of economic markets led me to write on my May 2, 2007 anniversary: “History suggests that this is a time when chances are increased for panic and sudden drops in investment markets. Investors who have proven themselves nervous short term thinkers are highly leveraged, in thin, over purchased markets that are easily sinkable boats treading the dangerous waters of May though October when tradition says the currents will most likely be treacherous and surrounded with lots of storms.”

Then our global view helped us see ahead and write at this site on October 26, 2008,  the week before the Dow dropped below 10,000, “I sent my Multi Currency subscribers a Triple Crunch warning… three signals of caution in equity markets that could cause a market crunch.”

Then in April and May 2010 the week before the Dow dipped again below 10,000 in the worst one day crash ever: I shared three warnings about the US stock market at Jyske Global Asset Management’s (JGAM) Laguna Beach forex seminar, a weekend ago and began slipping these warnings out in messages even before then.  Our April 21 message warned about the risks in May 2010 that start with Seasonality.

Then May 3, 2010 our message had an Economic Cycle Review that showed why equities could be in danger now.

This was just before the storm.


This chart from www.finance.yahoo.com shows how our warnings were just before the worst one day drop n the Dow’s history.

Before I could get the third warning to readers, the bottom fell out of the Dow as this Dow Industrial chart from finance.yahoo.com shows.

This third warning however is still worth sending because as it is said, “you ain’t seen nuttin yet”.  Now I can reach readers faster with Twitter.  Follow my Tweets at garyascott.

Yet in 2009 during that fall I began to encourage readers to look for bargains because the more the market fell… the more I knew it would come back.

I learned this on my first trip abroad 42 years ago in 1968 which was the beginning of a new era for world stock markets. When I arrived in Hong Kong the world of investing had been dominated by Wall Street. That was about to end. 1968 was the year when the Hong Kong Stock Market began to explode upwards along with Tokyo’s market. What a ride!

The Heng Seng Index was then 100 and rose to 18,000. Anyone who steadily committed money to this market then made a fortune.

I can sum up my investment basic investing patterns and the advice I have shared in my newsletters and later my ezine in seven sentences.

#1: 1970s. Invest in real estate, gold, silver Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

#2: 1980s. Invest in real estate, the Tigers, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea as well.

#3: 1990s. Invest in real estate South America (which led me to Ecuador).

#4: 2000s. Invest in real estate, China, India and emerging markets including Ecuador real estate.

#5: Always have an expansive view.

#6: Use stop losses during peaks.

#7: Have an international investment view. Never overextend. Don’t trade too much, just keep looking for and holding good value thematic purpose driven investments.

This philosophy has reaped millions for Merri and me. More important this approach has helped us follow our purpose and feel that we are doing more for the world than just making a buck.

The increased pace of change leaves all of us with a lot to do.

We feel healthier and more energetic then 43 years ago.   Maybe I am not wiser… but I am more experienced and seem in a better position than when I took that first trip to Hong Kong so Merri and I look forward to the next 43 years… and we look forward to sharing them with you!


See surviving shifts

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Balance health with frequency and learn Spanish in four days!

Learn how to earn from Frequency Modulation by teaching Super Thinking.

Learn Spanish in Three Days

Learn Spanish in Three Days

Learn how to speak Spanish in just three days with Super Thinking.

Super Thinking tactics help us absorb… retain and recall information better and faster.  We prove this in our Super Thinking + Spanish course which teaches delegates to communicate on Spanish in just three days.

super spanish

Merri and Pronunciation coach Don Childs teaching Super Spanish.

Here is our 2014-2015, Super Thinking + Spanish schedule.

January  16-17-18,  2015,  Mt. Dora, Fl. (Teachers Gary & Merri Scott)

An M.D. who attended wrote:   We want to thank you plus all the others for making the class such a fun and rewarding experience.   I took Spanish as an undergraduate and lasted two days before dropping the class due to my own anxieties.  Over the years I have tried to learn French, Italian, and Spanish yet again using a variety of methods such as Rosetta Stone, Berlitz etc. and was never successful.  I finally feel like I can be successful at learning to converse at Spanish–in fact already feel successful!  Thanks so much for teaching an old dog some new tricks.  We’re both looking forward to continuing the learning process, having fun doing so, and taking more classes.

See a ten minute video of Gary Scott and Pronunciation coach Don Childs showing how to get started creating Spanish sentences right now.


Click here for FREE Super Spanish video.

Our Super Thinking + Spanish courses are Spanish course that goes way beyond just learning to speak Spanish.

Spanish is the second largest language in the world. Chances are a huge Spanish speaking population lives near you. Yet our language system did not teach us how to communicate with or understand this culture.

Learning Spanish is valuable and important.  Now there is way, to enjoy a long weekend as you learn Spanish at a very affordable price.

Unlock the power of your untapped knowledge.

There are numerous little known, but scientifically proven ways to enhance the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your decision making process for greater wealth, health and happiness. In just three days you can gain almost amazing learning skills.  Plus you become skilled in Spanish as a bonus.

In just three days?

Sound too good to be true?

This is not a gimmick nor a trick. At least three best selling books, Superlearning, the Mozart Effect and Superlearning 2000 have revealed insights about how we can learn and think more powerfully based on systems drawn from the Bulgarian, Dr. Georgi Lozanov.

In 1980 Superlearning sold over two million copies and showed how the Lozanov learning system blended long-tested sciences of yoga with contemporary physiology and psychology so people could learn faster and better.

This book exposed this fact and made the system so popular that Dr. Lozanov was allowed to visit the US from Bulgaria to teach this system to just a very few people so they could pass on this vital information on how to learn and think in a more natural, powerful way so we can enjoy life and enhanced memory more.

Merri was among those few who learned how and is licensed to teach the Lozanov system from this Bulgarian master. She has organized a practical course on how to learn faster and better.

With her modified system, you will learn how to think and learn more powerfully in just three days. To prove how good you will be with this process, you learn Spanish as a side benefit.

The learning system you gain expands on Dr. Lozanov’s original work and offers new insights into tapping human potential, drawing from ancient and modern tactics for quick learning such as subliminal memory, music, nutrition, and productivity.

There are three scientific reasons why this course will change your learning capacity forever (and help you speak Spanish in just four days).

This system uses music to integrate brain waves so the process of absorbing, processing and recalling information is vastly accelerated.  This brings forth the three C’s:  Calm, Clarity and Coherence.

Super Spanish in Canada

Shawn and Suzanne Bandick teach Super Spanish in Mexico and Canada.

Here is one more rave from Shawn and Suzanne’s Mexico course.
super spanish course images

The Super Thinking system works by focusing on the learner first… the data second.  The system “grows the learner” rather than just expands the information.  The explosion of data we must all process everyday means there is too much information to process already.    Let’s view this learning in terms of plumbing to outline what “Growing the Learner”  means.

If you have 4.5 inches of information flowing through a 4 inch learning pipe, the solution is not to add another inch of information.  The answer is to first create a six inch pipe and then an even larger pipe…a never ending expansion of abilities!

You learn how to evoke the power of the senses thus super-charging memory. Ever hear a song from twenty, thirty or forty years past and in a snap know all the words, the tune and remember with who and where your heard it decades ago? Learn how to use ten cycle music to gain almost super human thinking powers.

Dr. Lozanov was totally committed to learning without stress, to enjoy the thrill of relaxed, leisurely learning. These are just two, whole learning, super-thinking tactics you gain at this course.

What is your desire? Do you want to speak Spanish, French, German, Chinese or any language? Would you like to golf better or accomplish more in school? Would you like to easily, quickly zip through projects, chores, reports? Merri’s “Super Thinking” course can help you learn any subject two-to-five times faster, in exciting and innovative ways.

The techniques you gain will help unlock the quantum potential we all possess. This evolutionary program shows how certain types of music can enhance learning and how even altered nutrition can make you a startling 25 percent smarter, how subliminal messages can increase your energy and thinking process, plus much, much more.

Merri’s system follows and builds upon what was taught in the Superlearning, the Mozart Effect and Superlearning 2000 books plus includes techniques and strategies that she has gained in her 42 years of global travel and study with educational masters around the world.

This is a course that shows you how to increase your mental power to better succeed in the 21st century when we can otherwise be overwhelmed by information.

The system you gain is built from old and new sources ranging from yoga to contemporary Russian science, and ultimate zone training already used by many Olympic champions.

“Super Thinking plus Spanish” presents new ways to use music to supercharge your mind. The knowledge you gain about smart food and super nutrition allows you to enhance productivity and creativity.

The tactics you gain enhance your ability to absorb… retain and recall information.

Once these concepts of enhancing your mental powers with music are understood, you will know how to create your own program and build new skills at work in study and play.

Second you gain seventeen, easy to use learning techniques that can help you gain any romantic language in much less time than traditional learning techniques.


Rick Brown will teach next in Toronto.

Here is our 2014-2015, Super Thinking + Spanish schedule.

January  16-17-18,  2015,  Mt. Dora, Fl. (Teachers Gary & Merri Scott)  Single $699  /  Couple $899

Fluency in a language is considered to come when you know 1,200 words. To prove that it is possible to gain this and much more, let me share just one of the 17 tactics Merri taught me that gives you thousands of Spanish words in less than three minutes.

Here are the thousands of Spanish words lesson #1:

All words in Spanish and English that end in ION are almost identical,  just pronounced differently. For example action is accion, education educacion, manipulation, manipulacion, etc.

Now you already literally know hundreds of Spanish nouns. This is just one of seventeen Spanish lessons you gain. The next lesson teaches you how to pronounce each of these nouns. Then you learn in a third lesson almost as many verbs, almost as quickly.

Third, you learn how to avoid conjugating verbs by sticking with the infinitive (far easier than it sounds). This simple lesson leaves you sounding like a Spanish professor (believe me I know as I use this tactic every day when in Ecuador).

There are many other lessons. For example lesson five shows how to sound infinitely polite and yet get almost anything you want in Spanish. Lesson six gives you the valuable connectors and the seventh lesson triples your Spanish capacity with yesterday, now and tomorrow.

By the end of the three day course you will feel quite comfortable speaking Spanish without stress!

A delegate who learned Super Spanish outlined how this course can help you.   After three days, I can speak Spanish in complete sentences. In simple conversations, such as buying groceries or ordering a meal, I can make myself understood. I think that’s incredible!  Although I am far from the competence level of a native speaker, I feel I’ve taken a giant step forward in learning Spanish so that I can experience the people and culture of Ecuador.  The foregoing benefits would have more than justified the time and money I invested in Super Thinking Super Spanish. And learning Spanish was not the most important benefit I got from the course.  In recent years, I’ve rarely relaxed (No wonder I have had high blood pressure!) .   In class, the past three days, I’ve been introduced to the calming effects of Baroque music.  What a blessing! I’m inclined to make this a daily part of my life.   Rob Christi

The Super Spanish helps you start speaking and understanding Spanish right away.  This can help you speak Spanish faster and make your traditional Spanish course easier and more effective. 

A Livescience.com article helps explain why this course works and how delegates are creating Spanish sentences by the first lunch break and can communicate well in Spanish after just three days.   This article by Jeremy Hsu, LiveScience Senior Writer, is entitled “CIA Seeks Anyone, Anyone Who Can Speak 2 Languages”

Four important points in the article are shown in excerpts below with my comments to show what has been wrong with traditional Spanish courses and why the Super Thinking tactic is perfect for this program.

The article says: WASHINGTON, D.C. — Many Americans don’t learn a second or a third language from birth, let alone a language that the CIA or U.S. Foreign Service might want. The situation has forced U.S. government agencies to learn how to cultivate the most talented second-language speakers from among college students with little to no other-language expertise.

“In U.S. education, we don’t develop early bilinguals,” said Catherine Doughty, a language expert at the University of Maryland.

Doughty spoke as part of a panel on Feb. 19 during the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) conference in Washington, D.C. Finding the best.  Government agencies aren’t alone in trying to recruit multilingual speakers; U.S. corporations covet such skills for doing business in the era of globalization.

The article explained how Doughty and her colleagues used tests to train up cognitive processes related to language learning, such as the ability to hold information in the brain while using it for learning.  The tests sought to predict those who can succeed despite everything stacked against them.

The article reviewed changes in the brain.  Lee Osterhout is a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Washington in Seattle.  His lab used electrodes placed on the scalp to measure the electrical activity created by the signals of brain cells. That allowed the researchers to see differences in the brain patterns among language learners and fluent speakers. They found some surprising results.

The article pointed out: Repeated studies of French language students showed that their brains responded differently to real French words compared with fake words after just two weeks of classes, even if the students themselves could not tell such words apart.   

“From knowing nothing to a little bit, [there are] huge changes in the brain,” Osterhout pointed out.”[From] knowing a little to knowing a lot, [it is] much more subtle.”  Another surprise came from studies of Spanish-speaking immigrants, because neither age nor language proficiency seemed to predict how quickly the immigrants picked up English. Instead, the fastest learners showed both the greatest motivation to learn and a willingness to use English at every opportunity despite being bad at it (at first).

MY COMMENT: This is the other reason why Super Thinking plus Spanish works. This three day course gets the delegates speaking and thinking Spanish all the time so they can use and/or think Spanish every day… and communicating even from the beginning. In this way the education grows even when Spanish is not being spoken.

The Super Thinking course first integrates the brain.  Students learn better with relaxed concentration. Then the course teaches them 17 simple lessons so they know 4005 words in Spanish and can use them to create sentences. In this way, you can communicate in just three days.

Travel, accommodations and food are not included.


Yet your Spanish will just be one result from learning how to think better!  You will be able to use your new learning powers in amazing ways.

Here are what delegates wrote about a Super Thinking + Spanish seminar. 

“Hi Gary & Merri, You two are the BEST!!! Your Seminar was fantastic! I am so excited. I had procrastinated fulfilling my continuing education for my Broker’s License and then just before my surgeries, I realized by expiration date isn’t Nov. 12th – it is Sept 12th. Well, as you can see prior to taking your course I had only completed 3 units of the required 45 units. I thought I would take your course and then complete my remaining 42 units over the next 2 weeks. However, I took one class exam on Saturday night, August 27th. I didn’t even take the cellophane off the required Course manuals until after I saw the two of you today less than 5 hours ago! I used your techniques and completed 39 units of continuing education today. I have now completed all 45 units. All of my test scores were in the 90.6-96% range. My course exam information is listed below. I just wanted to let you know how valuable your course was to me. Thanks again!” Suzy Kurinsky

Another wrote:  Thanks for the Spanish course.  This technique is truly a breakthrough in learning.  I believe I learned more Spanish in four days than I learned in four weeks in a previously attended Costa Rica language school.  The Costa Rica school taught a very limited number of memorized words and phrases. Ted.

Another delegate at a Super thinking plus Spanish seminar wrote:  The Super Thinking approach exposed us to a broad variety of works and the technique needed to expand the language.  Again, Thanks for the experience.

One attendee wrote: I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything during the seminar. You guys are indeed a shining example of having a business that truly serves others. And thanks for the extra time spent and good things taught to me personally. I have begun to implement them already and will continue to apply them. And you might be interested that waiting for my flight home I ended up sitting next to a woman from Quito and could understand some of what she said in a cell phone conversation. We talked a little and she said that I should visit Ecuador!  Thank you again for your real graciousness and acceptance! I will also write to Merri and thank her as well. And I wish that I could do something for you two!

Another wrote: Thank you!  We  always look forward to spending time and learning about so many fascinating things. Like Minded people and Vivaldi! What could be better?

Another sent this note: Thank you for the wonderful workshop on Super Learning + Spanish!  I really enjoyed the workshop.

Since I returned home, I have purchased some of the CDs of Baroque music and thought about which specific pieces will work best in different parts of my classes.  I am also reading Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra.  I found your discussion of this book to be very helpful in showing how to balance one’s life.  I have adjusted my daily schedule, and I can already notice a difference in my productivity.

Thank you for sending the file of the 4005 Spanish words.  This will be very helpful in my daily review of Spanish.

Another emailed this: Every day I’m becoming more proficient in Spanish.  As I get ready to do something, I think about how I would say it in Spanish.  Thank you again for a Super Workshop!  With love and blessings,

Another: It certainly was an interesting and intriguing four days for me.  I enjoyed the Spanish but even more so, all the tentacles that extended during those four days that went into so many different directions.

I grew up in a very SQUARE box with loving  and intelligent parents but my world remained within this box, unable to see beyond those walls, as I was never encouraged to “think outside the box”..  Mike has been opening doors and leading me outside this box but because of my upbringing I have not completely embraced or understood what was beyond those doors he opened for me.  As I have gotten older I have become more open to the world outside those doors yet those old tapes continue to play and I have not been able to completely release myself and experience all that can be.

Another shared this: Listening to the two of you during our time together has suddenly got me to thinking, and although some of the ideas still seem foreign to me,  I am at a point in my life now where I can say, “anything is possible” and I am now willing to embrace and allow myself to experience the world of possibility and let it take me in directions I may have in the past resisted.  I really don’t know where all this is going to lead me but I am now willing to explore, develop and grow.

I found all the information you offered on healing, realigning the body, nutrition, etc. so fascinating, have you ever thought about doing a course on just that?  With the aging population and the health care issues I think it would be not only an interesting course but one that would be very beneficial to so many.  I, personally, would love to learn more about what you talked about and plan on purchasing the book, “Body Renewal, the Lost Art of Self Healing” for my Kindle.

Thank you again for a wonderful four days!!

Another:  We had fun at Disney World on Monday and sat beside several Personnes Espaniol.  We could understand them however I couldn’t make sentences quickly, but could say one or two word phrases that were understood.  We arrived home at 3am yesterday – the airlines were very late in Denver due to a crew incident.

I found myself making up sentences all day yesterday as I was running errands.  John knows more vocabulary than I at this point as he has studied Spanish previously.  Today I will begin to review the lessons and construct sentences to send to you and the group – as you suggested below.  Es en BUENO sugestion!!!  I also received the email Merri sent with the 4005 words and started to scroll through those yesterday.

Another: Thank YOU for everything you have done to create and bring this wonderful experience to all of us.  It takes a well sychronized team of people to put on an effective, change producing seminar!  I have given many seminars and enjoyed the experience immensely.  The outcome is even better!  Estoy une infantil de Super Thinking and Spanish, y es possible aprender en tiempo.

John and I both thank all of you for the wonderful experience – we are working now to clear up things so we can leave for the Galapagos and Ecuador November 25th – December 20th.  Nosotros tiene muchos appreciacion!  Gracias y Abrazos,

  Muchas gracias para la informacion!  I had a wonderful time at the Super Learning + Spanish weekend!… excelente!

I was impressed with your depth of knowledge on numerous subjects and your ability to speak about them with exceptional recall.  Con mucho apriciar,  P.S. Yo estoy enteresado en Espanol #2.

One delegate even explained how after our course they ended up as the accidental translator: Gary,  I have sent a couple of messages, and  a story of Mike being able to translate yesterday for a Spanish person  who couldn’t understand what a man was trying to tell him!

We loved the seminar, and are excited to put the super learning to practice, and especially the great company of like-minded people (especially G & M!)  Muchas Gracias!  Tiene an excellante dias.

One delegate communicated entirely in Spanish…. after just our Super Thinking + Spanish seminar: Buenas dias nuestra maestra perfectamente, Merri!   Muchas gracias por la lista espanol.

Claro, David y yo aprendemous mucho espanol el fine de semana pasada. Gary y usted nos hacen espanol muy facil aprender. Es importante continuar a practicar espanol cada dia. Gracias tambien!  Buenas suerte…hasta la vista! Con mucho amor,

Comments from another delegate: I wanted you to know that the Spanish course has proven incredibly helpful. Dealing with internet service providers and shopping for appliances, etc., normally would have required me hiring a translator to follow me around. While it may not be pretty or 100% grammatically correct, I am understood. Thank you!  Saludos!

Whether your goal is to reduce your cost of living… increase your income… enhance the return on your investments or all, being able to speak Spanish… enhances your opportunity and does the world good.

Lose Weight and Inches With Frequency Modulation

See an example from a Super Thinking + Spanish delegate who lost 55 pounds after taking our course.   See how Jim Reed used our Super Thinking + Spanish course to enhance his health and wealth as well as speak Spanish.

The ability to speak Spanish… even if you never leave the US is valuable in this day and age.   Spanish opens access to a good labor force and helps you communicate with a useful part of the American population.

Beyond Spanish… knowledge is bliss. Ignorance is dangerous in these times of rapid change.  The more knowledge we can absorb, retain and recall… the better our chances of success… higher income… less stress…. better health and more fulfillment.

So it’s little wonder that the attendance at our Super Thinking + Spanish and Quantum Wealth courses have grown dramatically.   Our changing world not only reinforces the need to speak Spanish but also requires us to be smarter.

One fact that many who enjoyed wonderful positive changes when they have attended our Super Thinking course is they learned to use music in a very specific way to reach the quantum states of their intellect.

Here are more raves from delegates of this course:

I have so enjoyed attending your seminars.  I look at is as a place to gain  “tools for life” as well as  receiving a plethera of information on the topics at hand.

(So far we attended  Spanish and investing.) I get equally as much value out of the tools, and mindset in viewing the information that can be applied to life in general as well as the topic at hand. So thanks for enjoying what you do… it definitely shows up in real world application.

At each seminar we meet many interesting and unique folk – I think the audience you draw  can think out of the box at least a little bit! So again thanks for gathering such a wonderful array of resources for us.

Another emailed:  We so enjoyed the language class last weekend!

Carolyn came back with your simple, common sense approach and the new tools to start speaking.

Most remarkable is that she feels comfortable putting together sentences and ‘communicating.’ Somehow many of us seem to get caught in the trap of thinking we have to say it ‘right,’ and so we don’t even try. It is interesting that we do not see ourselves ‘creating’ communication in our native tongue; each saying it a little different than the other, and yet still all getting the ‘communication’ across the bridge in our own manner.

We delighted to know you both better, and greatly admire your passion for life and generosity sharing what you have learned.

We are planning to attend the next business seminar you offer. Carolyn is talking about returning for the Fall Spanish Super Thinking class with a girlfriend.

We are excited by the many new challenges we have found through your offerings.


Delegates during a relaxation session.

Another a dentist said: I was so delighted with my experience at the Spanish training.  I felt more confident of ability to pronounce Spanish than I ever was of French or German.  Funny… I did not think I remembered any French or German but when I cannot remember the Spanish words the German and French popped up.  Practicing my pronunciation made my trip home go faster. I never enjoyed pronouncing either of the other two, but this was fun. It is hard to fall asleep at the wheel when you are moving your mouth to speak Spanish. It does work your mouth in a different way.  I realized that you have to say each syllable slowly and correctly(until you get it perfectly) and when you do it is impressive.

It was amazing to see us all writing such advanced sentences after a few days and so much more enjoyable than having to go through the alphabet to build the words to build the sentences.

Another Wrote: I intended to give it a few days before I wrote to you about my experience in the Spanish + SuperThinking  Course. However, I had such dramatic results today, in the physical rather than the cognitive realm, that I had to share this immediately.

I started my day with Baroque music. Before I began my Spanish lesson, I went through the Mayan Waves Brain Refresher (Brain Sync). I also played an alpha wave composition while I completed a lesson in the morning. I repeated the process this afternoon. Before my high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout in the evening, I put on a gamma brain wave video from you tube faster reading gamma waves help with exercise. I preformed the “Halo Of Sweat” workout from an online fitness site. Around the world, people complete the workout and posts their scores, striving to meet or beat the personal trainer. Frankly, my reps have rarely come close to the reps of the woman featured in the video nor have I ever beat her. Until today.

Not only did I come close to her performance, I surpassed her quite significantly with several exercises. I performed my best in the last exercise, Abs Burn Out. Her scores were 38, 34 and 33 and mine were 60, 40 and 47!

I believe several factors allowed me to achieve this acceleration in athletic ability today:

1. My left and right hemispheres are now harmonizing.
2. The meditation and relaxed concentration techniques I learned are coming more easily to me and effective.
3. My focus and concentration are greatly enhanced.

I am a Pilates professional so to have my exercise regimen improve so swiftly is remarkable. Not only am I now able speak Spanish but I am experiencing optimal health as well. I am deeply grateful to you and Merri for your SuperLearning instruction.  Be well,

Here is our 2014-2015 Super Thinking + Spanish schedule.

January  16-17-18,  2015,  Mt. Dora, Fl. (Teachers Gary & Merri Scott)  Single $699  /  Couple $899

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