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$49,950 Cotacachi Condo

Our friend and Ecuador attorney Dr. Andres Cordova sent this note:

Gary, I have found a remarkable opportunity in Cotacachi: two brand new condos of 692 square feet and 902 square feet with a deeply discounted price of $49.950 and $59.950, respectively.  This is special developer pricing and valid for a limited time.


The condos have extraordinary light, and enjoy great views and a remarkable location, in the heart of Cotacachi, just steps away from galleries, restaurants, parks and stores.

The developer is starting a new project and is willing to part with these condos at a special price.  These are the last 3 remaining condos in the 4-story building.  They are located in the 3rd and 4th floor.

The building has a beautiful terrace where 360-views of the city and mountains can be appreciated.  Property taxes are less than $100 per year and HOA fees less than $20 per month.

We are going through a buyer’s market here and great opportunities can be found and negotiated.  This is one of them.


You can get further information from Andres at acordova@gcabogados.com


Save With Ecuador Shamanic Healthcare

Here’s why concepts from Ecuador shamanic healthcare is better than the hospital.

Few places can destroy health and ruin a lifetime of savings faster than a hospital.  We are at risk from pocketbook surgery and the incredibly dangerous “Secret Chargemaster”.   See below why chargemasters are normally kept secret and how to gain protection from their abuse.

Modern American health care is under pressure.  Despite horrendous costs, the system is faltering.  At times the care is more dangerous than the illness.  For example hospitals are the worst place to have a heart attack.  The University of North Carolina, did a study and found that 40% of the patients who had attacks in the hospital died before being discharged.  (The study compared that with only a 4% death rate for those who had heart attacks outside the hospital.)

Plus it was recently revealed that medical endoscopy scopes in hospitals were infecting patients with deadly drug-resistant bacteria.  The facts about this had not been previously disclosed.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that hospital-acquired infections alone kill 99,000 people each year.  Here is an even worse hospital mortality fact.

CDC Stats

Click on image.

The image above shows a report from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Hospital-acquired infections alone kill 57% more Americans every year than all car accidents and falls put together.

Often, what patients catch in the hospital is worse than what sent them there.  Governments and health care agencies agree  – antibiotic resistance is a “nightmare.”  An antibiotic-resistant bacteria may be spreading in more hospitals than patients know.  About one in every 25 hospitalized patients gets an infection and a 2013 report from the Journal of Patient Safety showed that medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the country.

Along with the risk of hospital acquired illness and medical errors, the second huge threat to our well being… is health care costs, especially at hospitals.  This is because of the secrets in the Chargemaster and the people who do not want us to know how much hospital costs have risen .  Motivations beyond our good health, like corporate greed, want to keep us in the dark about health care cost.

hospital bill

The hospital bill above is part of a story about a $110,000 infection and why hospital “Chargemasters” are often secret.  This story tells how one person with resistant devastating infection ran up a $110,000 hospital bill only to find that Medicare would only pay $2,300 from treatment of infection.

Secret of the Chargemasters

Being in a hospital can kill as well as cure.  There are odds on that.  What is more certain is that hospitals can kill our finances.

The ‘average’ cost of hospital care is rising because the leading hospitals are front runners in figuring out how to amass market power so they can  raise prices and decrease competition.  A codeine pill that costs $20 at a hospital costs 50 cents at Rite-Aid or Walgreens.  Hospitals have “chargemasters” a price list created by each hospital, that typically has more than ten thousand entries, so almost nothing — even an aspirin, a bag of IV fluid, or a visit from a physical therapist to help a patient get out of bed — is free.  However, those lists are usually secret.

Hospital Failure

The Commonwealth Fund in its latest survey on overall health care ranked US healthcare dead last compared to 10 major countries.  Despite being worst, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York Times have all warned about huge, increasingly costly, health care changes.  There are enormous problems in hospitals and chances are they are going to get worse.

When it comes to health care, we may well be on our own.  The very people, institutions and establishments that  we should rely on may actually hurt rather than help our health.  Shamanic Wisdom accumulated over the millennia can fill the gap.

The way to escape the dangers of the high cost deteriorating health care system, is to not need it.  Declare health independence… and create natural good health.  There are dozens of simple, really low costs steps that can improve health… eating, purification, exercise, even the way we think and don’t think when we sleep.

Ancient shamanic wisdom can help us reduce our risks of poor health care and help us fight the ever rising costs.

For nearly 50 years Merri and I have lived around the world and checked out just about every source on natural health care.  We have spent years living with natural health care insiders, and trying what they offered.

We took thousands of readers to Ecuador.  Many met the shamans there and we saw some health miracles take place (including a miracle with me!)

Since not everyone can go to Ecuador, we have created three Shamanic Natural Health Care Reports that can help improve our natural health.  They are concise and to the point.  In 15 minutes the first report shows exactly how to start preparing for better health and more energy.

We do not have to depend on the health care and health insurance monopolies for better natural health… or cave into a healthcare system that can put us at risk and charge outrageous prices at the same time.

Our shamanic health reports provide information on how to use ancient health care systems to become more healthy –  self sufficient – providing our own good health.

The first report is “Sunski”, the Andean word for good eating, for maximum nutrition and purification.

We started the series with eating because so many of our readers have found the Andean shamanic nutrition helps them kick start their health with weight trimming.  Here is what a few readers have written to us:

These are typical notes I have received from readers.  They all contains this common Ecuador weight loss refrain.

*  “Hi Merri,  things have worked out well.  I am healthier than I have ever been, lost 32 pounds since arriving in Sept.  Bought a house and have finished the first level.  What an amazing place you have found”.  Thanks Phil – Ecuador

*  “We’ve decided to change our eating patterns since we came home because we so enjoyed our meals at the farm and how we felt physically.  Thanks so much. With love” JJ New – Chicago

*  “After eating all that delicious food I gained 3 lbs but it must be in muscle weight as my pants fit loosely!”  R Vickers – New Mexico

*  “The food was so delicious and I thought I ate a lot, but during the week I lost six pounds!”  WB Australia.

Good eating is the first step towards natural health. The first rule of good health is getting the correct nutrition.  The second step is purification of toxins and eating to avoid getting impurities in our body in the first place!

Sunski is a way to eat that strengthens and purifies as it stops adding toxicity from eating.  Yet Sunski is a delicious, healthy “self defined” cleansing process.  One lesson in Sunski shows how to correct a simple mistake that most of the Western population makes which increases the chances of adding and retaining weight by 84%.

“Sunski” combines lessons about healthy eating that we learned from years of working with ayurvedic health masters and then living with an Ecuador Taita Yatchak and his apprentices.

We lived, worked, farmed, cooked and ate with this Taita Yatchak for years while learning “Sunski”.


The “Sunski” report has been 40 years and millions of miles of travel in the making.

We’ve invested thousands of hours into learning the skills of health self-reliance and resilience, identifying the best foods and combinations and sifted through loads of seeming contradictions to get to the facts about “do it yourself” longevity and natural health.

But that wasn’t enough – not when our good health is on the line.  So we consulted dozens of top professions who know a lot about natural health.  We spoke with holistic MDs chiropractors, Indian Vidyas, Andean Yatchaks, and other self-reliant natural health experts who live this way every day.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you…  years of research went into these reports.

And we only kept the best of the best: this system is complete – and FAST to learn – so you can get started immediately.

We all need to stay out of hospitals and reduce our exposure to modern medical risks and costs.

Why re-invent the wheel?  Especially when time is NOT on our side.  We’ve already done the hard work pulling together the information we all need to create better natural, good health.

Imagine… never worrying about what we eat ever again and reducing the risks of hospitalization and health care’s outrageous costs.

A few of the life balancing nutritional tips include how to:

#1: Eat a balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein.

#2: Eat combinations of food for ideal digestion.

#3: Eat clean organic food prepared and served by happy, joyful people.

#4: Eat in good spirits at the right times of day.

#5: Chew in the correct way.

#6: Eat purifying and satisfying meals.

#7:  Adapt eating habits that are suited to individual specific makeup and lifestyle and why such individualized nutrition is better than any specific set plan.

*  A complete list of EZ to use recipes that will immediately improve your short term energy… and your long term natural health – so that you never have to guess what foods you need (or rely on the health care establishment  to tell you the truth).

*  The single biggest constraint you’ll face in your eating habits  – and how you can eliminate it by adding two simple recipes to your Sunski system.

*  How to calculate exactly how much food you need so you don’t over or under build your nutritional plan.

*  A simple solution for making sure that your food delivers what your body needs when you need it.

*  What components you can choose for yourself and how to avoid mass diets that seem to work for every one except… you.

*  The best long term solution for avoiding sugar.

*  Use sweet spices to compensate for stress.

*  Specific types of unique spices that give you the biggest energy bang for your buck.

*  Spices that cleanse and purify.

*  Three changes in your fruit consumption that is a critical component for long term purificatioN.

*  The best times to eat specific foods.

*  How to direct different foods to different parts of the body.

*  Three teas that add a resilience to your natural health system that are easy to make and enjoy at home at a low cost.

*  Why it is good (in fact almost a requirement) to sometimes eat junk food.

The nutrition report also includes  23 special recipes of quick and easy but perfectly balanced meals and snacks.

quinoa pancakes

One of the recipes is for high protein Chocolate Quinoa Pancakes.

All of this information is in “Sunski” the first of three shamanic health reports.

Special and delicious, but fast and healthy recipes.

Merri received this note from a reader:   Merri, your wonderful cooking deserves very special thanksEverything was delicious. I’m now using close to your ingredients but I miss a lot in the result and long for a recipe or two.” Nancy H – Ireland

These recipes are easy to make, delicious to eat, inexpensive but balanced and healthy foods prepared in a shamanic way.

Learn how nutritional secrets can help keep you out of the hospital.




Be Free of the Concept Conversion Trick

Happy 4th of July and Happy Belated Canada Day for our Northern friends.  Understanding how to maintain personal independence and freedom despite what happens in the world have been important to me since I left the US in 1968.

I expressed freedom concerns and described the Concept Conversion Trick in my first book about international investing   (published in the 1970s).


That book was published at the epoch of the American Dream and the Concept Conversion Trick was described in this way.

“The Concept Conversion Trick works like this: A government starts when people agree on a good concept for working and living together.  The people go to work and if the concept is good they will create a paradise.  The government gives them a flag and a song.  Then they pull the trick.  They convince the people that the flag and song are important and while the people are busy watching the flag and singing the song the government replaces the concept with a set of ever increasing written rules and regulations administered by bureaucrats and backed up by a police force.”

I was worried about US debt and the Vietnam War back then and would feel somewhat prophetic if this trick had not been pulled again and again for thousands of years.

Since this celebration of US Independence almost coincides with Canada Day and Canada is having a special 150 year celebration, I am reminded of an article in the New York Times, “It’s Now the Canadian Dream” (1) by Nicholas Kristof  that highlights how much political trickery has taken place in the US since the 1970s.

Here is an excerpt from that article:  It was in 1931 that the historian James Truslow Adams coined the phrase “the American Dream.”   Yet today the American dream has derailed, partly because of growing inequality.

Or maybe the American dream has just swapped citizenship, for now it is more likely to be found in Canada or Europe.   Canadians receive essentially free health care, while Americans pay for part of their health care costs with after-tax dollars.  Meanwhile, the American worker toils, on average, 4.6 percent more hours than a Canadian worker, 21 percent more hours than a French worker and an astonishing 28 percent more hours than a German worker, according to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Canadians and Europeans also live longer, on average, than Americans do. Their children are less likely to die than ours.  American women are twice as likely to die as a result of pregnancy or childbirth as Canadian women.  Most sobering of all: A recent O.E.C.D. report found that for people aged 16 to 24, Americans ranked last among rich countries in numeracy and technological proficiency.

If this drift away from the American Dream in America is natural, what can we do about it?   What changes can we make both to stop the loss of the American Dream and to adapt and continue to enjoy a great lifestyle?

There are several steps we can take.

The first is to take a realistic look at the state of the political system.  Do we see strong leaders who will turn things around?  If not then the answer is to look for the problems that weak leadership create.  Problems create opportunity.  Take for example US health care.  I do not see the US political or economic system fixing this soon, so I wrote a report on how to have good health by avoiding high cost disease management.

Next, let’s take a realistic view of the global economy.  Even during political turmoil and great socio-economic inequality there can be great economic opportunity.  There are huge new opportunities for micro businesses that arise every day.  Look for them.

Finally, don’t let the turmoil get you down.  Get on with life!  We did not make the state of the world and we cannot change what it is.  We can change our own life and make a positive difference IF we can change our reaction to events as they unfold.   We can use the business evolutionary cycle that we teach in our Self Publishing course to improve our lifestyle and make the world a better place.

A reader once asked about this evolution when he wrote: “Gary, I keep asking myself, how do Gary/ Merri Scott continuously continue to produce uniquely insightful information for readers?  How could I model just a small slice of Gary’s success online?  I truly do not understand how you have been able to continuously grow for decades while evolving from print to internet/online, covering totally new locations, new businesses and completely new subject matter (not only investing, but health, language, Real Estate Retreats, Import/Export, Publishing, Country- UK, US, Ecuador, etc).

“Other than sheer determination and follow-through, which are obvious requirements, what is your long standing secret to success in ‘lifestyle marketing’?

“What would you say to someone like me just starting online and hoping to succeed to even just a small degree of your success over the internet?  Of course, truly unique content and building a growing list of readers is the key, but how do you manage the load (so many subject matters – keeps me in awe) and yet you always deliver relevance and uniqueness?

“What angle on marketing (small secrets) has allowed you to continuously succeed? I realize there are no miracles other than hard work, but any pointers to leverage? Gary, you truly are in the genius category and I am a true admirer.

Here is what I replied:  “Take three steps.  Do what you love.  Start small and grow naturally.  Have a great day, every day.”

This may seem too simple. Yet this truly is why our business has evolved and why our business continues to grow and evolve.

We really do what we love.  We continually ask how we can turn our passion into profit and do business and invest in what we know.

Passionate beginnings allow the business evolutionary cycle to begin. An idea, dream or passion creates enthusiasm. Enthusiasm leads to education.

Education leads to action. Action leads to profit or loss and experience.

Experience leads to new ideas.

The process starts again, but in a larger way and again and again.

This is the start. Figure out what you are really interested in and become enthused about finding some small or large way to do some good as you make money from being involved.





Cuenca Condo Near Yanuncay River Park

Three bedroom condo in one of the nest locations in Cuenca near the the Yanuncay River trail that runs all the way to Loja. 

The park has playground and exercise equipment and the trail is wonderful for hiking and biking.

The condo is across the street from the Rio Yanuncay greenway and is close to shopping and a short taxi ride to El Centro.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 6.15.28 AM

Yanuncay River Cuenca Ecuador.

This condo in one of Cuenca’s nicest condominium projects.


The condo is fully furnished and equipped including dishwasher and washer – dryer.


This is a 3-bedroom apartment.


There is a social area outside the bedrooms.


The property has 1,300 square feet with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a garage.

Asking price $145,000.

For more details contact Rick Brown at rhbrown234@gmail.com





Last Day for Ecuador Mother’s Day Roses

Fresh Long Stem Mother’s Day Ecuador roses are delivered on May 11, 2017,  Thursday for Mother’ s Day.

Orders accepted through Monday May 8, 2017.


Gary, I am pleased.  The price for your fresh roses delivered to your doorstep by UPS or Fedex has not risen for the third year in a row.

25 Farm Choice $85

50 Farm Choice $99

25 Pink + 25 Farm Choice $105

100 Farm Choice $155

50 Pink + 50 Farm Choice $165

You can make three or four bouquets like this with 50 roses and you simply cannot find more beautiful and long lasting fresh cut roses… anywhere.

Mother' s Day Ecuador roses

Here are 100 assorted and pink roses in the kitchen sink delivered to our North Carolina home.

mother's Day'roses

50 Pink + 50 Farm Choice $165

When my mother receives her fresh Ecuador roses, she loves to show them off to all the others who live nearby.  By the morning they are fully opened and incredible!

Here is an example of just a baker’s dozen. She can make four bouquets like this from 50 roses.

Fwd: mother's Day'roses

You can have 25, 50 or 100 fresh cut (four days) roses from Ecuador delivered to any zip code in the USA…including Hawaii or Alaska including shipping starting at only $85.

 I regret that UPS and Fedex cannot deliver the roses in Canada or elsewhere outside the USA.

Merri and I love Ecuador for the warmth and friendliness in the hearts of its people.

Open the roses.  If you are not satisfied that these are truly remarkable roses, give them back to the driver and let me know.  I’ll get you a full refund. To assure the refund you must inspect the flowers with UPS when they are delivered.  If you are not satisfied, they can be returned at the time of delivery.

25 Farm Choice $85

50 Farm Choice $99

25 Pink + 25 Farm Choice $105

100 Farm Choice $155

50 Pink + 50 Farm Choice $165

To order, click on your choice.  Roberto Ribadeneira, the rose plantation coordinator, will place and follow your order from the farm to your home.  He will email you a UPS tracking number the week of delivery so you can coordinate the UPS delivery time.

Unless otherwise arranged, and subject to weather permitting, UPS will deliver your roses to you or your recipient Thursday, May 11, three days before Mother’s Day.

Premium Quality Roses

Your roses will be long stemmed… long lasting…. large petaled and… vibrant!  You can find nothing like this in regular stores.

mother's Day'roses

Some of Ecuador roses delivered this year.

Though this is perhaps the lowest price for fresh cut, hand delivered roses you will see, the roses are special, not like anything offered in a store or even at most florists.

Fresher Quality Roses

Most roses go from Ecuador to Miami by air and are stored in Miami then shipped by truck until they sit in a store.  They can be a week or more old when you see them. The roses you receive from this offer are cut and stored overnight, driven by refrigerated truck to Quito Airport and flown to Miami to a special refrigerated UPS facility then flown to your UPS destination for immediate delivery to your home or office. This means they last longer.

These are premium roses with extra large heads that open fully.  When properly cared for, they remain beautiful for 9 to 14 days.  Merri and I then take them off the stems and enjoy them in a bowl for up to another week like this.

mother's Day'roses

25 Farm Choice $85

50 Farm Choice $99

25 Pink + 25 Farm Choice $105

100 Farm Choice $155

50 Pink + 50 Farm Choice $165

Environmentally Clean Roses

The roses your receive are certified by Veriflora. The VERIFLORA seal is a real, green program that regularly spot checks farms for ecologically sound systems that include:

1- Water and ecological conservation: implementing water management systems to prevent depletion of fresh water supplies.

2- Product quality: implementing practices to ensure the quality of the product through the whole chain of delivery to the final consumer.

3- Advanced agricultural practices: integrating organic practices wherever possible. To only use approved green label certified pesticides. To allow no discharge of pesticides run off into the environment.

4- Waste management: recycling and composting as well as the proper disposal of agricultural chemicals.

By March of 2007 the co-op that sends your roses had certified 144 acres.

Certification means the growers have met or exceeded the requirements.  There is no middle ground with Veriflora, no differing levels of certification. You either are ecologically sound and certified, or you aren’t.

That means you receive environmentally friendly roses.

Here are red fresh Ecuador roses we had delivered to us.

mother's Day'roses

Fair Trade Roses

In addition the Verflora seal requires the rose grower to be socially responsible adhering to recognized labor and community standards, specially pertaining to health and safety, work conditions, hiring practices, discrimination, harassment and fair pay.

The growers offer every single one of their workers:

-free doctor and medical treatment at the farm for workers
-day care facilities for infants
-free breakfast and lunch (and dinner when they work late)
-free sports and recreation facilities
-small business loans -when workers want to leave to set up their own small holding farm
-worker’s fund -for financial help with school fees to buy a car, etc.
-complete health and safety equipment provided free -helmets, gloves, masks, etc.
-paid maternity leave with a guarantee of work when they want to return
-overtime paid over and above the legal requirements
-Christmas parties, summer holiday excursions, sports tournaments
-a safe and secure work environment with job satisfaction and potential for personal development

There you have it…great reasons to experience the warmth of the people and beauty of Ecuador.

The freshest…best roses…and you help the environment and the poor by having them delivered into your home.

25 Farm Choice $85

50 Farm Choice $99

25 Pink + 25 Farm Choice $105

100 Farm Choice $155

50 Pink + 50 Farm Choice $165

Here is one more way to extend your enjoyment and the beauty of Ecuador roses in your home.


Once our roses begin to bend their heads, we cut some of them short and make single rose bouquets like this.


Plus we place a rubber band around the stems and dry our fresh Ecuador roses as they age.  Here are Ecuador roses drying in the kitchen of our North Carolina home.



Last orders accepted at Midnight Monday, May 8.

25 Farm Choice $85

50 Farm Choice $99

25 Pink + 25 Farm Choice $105

100 Farm Choice $155

50 Pink + 50 Farm Choice $165

Cotacachi Condo For Sale – Again

A couple of weeks ago our friend and Ecuador attorney, Dr. Andres Cordova, offered a Cotacahci condo for sale.  It sold the first day of the ad.

Then… it happened.  I explain in a moment why this condo is available again below.


This Cotacachi condo for sale is a brand new, 3rd floor, corner, 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit in the center of the village.


The condo’s living space.

This unit has an open kitchen, balcony, communal and rooftop terrace access.


The condo’s open kitchen.

What happened?  The horror of every seller.  Someone purchased the condo, put down a deposit and then the deal had to be withdrawn.


View from the kitchen.

So, this Cotacachi condo is once again for sale at $84,950.

See photos and details of the Cotacachi condo here.


Learn Spanish Online

The Power of Positive Resilience

How can we find positive solutions in a negative world?

I took this photo of a small shop in Mt. Dora, Florida because the sign was worth remembering.

Painters bench

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do”.   Having a way to do what you love brings positive energy.  When there is so much confusing data that our logic fails, escape the tyranny of reason by following your emotions and intuition.

This is part five of the 13 factors of resilience.  Resilience is armor against the changes in life that can wear us out.   Life is never ending change so we need ever lasting qualities that help us continually adapt and progress rather than be beaten down.  See links to Parts I through V on the “Factors of Resilience” below.

The fifth factor is a temperamental style that is fluid and easy, as opposed to erratic and brittle, acts as a facilitator of social involvement, adaptability, coping, belonging, and resilience.

The universe knows solutions to every problem because polarity is in the nature of the universe.  Since we are a part of this universe… we know  solutions if we can set aside our thinking and get in touch with our greater wisdom.  The essence of this bigger (and better) in-formation is our yearning of our heart’s desire.

We simply need to know how to know what we know in a usable way.

One way to be wiser at a deeper level is to integrate these four brain waves…. Beta… Alpha… Theta and Delta.

Our Beta waves tap into the local news. This is the part of our being that takes care of the here and now…the space around us.  This is what we call logic, and it is a vital tool. Nothing is more important than to know what conditions are in the here and now.  However mankind is so dependent on this logic that often the messages are ignored coming from our other brain waves which we can sum up by calling them intuition.

Our Alpha waves connect us to the regional news.  This is a much deeper and broader area of intelligence too vast for our prefrontal logical brain to compute on its own. When we tap into Alpha we get intuitive creative flashes we could never just think up.  If there is about to be an earthquake in our region, all animals know it. Dogs will howl.  Roosters will crow. Birds will fly away.  Humans have this intuition as well.  Yet we can be so steeped in our logic… that we ignore it.

Theta brain waves connect with the global news.   This is an even deeper vaster level of intelligence.  At some level we are in touch with anything and everything that happens wherever we are in the world.   Here we need the filter of our logic. For our mind to process all this data would be like running many yottabytes squared of information through a 64K processor.

At some level we are in touch with everything that happens in the world.

Delta waves are our connection to the universal news right down to our quantum state.   This is an intelligence so vast that we cannot even imagine it.  Here according to quantum science we are even in touch with the past and future…even other universes in a multiverse. We must be in a dream state where the physical boundaries strip away.  In Delta we can be in two places at once, know all things and even fly.

When we allow these waves to interconnect freely, we gain access to infinite knowledge and unimaginable intellect.

Merri and I tap into and integrate this knowledge in three ways… silence, music and theanine.

#1: Silence

One classic article I read and reread is a USA Today article entitled “Sphere of Silence” as it tells how a successful CFO uses silence in business and says:  Vijay Eswaran (pronounced Veejay Eeshwuhrn) is not well known in the USA , but throughout Asia he has become something akin to a CEO/spiritual guide. Picture a Kung Fu episode with David Carradine running Hong Kong telecommunications, travel, e-commerce, entertainment conglomerate, QI Group, a company less than 10 years old that is approaching $1 billion in annual sales. Eswaran, a Hindu Indian born in Malaysia, starts each day monk-like with an hour of silence, a practice detailed in his book “In the Sphere of Silence.”

To gain from silence, Merri and I meditate every day.

#2: Music

A comparison on the benefits of meditation and Baroque Music can help us see how to attain the state of relaxed concentration.  This study compares Transcendental Meditation. Since TM is the most documented form of meditation worldwide, it lends itself to a comparison with Super Thinking.

Below, we can see the physiological changes during sessions of listening to certain types of music as compared to TM Meditation.

Super Thinking Concert Meditation (TM)
Slow Baroque Music during Intense Mental Activity Reciting a Mantra
Alpha brain waves Increase by
an average 6%.
Alpha brain waves increase.
Beta Brain Waves Decrease by
an average 6%.
Theta Brain Waves unchanged. Some increase in Theta.
Pulse slows down by an average a mean decrease of 5 beats per minute. Decreases significantly with 5 beats per minute.
Blood pressure drops slightly. Tendency to decrease.
Awareness becomes relaxed concentration. Restful alertness.

Meditation creates a state of “Restful Alertness”…. which is great for tuning into deeper levels of intelligence.

Music, however, creates “Relaxed Concentration,” the state one wants to attain for study and action.

We listen to 60 beat ten cycle classical music… recommended by Dr.Georgi Lozanov, the great Bulgarian educator,  as we work.

You could count the number of times we have missed our meditation routine in the last 20 years on one hand.

#3: L-Theanine.

Theanine (chemical name: r-glutamylethylamide) is one of the chemicals found in green tea.  Theanine is used to reduce stress and anxiety without the tranquilizing effects found in many other calming agents.  Scientific evidence shows that Theanine stimulates the brain’s production of alpha waves, making the user feel relaxed but alert and not drowsy. It also helps the body produce other calming amino acids, such as dopamine, GABA, and tryptophan. As might be expected from a calming supplement, Theanine may be able to lower elevated blood pressure as well.

We buy theanine at the health food store under the brand name of Theanine Serene.

The universe is polarity in action, yin and yang…  plus and minus… positive and negative.  For every minus there is a plus and we, at some level know both sides.  Next time you are feeling negative… use the three steps above to get in touch with the  positive.


Be Happy – Inflate Your IQ

Join the top 3 percent of intelligent people in the world.

Be happier as you become smarter.

A study of 10,000 British people studied the pure relationship between intelligence and happiness stability.

IQ can predict the emotional ups and downs of life.   The research found that the lower the IQ,  the higher the ups and downs in life satisfaction.  The differences were not due to education, income, or jobs either, but simply IQ.


Delegates at a Super Thinking course relaxing in their secret rose garden.

Become smarter, healthier, happier… in just weeks… hearing  a relaxation session that takes you into your secret rose garden.

Merri, David and I originally developed this session for our Super Thinking courses and have set it into an online workshop for you.

Listen… just 18 minutes day.  We guarantee your life will be better.

Inflate Your IQ.

When it comes to money… inflation is cheating.

That’s bad for you.

When it comes to intelligence… inflating is smart… fair… good for you and it’s good for the rest of the world.

Monetary inflation is a sneaky government and business trick.

What cost a dollar in 1965 can easily cost $15 now.

They promise you more.


They devalue the currency so you get more dollars that buy less.  They can rip off your salary,  your pension…raise insurance, almost everything.

And they make you work harder… longer… for less.

Whittle, whittle, whittle.  Push, push, push.  That’s what monetary inflation does to you.

Fight back… overcome the inflation trick.  Inflate your IQ as you relax.

Gain more than IQ.

Be smarter… more energetic…. healthier.

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Create more income opportunity.  Improve your health.  Be naturally smarter… use Super Thinking.

You can improve your IQ in just weeks.

You might well ask… How is this possible?

Here’s how the scientists say it is possible.

A Wall Street Journal article entitled “Ways to Inflate Your IQ”(1)  show how you can be smarter and actually add matter to your brainThe article says:

           Many people think of IQ as a genetic trait, like brown eyes or short legs: You’re born with it and you’re stuck with it.

Now, a growing body of research is showing that a person’s IQ can rise—and even fall—over the years.

Scores can change gradually or quickly, after as little as a few weeks of cognitive training, research shows.

British students were given IQ tests and brain scans at ages 12 to 16 and again about four years later.  9% of the students showed a significant change of 15 points or more in IQ scores.

The study published in Nature said that on a scale where 90 to 110 is considered average, one student’s IQ rose 21 points to 128 from 107, lifting the student from the 68th percentile to the 97th compared with others the same age. 

MRIs in this study showed changes in gray matter in areas corresponding to fluctuations in the kid’s skills.

There are practical steps people can take to see longer-term IQ changes.  New tasks stimulate the brain most.  Young adults given just one month of intense training in juggling, found an increase in the corresponding gray matter in the brain as early as seven days after the training began.

Fluctuations in IQ scores over time underscore the brain-boosting benefits of musical training and new experiences throughout a lifetime.

Music lessons are linked to higher IQ throughout life.  Six years’ lessons lifted children’s IQ scores an average 7.5 points.

 Improve the brain through music… without lessons.

Here’s the Super Thinking story…

The educational program Merri and I developed uses a form of brain wave integration that increases IQ.

Super Thinking uses frequency (in music and a number of other ways) to integrate brain waves so the process of absorbing, processing and recalling information is vastly accelerated.  The music creates the three C’s:  Calm, Clarity and Coherence.

This Super Thinking program is not a gimmick or trick… just advanced education.

Certain types of Baroque music are the base, and they make you smarter!


At least four best selling books, “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain”,  “Superlearning”, the “Mozart Effect” and “Superlearning 2000″ showed how to learn and think more powerfully based on systems drawn from the Bulgarian educational master, Dr. Georgi Lozanov.

This Baroque music tactic alone is so powerful that Small Business Innovation Research… an official site of the US government granted over $100,000 for the specific purpose they said was: to provide a method to remove barriers which hinder or prevent the employment of blind persons.  An innovative method, the Lozanov Learning System, is proposed to help train blind persons to become computer programmers and operators of automated equipment.

Merri was among just a few who learned this technique directly from Dr. Lozanov the time he visited the USA.

Our Super Thinking workshop enhanced this system with numerous other tactics.

We added slight alterations in nutrition that create a higher IQ.   Altered nutritional tips in Super Thinking can make anyone 25% smarter!

Baroque Music and nutrition are just part of seven, easy to use, learning techniques that make you smarter.

Gain any skill, from computers to athletics to conversational languages…in less time…two-to-five times faster.

Here’s a huge bonus.  Super Thinking also relieves stress.  Super Thinking is fun.

You can use a Super Thinking focus in everything:  health… earning… education… investing.

Super Thinking works on the learner first…the data second.  This system “grows the learner” rather than the information.

If you have 4.5 inches of information flowing through a 4 inch learning pipe, the solution is not to add another inch of information.  The answer is create a six inch IQ pipe!

Share our years of experience.

For nearly 50 years, Merri and I have conducted hundreds of courses and tours for tens of thousands, in dozens of countries (even behind the Iron Curtain).  Our Super Thinking Workshop has been one of the most profound.  Now the workshop is even better online because it condenses Super Thinking so you can increase your IQ, at home… right away.

The workshop shows how these mind expanding tactics can be applied to starting and running a business for extra income, to forex trading and investing.  Athletes of all types… golfing being one common sport benefit.  Our Super Thinking plan goes far beyond Lozanov and allows you to rapidly get smarter in every part of your life.

For example, real estate broker, Suzy Kurinsky took the workshop to help her learn Spanish.

She wrote: “You are the BEST!!! Your Seminar was fantastic! I am so excited. I had procrastinated fulfilling my continuing education for my Broker’s License and then just before my surgeries, I realized by expiration date isn’t Nov. 12th – it is Sept 12th. Prior to taking your course I had only completed 3 units of the required 45 units. I thought I would take your course and then complete my remaining 42 units over the next 2 weeks. However, I took one class exam on Saturday night, August 27th. I didn’t even take the cellophane off the required Course manuals until after I saw the two of you today less than 5 hours ago! I used your techniques and completed 39 units of continuing education today. I have now completed all 45 units. All of my test scores were in the 90.6-96% range.  My course exam information is listed below. I just wanted to let you know how valuable your course was to me. Thanks again!”

Super thinking can improve almost anything you do… faster, better, more fun and with less stress.

Another attendee to the Super Thinking Workshop sent this note.

 Thank you for the wonderful workshop on Super Learning + Spanish!  I really enjoyed the workshop and getting to know you.   I can see several ways to apply what I learned in the classes I teach.

Since I returned home, I have purchased some of the CDs of Baroque music and thought about which specific pieces will work best in different parts of my classes.  I am also reading Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra.  I found your discussion of this book to be very helpful in showing how to balance one’s life.  I have adjusted my daily schedule, and I can already notice a difference in my productivity.

Super Thinking can help improve your health. Super Thinking can make you rich and add richness to your life.

However the time, travel expense and workshop cost (delegates have paid up to $999) have prohibited many from getting this benefit.

That’s why we have created the workshop in electronic form.  Get Super Thinking online for less than fifty bucks.

You can order the online Super Thinking Workshop here ($49.95)

Relax in the Secret Rose Garden.

The workshop is divided into two parts.  Part one is the application… the sessions that tell you exactly what to do, what music to use and even includes two recorded sessions based around a secret rose garden that you can use.  We have kept this portion short and simple so you can easily start immediately.

Part two is a longer portion on theory.

Part one is enough.

Super Thinking is like jogging… giving results if you simply do it!

You do not have to know why Super Thinking works to increase your IQ.   But Part Two explains why you are getting the good results from Part One, if you want to know.

You might ask…”Will it work for me”?

The Super Thinking Workshop will help increase your IQ.

Our guarantee.

I guarantee it.  Order the Super Thinking Workshop.  Use it for two months.  If you are not totally satisfied… in any way, during that time, simply let me know and I’ll send a full refund… immediately… no questions asked.

Order the online Super Thinking Workshop here ($49.95)

Another Super Thinking workshop attendee wrote: Listening to the two of you during our time together has suddenly got me to thinking, and although some of the ideas still seem foreign to me,  I am at a point in my life now where I can say, “anything is possible”.   I am now willing to embrace and allow myself to experience the world of possibility and let it take me in directions I may have in the past resisted.  I really don’t know where all this is going to lead me but I am now willing to explore, develop and grow.   Thank you again for a wonderful four days!!

Inflation is a cheat… a crime when it comes to money.  Inflating your IQ to beat inflation is simple good sense.  Learn Super Thinking now with no risk.  Begin to increase your intelligence today.

Order the online Super Thinking Workshop  $49.95.


(1) Read Wall Street Journal article Ways to Inflate Your IQ

(2) See government grant records on teaching blind persons with the Lozanov method



Part I – II and IV looked at four factors of resilience.  

You can read Part I at  The Joys and Necessities of Taking Risk.

Part II Make America Happy Again.

Part III The Benefit of Self Awareness.

Part IV Temper Resilience

Ecuador Beach Attorney

Our  friend and Ecuador beach attorney, Floridalva Zambrano, has helped us buy and sell over a dozen real estate units on the beach.  We trust her completely.  Plus she is one of the few Ecuadorian attorneys who can help issue US title insurance on Ecuador property.  Her offices were destroyed by the 2016 earthquake, but now she has been able to reopen.  We recommend her to anyone looking for real estate on Ecuador’s central and north coast.

Her new office details are below.



Ecuador Export Opportunity

$84,895 Cotacachi Condo

A condo for sale in Cotacachi Ecuador is explained in the note below from our Ecuador friend and attorney Dr. Andres Cordova.


MOUNTAIN VIEWS.  The list price for this condo is $92,895, but because Gary does not accept commissions on the sale of real estate listed at his site, I am able to offer this until April 1st 2017 at just $84,895.

cotacachi condo

This is a remarkable opportunity with special pricing.  You can reserve it now. I do not think this opportunity will last long.

cotacachi condo

Here is the floor plan for the 1,431 square foot, two bedroom condo for sale in Cotacachi.

cotacachi condo

This condo is next to this Cathederal and the main plaza in Cotacachi.  This town is deemed to be among the nicest and most sought after retirement destinations in Ecuador. Whether as your new part time or permanent home or as an investment, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.


This is the wonderful city and mountain views from the 3rd floor.

This unique corner unit enjoys views of the city of Cotacachi and the wonderful mountain landscapes that surround it.

cotacachi condo

Whether looking at the colonial balconies with flowerbeds, the multichromatic tile roofs, the wonderful domes of the Cathedral or the sun-kissed
mountains, you will find deep inspiration in this condo.

cotacachi condo

Just across the street from your condo you will find the Land of the Sun, a beautiful hosteria. Walk some more and you will be in a remarkable,
centuries-old cathedral, markets, museums, shops and more.

cotacachi condo

The picture to the left was taken before a beautiful tile floor was laid. It depicts the living room, which has exceptional views and a balcony access.

The condo is part of the renovation of a beautiful 3-story corner building, with great curb appeal in the heart of Cotacachi.

cotacachi condo

This picture was taken from one of the windows in the living room scheduled for completion in two weeks.

cotacachi condo

The facade has garden sills for hanging gardens.

cotacachi condo

An ample, modern kitchen will greet you. It will be perfect for entertaining family and friends, with wonderful unobstructed views.

cotacachi condo

The building will feature a rooftop terrace with panoramic city and landscape views. Residents may wish to
put a BBQ and other amenities there.

cotacachi condo

On the very top, a detail of the Cathedral, seen from the kitchen window.

cotacachi condo

Above, a beautiful inner patio Courtyard in Cotacachi Museum across the street from the condo.

cotacachi condo

This street, is just a few steps from the condo.

There are several people interested in renting the condo if you wish to rent rather than live in it. This is a great investment that can also allow you rental income.

Cotacachi is located 65 miles to the north of Quito, via a modern highway system.

It is a cozy artisan city of approximately 40,000 inhabitants, renowned for its leather goods and handicrafts.

In 2000 it was declared an Ecological County and 2002 it was designated as a City of Peace by UNESCO.

Cotacachi is blessed by a wonderful natural and cultural landscape.

cotacachi condo

This is crater-lake Cuicocha, a stunning scene.  It lies a few minutes away from Cotacachi. It has hiking and bicycle trails, as well as restaurants and handicraft.

cotacachi condo

This is an evening festival in the plaza of Cotacachi just a block from the condo!  What are you waiting for?

The wonderful condo can be yours for $84,895.

This is an extraordinary price; an opportunity that will not last long. You can reserve it with $5.000.

This reservation freezes the price and generates a commitment from each side as the closing is coordinated.

For more information about the reservation, the closing, details of the condo process and for any questions you may have, please contact me:

Andrés Córdova