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Quito Ecuador Dentist

A speaker at the next get together has written about his experience with a dentist in Quito, Ecuador.  Jim Humphrey who will speak at the upcoming Ecuador Get Together about buying and fixing fixer upper Ecuador real estate, sent this note.

quito centro shopping mall

Quicentro shopping mall

Gary, I visited a dentist centrally located in Quito near the Quicentro Shopping Mall.

He did an excellent job for me with x-ray, a porcelain crown, cleaning and 2 bite guards for a total of $360.

The crown is excellent and I believe he gave me the most thorough teeth cleaning I have ever had.

All his work is done in office and you can see he takes pride in his work and is an artist at it.  He is the long standing family dentist of a good friend of mine. He is Chilean and I believe trained there.   He can help any delegates if they wish who attend the upcoming ‘Ecuador Get Together’ seminar and or Medical Tour.


Quito Medical Tour

A  medical tour in Quito can create a profitable trip to Ecuador.

One of our delegates reported to me that her trips to Ecuador were profitable simply because she filled all here subscriptions while on the trip.  Such is the difference in costs of the exact same pharmaceuticals that the savings were greater than the cost of her journey.

Thus we were happy to see an optional medical tour added to the “Bottom’s Up Ecuador Get Together” described below.

The head of the Ateam Ecuador in Quito Roberto Ribadeneira reports on this tour.

Ecuador medical tour by Roberto Ribadeneira.

Taking our Ecuador Medical Tour will save you hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. It could even help you out getting your prescription medicine for a fraction of what you pay in the USA.

Savings could be so high that they may even pay for your entire trip. But how did this get accomplished? Ecuador has top physicians who have studied aboard but decided to return to Ecuador to practice and now there are top doctors with the latest in technology on their hands.


The Dentist Office

Ecuador has lower salaries; we pay a lower rent and can avoid the problems that other countries have with their high health care costs. Which means that doctor’s fees are not as high, neither the cost of medicine and you can save a lot of money in medical treatment.

We searched for three specialists that can offer the best service in Quito. Three outstanding Doctors have summited their experiences and resumes to make sure that they are up to our standards. They are highly recommended and also we visited their offices and talked to their patients about their experiences.
They have studied aboard and are fluent in English, their offices offer the highest standards and their outstanding resumes only match the praise that they get from their patients.

Mauricio Tinajero Camacho is one of the most recommended Dentists in Quito.

Ecuador dentist

Mauricio at his office in Quito

Graduated in 1984 in Ecuador in Odontology, was the best among his class. Studied Periodontology in 1985-1987 in Sao Paulo – Brazil. He teaches Periodontology at Universidad San Francisco de Quito (one of the most prestigious universities in Ecuador).

His resume is pretty extensive and we can share that with you (upon request). But among one of the highlights he is a member of La Academia Americana de Periodoncia (American Academy of Periodontology) since 1993. He is also a member of the International Collage of Dentist since 2003 and he is a national and international speaker.


One thing that is very important is that he has many patients that come to see him from abroad. One particular case is one patient that was in Ecuador at a meeting and went to see Mauricio, he had to get some serious treatment and Mauricio looked at his case and told him the estimate on the overall cost for the treatment. It was a little over USD $6000, of course his patient went back to the USA and asked his local dentist to get a quote on the same treatment. The number? Well it was way over USD $18,000. He of course came back to Ecuador to Mauricio’s dental office.

But it is not just about money, the first time that I walked into Mauricio’s office I was very impressed on how good the feeling was. Soft music, lots of cascades, fishes, the location, the waiting room, the facilities, the cutting edge technology and how very nice everyone was. No wonder why he has almost no time during the day, they are so busy that they have to hire new professionals to put up with the demands.

He also oversees the whole office, going from one place to the other making sure that everything works. With many years in practice and many recurring customers it is fair to say that he is in one of the Top Dentists in Quito.

Mauricio also told me that for him it is really important to get the best technology for his patients. For Ecuadorian standards it is a little higher, but he mentioned to me that it is because he uses the best materials available and makes sure that he has the latest technology. He told me that some of his patients that live in the USA have go back home and that their dentist’s told them that he has done a great job. That is really important for him.


Mauricio with a patient

He works with several embassies in Ecuador, including the one for Brazil, The United Kingdom, Israel and get recommendations from the American Embassy. He is also listed in the American Academy of Periodontology Directory and was kind enough to provide me with a copy.

But one of the most important things is that he is passionate about his work and loves what he does. It is a career that runs in the family. He is trusted and his patients only go to him. He takes care of each one and makes sure that they are completely satisfied. Plus the facilities are amazing and they are working on improving them even more. They even have a laboratory and several technologies that other Dentists lack in Quito.

We also talked about providing our Tour Members with an outstanding value, because he said that his reputation and the quality of his service is something that he doesn’t compromise.

Mauricio will give our Tour Members a special price for treatments and will also book space just for us, which means that when we do our medical tour we will have prefer access to his office. He will take care our Tour Members and make sure that you get the best service available.


Waiting Room

Another thing that is great about Mauricio is that he treats a lot of patients from other countries, so his expertise is of great use for our team.

If you need more information, want to get more details or want to be at our Health Care Tour, please let us know, we can check with our team of Doctors and get you a quote on the general services that they offer. You will find out that the price difference is huge and that alone will make your trip to Ecuador worthwhile… even FREE.

Contact me at: roberto_ribadeneira@me.com or call 1-888-482-3850.

See how to attend the two day Ecuador Get Together FREE and save 20% on medical and real estate tours.

Ecuador Dental & Health Exercise

An Ecuador dental exercise can help you reduce your visits to the dentist plus improve  your health.

Almost anyone can use this and the other exercises below, with little time and no cost, below to enhance their health.

This is important because the existing health care system in the US is creating enormous stress and financial concern.

A recent article “Baby Boomers Struggle”in Baby Boomer Magazine pointed this out in this excerpt:

Paying for medical care has long been a struggle for many Baby Boomers as budgets tighten because of the economic crunch.  Even more obvious, Baby Boomers are skimping on needed treatment.

Nearly half of American Baby Boomers now report that someone in their family has cut back on their medical care or prescribed medications—postponing checkups, recommended tests and procedures; cutting pills or skipping doses of required medications; or not filling new prescriptions, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll conducted in October. That’s up from 42 percent of those surveyed six months earlier.

One in three Baby Boomers are having trouble paying medical bills, and one in five reports medical debt of at least $1,000.

“Even in 2007, before the economy really took a downspin, we saw that one in five people was having problems paying medical bills—up from one in seven in 2003,” says Alwyn Cassil, director of public affairs for the Center for Studying Health System Change, a nonpartisan health policy research organization in Washington. “But what we didn’t see last year were these rising rates in unemployment and the problems on Wall Street. The economy may not have been great then, but it wasn’t as bad as it is now.”

Before the fall economic fallout, at least 79 million Americans – including some 7 million Baby Boomers and older – were already struggling with health care bills. Now, more are doing what they can to avoid joining those ranks, even when it means their health and comfort suffer.

In a recent national survey conducted by AARP, one in five respondents blamed health problems on financial stress. About the same percentage said they had delayed seeing a doctor or other medical professional; many reported cutting back on drugs and necessary health care. Roughly one in five respondents also reported seeking outside assistance through drug companies, pharmacies and other programs to reduce their health costs.

Since the recent financial crisis made news, the American Psychological Association reports a 12 percent increase over last spring in people saying the economy is a significant source of stress; those hardest hit are women middle-aged and older.

The entire article shows how to reduce health costs (a link is at the end of this message) but misses ideas on natural… no cost health ideas like the Ecuador dental exercise below.

Actually these exercises are universal.  When Merri and I travel we watch for hints… ancient secrets that can improve our lifestyle.    Usually we find that the knowledge we learn in one country is connected in others.

Knowing how to simply maintain our good health and energy is really important during this economic downturn.

Recessions and depressions are the breeding ground for the next group of extreme rich.   Those who succeed need more than money.

They need good health and a great deal of energy and vitality.  These are the most important assets of all.

Plus the inflation that will come from all the government spending will make the medical systems even more expensive and less accessible.

Merri and I have enormous energy vitality and enthusiasm, running the farm, our publishing business and looking for what’s next.  Even though we collect Social Security, we feel as if we are just getting started.  Despite our heavy work load and travel schedule we seem to be getting younger.

One reason for this are some exercises we learned in Ecuador.

The first exercise is simply to have a cold shower in the morning.

In the early 1970s, Dr. Alexander Leaf was commissioned by National Geographic to study, and write an article about the world’s healthiest and most long-living people.

When Dr. Leaf began his study and his travels, three regions of the world were famous for the longevity of their inhabitants: the valley of Vilcabamba in Ecuador, the Hunza region of Pakistan, and certain portions of the Caucasus mountains in what was then the Soviet Union.

He traveled to these remote areas met, photographed, examined, and appraised these old and healthy people. Dr. Leaf listened to their hearts, took their blood pressure, and studied their diets and lifestyles. He watched them dance and saw them bathe in ice-cold mountain streams. He spoke with them about their daily lives, their hopes, their fears, their life histories. His goal was to separate fact from fallacy and determine the truth about longevity.

One of the Caucasus mountain centurions that Leaf interviewed made the comment. “If I have the strength to get in the creek, it is not my day to die”!

When Merri and I lived in the mountains with an Ecuador yatchak (one who knows), he taught us many exercises for vitality health and longevity.

Having read the National Geographic article, I was not surprised to see that one exercise each day was to, after exercise, bath in ice cold water… and then air dry.

The cold water after exercise rushes oxygen enriched blood to the organs. The hydrogen water molecules in the evaporation process binds with free radicals and helps purify the body via the skin.

In the Eighties, NASA research confirmed that regular cold water swimming leads to a series of bodily changes called “cold adaptation”, which lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and increases fertility and libido in men and women.

When Merri and I lived in our first house on the farm, we were next to Little Horse Creek… so each day I jumped in this chilled mountain stream… even in winter.

Here I am with our son Jake… one Christmas celebration amidst the ice and snow.


Once we moved to our new house on the farm, we were away from the creek so for efficiency sake, I  installed a spring fed pond in our back yard… continually filled with the same 59 degree temperature water… so I can jump in after my morning exercises. ecuador-dental-exercise


So what exercise to do before that cold shower?

The yatchaks taught us many exercises for longevity.  One often visited markets and one day he bought me a wooden carving of an indigenous ancient in a position of what could be considered exercise and or prayer.  Much of the ancient knowledge has been passed on orally and via coded painted wood and also preserved in Khipus (strings that passed through a knotty alphanumeric system).

After learning this Andean exercise I began seeing how ancients all over the world knew about this.

After receiving the figurine, sometime later I was inducted into an ancient order, the Knights Hospitaler, which has roots dating back a thousand years. Early on as knowledge of symbols was shared with me by the Grand Prior, I spotted something that even he did not know.

He introduced me to one of the grand symbols of the Order.   I did not say a word but saw that the thousand year old symbol of the Knights Hospitaler and my wooden Incan figurine showed the same exercise.

Lessons From Continents Apart

I do this exercise each morning beginning with a stretch to the sun.


Then squat down until your knee touches your opposite heel.


Bring your hands down to absorb the earth energy but do not touch the ground.


Then raise your hand to absorb the sun energy before standing back into the sun position.


This first of all increases your odds for longevity because it improves your balance.

Balance is like a muscle. If you don’t use it,  you lose it.

The two main causes of death in people over 40 years of age (after auto accidents) are falls and accidental overdoses from legal and illegal drugs.

An excerpt from a msnbc.msn.com article about accidental death says:

Alan McMillan, CEO of the National Safety Council says deaths from workplace accidents and car crashes have been fairly stable.

Older motorcycle operators also add to the death toll, McMillan said. Thirty-five percent of motorcycle deaths in 2005 were among bikers age 45 and older. A decade earlier, 15 percent of biker deaths were among the older age group. Motorcycle deaths in 2005 totaled 4,232, more than double the number in 1995.

Tips to prevent injuries from falling

Here are some tips from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association to help prevent injuries from falls.

Keep muscles and bones strong, by following an exercise regimen:

— Strength training with weight bearing and resistive exercise works for all age groups.

— Practice exercises designed to help improve balance.

— Exercise at least three days a week to improve strength, flexibility and balance.
— Choose low-impact exercises, such as yoga, tai chi and Pilates to avoid stress on joints.

— Stretch daily to improve flexibility and mobility.

The rate of deaths from falls for people 65 and older rose 31 percent from 1999 to 2003, the council reported, which means that deaths from falls are increasing faster than the older population is increasing. A death within one year after a fall can be attributed to the fall.

“We tend to see our home as our safe haven. The data tell us it’s not,” McMillan said, adding that families can take steps to protect the elderly from falls by removing hazards and installing stair rails and grab bars.

Accidental poisoning deaths, mostly caused by medication or illegal drug overdoses, increased from 17,550 in 2002 to 19,457 in 2003. The rate climbed from 6.4 to 6.7 deaths per 100,000 people.

In other words the first way to increase longevity is to exercise for flexibility and balance, avoid drugs and medicine and sell your Harley! Then to improve the quality of heath and reduce the odds of illness, improve your nutrition.

Good nutrtion begins with your food choices and your mouth.

This is where the Ecuador dental exercise helps.   These exercise exercises and strengthens the teeth and much more.  They are incredibly simple and easy to do.   They stimulate the teeth and gums, plus help promote digestion.

First,  run your tongue around your teeth like a toothbrush. This stimulates saliva.

Increased saliva helps digestion.  Saliva also triggers production of a hormone that helps prevent tooth decay. Third saliva kills germs in the mouth.

Finally this exercise strengthens the heart because the tongue is connected to the heart.

Second, collect the saliva in the mouth and churn it around like a mouth wash.

Third, click the teeth easily together three dozen times.  This stimulates and awakens the gums and teeth.

Good health is one of the most mportant assets we can have and is increasingly harder to attain in the West as health care grows in expense. We can use ancient wisdom to overcome and eliminate health problems like the Ecuador dental and other exercises above.


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Read the msnbc.msn.com article about accidental death at


Read the article Baby Boomers Struggle at


Protected: Ecuador Dentist & Doctor Flexibility

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Ecuador Dentists & Doctors Care

Ecuador dentists and doctors care.  This is so important… I know.

Ecuador dentists and doctors cost much less than in North America… yet there is something more about the dental – medical system in Ecuador.  The system allows Ecuador dentists and doctors enough time with patients to express their care.


May I explain.

A reader just sent me this note about Ecuador dentists and doctors.

Gary, I moved to Quito in retirement three weeks ago.  I had occasion to need a doctor yesterday and was surprised to find that he did home visits, something long forgotten in most of North America. As it turned out, he was not an ordinary doctor. He was a very special person as well.  This doctor is head of internal medicine and hemotalogy at a Quito hospital; but due to his love of people, he takes time to do house calls.  When he arrived we sat and chatted to get to know each other, in Spanish with the occasional English word thrown in.  Then he did his medical check, etc.  I felt that I was with a caring human being who was a doctor.  I can only remember such a thing almost 60 years ago in the little country town I lived in.  Let me say that I feel well cared for.  Best wishes,

Ecuador dental and medical practices suit Merri and me perfectly.

My mom is 86 and has been a true blue allopathic patient her entire life.  She has always believed in the American medical establishment.

Now that system is letting her down. She has been in and out of the hospital for the last month.   The health insurance that she has paid for has trapped her in a truly horrible, disjointed, unconnected, non caring system where the treatment she has received has actually diminished her health.  The hospitalization has left her more ill than the original problem.

The total lack of continuity and care clashes with the note above about the care of Ecuador doctors and dentists.  The system she has is so bad that for weeks no one doctor ever saw her twice in a row.

The hospital has made so many mistakes, has been so uncaring and so disorganized… that my daughter and sister have made sure that a family member with her 7-24.   We are afraid to leave her in the hospital alone!

When my son-in-law emailed the picture above of my mom and our grand daughter, Sequoia,  I realized that Sequoia and the entire family being with her…. our care is the most powerful medicine mom has been getting.

Care heals!  Care is the glue that holds the healer – patient relationship together and makes the difference between a place of healing and a cold, hostile, dangerous atmosphere.

We have regular comments from readers who use Ecuador doctors and dentists. They are so surprised not only at the low cost… but  the care!

This is not to say that all Ecuador dentists and doctors care. There are some bad Ecuador doctors and dentists like anywhere else in the world.

This is not to say that most North American dentists and doctors do not care. The majority of doctors and dentists in the US do care!

Yet American patients and practitioners alike are stuck with many negatives in the system that neither can do much about.  Nor can it seems the politicians help either.  American health care reform has been stalled for decades and the problems are likely to grow as 60 million baby boomers retire.

Ecuador’s dental and medical system is not so influenced by the problems that the US has with pharmaceuticals, litigation and insurance.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are plenty of pharmaceutical and surgical procedures used in in Ecuador.   Yet these modalities are not so overwhelming in the medical system.

Perhaps it is because the majority of Ecuador’s population are indigenous.  Their culture has relied much more on lifestyle healing rather than symptom intervention.    Perhaps this makes most of Ecuador’s medical profession more open to alternative and complimentary healing modalities.

Health insurance is not the norm…  so the medical system is not stuck with insurance adjusters as middlemen between the patient and  healer.  This leaves Ecuador dentists and doctors with more time to spend with patients rather than paperwork.

There is very little malpractice litigation in Ecuador  so MDs and dentists are not stuck with the huge insurance premiums that can force US doctors and dentists to crowd in more patients.

No system is perfect.   Humanity’s growing population and the Western materialistic lifestyle rewards systems. So most of the time we are stuck with systems for almost everything we do… including health care.

The best way to enjoy health care is to avoid it… yet when we cannot it is good to know that in Ecuador, the health care practitioners do care.

Read more Ecuador Dentist & Doctor Reports


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Ecuador Dentistry Rave

Here is an Ecuador dentistry rave in response to our recent article about Ecuador dentist Dr. Bayardo Bolano. The message was entitled Ecuador Dentists June Update 2009.

Hi Gary & Merri, I am Dr. Don Santini of Naples FL  I have been receiving your emails for several years and I have an observation to make concerning Dr. Bayardo Bolanos.

Dr. Bolanos has been my dentist for approximately 6 years.  I refer all my friends to Dr Bolanos for the best dental experience they will ever have.

I would like to inform you of an experience I had with Dr Bolanos in Sept 2007.  I went to see the local dentist in Naples that I had visited several times before meeting Dr Bolanos.  He performed an inspection and xrays of my teeth.  He informed me that I needed 3 root canals and 2 crown procedures in high noble metal.  I believe it also included a small filling.

The Naples dentist presented me with an estimate of approximately $4500.00 for his services.  I paid him for my examination and took his recommendations to Dr Bolanos in Ibarra.  When I arrived Dr Bolanos looked at the recommendations and said please have a seat and I will examine you and take some xrays.

When the examination and xrays were over, Dr Bolanos told me he was in complete agreement with the dentist in Naples, with two additions.  He then advised that the dentist in Naples had made no mention of my most important dental need.  He informed me I had two infections in my upper jaw bone.  One infection adjacent to the eye teeth on both sides of my upper jaw.

These infections resulted in a four hour dental surgery on the right side of the jaw bone and a three hour dental surgery on the left side of the jaw bone.  In the US I believe this would have added another $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 to my dental charges bringing the total cost to approximately $7,500.00 to $8,000.00.  I could be low on this estimate.  I have never had dental surgery before, but I believe it is very expensive surgery.

Dr Bolanos did outstanding dental services for me and at a cost of approximately $1,260, which resulted in a savings of approximately $6,740.00 for what I would have paid for inferior dental services in Naples FL.

My friend Bayardo always goes the extra mile to provide the best dental services anywhere.

As far as the complaint against Dr Bolanos goes, I am sure that your assessment that no matter how good services are some people are just born complainers is absolutely correct.

I wonder how well the complainer speaks Spanish.  It has always astounded me that we Americans in particular always expect everyone else to speak English when we are the foreigner  in their country.  For the record Dr Bolanos speaks easily understood English.  He explains his procedures so that you understand what is going to happen.  I have also noticed that when I speak Spanish in my limited ability, the people I am speaking to have a new level of respect and understanding for me.  They respect anyone who is trying to learn their language instead of expecting everyone in Ecuador to learn English.

I am moving to Ecuador as soon as I can get the papers I need to the Ecuadorian Counsel in Miami for translation into Spanish.  I believe my wife Charlotte and I will also need a criminal records check from Florida.

I will be renting a condo or small house for 2 or 3 months. This will allow us time to look for a larger home with acreage to lease.  Our first place to look for a home will be in Cotacachi.  If we can find what we want in Cotacachi, that will put me closer to Dr Vaca’s office where I will be doing volunteer work with Dr Vaca one or two days per week.look forward to meeting both of you in the near future, hopefully this year.

Don Santini, ND, MH

Ecuador dentists and doctors generally cost about 20% of what they are in the US.  We hope you’ll join us to share the delights of investing, business and living in Ecuador and the world and pay for the cost with your dental and medical savings.

You can see more about Ecuador dentists and doctors at Ecuador dentist and doctor reports.


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Ecuador Dentists June 2009 Update

We have many readers using Ecuador dentists and the feedback we receive is really good. Here is a note we received about Ecuador dentists this June 2009.

One reader just sent this note:

Hi Gary and Merri, you have asked me to write you and describe my experience with the Euador dentist I utilized in Ibarra re: your referral, Dr. Bayardo Bolanos.

I am very pleased to do so because he is beyond a doubt the best dentist I have ever experienced.

When I first went to see Dr. Bolanos, I was unsure whether he would engender enough confidence in me to allow him to provide the extensive dental work I needed done.  After meeting with him in his office for about a half an hour, I was very impressed with his professionalism, education, and experience.

His office staff provided me in advance with the cost of his dental work and it was 20% (and less) of the estimates I had previously obtained in the states.

Dr. Bolanos told me he would need at least 3 weeks to complete my dental work.  In fact, because he is a perfectionist, it took a month.

To say I am pleased with the work Dr. Bolanos did and the finished product would be a big understatement.  My mouth feels better than it has felt in years and I am regaining my self confidence in being able to smile with my mouth open.

In addition to being a highly competent professional, Dr. Bolanos is also very philanthropic.  He is head of the Imbambura Red Cross as well as President of Ecuador’s SOS Global Villages which manages six orphanages throughout Ecuador. Thank you for referring me to this highly competent, caring, and compassionate professional.  Appreciatively,

Also, I have attached a picture taken last week of Dr. Bolanos.


Not everyone likes every dentist we refer. We usually have someone complain about most things we have written about like this note that came in after I previously wrote about  Ecuador Dental Contacts

“Hi Gary, for your information. we have a friend who is extremely unhappy with the treatment of Dr. Bayardo.   He made several significant mistakes.

Some of the procedures he is using are out-dated. Ibarra has dentists that are better than Dr. Bayardo. A contributing factor has been that  his English is enough to say hello, how are you, but certainly not to explain or discuss any dental procedures. Far away from perfect!   They may not pay  a commission, as we heard Bayardo does.  Do you really want to make money out of people’s dental problems?”

My reply was: “I have never met Dr. Bolanos… have only heard good comments from guests at the hotel. We do not take commissions from him or anyone else.”

This reply came back.

“Good to know, that you do not receive commissions.  The other person  – (Full name Deleted by me) – who promotes him on his web-page  does.  Our friend who has problems with the treatment of Dr. Bayardo  heard that from (his wife’s name Deleted by me) directly.”

Usually, unless I receive repeated complaints, and especially when I receive a lot of raves, I do not give a lot of credibility to a complaint.  I realize first that no one satisfies ever customer no matter how hard they try.  Second, there is an element of gringo that comes to Ecuador wanting Ecuador to be just like the USA but cheaper.   This inexperience leads them to moan and groan about almost everything. Also third party hearsay complaints like this are often vastly distorted.

In this case, I especially dismissed the complaint because another email I received totally contradicted what I had been hearing about Dr. Bolanos English.

Here is one email that refers to that.

Both my girlfriend, and I have received extensive dental work from Bayardo.  Not only was his work very, very well performed (as measured by our results), but the work he did on my girlfriend was to correct mistakes made by dentists in the U.S. when they used too short of pins on some of her ceramic teeth and also left bacteria in her gums which needed to be removed and replaced with imitation bone where the infection had eaten into her bone tissue.

His English is really great.  He graduated after 3 years of graduate dentistry work in New York – all classes were taught in English.  He was able to explain to me in English when I first arrived exactly what he felt needed (and not needed) to be done.  (bold is mine). This took about 30 minutes for him to accomplish.

I was able to see some photographic pictures of his patients.   His work on many of the patients was mind blowingly and very positively transformative.  We feel blessed to have received his assistance and both unqualifiedly recommend Bayardo both as a dentist and a very trustworthy person.

Another reader sent this note.

My personal example for dental treatments consists of having one tooth pulled and a complete lower set of dentures made for a total of $190.00. I had a full set of upper in-plants for about $4500.00.

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Ecuador Dental Business Opportunity

Medical tourism is growing by leaps and bounds and creates some excellent opportunity.  This sector has risen so rapidly that a medical tourism association was started that says:

Medical Tourism is where people who live in one country travel to another country to receive medical, dental and surgical care while at the same time receiving equal to or greater care than they would have in their own country, and are traveling for medical care because of affordability, better access to care or a higher level of quality of care.

An internet based global medical tourism business is an “at the beginning opportunity.”

For example a recent article in the Korean Times says:

Han Yang University International Cooperation Hospital, foreground, a separate clinic dedicated to foreign residents and medical tourists, and Han Yang University Medical Center, background, in Haengdang-dong, Seoul. The international cooperation hospital saw its number of foreign patients almost triple in May, compared to a month ago.

Korea jumped on the bandwagon of fast growing medical tourism last year, hoping that it could become a new growth engine and attract more than 200,000 medical tourists in 2013.

Korea, often dubbed “The Land of Morning Calm,” is already seeing a surge of inbound medical tourists in search of better medical services at bargain prices.

According to the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs Sunday, the number of foreigners visiting Korea for medical treatment jumped 32.1 percent to 9,075 in the first quarter of this year, up from 6,872 a year ago.

A recent Gallup poll shows how rosy the prospect of the global medical tourism market is. The survey found nearly three in 10 Americans would consider crossing the border for medical treatments such as heart bypass surgery, hip replacement and plastic surgery as domestic health care costs continue to rise.

This is just one of many countries (including Ecuador) that offer medical tourism opportunities.

Until next message, may your opportunities be great and your need for medical care be low.


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