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Organic Micro Business Opportunity

An organic micro business opportunity has three benefits.


Organic micro businesses are thriving in…


farmer’s markets all over the world like this one in West Jefferson, North Carolina, Smalltown USA.

So let’s share two organic micro business case studies.

There are three reasons why organic micro business ideas are good now.

First… this type of business is in tune with the times. Your chances of success are enhanced by a growing awareness (and willingness to pay for) good food. Home grown food evokes nostalgia, a powerful marketing force in tough times.  The idea is that “people want what they perceive they have lost”.

Recognizing what you feel you have lost,  is a way to to earn income wherever you live.

Problems create opportunity.

Having lost something is a problem.

Since each of us represents a unique market… if we can understand what we feel we have lost… we can understand a problem that many others also feel.

Second… an organic micro business is good business beyond the bottom line. Organic farming provides a sustainable… long term benefit  for your customers… your land and your own body.   Getting out and working in the earth can help balance health.

We need to treat our bodies and this earth better!

Third… an organic micro business can be fulfilling.

Many of us have become so dependent on society that…  as we see the infrastructure around us crumble we feel apprehensive.  We move around day by day followed by a niggling black cloud.

We have lost simpler times… when we were not so dependent on a system that is so far beyond of our control.

For example, if for any reason the internet does not work… I am out of business.

If for any reason the national food distribution system stops, I cannot eat.

If for any reason, gasoline supplies are cut off, I cannot travel.  Etc. Etc.

Access to these supplies are beyond my control.

That is one reason that we moved to an isolated North Carolina  farm 13 years ago.. a survival place… where we also love to be even though the system we depend upon is working fine.

I would like our farm to be more independent and sustainable.

The growing risks of a social economic systemic meltdown have created a window where the past and future have come together.

We perceive we have lost a simple, independent life.  In the future we may need to be more independent again.

So we can logically ask, “What needs for the future are now here?”

Here are five “the future is now” investing and business trends that have merged. They seem to have a bright future.

#1: Gain value added. This is the era when small and flexible are beautiful. Modern community technology makes it possible for even micro businesses to virtually integrate. I’ll give you a specific in a moment.

#2: Invest in real estate. I know, I know people keep saying that prices are going down. Yet these same people keep having kids without making more land. This looks like an opportunity distortion to me.

#3: Bet on inflation. I do not see how with the massive government bailouts this will not happen everywhere…to a great extent.

#4: Invest in alternative power and sustainability. The same fundamentals as for real estate are at work…more kids…no more fresh water…trees…soil…clean air…etc. Plus one factor more. Each child born expects more.

#5: Invest in natural health. The current social economic lifestyle is flawed.  The acquisition of stuff creates too much work…leading to too much stress…with too little time…and poor nutrition…leading to pharmaceutical and surgical intervention. This intervention costs too much and is not a pleasant, effective approach that optimizes maximum human efficiency.

An organic micro business can tap into all five of these trends and I believe that anyone who invests or has a business in them  has great potential.

Here are two “here and now” case studies about this that relate to organic micro business opportunities.

Organic Micro business Case Study #1:  Amazing Cucumbers.

Yesterday Ted Tidwell who manufactures Organic Bio Wash, which I have written about often, sent me this note.

“In a non-BioWashed 100′ by 100′ area, the normal cucumber yield is 30 buckets. Mike Doyle’s greenhouse grower in Alberta, Canada,  BioWashed a 100′ by 100′ area. It produced 140 buckets!!!!

“His grower diluted our new BioWash100 at the rate of one (1) ounce per four (4) gallons of water and sprayed his vines at ten (10) day intervals.  His vines did not grow as long as normal. Instead, the energy increased his yield over 400%.  Needless to say, Mike now has an excited group of growers seeking his product. His new business is booming.”

This case study presents two opportunities… first growing organic foods.  Second… exporting and selling Bio Wash. You can get details about this from Ted Tidwell at tedtid7@yahoo.com


You may want to grow some organic cukes of your own because cucumbers are a healthy fruit from the same family as pumpkin, zucchini and other squashes.

100 grams of cucumber has

•    Vitamin A 180 I.U.
•    Niacin Trace
•    Vitamin C 9 mg.
•    Calcium 32 mg.
•    Iron 1.8 mg.
•    Phosphorus 27 mg.
•    Potassium 80 mg.
•    Carbohydrates 17 gm.
•    Calories 70

Some of the reported health benefits include

•    Cucumber is best natural diuretic known, secreting and promoting the flow of urine.

•    Helps in kidney and urinary bladder disease.

•    Liver disease

•    Pancreatic disease

•    The potassium content of cucumber makes it highly useful for conditions of high and low blood pressure.

•    Cucumber contains erepsin, the enzyme that helps to digest protein.

•    The high silicon and sulphur content of the cucumber is said to promote the growth of hair, especially when the juice of the cucumber is added to the juice of carrot, lettuce and spinach.

•    A mixture of cucumber juice with carrot juice is said to be beneficial for rheumatic conditions resulting from excessive uric acid in the body.

•    Cucumber juice is also valuable for helping diseases of the teeth, gums, especially in cases of pyorrhea.

•    The high mineral content of this vegetable also helps to prevent splitting of nails of the fingers and toes.

•    Cucumber, radish and bitter gourd are beneficial in diabetes.

Here is a great recipe for quinoa tabouleh with cucumber (from Jean Marie Butterlin)

Bring equal volumes quinoa and water to a boil, reduce to a simmer, cover, and cook until all water is absorbed. Amaranth takes about 10-12 minutes and quinoa 12-15 minutes. Experiment to find the texture you prefer.

Let it cool to room temperature and then add thinly cut  tomato, thinly cut  red onions, olive oil, lime and lemon juice, plenty of cilantro with salt and pepper and lots of diced or sliced cucumber.  See more about quinoa and quinoa tabouleh here.

See tomorrow’s message for the second Organic micro Business Case Study #2.


Learn more about bio wash at our Quantum Wealth course in West Jefferson North Carolina, June 24 to 27.

How We Can Serve You

Reduce Stress Increase Opportunity

Live free and with less stress with…

seven international business secrets

Then see below Ecuador Bits & Pieces on “the Ecuador Volcano” – “a reader who wants to swap a Miami condo for Ecuador property” – “a USA CPA can help with taxes in Ecuador” – “answers to  Ecuador real estate question” and “more Ecuador airfare savings.”

First see 11 global income experiences that can set you free.

One of the largest business publishers in the world began publishing my course International Business Made EZ (IBEZ) last week and before this agreement went into effect, I  made a special offer valid until May 31, 2010 that saves you $598.

This offer ends today.

I’ll explain this special offer only available to you as an existing reader (i.e. you) in a moment.

First may I explain how IBEZ online can help you gain tax reduced income, fulfillment and freedom as you live wherever you choose.

Earn globally as you help the environment and the poor.

I began my international business 42 years ago (as of May 2010) and have been creating and running international micro businesses since.

During that time Merri and I have been able to live, work and earn all over the world… literally anywhere we wanted because of seven secrets we gained which we share here with you.

We’ll also share 11 of the global earning experiences we have enjoyed that helped us make millions with many international micro businesses over these past 42 years… such as with British Lordships.


Global Earning Experience #1: Lepers. Merri started her international business in her 20s (long before she knew me) importing Italian clocks to the USA. This earned so much ($80,000 in the first year) that she created other micro businesses helping 0rphans in the Yucatan and Haitian lepers (at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital) produce crafts she sold for them in the USA.

Excellent income ($80,000 in the 1970s was a lot of cash)…  Incredible contacts… working with Dr. Larimer and Gwen Mellon who created the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti… and enormous satisfaction. Merri still cries 30 years later when she tries to speak of the gratitude of the lepers and her time in Haiti.

Plus she gained lessons that allowed her to live and earn… in many places and many ways.

Then we got together.

Global Earning Experience #2:  Lords. Another of Merri’s ideas (in the mid 1980s) was to broker British titles to wealthy Americans.  We made a ton from that… even gained 15 minutes of fame when Gary Trudeau learned about this business and immortalized it by having B.D. Zonker buy a title!

What fun… profitable, plus stimulating, meeting and working with the Blue Bloods of Britain… visiting their castles… invited to their events and affairs.

Before I get ahead of myself, may I ask you a question?

Would you like to have a lifestyle and a front yard like this…almost a thousand acres of hacienda overlooking the Andes?

Would you enjoy living in two, three or even more places wherever and whenever you chose? Would you be happier with more freedom, lack of debt, and a life of riches, adventure and travel?  Would you be glad to feel confident that you can discover interesting and fun business ideas again and again that not only bring in extra income but also helped the poor and improve the environment?

If so then read on… because… that front yard above is ours in a remote Andean hacienda. This is only one of several homes that we have gained (to live and use in business) from the secrets we’ll share below.

In the summer, we retreat to our 250+ acre farm high in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. Here’s our front yard in these mountains.


and the view from my home office.


Home offices in all your homes are important by the way. They are part of one global micro business secret.

When you have an international micro business that involves your home, the…


tax benefits can be fantastic.  Here is a group of our clients visiting our Blue Ridge home. We’ll see why an at-home international micro business can be especially liberating… profitable and good for the environment as well in a moment.

While we enjoy these views, we become richer by the day as we also enjoy helping those less fortunate and also saving natural resources. You can also enjoy such a lifestyle because after years of search, I found these micro business secrets that you can enjoy too.


Global Earning Experience #3: Lumber Sustainability. Here is one of the headwaters on our farm… that eventually feeds into the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico.  We have a sustainable logging business that employs people in low income areas who cut old and dead trees to improve forests, protect the watershed and bring back wood craft traditions and mill the wood by hand.

Global Earning Experience #4: Hospitality. Here’s a hotel we own and operate in Ecuador, another one of our international micro businesses… an inn… just 15 rooms, but we created a foundation and gave to the hotel the task of creating profits to help educate children from poor families in our Andean area.  The inn is doing well and how gratifying that is!


Having a variety of places to live is part of one of the secrets on how to earn more, have a better life with more fun, adventure and greater freedom.


This is the entrance to our Florida home… not a gated community but our own 16 acre citrus grove which we…


also use in one of…


our international businesses.

Global Earning Experience #5: Loans. Here I am in Florida consulting with Danish bankers about multi currency financing international businesses.

Global Earning Experience #6: Fashion. Here I am at the Florida house showing clients how to import…


these hand tailored, made to order, high quality wool suits into the US for as little as $135 .

The secrets we’ll share below are not about how to buy suits though.  The secrets show ways to make money marketing and much much more…. globally.

Global Earning Experience #7:  Green Produce. For example at our Florida home we have this orange grove and lake and


are the first to test new organic ways to make citrus farming better for the environment and the consumer.  We have been leaders in encouraging these ideas to be tested in Mexico, Ecuador and numerous other countries as well.

Global Earning Experience #8:  Education. Here we are conducting tours in Ecuador about organic farming.  One of our international businesses is based on agriculture use of bio degradable solutions like the one we use in the orchard above.


In addition to our Ecuador hacienda, North Carolina and Florida homes… we also have…


a penthouse on…


this beach…  also used in another of our global micro businesses.

All four of our homes above, I wish to assure you, are owned free and clear.  The secrets we share below show how to earn and save enough so you can be free of debt.

Global Earning Experience #9: Property. We have conducted real estate tours all over the world.  Here is a group


up the Ecuadorian coast.


Merri in her Panama hat leading an Ecuador coastal tour.

We have helped our clients find real estate in London… Switzerland… Isle of Man… Dominican Republic… Belize… Mexico as well as Ecuador.

Talk about adventure… we took a group to look at Belize real estate 20+ years ago… very primitive and exciting!

Global Earning Experience #10: Real Estate Finance: These condos belonged …

ecuador micro business

to this Andean Indigenous builder.  He needed financing when he started the project so we created a global micro business to help him successfully find finance to finish the project.


Global Earning Experience #11:  Green Fair Trade Flowers. One of our international businesses has been to ship environmentally correct fair trade roses around the world. Here are a couple hundred of these roses in our North Carolina kitchen waiting for me to arrange and display them.

This has been an especially gratifying business as we have been able to donate the proceeds to help rebuild an Ecuadorian school for these children.


These are just a few of the business experiences that can help you have the freedom to earn globally.  They are shared in our emailed correspondence course, International Business Made EZ.  This course helps you learn how to earn and live wherever you choose!

The course teaches a system based on seven secrets so powerful that it creates money for you regardless of where you are:  in town, out of the country, traveling or even in places as remote as we live.

These secrets have worked for us in real estate… titles… tours… agriculture… clothing… hospitality… alternative health,  spirituality… printing, publishing and art businesses for Merri and me all over the world.

I searched for these elusive secrets of opportunity for over twenty years, looking for a way to gain incredible, outlandish, unbelievable profit potential.

I finally found them and after years of proof, can now share with you. The opportunity I sought had to be enormously profitable yet also safe.  It had to work in good times and bad and had to be flexible so it could evolve as times changed.

These were not the only standards. I wanted to find unbelievable profit and high safety and freedom but also wanted this incredible investment to offer the ultimate tax shelter, something so perfect it would not be even a little bit questionable with the tax man. It had to be so tax foolproof that Congress would never change it. I wanted a tax shelter so good that it would be encouraged by the government!

I feared deep down inside that what I wanted was impossible. Nevertheless, I scoured the world for over twenty years looking for it. I looked in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. But I didn’t find it in Asia. I went to the Middle East and searched all over Europe… all across the USA and Latin America.  I hardly missed a country. After twenty years and millions of miles, I guess I gave up.  Only then (as these things so often happen) was it that I found the best opportunity in the world.

This opportunity was not only perfect but I discovered that it was wherever I wanted it to be, in my own back yard, in Florida and our remote home in the High Country of North Carolina and our even the more remote cloud forests in Ecuador.

Merri and I have created a special system that makes it possible for you to enjoy extra income with this opportunity. You can gain full or part time and enjoy excellent profits as you have fun and do something good in the world.

My search stumbled on the fact that most millionaires make their money in business. This discovery led to a study of rich businesses, ones that generate everlasting wealth. Here are five of seven secrets I learned about these businesses:

Secret #1: They must enjoy the multiple effect. A product once created must produce profits again and again, almost on a never-ending basis. Each investment made needs to make huge returns.

Secret #2: They need to be greater than their owner’s time. They must produce income even when the owner doesn’t put in day-to-day effort. You may already be wealthy or earning a high income. You may not even need another business or extra income, but some day you might. One surgeon explained it this way. “I am making a fortune because peoples’ lives are in my hands. Once my hands are no longer steady, my income stops. My entire financial well being will then be in someone else’s hands!”

Secret #3: These money making systems should be enjoyable and fun! Sadly most people make money for the sake of making money. Many spend their lives working, just to have a few precious hours having fun. The most important fact I learned about making and keeping wealth was that those who were richest absolutely loved what they were doing! Money was of secondary importance to their effort. And as things are, this means they actually ended up making more money!

Secret #4: These money making systems need to be flexible. No matter what the economy brings, your ability to make money should work regardless of inflation, recession or even depression.

Secret #5: These businesses usually start small, but grow quite large. I learned that good money systems work for large or for small amounts and can be operated on either a full or part time basis. Most businesses start with a learning curve. During that time it is essential they are small. Once the lessons have been learned and the system is operating properly, then it needs to grow for larger and larger returns.

These secrets created a fantastic way to make money with my own international business doing what I love!  Now you too can make a fortune by turning your passion into profit.

Before discovering these secrets I had a business but to be honest could never get ahead. I was almost penniless, in debt and living from month to month, check to check. Then I discovered these seven secrets…and how to apply them around the world.

Since then our international micro businesses have brought in millions. We gained all the physical possessions we desired, plus more than enough money in the bank.

We do not have one penny of debt and we have leisure time… though when you love your business… why not work?

This is most important, we have fun and feel that we do something beyond just making money every day! Merri and I do what we love and have learned that through our global business we can accomplish far more important goals, gain self fulfillment and be of service to our community. In short we can help make ourselves and the world a better place.

Among our greatest thrills is being able to help others through foundations we have started that help the environment and the poor.

More importantly we have the freedom to do all this from our many locations (some are remote-you have seen the pictures) that we really enjoy.

You too can have the freedom to do what you love from any place you like, even operating (actually preferably) from your bedroom if you wish.

What do you love? Rare cars? You can make a fortune creating a business around them. Do you prefer fine art? Or do you love beautiful jewelry, coins, gems, real estate, furs, model railways, dolls, scientific equipment, war memorabilia, old and rare books, or whatever? Do you prefer social subjects rather than objects?

Are you concerned with the environment or humanitarian problems, with crimes, war or poverty?  Would you like to help wipe these social problems out in the course of your business?

Are you a golfer? Do you love to travel? Why not make all kinds of money in a global business related to golf?

Would you like to help the world be a more spiritual place, help people get along better together? You can do something good for the world, increase your income and live wherever you please in the process!

Whatever your passion you can learn how to make a fortune by creating an international micro business around it. You can be international if you love to travel or not. Regardless of your skills and position there is some approach that will work for you.

Take fishing, for example. Millions of people love fishing. Here are just a few of many ways that others have profitably matched this passion with profit. Two of my friends, John and Lou, grew up near me in the Oregon mountains. They were outdoor adventure types and moved to Canada, where they homesteaded 1,200 acres on a trout-filled lake in mid British Columbia. They built a fishing camp that attracts fisherman from around the world.

Duncan Kinderman on the other hand loved fishing and castles. He bought a castle on the River Tay, a great Scottish salmon river, and offered time shares for fisherman from Britain, Europe and the US.

Another entrepreneur I know was from Montana. His skills were in marketing so he sold fishing trips for fishing camps. He attended rod and gun exhibitions, met owners of these camps and arranged to sell their fishing trips to the US, Argentina and even in Russia to fisherman around the world.

Ralph Kylloe on the other hand loved fishing and photography so he created the book, “Fishing Camps”, which was published by Gibbs Smith publisher. This allowed Ralph to travel across the country enjoying fishing camps as he photographed and wrote.

Steve Ambrose, another friend of ours, had family commitments at home so he set up a bass fishing business in Florida that served Americans, Germans, Canadian, Dutch and Belgians. Later as his children grew, he used his client base to arrange fishing trips in Argentina.

Each of these people had provincial backgrounds and differed in age, situation and skills. Their common link, the love of fishing, led each to a global micro business. Each was able to blend a unique nature and set of skills to develop a global business that surrounded them with fun, like minded fishing souls.

Also, imagine what an international business means to your world travel. Every trip you take can be tax deductible! You can honestly write off every trip that is related to your business. Every journey becomes a research oriented adventure and a TAX DEDUCTIBLE EVENT.

As a real international business person, you’ll have one of the most respected and tax protected businesses in the country. Every country needs to do business abroad, and most governments have created many programs to encourage their citizens to do business overseas. Many of those benefits come in the form of reduced tax! Other benefits come in the form of legal protection and even subsidies and grants.

There is such an abundance of opportunity that Merri and I have created an entire system to help you have your own international business. This system is unique because Merri and I are unique. We started our global business together. Since we’re almost recluses, we decided to do the whole business by ourselves… thus we create micro businesses that do not require large staffs.

We began working at home. Today, though we have tens of thousands of buyers and have made millions, we still work at home on our remote farms and employ only a few people to help.

You can do the same with a system contained in an electronic correspondence course called International Business Made EZ.  The course reveals all you need to know about how to start and run your own global business all by yourself. It answers your questions and gets your business started!

Thousands have profited from this course which we just updated in its fifth edition.

For example, Ben, an investor from Pennsylvania used International Business Made EZ and wrote:

“Jam packed with vital information. My head is spinning. Thank goodness this is all backed up by your manual. This is a true and cherished gift. Your tips on low cost business are a blessing! Thank you once again for an outstanding course. The value far exceeds the price.”

In just a week, you can be well on your way to income and freedom to live wherever you choose! International Business Made EZ shows you how to take advantage of the five secrets mentioned above and the remaining two secrets below:

Secret #6: Look for ways to gain 1,000% returns in business. The wealthiest families in the world today come from global businesses. Learn how margins can be so incredible that few would believe them. Learn how to use stories to make huge shifts in the value of products. Take for example our friend Earl who is a dog trainer. On a trip to Ecuador clay whistles in the market place were for sale at .35 cents each. By calling them dog whistles Earl was able to sell them at $9.95,  a whopping 2,700% mark up!

Secret #7: Create and market your product everywhere using niche marketing. There are 11 steps to create the perfect product. You learn them with International Business Made EZ. Understand how to review ideas, test focus, aim at markets. Learn where and how to get your data and get others to provide your marketing material for you almost FREE.

Learning how to market is the key to successful business. Knowing how to turn pennies into dollars is good marketing focus. International Business Made EZ gives you this winning marketing knowledge.

You’ll learn how to turn advertising dollars into a fortune. You’ll learn how to create your own ads and when to use the internet… search engines… pay per click… classifieds, space ads, direct mail or word of mouth… even flea markets and roadside stands in some cases.

See how to build a PR list and social business network on the World Wide Web to gain thousands of dollars in free publicity. I even share my most secret results on my marketing so you will know why sometimes you sell more units of a product at $49 instead of $29.

Learn how one couple used ads about retirement to supplement their retirement income and received free trips all over the world.

Learn how we have made money over the Internet (specific details, specific experiences, hard earned knowledge over the last 13 years!)  With an inexpensive computer you can easily run a business from home and still have tons of time left over- even if you are computer challenged. Merri and I have certainly proven this. We were one of the first out there with a successful website and still rank high today even with millions of competitors. The secrets in the course include a step-by-step approach.

Merri and I with our webmaster, David Cross, were leaders in beginning internet micros businesses and have sold millions over the web.  You gain ways to earn global income over the net from that experience as well.

At www.garyascott.com our daily emailed messages are sent to over 20,o00 readers every day.

According to Statbrain, right now, the site gets 8,321 visits a day.


and was recently ranked at Alexa.com as being in the top 16,000 web sites (out of over 100 million sites) in America, top 8,000 in Canada and top 500 in Ecuador.  IBEZ explains secrets so you can do the same… earn more as others seem to earn less.


You learn the income producing power of defined focus and immediate repetition to get good search engine rankings and sales.

Here is an example when I worked on the phrase “Ecuador Tickets”… to help sell Ecuador tours.

This was a competitive phrase at Google with 108 millions rankings.

Google put me on the first page (#10) for the phrase “Tickets in Ecuador”


You can earn successfully while living anywhere because people of all ages are doing this. Technology wiped out any disadvantages of age and gender. A USA Today article entitled “The new entrepreneurs: Americans over 50” explains that older business people often start one person ventures in home offices using technology that did not exist a few years ago. The article gave an example of Franny Martin who launched a cookie company at age 56 and said she expected $500,000 revenue in 2005. Yet her web site which attracts cookie customers from around the world cost only $3,000 to build.

International Business Made EZ is arranged in an easy to understand style. Everything is explained in vivid detail. We share all, how we have done it ourselves. The course is full of business ideas and case studies based on our 42 years of experience.

The course gives names, resources and addresses of contacts in marketing, printing, plus attorneys, accountants, Internet whiz kids who can give help. This is not theoretical. It describes on a step-by-step basis, how Merri and I built a multi-million dollar international micro business in just 7 years and how you can do the same.

Terry T., a friend and attorney from Germany took the course and enjoyed this fact when he stated, “What I like most is that it is a nuts and bolts course-not pie in the sky.”

We also have an international business that…


takes clients to this special lake and…


this sacred valley and…


this ancient Incan observatory for…


shamanic ceremonies to learn about natural ways for better health.

We have even helped clients learn how to earn in art by creating artistic business cards and professional printing.


These efforts have also been especially enjoyable as they also support the painter Monteros (below) and several other starving artists in Otavalo Ecuador.


The course includes information on:

*How to Gain Total Security. Learn how and why the global economy makes employment riskier because change is no longer an option. See ways to become and agent of and profiteer from change never a victim of change.

*How to Perfect a Lifestyle. Living as you choose is important because life is short. Fortunately matching what you love with what you do in business actually increases profits.

George K an MD from California confirmed this when he wrote: “Your course helped me to crystallize and clarify ideas I’ve been considering that relate to my interests in writing, travel and ecology. They showed ways to combine them in a personally engaging and potentially profitable way. I especially appreciated the practical advice on organizing and marketing-turning ideas into products that sell and make a profit.”

* How to Choose the Best Legal Structure. How to use Non-Controlled Corporations. How to gain freedom, asset protection and privilege.

A retired railway executive from Michigan picked up on this aspect and said, “Your course opened my eyes to the merits, profits, and prestige of becoming an international businessman, particularly the idea of doing business in Canada for distribution in the U.S. (for total tax protection).”

* How to Market your Product. Learn truths that rule the market place. Gain knowledge on subjects like….How to Make the Truth Exciting. Create your own Sales Story. How to Deal With Cultural Differences. How to Build Global Lists and Use International PR. How to Spot the National Psyche and Quadruple Profits With Multimedia Marketing. How to Choose Businesses as Pioneers or as Settlers.

Tom K.,an engineer from Ohio, cashed in on this idea and wrote, “Basically, I learned the selling and marketing implications. The course is absolutely worth the price!”

* How to Obtain What You Need from the Net. How to Use the Web to Reach your Market. How to develop your site, target your market and start getting visits. The top ten Internet tips to use, the top ten traps to avoid, and many other lessons our Webmaster has used in his 12 years on the net. This system is so simple anyone can use it.

“Thank you for taking the mystery out of business and bringing it down to the ham and eggs level.” L – Chiropractor – Oklahoma”

* The Importance of Business Evolution. It is vital to success and fulfillment that your business has balance and grows in harmony.

Rachel B, a housewife from Washington, enjoyed learning this fact and told us, “The idea of starting at the lowest cost level was terrific.”

* How to Set up your Banking Structure. Take Advantage of International Treaties. Learn all you’ll need about the financial end: How to control inventory, keep overheads down, check ad results, get 30 day free credit and stay on top of your business. Learn 11 hazards to avoid and tricks to stay profitable without a daily accountant.

International Business Made EZ contains all these secrets and more.

One delegate, Ted T. a publisher from California said, “Your course is outstanding! Just two hours of study alone were worth more than the price.”

While Kelly, a business woman from Atlanta, exclaimed, “It was great going through your steps, being 100% honest without fear of giving trade secrets since you have paid the price (to gain this knowledge).”

Who is helped by International Business Made EZ?

This correspondence course is for those who would like their own international business for fun and profit. The course also helps business people, brokers and professionals, insurance agents and marketers who want to enhance their existing business or build a second source of income.

Business people or professionals who want to add an extra profit center to their business or who want to change their business entirely will benefit. Those who want more control over their career can profit. Plus those who love global travel and want to turn their trips into profitable tax deductions!

Your tax savings in a year can be worth ten, twenty even 100 times the cost of International Business Made EZ.

Even older entrepreneurs are taking advantage of technology. One of our friends and clients, Mickey E., a 72 year old real estate broker, began a small global business. With just a computer and internet, she created publications that attracted English real estate buyers. This allowed her to become a top sales person in the biggest real estate firm (selling over a billion dollars of real estate a year) in town.

If you want fun, freedom, extra income and fulfillment with your own full or part time international business, or want to build your existing business, you can profit by International Business Made EZ!

This course is also for couples who want their own business or who want to have a business together or a family business.

This is the perfect course for those who can no longer find employment, who are looking for ways to earn abroad and who wish to retire and supplement their income.

An employed couple from New York wrote, “We found the course interesting and informative. We were inspired to start work on an international project. When we came down, we had no idea on what to do.”

There is nowhere else to gain such a unique network of information and help. The contacts are well worth more than the course alone. We have a successful international business with over 20,000  readers in 82 countries so you gain practical current business contacts that are active now.

Are you interested in a global micro business? It can be small and part time mainly to gain prestige, fun and tax benefits. It can be full fledged and rake in thousands a day. If so, International Business Made EZ is an absolute bargain. Our goal and guarantee is that you will be able to start and run your own global micro business.

If you are not fully satisfied in any way, just tell us and we’ll send you a 100% full refund with no questions asked.

Whether you are retired, an investor, chiropractor, doctor, dentist, professional or already own your own business, this offers another way to make money, to turn your passion into profit. We guarantee that we have shared all we know to help you start and run your own international business. Enjoy and live a life of following your Passion to Profit….through an International Business.

Your Friend,

Gary Scott

“The course gave me insight on what to do with widening my client base.” M – Real Estate Broker – Florida

“The course helped me in several ways. #1: To realize that it is not only OK but preferable to start small. #2: I feel I have a workable program to have my own newsletter-my own passion!” T B – Professional, Washington

“The course fulfilled all my expectations providing all the details necessary to start a business from creating the idea, through marketing including the systems necessary to implement our ideas.” B C – Chiropractor – California

“The first thing that strikes you when you start this course is how quickly and simply Gary cuts through many of the common misunderstandings about doing business internationally. In fact anyone with even a small local business could learn a wealth of practical marketing and sales strategies and tips through International Business Made EZ.”

So simple even my Mom can use it.

International Business Made EZ is designed to make international business so easy that even my Mom, when she was a retired 76 year old grandmother, could participate. (She learned how to turn her doll collecting hobby into a real international business which adds zest in her life and turns her hobby into a tax deductible expense.) Yet the program is so comprehensive even sophisticated business people will gain. International Business Made EZ has been accepted by many US State Boards of Continuing Education for attorneys and CPAs.

More Comments from Readers

“I completed International Business Made EZ in a (long!) weekend and – unlike many business books and courses – I didn’t fall asleep whilst reading it! I found it helpful to refer back to whilst I put my business ideas into action and the business and banking contacts in the course were worth their weight in gold.”

“There is a lot of rubbish written about business and ‘get rich quick schemes’ and I seem to receive some sort of junk mail or spam e-mail most days trying to sell me a ‘get rich quick’ idea, but I found Gary’s course genuinely different.”

“Firstly, the International Business Made EZ course is written by someone who has tried and proven his international business and then chose to share those practical examples in a course rather than as ‘pie-in-the-sky theory’. Secondly, although the course would show even hard-nosed, skeptical business people a few things about doing business internationally, it is written in a completely unassuming and open way and this makes it easy for anyone to gain maximum benefit in the minimum amount of time from the course.”

International Business Made EZ contains fifteen lessons. This electronic International Business Made EZ costs $299. You gain incredible education and the importance of the knowledge for you and your family’s wealth. The course is so complete Merri and I extend our “no fooling around-complete satisfaction guarantee.”

Here is the special offer. We provide three emailed courses… “International Business Made EZ”,  “Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher” and  “Tangled Web – How to Have a Web Based Business.”

The fee for each is $299. If you order IBEZ with this special offer we’ll send all three courses to you by email for $299. You save $598.

To order International Business Made EZ and save $598 Click Here.

This offer expires Today May 31 2010.

If you are not fully satisfied that this offers you enormous value simply email us for a full refund within 30 days. You can keep all three courses as our thanks for giving our courses a try.

Does that sound fair enough?

There has never been a time when the opportunity for small businesses abroad has been so outstanding. Expand your borders now! Increase your economic security freedom, independence and success. Order now!

To order International Business Made EZ and save $598 Click Here. This offer expires Today May 31 2010.


See Ecuador Bits & Pieces the Ecuador Volcano – a reader wants to swap a Miami condo for Ecuador property – a USA CPA can help with taxes in Ecuador plus an Ecuador real estate question and more Ecuador airfare savings.

How We Can Serve You

Monday Morning Economic Review

After a multi currency economic review… Quantum Wealth in the Blue Ridge for better health & everlasting wealth.

Last Monday’s message entitled  Monday Morning Economic Warning began:  Let me share what may be a big economic warning about a pattern that has developed… and could impact us immediately… as in right now!  This is why  have rushed this out Monday morning before the stock market gets going today.  I just hope the warning is not too late.

The chart below of the Dow from www.finance.yahoo.com shows that…

Chart forDow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI)

last Monday’s warning was not in vain.

The news looked even worse than the chart.   The News at Yahoo headline said: US STOCKS SNAPSHOT-S&P futures breach market plunge low. Fri May 21, 2010 7:44am EDT NEW YORK, May 21 (Reuters) – S&P 500 index June futures contracts SPc1 fell on Friday below 1,060, the lowest level hit during the still unexplained market plunge on May 6, which some analysts see as technical support level. Failing to bounce from support levels can trigger further selling.

The market rallied Friday away from the support level… yet last week’s volatility plus all the other weak fundamentals we have been writing about create the question:  Are we heading for a double dip recession and another stock market disaster?

Watching fundamentals and value over the years have really helped me and our long term readers have a good feel for what economically is ahead.  See why here.

The upcoming  market collapse that the a 15 year market frequency analysis predicts will be a problem for any… however problems create opportunity…  if you are looking ahead.

For example, at the end of last week’s market collapse on May 20, 2010 one of our long term readers sent this note:

“Hi Gary, In case you were wondering, I *did* buy a batch of options against the DOW about a month ago as I mentioned I might be doing.  Today I cashed them out at the close for a massive chunk of cash.

The options don’t expire until tomorrow’s close, but I never trust expiration day for options (prices often go violently against you).  DOW
currently looks grossly oversold, so I’m guessing there might be a rebound for a few days.  But then the outlook looks even worse, but by
then I’ll be ready with more options!  Time to buy a new car (maybe).  cheers”

This reader, by the way is not so much a student of the stock market, but is  a keen fan of biology and quantum science.

This is why our seminars are Quantum Wealth + International Business & Investing seminar.

We look at ideas way beyond the short term chaotic shifts in stocks and currencies.

We research history… science…. and human nature as well as economics.

Our seminars reverse priorities and look beyond the balance sheet.   First we focus on how to have better health… then more fulfillment and fun… then finally… increased income and wealth.

You also can learn more about Ecuador at our seminars… even when they are in North Carolina.

For example this June Merri and I are joined with the magnificent seven speakers.

Our Quantum Health sessions will be enhanced by…. Bob Shane.  Bob is a space scientist who has been involved at the quantum scientific level of the  aerospace industry for his entire career.   His studies in quantum physics helped him apply space science to understanding the deepest levels of balance in health.  Besides being the first person we turn to when we have health questions or concerns, he and his wife have been our very good friends for almost two decades.  He has helped Merri and me with our health enumerable times  over these years.

Bob will be available in June to demonstrate the most scientific and modern methods of physical balancing at the quantum level.  He will bring three special instruments for balancing at the Quantum level. The Scenar, ESTeck and Core Inergetix:.

Learn more about Bob at Ecuador shamans use quantum science.

Jean Marie Butterlin will travel from Cotacachi, Ecuador to speak.

Jean Marie with the shaman Don Esteban. Jean Marie… a Parisian  after living in Houston and exporting French products to the USA, moved to Span and built a business exporting natural health products and quantum balancing instruments throughout Europe.  He moved to Cotacachi,Ecuador and has developed a natural health business there…  plus he conducts our shamanic minga and Super Learning courses.

Floridalva Zambrano. Flori has been looking after our purchase of apartments and condominiums on the Ecuador coast for the past 18 months, both for our personal purchases as well as numerous subscribers to our ezines.

We have found her care, legal advice and assistance outstanding and have received many compliments about her really prompt and accurate service.

Her attention to detail is such that some US title insurance companies will issue title insurance on Ecuador property that have been conveyed through her firm.  This fact and our experience in working with Floridalva give us great confidence in her ability and her willingness to help make sure that the process of buying real estate in Ecuador is easy and safe.

Flori,is fully bilingual (English-Spanish), and has knowledge of German.  She spent several years in the United States as a university student so is well acquainted with the North American as well as Ecuadorian culture.

Bonnie Keough.


Bonnie Keough.  Bonnie conducts our export tours and will be on hand in North Carolina to display Ecuador export products and speke about how to export from Ecuador.  She brings extensive knowledge about Ecuadorian products and sales back in the USA…plus never ceases to amaze us with her outstanding array and excellent prices of goods from Ecuador.

Peter Laub, Jyske Global Asset Management. Peter along with the president of JGAM is in charge of investor asset allocation strategy. See the curreny JGAM allocations below.

Peter Laub visiting with delegates.

David Cross… our webmaster will help me unveil the secrets of gaining fun and freedom with a profitable, global micro, internet business.

ecuador assistances

David Cross with his wife (and our daughter) Dr. Cinda Scott.

Jeff and Lin Neil, Ashe county real estate brokers, will also be on hand to speak to those who have an interest in Smalltown Blue Ridge real estate.

Join Merri and me with these seven valuable sources of information.

The seminar updates the world’s economy and looks at where and how to prosper from helping solves some of the world’s great problems.

We’ll look at simple ideas such as how to earn extra income from the flower business with Ecuador



and lilies to how to have the freedom to travel wherever you desire as you export handmade Ecuador suits

Here is the latest Ecuador suit I had made ($250)


Here is another in blue. This was lighter material and cost only $135 hand made from scratch.


The seminar begins in West Jefferson, North Carolina  (about two hours from Charlotte and Greensboro airports) Thursday June 24  with “Quantum Wealth” a one day workshop conducted before our regular International Investing & Business Made EZ seminar schedule.

The International Investing & Business schedule starts Friday June 25 when I join Peter Laub of Jyske Global Asset Management, our webmaster and the other speakers mentioned above to review where to invest through the rest of 2010.

On Sunday, all delegates are invited out to our house for afternoon tea and casual informal discussions


Here is a group chatting with Thomas Fischer  from Copenhagen at a previous North Carolina seminar.

International Business & Investing shares  how we create income through service and how and where to invest globally… plus this course shares our most valuable contacts and sources of knowledge.

Inflation makes it increasingly hard for almost everyone to keep up with the faster and faster pace of the rat race that captures most of the world…especially in economic downturns we have experienced for the past two years.

International investments and international business unlock the restrictions of the rat race.

Economic stress grows…debt…rising cost of insurance, increased liability…inflation lurk everywhere. More crowded…more change…more push.  The falling dollar and economic hard times are shredding purchasing power.

This leave us few choices.

We can join the rat race or…find enjoyable ways to invest and earn.

The international investing sessions start on Friday and look first at multi currency investing.  Multi currency portfolios are usually slow moving, safe, conservative investments but they can be really profitable as well.

How safe?

The portfolios we create and review at our courses are composed of mutual funds and shares and are developed with the help of one of the world’s safest banks. The mutual funds and shares are held at that bank at all times.

Suppose we get specific.

That safe bank is Jyske Bank…well established with a history of over 100 years. Jyske is Denmark ’s second largest bank, with 450,000 clients in Denmark and over 30,000 abroad.

Jyske Bank has over 23 billion euros in assets and also happens to be one of the leading currency traders in the world. The Danes have always been big currency traders because as a small naval country surrounded by England , Sweden , Finland , Russia , Germany , Norway and other countries…they have always had to deal in many currencies.

This historically gained expertise means that unlike most banks (that trade only eight hours a day) Jyske maintains a 24 hour global currency and commodity dealer service. Many other large banks use Jyske to handle their off hour currency positions. This means that Jyske is huge when it comes to multi currency activity. In fact their turnover reaches $50 billion dollars a day.

That’s safe.

Each course reviews global economics and updates ways to adapt and prosper in current conditions.

This portion of the course reviews what I am doing as multi currency investor myself.  For example during the 2008 downturn the recent Global Portfolio Currency Breakdown of my own personal portfolio looked like this.

Ecuador Real Estate 12.0%
Real Estate  31.0%
Euro 10.5%
Emerging market Currencies 10.0%
Danish kroner 9.9%
US$ 8.2%
British pound 6.0%
Swedish kroner 4.0%
NZ$ 3.7%
Australian $ 1.0%
Canadian $ 1.0%

By late 2009 that portfolio had shifted to

US $ Real Estate 50%
Non US Equities   3%
Emerging Bonds 11%
Bonds                   26%
Ecuador Real Estate  (for sale) 15%
US$ Short             -5%

my liquid portfolio was diversified in these currencies:

US$  -5.0%
CAD  7.0%
NZD  7.0%
AUD   7.0%
$ Bloc   16.0%

GBP   8.0%
DKK  10.0%
SEK   4.0%
EURO 39.0%
Euro bloc 61.0%

TRY 6.0%
HUF 7.0%
BRL 6.0%
EMCS 6.0%
Emg Curr  25.0%

Now I have made another big shift in my portfolio.  We’ll review my updated portfolio and why I have made changes.

Most teachers do not actually share their own personal portfolios…  Just as Merri and I share our home and lifestyle, we share how we invest and explain why our portfolio is designed for our circumstances at any one time.

This provides you with two benefits. First, sharing why we adjust our investments helps you understand how to adjust yours.

Second, and most important, we invest real time. The data shared in our courses is about global investments you can make in the here and now. What you learn is not dated theory, but up to the minute fact! Many delegates come to course after course to update their portfolios.

We share our most valuable sources of information as well.

For example, Peter Laub of Jyske’s Global Asset Management group looks after hundreds of millions in asset allocations.

Here is the current JGAM Asset Allocation Strategy  as of 19 May 2010.

JGAM feels that the risk-off scenario is back  in the sentiment of global investors for three reasons; negative growth perspectives for Europe, political influence on the European Central Bank (ECB) and uncertainty on the future of the eurozone, or at least on some members of the eurozone. Taken all together they expect the euro to continue to suffer from the ongoing uncertainty of the eurozone project so this risk-off scenario could prevail for some time (i.e. months).

Here is JGAM’s May 19, 2010 Asset Allocation Mix.

Foreign exchange: JGAM is keeping a relatively high US dollar exposure in their Managed Asset Allocation Portfolios and have even increased it in selected low risk and medium risk portfolios.   The relative growth outlook between the US and Europe plus uncertainty on the future ECB policy and sustainability of the eurozone are causing a downward pressure on the euro.
Fixed income: JGAM is remaining underweight with fixed income.   They continue to favor corporate bonds and emerging market bonds because of attractive yield spreads versus government bonds.  They are keeping the maturity low as long bond yields are likely to rise from present historical low levels.   They also reduced euro exposure in selected low risk and medium risk portfolios.

Equities: They are keeping an overweight position in equities and favor US consumption sensitive equities and European export sensitive equities.

Alternatives: JGAM holds a neutral position in gold as a hedge in the present risk-off scenario caused by the euro crisis.

Cash: They hold a neutral position in cash.

Loan mix: In the leveraged portfolios JGAM changed the funding mix from 50% CHF and 50% JPY to 25% CHF, 25% EUR and 50% JPY to  hedge the euro exposure on the asset side of the portfolios.

Peter Laub will update this strategy at our June seminar.  Here are a few of the other international investing and business subjects we review at this course.

#1: How 100 years of global economics can enhance your international investments and international business now. Learn how history reveals currency distortions that create international investment opportunities to borrow low and deposit high. For example right now you can borrow Japanese yen at below 3%, Swiss francs below 4% to invest in international investments, international business, international real estate or other international currencies that pay 5%, 6%, 7% and even more. In one case we’ll show why it is smart to borrow Swiss francs at 3.75% and invest in international Brazilian bonds that pay up to 10% or more!

Subjects in the international investments sessions include a review of global stock markets, international currencies and international interest rates and how they are shifting versus the greenback.

Another session looks at where to find the best value international investments globally right now, plus how to spot the hottest international investment trends before they become hot.

We also cover how to cash in on currency shifts by making international investments through the Multi-Currency Sandwich (Borrow Low-Deposit High) tactic. This is a perfect time for such international investments using diversification of currencies and taking advantage of the currency distortions that now plague investors around the world.

Currency experts from Jyske Bank (Jyske is one of the largest forex traders in the world. The 7/24 trading hall trades 50 billion dollars a day) will provide data at that course on this subject.

We’ll study international investment portfolios that offer the advantage of diversification, in several cases into nine currencies and nine different investments of which more than half have strong A to AAA ratings. We will review any changes made in the international investments portfolios we track and update what and how currencies and interest rates may move in the months ahead.

#2: We’ll look at international investments in emerging stock markets and emerging bond markets as well. 2007 was the seventh consecutive calendar year in which international investments in emerging markets outperformed developed markets. In 2007 the MSCI overall Emerging Markets benchmark was up 23.8 % in US dollars compared to the MSCI World Total Return Index being down 0.08 % in US dollars.   See why 2008 fared worse for emerging markets and how this creates more potential value.

In 2008 emerging markets fell faster and further than major markets… but once again in 2009 they led the global investment pack.  Peter and I will be on hand to answer questions.

This June’s International invest sessions look at which blend of emerging and major markets may work best in 2010 on into 2011.

How profitable? Though Jyske Global Asset Managers have been extremely conservative this year, their managed portfolios by last month had risen between 12.2% and 34.4% this year, depending of the risk profile and the size of arrangement.

Those with more emerging markets in 2009 made even more.  The emerging markets index (in US dollars) was up 58.99% compared to 23.05% for the major market index. Over three years the index on emerging markets was up 37.88% versus 17.27% for the world index. The emerging market index was up 35.63% compared to the world’s index rise of 18.43% over five years.

Then emerging markets recorded their highest ever quarterly returns in the second quarter 2009, and posted strong gains for the third quarter, up 37.4% in three months, which ranked as the ninth best in equity market history.

You’ll learn why in 2009 we were investing in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China).These 4 countries now generate approximately 27% of the world´s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  The average annual GDP growth of a BRIC nation was greater than 7% before the recession, as compared to approximately 2% for a G-7 nation.  In the first three quarters of 2009, the growth rate for the Chinese economy beat expectations with an outstanding 8.9%.   We’ll look at a special BRIC trading idea in our 2010 seminars.

#3: One session will especially focus on international investments in alternate energy and water. For example we’ll see why Hyflux (water cleaning membranes mainly in China ) rose from $1.50 to $5 in less than a year (and why it then fell dramatically). We’ll see why water shares are destined to grow. We’ll look at Vestas (windmills) shares also up from $50 to $106. Plus we’ll update our Green Portfolio. These shares are especially interesting now as they were especially depressed in the global meltdown.

This course goes far beyond just international investments in stocks, bonds and currencies. Other sessions cover:

#3: How to cash in on distortions in international real estate from Ecuador to Lithuania! We have gained much more than just profit and international business and international investing opportunity in our international real estate searches. We have gained incredible luxury, heart- warming sweetness, breath-taking beauty, much better health and pleasant surprises at every turn. Having lived, worked and played in Ecuador now for over a decade and a half, we’ll focus heavily there, but Ecuador real estate opportunity is just one small part.

For example we’ll see how to own Ecuador and Smalltown USA real estate for pleasure and profit.

The third session of the course looks at how have an international business for fun and profit.

Merri and our webmaster, David Cross join me in the third part of the seminar to look at how to have a small international internet business.

This portion of the seminar is highly practical and usable because it focuses on how to start really small…with minimal investments of time and capital.

Plus we show how to stay small (yet highly profitable) if desired. International business sessions include:

#1: How to have an International and Ecuador Import-Export Business anywhere.

We’ll especially zero in on Ecuador export business opportunities in carved wood, ceramics from Cuenca, carpets from Guano, silver and gold jewelry from Chordeleg, paintings and art, textiles from Otavalo, leathers from Cotacatchi and flowers from the Andes . For example you’ll learn how factories make bread dough jewelry that can be fashioned into high school and college mascots and purchased for pennies apiece (to be sold for dollars abroad). You see how the only native American owned mill produces coats, shirts, sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves in school colors of your choice (at really low prices). These can be sold for ten times their cost.

Here is what one delegate to our course wrote: “Warm greetings for you and Merri! I’ll be on that list of Millionaire women very soon, thanks to your wonderful guidance and tips. Thank you SO MUCH for the good work that you both do!!!”

Bonnie Keough, who conducts our Ecuador export tours, will be on had with export samples.

Here are some of the products that Bonnie imports herself including…


organic chocolate.


Textiles and…


knitted jackets are good sellers plus…


low cost jewelry out of vegetable ivory…


beads have good markups.


Handbags of leather and…


Another delegates on one of Bonnie’s Ecuador export tours shared this: “I love to travel, but since I’m not independently wealthy, I also need to make money. I made one of my dreams come true. I went to Ecuador .  I attended Gary & Merri Scott’s import/export seminar, we visited artists, markets and villages. It was a treat to see the great variety of handmade items and meet the friendly artists. I started to see the possibilities. I filled my suitcases in no time. Most of those things were sold to coworkers and friends and covered the costs of my trip. Yeah!”

“I returned to Ecuador in October. I spent two weeks attending Spanish classes in Quito and the next two weeks shopping. Once home, I sold my goods at an international bazaar and again paid for my trip expenses.

“Do I plan to continue? You bet! I have ideas for other places to sell my goods and some great material for travel articles. I am learning more each trip and gaining experience and confidence and most importantly, I love doing it! Attending your workshop was the catalyst that gave me the courage to take the plunge. Thank you for enriching my life.”

We will also look at export and Smalltown USA opportunities with Bio Wash and Purely Green as we share amazing experiences that farmers are having with this organic, biodegradable product and  review how we use this on our farm and our orange grove plus see potential benefits of exporting this wonder product abroad.

#5: How to write and use publishing, seminars and how to use international internet opportunities to create your own global business from your home. You can run your global business from an office or at home! The internet makes this more possible than ever before.

In the course we use case studies of what we are doing now to show how to start small and grow on the internet!

Imagine this. Merri and I have a tiny international business. Just two of us run this operation from a remote farm in the Blue Ridge, a small village in Ecuador and the Florida countryside. Yet our website has been ranking among the top 20,000 sites in the USA.

By starting small and building with stepping stones and harmonious foci we now almost own several profit generating phrases at Google.

At the course, we look at how we use the Seven Ps (Person, Problem and Promise, Product) to zero in on key phrases. Then we use the Fifth P Promise to develop new customers. The Sixth P the Prospecting Path and Seventh P the Presentation we use at the internet.

This knowledge has really helped previous course delegates. Here is what one previous delegate just shared:

“Gary , I have been working on my website, healthy-holistic-living.com site and I figure it is time for another update. It is really hard to believe it, but my site just keeps growing and growing and I am now averaging 2000 visitors per day!

“What I find to be most amazing is that in just a few short months my site is #1 out of over a million sites and sometimes even millions of sites! As you always say the internet is the ‘Great Equalizer’ anybody given the right tools can compete on the internet.“

You will learn how to use the same system to expand (or start) your business globally!

#6: How to Cash in on Smalltown USA.

We’ll look at properties for sale in the Blue Ridge. These areas have two unique features. First, they offer great real estate value. Second, they are great places to visit and live and do business.

Many readers combine a trip to our Blue Ridge courses with a chance to look around and inspect some property for sale.  Learn how demographics and population push (plus the water) and new Florida investments that have come to this area are likely to make this a hot spot in the decade ahead.  In Florida they often visit Orlando about an hour away… plus look at the great lake front properties available at really low prices.

Jeff Neil  will introduce you Ashe County real estate at the seminar.

#7: How to use the latest tax savings and offshore legal structures to gain the ultimate asset protection. Learn how to gain more than cash-freedom, friendship, financial security, prestige, tax savings, legal protection, fun, adventure, self-sufficiency, fulfillment and more satisfaction…by combining very small amounts of money with your time and energy in an international business.

Previous course delegates have included business people, brokers and professionals, doctors, dentists, lawyers, retirees, couples wanting to get into international business together, insurance agents and marketers who want to enhance their existing business or build a second sources of income through international investments and international business.

Plus more.

We have invited more speakers than we have had in a decade to share this learning experience with you… at this seminar course… for ideas on health… green and quantum investing… asset protection and global business.

Totally flexible split sessions. You can attend just part 1  June 24-27 Quantum Wealth plus International Investing and Business Course in North Carolina

or any of the real estate tours below or all.

June 28-29    Travel to Ecuador & onto the Ecuador Coast

June 30-Jul 1 Coastal Real Estate Tour

July 3-4 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

July 6-7      Quito Real Estate Tour

July 9-10     Cuenca Real Estate Tour

July 11 end of tour.

Simply choose how many seminars and tours you’ll be on and enjoy the multi tour savings below.

Two Pack… 2 seminar courses & tours $998 Couple  $1,349 Save $149 on couple

Three Pack… 3 seminar courses & tours   $1399 Couple  $1,899 Save $98 single or $348 on a couple or more

Four Pack… 4 seminar courses & tours   $1,699 Couple $2,299 Save $98 single or $697 on a couple or more

Five Pack… 5 seminar courses & tours  $1,999 Couple $2,699 Save $496 single or $1,046 on a couple or more

This can be a summer treat… in the cool mountains as summer heats up…  because we have booked all four days of this course to be conducted in the West Jefferson Hampton Inn and have arranged discounted room rates for you.

This is a brand new hotel… nestled in the mountains

ecuador-wine and cheese

West Jefferson Hampton Inn.

ecuador-wine and cheese

with really great views.

West Jefferson, North Carolina, is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in an area  long known as the “Lost Province.”


This is why we chose to live in this area… the epitome of Smalltown USA… isolated but just  25 minutes north of Boone.

Photo floating to the left

At an elevation of 3,200 feet, surrounded by Fraser Fir and pine forests, our climate offers relief from the hot summers, with temperatures ranging from the high 70’s to the low 80’s; and winters are surprisingly mild, in the mid 40’s to 50 degrees.

We may be best known for our arts district which is located in the middle of a beautiful historic downtown. It is the site of 15 murals that create a walking tour through the hometown of West Jefferson. The murals are designed and painted by of local artists and others in the state reflecting the area’s history and unique mountain character.

The downtown streets of West Jefferson are brimming with diverse locally owned shops and art galleries. Shoppers will be able to find something unique and special for everyone on their list.

Ashe County Farmers Market

Located within walking distance of all the shops is the Ashe County Farmers Market. Located on the Backstreet in downtown, the market is open twice-weekly during the summer months and again during the holiday season. Only handmade and homegrown products are sold at the Farmers Market.

The Ashe County Cheese Store is always a big attraction. Established in 1930, this cheese company is the oldest cheese plant in the Carolina’s and offers visitors a chance to watch cheese being made, as well as select their favorite cheeses from the onsite gift shop. It has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in North Carolina. You can visit year round from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

New River - West Jefferson, Ashe County North Carolina

Nearby West Jefferson is the New River, one of the area’s natural wonders. The New River is the second oldest river in the world and was designated an American Heritage River by President Bill Clinton in 1998. Because of shallow, gentle waters, the New River is ideal for canoeing, kayaking, fly fishing and tubing.

West Jefferson is also a very short drive to the exquisite, luminous life-size Blue Ridge Frescoes created by world-famous fresco artist Benjamin F. Long IV. Of the nine frescoes located on the Blue Ridge Trail, four frescoes are right here! Mary Great with Child, John the Baptist, and Mystery of Faith, are located in St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, West Jefferson NC and The Last Supper, is in Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Glendale Springs.

Plus we are just a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Many delegates usually drive the parkway on their way to this seminar we traditionally have at the beginning of summer.


When you enroll, we’ll send details on how to book a room for the seminar at an exceptionally low rate.

There are three ways to attend our June/July seminars and tours.

Option #1: Come for the four day quantum wealth… international investing and business seminar.

Quantum Wealth North Carolina – International Investing & Internet Business West Jefferson, North Carolina ($749) Couple $999

Option #2: Enjoy low Ecuador airfares and a North Carolina Ecuador split session. Come for the four day for quantum wealth… international investing and business. Then travel with us June 28 to Ecuador for one or up to four real estate tours.

June 24-27 Quantum Wealth plus International Investing and Business Course in North Carolina

June 28-29    Travel to Ecuador & onto the Ecuador Coast

June 30-Jul 1 Coastal Real Estate Tour

July 3-4 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

July 6-7      Quito Real Estate Tour

July 9-10     Cuenca Real Estate Tour

July 11 end of tour.

Option #3. Skip the North Carolina seminar and meet our staff direct in Ecuador to start one, two, three or all of the real estate tours .

Simply choose how many seminars and tours you’ll be on and enjoy the multi tour savings below.

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International investments and business can help your money grow and stop losing its purchasing power.

Previous course delegates have included business people, brokers and professionals, doctors, dentists, lawyers, retirees, couples wanting to get into international business together, agents and marketers who want to enhance their existing business or build a second sources of income through international investments and international business. Plus everyone wishes to improve their lifestyle… have better health and more ease in receiving income.

If you have or want to make international investments or have your own full or part time international business, you should contact us and make a reservation.

Your friend,

Gary Scott

P.S. One section in the West Jefferson  seminar shows how I turn a $950 direct mailing into $118,500 in three weeks. I added $9,875 a month to my income! This information is worth the cost of the course alone.

When these seminars begin… there is always a hint of excitement.   Peter Laub has flown in from Denmark. Our webmaster, David Cross, has arrived from Oregon, Bob Shane is in from Seattle.  John Marie Butterlin and Floridalva Zambrano have flown north from Ecuador… Bonnie is here with her export goods  and delegates have come from all over the world.

We’ll look at some of the international investments we view (including Ecuador opportunity) but let’s also allow some of the delegates to tell you how they felt about this seminar.

One delegate wrote:

Hi Gary, Merri and David,  Thanks for a great weekend.  As a new club member, I’m looking forward to the next time that we can spend some time together and to reading “Ecuador Living”.  Sincerely,

When our North Carolina international investing and business seminars begin, I rise at dawn on the farm and then…


we drive into West Jefferson where we conduct the seminar.

We are casual at our international investment seminars but serious.


Many delegates make international investing and business… even lifestyle decisions based on the economic updates we share, so I and our other speakers, have spent enormous time getting prepared.

The seminar began with a historical review that leads us to seven places to invest now.

#1: Multi Currency Sandwich

#2# Value markets,

#3: Emerging markets

#4: Wellness.

#5: The environment.

#6: Real Estate in the US and Ecuador.

#7: Authenticity & cohesion.

Plus we’ll  see why many of us need our own business.

The first historical fundamental we cover is a way to predict where markets might go next.  We see for example that the Dow has moved in approximate 15-17 year up and down cycles for over 100 years.

We view how the Dow appears to be in the 10th year of a 15 to 17 year down cycle that began in 1999.  We compare the last two years of this cycle, with the equivalent period in the 1968 to 1982 bear cycle and check out the synchronicity.

We saw an amazing 93% correlation at our last seminar.  That led us to some of the accurate market warning we have made.

We use charts like the one below from Moore Research compares the Dow from 1976 through 1978 to the Dow of the last 18 months. The Blue line is what happened in the equivalent period in the 1970s to now.


Here is what another delegate wrote about this seminar:

Hello Merri & Gary,  Now that I am back home and settled into the normal routine, it’s time to drop you a line to say how much my brother Rick and I enjoyed attending the conference last weekend.   Experiencing the beauty of Ashe County and the pleasant disposition of the people who live there contributed to the picture of the place that you paint via the letters and photos sent out to your readers.  Not only was the information presented there of great value, but Rick and I found that all of the other participants we met are great people indeed, just as you’ve mentioned.  Your ability to attract like-minded souls is a service in itself, and one that provides lessons we can all strive to emulate going forward.

Thank you again for providing the opportunity of meeting you both in person; I will begin to make use of the information to enhance my own life and look forward to seeing you both again some day.  Best wishes.

Then we look at the multi currency sandwich and how you can currently borrow US dollars at less than 3% to invest the loan in higher yielding shares and bonds.  Swiss franc and yen loans are even less.

We’ll  see how the British pound and euro are now  potentially undervalued currencies versus the US dollar (if they still are by June).

We look at how Jyske Global Asset management’s Low Risk Portfolio with a 100% loan. It rose 11.4% since 2009 or at 23% per annum pace.

We review undervalued  bonds like an 18% six month profit with 4.75% ISS Capital 2010 bond (or growth at 36% per annum pace).

We reviewed a  7.25% Bombardier 2016 bond. that offered a longer duration and higher spread of 3.5%.

Then we tie this all togtehr and see how to use the low cost loans to invest in high value stocks and bonds.

Here is what another delegate shared about the seminar:

Merri, My wife  and I would like to thank you and Gary for a wonderful course. We thoroughly enjoyed all the information presented by Gary, Thomas and David. And we thank you for your hospitality with having us to your lovely “piece of paradise” in Lansing. The lunch was delicious and your presentation of import/export items was quite interesting.  We look forward to visiting Ecuador in September of 2010. And we look forward to visiting and staying at your hotel in Cotacatchi.

We’ll  update our review of the best and worst value major equity markets around the world and see what the best valued major markets are for the months ahead.  Last seminar the best value were Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore and the UK.

Here is what another delegate had to say about this seminar.

Hi Gary & Merri,  I thoroughly enjoyed the time you so graciously allowed me to attend at your seminar and am not surprised, in the least, that you are getting rave reviews.  You and Merri make such a wonderful team offering these seminars with professionalism and charm, and here in Ashe County, with a unique local flavor.  We all thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting acquainted with many of your delegates.  As it was last year as well, many of the people you attract with your seminars are well traveled, interesting and very personable.  Thank you for your friendship and generosity,

In another session we looked at the importance of investing in the environment. We saw three ways to gain from sustainability changes ahead.

#1: Adaptation.  Investing in solutions to health problems is an example. Poor food produced in our central food system creates blood sugar problems, so Novo Norsk a Danish company that is the largest producer of insulin makes sense.

#2: Mitigation.  Cleaning up the mess humanity offers profit especially with water. Hyflux, a Singapore company, and Kurita Water, a Japanese firm, both have potential in this field.

#3: Structural Change.   Vestas Wind Turbines is a Danish company and is the largest maker of wind turbines to produce energy.

Here is what anther delegates sent to Merri and me about this seminar:

As a retiree who saw her retirement sustain considerable loss due to the economy, I found the information you presented during the three days to be extremely helpful and showed a plausible way for me to have some recovery.  Besides all of the relevant information, your emphasis on honesty and the importance of not to be deceptive was reassuring.  The bottom line is, that what gave real value to the information we were receiving and what made us feel comfortable was, that we felt you, Thomas and David were all people of good character.  Something that is very important to us.  Thank you, Gary and Merri, for providing a wonderful Seminar. Sincere regards.

On Saturday evening we drive to Lansing and look at how small businesses can grow in Smalltown USA.   We’ll visited the New River Winery for a wine tasting. The winery is housed in another old WPA building which originally was the Lansing school.


Here is Haskell McGuire one of New River founders showing us the winery.


New River’s flagship wines are Bohemia Red and Bohemia White. These were followed by the introduction of signature wines, Back Porch Blueberry.  New River now has several new wines in production including:  Pinot Blanc, Viogner, Hellbender Red, Lansing School White, Big Laurel Blush, and Seyval.

The winery started small and is growing by leaps and bounds. Vineyards and wineries are one of the fastest growing business sectors in North Carolina.

Here is an unedited quote from another delegate:

Dear Gary and Merri:  We so enjoyed attending the IBEZ Seminar this past weekend in Jefferson, NC.  We loved the high country area, the nice people we met and particularly enjoyed the visit and tour of the New River Winery.  We were lucky to sit at a table with four utterly charming southern women, one of whom was Haskell’s wife.  We had a long drive home on Sunday and were sad that we had to leave and not be able to join you and our group for lunch at your farm and sad that we missed Merri’s cooking.  We hope someday in the future we may have the opportunity to visit your property as we heard it is quite beautiful.

Then we begin the international business sessions of the course.

David Cross begins by teaching how to use the internet in business.

We start by looking at a Time Magazine quote which says:

Throw away your briefcase: you’re not going to office. You can kiss benefits goodbye. Your new boss won’t look much like your old one. There’s no longer a ladder, and you may never get to retire, but there’s a world of opportunity if you figure out a new path.

On Sunday we finish the seminar and then those who have time visit our farm. Delegates are invited up to the house for afternoon tea.


We’ll have a review of Ecuador export products.


Like this these baby alpaca sweaters.


Another delegate wrote:

Hi Gary, Just a quick note to tell you again how much I enjoyed the seminar and seeing your lovely farm.  I spoke to you briefly about deciding that I wanted the web course instead of mult-currency.  Thank you for sending me that instead of the multi-currency.  It may be two weeks, but I am starting to work on that site.  I know from life experience that it is always better to focus on what you want to create instead of what you don’t want. So thank you for the buzz of creativity that you, David, and others from the  group inspired.  I am also interested in featuring the dulcamaras product on my site, along with testimonials.  You mentioned a contact for that product.  I would appreciate that information also. Smiles.

Here is some Ecuador art we showed at the last seminar that evolved from drum making.


Delegates came up with many marketing and…


business ideas.


plus we had fun.


This is a great time to be in the cool mountains with this view…


from the house!

As the guests leave… in the dusk… there is always a moment of sadness.  New friends made.  Interesting ideas shared and now we are moving apart.


Yet we’ll be back together again next seminar.

This delegate expressed it well when she wrote:

Thank you again for a truly life changing and life enhancing weekend. And we also wish your loved ones a speedy recovery and good health. Best regards.

We hope you will join us for our International Investing and Business Course in North Carolina this June or in Ecuador in Jnue and July like this delegate who wrote:

Hi Gary,  It was wonderful to meet you and Merri at the IBEZ Conference this past weekend!  You both are so warm and caring and have a genuine desire to help the people of Ecuador and others to build a successful business.

The classes were very insightful and jam packed with information and suggestions on how to start your very own web based business. You and David, your webmaster, presented the information in an easy to understand format that even computer dummies like me could understand.

The multi currency investing portion of the class presented by you and Thomas Fischer from Jyske Global Asset Management were very interesting and educational.  It opened our eyes to new avenues of investing that we didn’t have a clue about before.

We also very much enjoyed the Import and Export portion of the class.  The items from Ecuador that you and Merri shared with us were very beautiful.  I especially loved the bird art and would be very interested in importing some of these to sell.  I am also interested in jewelry, leather goods, and the shawls like Fran was wearing in class (they were enhanced with the leather collar and leather applique).  I think that custom made leather goods that are stamped, as you and Merri suggested, have good income potentials. We would like to thank you and Merri for opening up your beautiful home to the class on Sunday afternoon and feeding us such a delicious lunch.  This was the perfect ending to three days of fun and sharing of ideals and suggestions on how to make money from investing in property and multi currency to building a successful web site business and Importing/Exporting from Ecuador for profit.  Thank you and Merri so much for everything.  We look forward to attending additional conferences.  Take care and hope to see you again soon.


Join Merri me and Peter Laub of JGAM and our webmaster David Cross in North Carolina this June 24 to 27 2010.

Learn more about global investing, how to have an international business and early retirement in Ecuador at the course.

June 24-27 Quantum Wealth plus International Investing and Business Course in North Carolina

June 28-29    Travel to Ecuador & onto the Ecuador Coast

June 30-Jul 1 Coastal Real Estate Tour

July 3-4 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

July 6-7      Quito Real Estate Tour

July 9-10     Cuenca Real Estate Tour

July 11 end of tour.

How We Can Serve You

Another delegate wrote:

Hi Gary, Just looked at your website for the first time and couldn’t hardly stop reading all the fantastic topics and the wealth of information you provide.  One of the best website’s I’ve experienced.  Don’t know why I haven’t looked at it sooner but am very happy I finally got to it.  I read as many articles as I could in one sitting with limited time this morning and am anxious to get back to read more.  Your life experiences and expertise is fascinating.  It’s amazing how close your philosophy about life, work, investing, family, etc. parallels my own.  I suppose international living, broad experiences with other cultures, diverse business experiences, etc., culminate in a certain way we view the world.  Anyway, thanks for sharing so much excellent philosophy and expertise.

See how to live free and well with seven international business secrets and 11 global income experiences that can set you free.

Protected: Micro Internet Business

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Invest in Growth & Good

Here is an idea I gained about investing in growth and good at a Jyske Bank seminar .


I’ll be speaking at Jyske’s Laguna Beach, CA seminar this Friday and Saturday.  To meet me, and see more about this seminar click here.

One of the speakers a number of years ago was Rolf Jensen, author of the “Dream Society”.  His was an exciting speech and Jensen’s book has been on my core reading list for years.

Jensen is a futurist, the chief imagination officer of the Dream Company which he founded after being the manager of the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies from 1988.  The ideas expressed in the Dream Society have influenced my thinking a lot.

Jensen began his speech with a global overview.

* There are 6.6 billion people in the world.
* The global economy grew 5% last year.
* Emerging economies are catching up.
* Mature economies are growing only 2.3% each year.
* 1 billion people live on a dollar a day. 2.5 billion live on two dollars a day.

This thinking shows the huge problem in helping the poor and reinforced the opinion so often stated in our messages, “there is great opportunity in emerging markets”.  Huge problems create huge opportunities.

Jensen then expanded his global view.

* $50 billion would buy Kenya for a year.
* 20% of all merchandise that is manufactured passes a border.
* 70% of the world’s population watch TV.
* 40% of the world’s population has a cell phone.
* 15% of the world’s population has access to the internet.
* 50 million people visit websites.

That reminded me how much I gave up when I shifted to a website only business.  Yet his next comment outlined the correct direction we took when we moved to a value oriented philosophy in our messages on life, business and investing.  He stated that markets are having a great transformation to value:

* Markets are shifting toward post materialistic values.
* Markets in the industrial revolution have shifted from demanding things to knowledge and are shifting to wanting experiences.
* Markets are shifting from materialistic needs to emotional needs.
* Love-friendship-control-freedom-tradition-change-big answers-recognition and care are emotional needs that create expanding demand.

The next generation is transferring this transformation into five ways of action which include:

* Adding more diversity.
* Having more involvement.
* Increasing globalization.
* Feeling better.
* Enjoying more passion.

The first transformation is added diversity.

* Every customer becomes special.
* Every employee becomes special.
* Nobody is seen as normal. Everyone is special.
* Organizations will have a flatter hierarchy. The top will be connected with the floor. Management with staff. Workers with clients.  Server with user.
* This will end mass marketing. There will be smaller but more focused brands. This can be seen in the cola wars, the way micro breweries develop and Nike IDs it users.
* We will not watch TV ads.

The second transformation will be increased involvement.

* Marketing of products will shift from advertising to customers and workers becoming more involved in  marketing via word of mouth and one to one.

* Customers will become salesmen and ambassadors.

Jensen also talked about the importance of authenticity.

* The customer is becoming smarter.
* The customer is becoming more cynical and has more information.
* Traditional ads no longer work.
* Real stories work.

He asked, what is a good story?

* One with authenticity, meaning and roots.
* One true to the heart.
* One with conflict.
* One with passion.

He outlined how small, passionate companies gain an edge and how good big companies will decentralize.  He also pointed out that successful companies will not advertise but will let the passion of the business pass through the workers and customers.

The fourth transformation is increased globalization.

* World trade is growing at 10% per annum while world GDP grows at 5%.
* Global trade grows but un-globalized values also grow.
* Values change much slower than GDP.
* There is more growth in local brands than global and small brands than big.

Finally Jensen also outlined the importance of the “feel well” transformation that creates care and wellness markets.

* Body and mind is an emerging market.
* Physical health, fitness and botox grow.
* Mental health, retreats and spas expand.
* The health of the planet becomes more important.
* There is a shift of emphasis from GDP to GWB  (General Wellness Barometer Happiness Factor)

I especially agreed when Jensen said that one transformation will be a shift towards increased passion in business. Our site has looked at how to turn your passion into profit for decades!  See http://www.garyascott.com/archives/2000/02/02/55/index.html

Rolf ended his speech with this wise quote:  “If you feel the future as a headwind, then you are walking in the wrong direction”.

That’s really good advice!

Though we invest in good, we also recognize and create protection from the bad as well. See Ecuador murder.


Here are three of our courses and tours that can help you prepare for the future.

Join us in North Carolina this June 24 to 27 to learn more about Quantum Wealth. June 24-27 Quantum Wealth and International Investing and Business North Carolina

Our North Carolina courses in 2010 will be conducted in the new…

ecuador-wine and cheese

West Jefferson Hampton Inn.

ecuador-wine and cheese

with really great views.

Or Join our Ecuador Super Thinking plus Spanish course May 9 to 12, 2010. Super Thinking + Spanish Course, Cotacachi Ecuador



Here are Merri, Shaman Don Alfonso with Jean Marie Butterlin, who will conduct our May Super Thinking + Spanish and Shamanic minga courses.

May  13-14    Ecuador Shamanic Minga


You can also enjoy a May or June Ecuador real estate tours and save on multiple tours.

May  16-17    Imbabura Real Estate Tour

May  19-20    Coastal Real Estate Tour

May  22-23    Quito Real Estate Tour

May  25-26    Cuenca Real Estate Tour

June 30-Jul 1 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

July 3-4      Coastal Real Estate Tour
July 6-7      Quito Real Estate Tour
July 9-10     Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Mother’s Day roses in Ecuador.


Small Green Internet Business

Here is why a small green internet business can be so valuable.

Imagine having a hobby… that you enjoyed… was a lot of fun and that always paid for your cost of living and lifestyle.

Wouldn’t that be worth pursuing?


Does this look like work?  Delegates on a our Ecuador tour.  In a moment we’ll see a link to Ecuador business ideas.

Having your own small business for extra income is more important now than ever before.

Over the past decade, this site has regularly recommended that one of the best ways to create wealth is…  having your own business.

This idea makes sense!  Government spending almost assures inflation.  Inflation hurts those on fixed incomes, new entrants in the job market and salaried workers the most.   Business however always adjust for inflation…. so your own business protects your spending power.

The excerpts below from a March 2010 Atlantic Magazine article “How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America” By Don Peck shows the concern:  The Great Recession may be over, but this era of high joblessness is probably just beginning. Before it ends, it will likely change the life course and character of a generation of young adults. It will leave an indelible imprint on many blue-collar men. It could cripple marriage as an institution in many communities. It may already be plunging many inner cities into a despair not seen for decades. Ultimately, it is likely to warp our politics, our culture, and the character of our society for years to come.

How should we characterize the economic period we have now entered? After nearly two brutal years, the Great Recession appears to be over, at least technically. Yet a return to normalcy seems far off. By some measures, each recession since the 1980s has retreated more slowly than the one before it. In one sense, we never fully recovered from the last one, in 2001: the share of the civilian population with a job never returned to its previous peak before this downturn began, and incomes were stagnant throughout the decade. Still, the weakness that lingered through much of the 2000s shouldn’t be confused with the trauma of the past two years, a trauma that will remain heavy for quite some time.

The unemployment rate hit 10 percent in October, and there are good reasons to believe that by 2011, 2012, even 2014, it will have declined only a little. Late last year, the average duration of unemployment surpassed six months, the first time that has happened since 1948, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking that number. As of this writing, for every open job in the U.S., six people are actively looking for work.

All of these figures understate the magnitude of the jobs crisis. The broadest measure of unemployment and underemployment (which includes people who want to work but have stopped actively searching for a job, along with those who want full-time jobs but can find only part-time work) reached 17.4 percent in October, which appears to be the highest figure since the 1930s. And for large swaths of society—young adults, men, minorities—that figure was much higher (among teenagers, for instance, even the narrowest measure of unemployment stood at roughly 27 percent). One recent survey showed that 44 percent of families had experienced a job loss, a reduction in hours, or a pay cut in the past year.

The Long Road Ahead

Since last spring, when fears of economic apocalypse began to ebb, we’ve been treated to an alphabet soup of predictions about the recovery. Various economists have suggested that it might look like a V (a strong and rapid rebound), a U (slower), a W (reflecting the possibility of a double-dip recession), or, most alarming, an L (no recovery in demand or jobs for years: a lost decade). This summer, with all the good letters already taken, the former labor secretary Robert Reich wrote on his blog that the recovery might actually be shaped like an X (the imagery is elusive, but Reich’s argument was that there can be no recovery until we find an entirely new model of economic growth).

Historically, financial crises have spawned long periods of economic malaise, and this crisis, so far, has been true to form. Despite the bailouts, many banks’ balance sheets remain weak; more than 140 banks failed in 2009. As a result, banks have kept lending standards tight, frustrating the efforts of small businesses—which have accounted for almost half of all job losses—to invest or rehire. Exports seem unlikely to provide much of a boost; although China, India, Brazil, and some other emerging markets are growing quickly again, Europe and Japan—both major markets for U.S. exports—remain weak. And in any case, exports make up only about 13 percent of total U.S. production; even if they were to grow quickly, the impact would be muted.

Most recessions end when people start spending again, but for the foreseeable future, U.S. consumer demand is unlikely to propel strong economic growth. As of November, one in seven mortgages was delinquent, up from one in 10 a year earlier. As many as one in four houses may now be underwater, and the ratio of household debt to GDP, about 65 percent in the mid-1990s, is roughly 100 percent today. It is not merely animal spirits that are keeping people from spending freely (though those spirits are dour). Heavy debt and large losses of wealth have forced spending onto a lower path.

So what is the engine that will pull the U.S. back onto a strong growth path? That turns out to be a hard question. The New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, who fears a lost decade, said in a lecture at the London School of Economics last summer that he has “no idea” how the economy could quickly return to strong, sustainable growth. Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Economy.com, told the Associated Press last fall, “I think the unemployment rate will be permanently higher, or at least higher for the foreseeable future. The collective psyche has changed as a result of what we’ve been through. And we’re going to be different as a result.”

One big reason that the economy stabilized last summer and fall is the stimulus; the Congressional Budget Office estimates that without the stimulus, growth would have been anywhere from

The economy now sits in a hole more than 10 million jobs deep—that’s the number required to get back to 5 percent unemployment, the rate we had before the recession started, and one that’s been more or less typical for a generation. And because the population is growing and new people are continually coming onto the job market, we need to produce roughly 1.5 million new jobs a year—about 125,000 a month—just to keep from sinking deeper.

And even within industries that are likely to bounce back smartly, temporary layoffs have generally given way to the permanent elimination of jobs, the result of workplace restructuring. Manufacturing jobs have of course been moving overseas for decades, and still are; but recently, the outsourcing of much white-collar work has become possible. Companies that have cut domestic payrolls to the bone in this recession may choose to rebuild them in Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Bangalore, accelerating off-shoring decisions that otherwise might have occurred over many years.

New jobs will come open in the U.S. But many will have different skill requirements than the old ones. “In a sense,” says Gary Burtless, a labor economist at the Brookings Institution, “every time someone’s laid off now, they need to start all over. They don’t even know what industry they’ll be in next.”

“We haven’t seen anything like this before: a really deep recession combined with a really extended period, maybe as much as eight years, all told, of highly elevated unemployment,” Shierholz told me. “We’re about to see a big national experiment on stress.”

Those of us who start and own small businesses do not have to join the stress.

The changes that brought on the recession and unemployment also created opportunity for those who embrace change and innovate.

The Atlantic article also said:  Ultimately, innovation is what allows an economy to grow quickly and create new jobs as old ones obsolesce and disappear. Typically, one salutary side effect of recessions is that they eventually spur booms in innovation. Some laid-off employees become entrepreneurs, working on ideas that have been ignored by corporate bureaucracies, while sclerotic firms in declining industries fail, making way for nimbler enterprises.

In with the new… small… fun… innovative businesses. Out with the old… big…complicated, stressful work.

Here are three tips for success with your own small business.

Tip #1:  Live beneath your means. Start small… build upon existing skills and grow in relationship to your situation.

Small beginnings are nature’s way. Most businesses start with a learning curve. During the beginning and in the initial learning period, it is essential to remain small as you err. Once lessons have been learned, the business can grow using business evolutionary cycle.

The small business evolutionary cycle is:

#1: Get an idea

#2; The idea leads to enthusiasm.

#3: The enthusiasm leads to education.

#4: The education leads to action.

#5: The action leads to profit or loss but also more ideas.

The cycle repeats and this is the way that businesses should grow.

This is why one of the favorite workshops I teach is “Early Wealth” for kids. This is sometimes conducted before other adult courses and sometimes presented to groups of school kids.

They love it and soak up the information on how to attain wealth.

The course begins by showing a dollar bill and a candy bar and letting the kids choose which they would prefer. Some choose the candy, others cash. But twenty-six more dollar bills are taped to the first and they then unfold. Now the kids see twenty-seven dollar bills dangling before them and they are asked to choose again. Kids are not stupid. They take the twenty-seven bucks and in the process learn the power of compounded interest.

If they take a dollar and put it in the bank, even at a low interest rate it grows to twenty-seven by the time they reach age 65.

Many of the parents at this workshop tell me they wish they had had this when they were younger as I point out the importance of starting early.

This chart shows that a person who saves $4,000 a year for ten years ($40,000 total) from age 19 to 29 and leaves it earning 8% per annum compounded will have $1,097,285 at age 65. This is compared to a person who saves $4,000 a year ever year from age 29 to 65 ($148,000 total) has only $877,264.

Then we have the banker’s race. Two children are selected, one a large boy, the other a small girl. They race as they drag a fifty pound bucket of mud. Each selects five bankers. The difference is the girl has been good and saved money so her five bankers help her pull the bucket. The boy, who has been bad and borrowed money has to drag the bucket and his five bankers. You can guess who wins the race.

These lessons  are based on the expectation that a social code will be adhered to… that rewards capital.  Those who are frugal, save and invest will enjoy greater financial security then those who just spend.

Tip #2: Expect inflation. Save and invest in a business…. your own or someone’s else’s… not cash.

Government’s globally now and throughout history have tended to cheat on this economic honor system… as they are doing so badly now.

For example, the US government… already deeply and growing deeper in debt has initiated a new program to help American borrowers who have been clobbered by falling home prices, the government has created a new plan to help those who own property that is worth less than its mortgage.   The plan has several strategies including requiring mortgage servicers to consider cutting a loan’s principal if it is up to 15% more than the home is worth.

Because additional debt is most likely to deteriorate the value of the dollar, those who lived above their means… or speculated on real estate or bought real estate they really could not afford are being rewarded.  So too are banks who did not vet their borrowers carefully enough.

The government’s explanation for this additional spending is that the cost to taxpayers is less than the cost of not doing something.

Yet the simple reality is that these rewards are at the expense of those who have saves and lives beneath their means. Those who will be punished most are those with fixed incomes and cash.

This is not just a US phenomenon either.  Governments are going deeper into debt everywhere… spending money that does not create goods.

Warren Buffet recently commented on this when he purchased a railroad for $27 billion.  He said: Cash is always a bad investment. When people said cash is king a year ago, that [was] crazy. Cash wasn’t producing anything, and it was sure to go down in value over time. And then you always want to be sure you have enough. It’s like—like oxygen—you want to be sure it’s around, you know. But you don’t need to have excessive amounts of it around. We will always have enough cash around. But anytime we have surplus cash around, I’m unhappy. And we found a chance in the last year, thereabouts, to deploy [it]. We came in with something over $40 billion in cash. We have got about $20 billion now, and we’ve had some earnings. So, we’ve put a lot of cash to work. And I like that. I’d much rather own a good business than have cash. . . . [BNSF] is not a bargain, but it’s a good asset for Berkshire to own over the next century.

You can say all assets are a hedge against the dollar. All you know is that the dollar is going to be worth less 10, 20, 30 years from now. I say “worth less.” Not worthless. You want to watch that. [It’s] true of almost every currency I can think of.  The question is how much it depreciates in value. But cash is not a place. We’ll print more of [it] in relation to the amount of goods that are moving. If we dropped a million dollars of cash into every household in the United States today, everybody would feel very good except the people that invested in things that were denominated in dollars.”

Yet most of us don’t have an extra $27 billion lying around.  In fact many of us may not have enough cash to convert into inflation fighting assets.  Instead we need more income.

These facts alter the way we must live and invest… with a shift towards holding inflation fighting assets… like a small business.

Fortunately science and technology has truly set us free.  An internet business can help us earn income.

Golden Income.

Plus isn’t the goal here to enjoy life… without living beyond our means?

An internet business can help us turn our passion into profit and earn income in enjoyable ways.


For example I love to write.  My internet business allows me to do so in places I want to be.

Here I am with our hound working at our Florida home.

Technology has destroyed the limitations imposed by time and space and an internet business gives us freedom to earn and be mobile. We no longer have to be stuck in one place.

I can sit in my office in North Carolina and work.


with this view. (You can see that my hound dog wants me to hurry up and get out on the mountain!)


Or hike into our Blue Ridge forest and work.


You can see that now she is happier!

Or visit Ecuador’s beaches and work.


Tip #3: Look for and solve problems that are important to you.

For example if environmental problems are important to you,  think about sustainable farming.   America only has two million farmers.  Their average age is 55.  Sustainable farming needs small-scale, local, organic methods rather than petroleum-based machines and fertilizers.

There is a dramatic demand for more small sustainable… small  modern farmers… small business people who become skilled in heirloom produce and new ways of marketing.

This is one reasons why I have been posting messages about EnviroSafety Bio Wash and farming.

This is a good idea for Smalltown USA which is one reason why we now have a Florida orange grove business and a North Carolina sustainable forestry business. We are to test bio wash on citrus growing and fighting greening.  See more here at Bio Oranges


This also offers a great Ecuador organic farming idea. See more here.

Join Merri and me and our webmaster, David Cross, and Jyske investment adviser, Peter Laub, to learn more about business, investing, health and Ecuador this June at our Quantum Wealth  seminar where we share ways to invest, do business and live that protect wealth as they bring joy, satisfaction and better health.


How We Can Serve You

Read the entire Atlantic Magazine article How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America here.

Why Worry the Dollar Part II

Yesterday’s message Why Worry the Dollar looked at how innovation can enhance the greenback’s value and why investors might want to borrow yen instead of the greenback at this time.

America has serious debt and deficit problems.  The solutions are either increased tax, reduced lifestyle or greater productivity.

Innovation is an important fundamental to track because it is the root of productivity.

Increased productivity combined with high employment generates more wealth for all.

History suggests that the best social economic model to create productivity is a capitalistic democracy.

Democracy in its own right does not stimulate innovation and productivity.  Democracy provides the field  where desire to work and save can grow.  These desires in a population lead to a political, educational legal and physical infrastructure where enough people can enjoy capitalism and strive for innovation and improved  productivity.

Despite its growing debt deficits and political problems… the United States is still a leader in innovation and productivity.

This is why the US dollar cannot simply be borrowed or shorted without great risk.

An excerpt from a recent Economist article entitled “Slash and Earn” looks at American productivity in more detail:

Productivity has surged in America and slumped in Europe. Neither trend can last.

Like physical fitness or a healthy diet, productivity is a worthy goal that can require an unappetising change in habits. Producing more by working less is the key to rising living standards, but in the short term there is a tension between efficiency and jobs. America and Europe have managed this trade-off rather differently. America has gone on a diet: it has squeezed extra output from a smaller workforce and suffered a big rise in unemployment as a consequence. Europe, meanwhile, is hoping to burn off the calories in the future. It has opted to contain job losses at the cost of lower productivity. That probably means America’s recovery will be swifter. Further out, productivity trends in both continents are likely to be uniformly sluggish.

Analysis by the Conference Board, a research firm, shows just how different the recession was on either side of the Atlantic. America’s economy shrank by around 2.5% last year but hours worked fell at twice that rate, so productivity (GDP per hour) rose by 2.5%. The average drop in GDP in the 15 countries that made up the European Union before its expansion in 2004 was larger, at 4.2%. But hours worked fell less sharply than in America and, as a result, EU productivity fell by 1.1% (see table). Workers that held on to jobs in America and Europe had their hours cut by similar amounts. The reason total hours worked fell by more in America was that there were more job losses there: employment fell by 3.6% last year, compared with a 1.9% fall in the EU.
What accounts for this stark contrast? One theory is that the GDP figures in America are overstated. Fresh revisions will take in information from small firms, which may have been forced to cut back by more than big firms because of scarce credit. So GDP could be revised down, narrowing the gap with Europe. Another view is that American firms were panicked into shedding jobs too quickly (though brutal cuts in capital spending suggest that Europeans were scarcely calmer).


In fact, much of the productivity-growth gap is explained by different labour regulations. America’s more flexible jobs market makes it far easier and cheaper to lay off workers. In many parts of Europe, by contrast, firing workers is costly and unemployment benefits are generous. Firms think twice about firing, and governments are keener to provide in-work subsidies if it means avoiding payouts to the newly jobless. Unemployment has risen most where workers are easiest to offload, as in Ireland or Spain.

The drive for more output from fewer workers seems a threat when jobs are scarce. But over time productivity is essential to improving living standards. Indeed, as the share of working-age adults in the population shrinks, there will be a greater reliance on productivity to drive GDP growth.

The chart (above) in the article shows that the US has been and is expected to remain a leader in productivity.  The vast size of its very homogenous market, all using one currency, and with great labor flexibility gives the US a great productive edge.  Add this to Yankee ingenuity and a social approval of new ideas  and acceptance of failure… means that America innovates a lot.

America has serious debt and deficit problems.  These problems have been growing for 4o years and slowly undermining the dollar.   The solutions are either increased tax, reduced lifestyle for many Americas or greater national productivity or a combination of all three.

History supports added US productivity… so do not write the dollar off completely.  This is why I have been writing about borrowing yen instead of dollars to invest in euro now.


The yen loan position looks so strong to me now that I am updating my report “Borrow Low – Deposit High”.  Our emailed Borrow Low-Deposit High report can help you learn how to expand your profits with up to 400% loans just as our reports have helped thousands of readers do over the past twenty years.

You can learn why this profit is available in my new updated “Borrow Low-Deposit High–How to Use the Multi Currency Investment Sandwich” emailed report. This email report explains everything you need to know about how to create and invest in the Multi Currency Investment Sandwich.  (See details below.)

Tens of thousands of readers have purchased this report, and several updates, since it was first published in the 1980s. You however can have the most up to date edition at a $30 savings.

I am updating Borrow Low-Deposit High now. When the new update is complete it will be offered at $79.

This report will include ideas on were to invest in China and Russia (both neighbors of Japan)  now.

You do not have to wait and miss this yen opportunity, buy our report “Borrow Low-Deposit High” for $49.  I will email it to you immediately… plus when the new update is complete, I’ll email that to you also… FREE.

The report helps you see why and where to invest and learn why and how currencies and interest rates rise and or fall.

Finally, as always you are protected by our 30 day completely satisfied or your money back guarantee.

Borrow Low Deposit High – How to Use the Multi Currency Investment Sandwich… click here to get this emailed report for only $49.

This is also why we maintain close contact with Jyske Bank, Denmark’s second largest bank. Denmark is rated by Standard & Poor’s as the safest country in the world to bank in. Jyske Bank is the only bank we know that specializes in the Borrow Low Deposit High strategy. Jyske Bank is also one of the leading currency traders in the world. Unlike most banks (that trade only eight hours a day) Jyske maintains a 24 hour trading service. They have been our bank for over twenty years and help us stay informed about global equity markets, plus global currency parity and interest rate trends so we can learn from portfolios that are real time. What you learn from is actually happening as our service unfolds.

More importantly Jyske Bank  has created an entire subsidiary that provides a stable and safe institution for US investors  who wish to invest globally including a Borrow Low-Deposit High strategy.


See a totally new way to see the Galapagos below.


Save $100 more. There is another important benefit you gain when you order my emailed report “Borrow Low-Deposit High”.  You can save $100 at the next Jyske seminar where I review the new H.I.R.E. overseas banking regulations.

Share strategies with me in California and Save.

I speak at the Jyske Global Asset Management’s April 30 – May 2 Foreign Exchange Investment Seminar in Laguna Beach, California.

The normal seminar fee is$499 or $750 for two.

However Jyske is providing the same discount to our premium subscribers (including those who order Borrow Low – Deposit High) as to their clients… $399 single and $599 for a couple.  You save $100…even though the emailed report “Borrow Low Deposit High” is only $49.

Order “Borrow Low-Deposit High – How to Use the Multi Currency Investment Sandwich”… click here to get this emailed report for only $49. Save $100 on JGAM’s California seminar.

See more on the JGAM California seminar here.

If you have questions about Jyske’s seminars contact Thomas Fischer of JGAM at fischer@jgam.com

Join us in North Carolina this June to learn more about how to bank abroad. June 24-27 International Investing and Business North Carolina

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There is a Galapagos camp with nine luxury safari tents perched on a hill, providing comfort and privacy in the wilderness.  All tents have a balcony with views of this park and the ocean.


The tents are spacious, attractively decorated, and each has a private bathroom, with hot shower and toilet.


Learn more about this totally new way to see the Galapagos.

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Read  the full Economist Slash and earn here

Weak Dollar Strength

A weak dollar strength creates potential for profit.

Many readers have been asking me if a strong US dollar makes it better to buy Ecuador real estate. The answer is that the greenback’s rise and fall are a neutral event for real estate in Ecuador or any country that uses the dollar as its currency.


Ecuador real estate like Vistazul condos at the Ecuador beach are not much affected by the dollar’s rise and fall.

However the dollar’s rise does create profit potential because a rising currency with  fundamental weakness is a sign that the strength is from human greed or fear.  This type of upward momentum usually overextends and rarely lasts long.

Hence the currency opportunity now.

In this case the rising  greenback is not supported by economic facts… due to the negative US current account, the US trade deficit and the US debt.

An excerpt from a New York Times article, America’s Sea of Red Ink Was Years in the Making by David Leonhardt explains why the negative fundamentals that apply pressure on the buck are not likely to change soon enough to maintain the US dollar’s rally.

Here is the excerpt:  There are two basic truths about the enormous deficits that the federal government will run in the coming years.

The first is that President Obama’s agenda, ambitious as it may be, is responsible for only a sliver of the deficits, despite what many of his Republican critics are saying. The second is that Mr. Obama does not have a realistic plan for eliminating the deficit, despite what his advisers have suggested.

The New York Times analyzed Congressional Budget Office reports going back almost a decade, with the aim of understanding how the federal government came to be far deeper in debt than it has been since the years just after World War II. This debt will constrain the country’s choices for years and could end up doing serious economic damage if foreign lenders become unwilling to finance it.

The story of today’s deficits starts in January 2001, as President Bill Clinton was leaving office. The Congressional Budget Office estimated then that the government would run an average annual surplus of more than $800 billion a year from 2009 to 2012. Today, the government is expected to run a $1.2 trillion annual deficit in those years.

You can think of that roughly $2 trillion swing as coming from four broad categories: the business cycle, President George W. Bush’s policies, policies from the Bush years that are scheduled to expire but that Mr. Obama has chosen to extend, and new policies proposed by Mr. Obama.

The first category — the business cycle — accounts for 37 percent of the $2 trillion swing. It’s a reflection of the fact that both the 2001 recession and the current one reduced tax revenue, required more spending on safety-net programs and changed economists’ assumptions about how much in taxes the government would collect in future years.

About 33 percent of the swing stems from new legislation signed by Mr. Bush. That legislation, like his tax cuts and the Medicare prescription drug benefit, not only continue to cost the government but have also increased interest payments on the national debt.

Mr. Obama’s main contribution to the deficit is his extension of several Bush policies, like the Iraq war and tax cuts for households making less than $250,000. Such policies — together with the Wall Street bailout, which was signed by Mr. Bush and supported by Mr. Obama — account for 20 percent of the swing.

About 7 percent comes from the stimulus bill that Mr. Obama signed in February. And only 3 percent comes from Mr. Obama’s agenda on health care, education, energy and other areas.

Alan Auerbach, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley, and an author of a widely cited study on the dangers of the current deficits, describes the situation like so: “Bush behaved incredibly irresponsibly for eight years. On the one hand, it might seem unfair for people to blame Obama for not fixing it. On the other hand, he’s not fixing it.”

When challenged about the deficit, Mr. Obama and his advisers generally start talking about health care. “There is no way you can put the nation on a sound fiscal course without wringing inefficiencies out of health care,” Peter Orszag, the White House budget director, told me.

Second, even serious health care reform won’t be enough. Obama advisers acknowledge as much. They say that changes to the system would probably have a big effect on health spending starting in five or 10 years. The national debt, however, will grow dangerously large much sooner.

“Things will get worse gradually,” Mr. Auerbach predicts, “unless they get worse quickly.” Either a solution will be put off, or foreign lenders, spooked by the rising debt, will send interest rates higher and create a crisis.

So whether you invest in Ecuador, overseas or just in the US… the current US dollar strength could be a weakness that create profit for you.


Photo Copyright © 2010 K. Butitta

See an Ecuador air ticket warning here.

Join Merri, me  in North Carolina this June and learn more about investing in currencies, Ecuador plus quantum wealth and health. June 24-27  Quantum Wealth & International Investing and Business North Carolina

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Read America’s Sea of Red Ink Was Years in the Making

Survival in Anarchy in Small Ways

The article is part of a series on survival in anarchy in small ways with authenticity and cohesion.

Ted Tidwell now offers a “Quick Profits” kit for those who want to export his Biowash and Purely Green products. See how to use these products to beat inflation, gain freedom extra income and help the world below.

See this simple small green, environmentally great business idea for Ecuador, parts of Smalltown USA or anywhere. This ideas may help you gain income and freedom, by earning in more than one place, as you help the environment, in a low stress way.

small-business idea-PAPAYA-

You can profit from a groundswell change in the world’s socio-economic system that creates enormous opportunity for small businesses and small exporters.

Technology is ripping the guts out of old social economic paradigms… right now.

The old paradigm based on broadcast and bigger is better is on its way to the graveyard.  This gives us some great small businesses opportunities.

The internet is destroying the old boy’s network. A recent message “Internet Opportunity in Authenticity” looked at the demise of the New York Times.   Looked at it in another way… our small publishing company is more profitable than the New York Times.  Any small publisher that makes a profit is more profitable than the New York Times!

This is because the internet has shifted the world from broadcast to broadband.

This gives any of us an advantage who have to start small.

Starting your own small business greatly increases your chance of becoming a millionaire even when your business remains small. Dr. Thomas J Stanley, author of the book “The Millionaire Mind” interviewed 733 millionaires to find out the most important reasons behind their success. Those interviews showed that your odds of becoming a millionaire doubled if you had your own business. There were more than twice as many small business owner millionaires as in any other category. Corporate executives were 16% of the 733 millionaires. Lawyers, 9% and Medical Doctors 8%. Small business owners represented 32% of the millionaires.

Having your own business already gives you a head start!

Combine this with the fact that this is the era when Small is Big.

Chris Anderson describes this in his book “The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More”.

The last marketing era was dominated by broadcast. This was a distribution system where it was most efficient to send one message to millions of people.

The internet has introduced the era of broadband where it is most efficient to send millions of messages to one person each. This plays exactly into the hands of the small self publishing business because it allows you to earn from many small niche products where no big corporation can afford to compete.

For example at one of my websites alone that focuses on international business, investing and living has over two dozen earning sources.

All of the sources are small, some as little as a few hundred dollars a month. Yet added up these little sales have created millions of extra income for Merri and me.

Another reason why it is vital to start small is this is nature’s way. Defy nature only with great trepidation. A business must start small, before it can grow large. Most businesses start with a learning curve. During the beginning and in the learning times, it is essential that businesses make mistakes when small. Once lessons have been learned, the business can use the business evolutionary cycle to grow.

We not only can but should start small.  My studies of truly successful people have showed that the real success of extraordinary investors and business people lay in their ordinariness. They profit even as they walk out onto a street and spot a new item in a store, or order some new type of meal in a restaurant. “Here is something people will want or here is a business that can grow,” they will say. They have success because they are in touch with that which is ordinary…and they start small and use a simple evolutionary cycle of business. Here’s what sets them apart:

They see something that gives them an idea.

The idea leads to enthusiasm.

The enthusiasm leads to an education.

The education leads to action.

The action creates a profit or loss and experience.

The experience leads to more ideas.

The cycle repeats, growing wiser and more fulfilled! This cycle can allow your business to grow as do all things in nature, one step at a time, slowly… continuously.

I want to introduce a new concept… the next step beyond broadband… I call it “Narrowband.”

Narrowband for the internet is to create and unite a small band of customers with common ideals, needs and interests.

Unite them with cohesion and authenticity.

Building a small narrow band business requires three steps:

#1: Attract a steady flow of interested readers.

#2: Use a set pattern of information to weed out readers who really do not have a common need, ideal or interest.

#3: Develop an intimate relationship with the readers that are not weeded out and do have a common need, ideal or interest.

For example in our small internet business, we use Pay Per Click to attract a regular flow of new readers.

Some really have an interest in what we share and how we share it.

For example this reader wrote:

Gary~  I purchased your Publishing book a year ago.  Awesome.  It helped me self publish a book I now use in my consulting.  I am an avid reader and once my home in Costa Rica sells, I will be joining you on one of your tours to see if Ecuador is the best place to go next.  I wanted to ask you, I LOVE your new email format!  Who are you using?

I answered that we build our site with WordPress… but the graphics at our site are not the keys to its working well.

The key is cohesion. Keeping our focus in tune with that of our readers… or vice versa attracting readers with a keen interest in what we say.

Another reader however sent me this note:

Dear Gary and Merri,  After reading your newsletters, Eileen and I realize that you are exactly what we are trying to avoid in our search for alternate living.

This response made me very pleased that our system was working so well and replied.

Excellent.  Having a clear understanding of  what you seek is the first important step to success.  Please unsubscribe your address.  Just click on the unsubscribe link of any message we send.  We wish you well in your search.  Gary

Our goal is not to have a bigger list of readers but more responsive, more focused list of readers… who we can really help… again and again.

Bigger lists are cumbersome to manage and harder to work with.  Small good lists create good the best, most profitable business.

With this in mind I know that many readers are looking for a way to gain income and freedom, earning in more than one place, as they help the environment, in a low stress way.

So the note below from Ted Tidwell, the manufacturer of Ted’s Stuff  “Truly Green” and “Biowash” will be of interest.

The attached photos are unusually large “Pesticide Free” papayas raised on Island Botanicals Farm.

small-business idea-PAPAYA-

They average between 5 and 6 pounds each. Papayas are priced by the pound. The fruit on this single tree is producing
over $160 income.

Mike, the owner, BioWashes all of his fruit trees and vegetables weekly with a light blend of BioWash. His Pesticide-Free vegetable farm and his profits are flourishing.

He earns a generous income selling vegetables to local restaurants and Farmers Markets. Demand is growing greater than his production capacity. His business is expanding rapidly.

He credits BioWash with his success.  Ted

This is why I have been recommending the business idea of using, distributing and/or exporting the organic bio solutions, Biowash and Purely Green to emerging countries for years.

Ted Tidwell has been a friend and reader for decades and he gave me a bottle of this organic, biodegradable degreaser called  “Purely Green Clean”.

That name was inspired by the Canadian Home Depot conclusion that this is the only cleaner that is purely green.

Ted’s Stuff aka Purely Green Clean creates a new import opportunity in Ecuador or anywhere that citrus or really any fruit/vegetables are grown.

Here is where the opportunity comes in. The product can help farmers in many countries in many ways.

Purely Green Clean proved more effective than the highly toxic Bayer chemicals.

You may have a business opportunity as special price discounts are available for citrus growers who wish to provide photos and written test results.

If this is of interest to you there is an excellent summation in a PDF file prepared entitled “Combatants in the War Against Citrus Greening May Have Some New, Safer, All Natural, Weapons.”

Get a free copy emailed to you by Ted Tidwell. His email address is below.

This product could be an excellent import to Ecuador or any country that grows citrus.

Over the years, Ted has discovered that this degreaser and some derivative formulas make excellent bio washes, fertilizers and even pesticides (though they cannot be sold as such in some countries).

These solutions are certified free of all carcinogens.

One of the world’s largest retailers did an intensive study of all “green” and “environmental” cleaning products and discovered that these cleaners of Ted’s are the only truly green ones.  Many other “safe” cleaning products contain ethylene oxide and dioxane, both known to cause cancer.

Truly Green may give you a way to start small at gaining extra income and freedom, as you earn in more than one place and help the environment, in a fun and low stress way.


You can get more details about distributing “Purely Green Clean” and a PDF file prepared entitled “Combatants in the War Against Citrus Greening May Have Some New, Safer, All Natural, Weapons.”from the manufacturer Ted Tidwell at tedtid7@yahoo.com

I have no financial interest in this product nor am I compensated in any way by the manufacturer of Purely Green.  I have been a user of  Purely Green Clean for more than a decade, love the stuff… what it does for the environment and I have used… and paid for thousands of dollars of this product.  Ted Tidwell does also give me some Purely Green from time to time to use in agricultural tests to write about.

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