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Clean Your Environment With a Photocatalyst
Mold, fungus, allergens, pollution, tobacco smoke, deadly virus’s, harmful bacteria surround us in many places. Most of us don’t even know it.  Our immune systems deal with them to protect us and makes them almost invisible.   Molds are in our homes, our cars, our places of business and the body’s process of dealing with these […]
(March 19, 2018)

The Real Wealth in Green
Green may mean money…. but has a natural health benefit even bigger than cash! There is a lot more to the color of green that we should celebrate every day. A good way to increase intelligence is to surround yourself in the greenery of nature.  Often when stumbling in my thoughts, I pack up my […] (March 16, 2018)

Graphic Wealth Prediction
This chart on asset allocation is the oldest graph I have ever used! Originally, decades ago, it was a slide for overhead projectors.  Later it became digital for Power Point.  Thousands of delegates have seen it at my global investing seminars and courses.  I have published it in numerous messages at this site over the […] (March 14, 2018)

How to Earn from Most Read Books
Merri and I are among the luckiest people in the world.   Here’s how you can be too. For over 30 years we have been paid to live a free, global adventure doing what we love.  All we have had to do is write and talk about what we love. One reason for this lifelong gift […] (March 12, 2018)

Triple Currency Profit
Three currency forces will increase your purchasing power… if you can let these strengths help. In 2015 I wrote a report “Three Currency Patterns For 50% Profits or More”.   The report described three currency distortions that created huge profits in the 1980s and were building in a way that would create them again. The […] (March 9, 2018)

When’s Enough Not Enough”>Little
Imagine that you reached the top.  Total success. Number one… numero uno. You were at the pinnacle…. the crowning glory…  above everyone else. You’re the best… golden…  bringing in millions. Yet you don’t get the money and end up penniless and in obscurity… because you do not own the words. Little Eva.  Here she is […]
(March 7, 2018)

The Gravest Recession
Next recession, don’t count on the safety net. After the 1930s many government institutions were put in place to make sure that lines like this, would never form again. People lined up for food and jobs during the Great Depression 1930. The caption to this image from the New York Times article Come the Recession […] (March 5, 2018)

Little Known Secret Makes Coffee Healthier
Science now suggests that it’s healthy to drink coffee.   Learn here how to make coffee even healthier. I love Theraveda… the science of directing our lives with a combination of wisdom from elders and our own experience. We have to take our health in our own hands because the establishment keeps changing the story. For […] (March 3, 2018)