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Visit us in North Carolina from June through October.

Summer is a most beautiful time of year in the Blue Ridge.  The skies turn bluer, the water in the creek and pond clearer and the entire rhythm of nature sings in bolder tones.

The pond below our house becomes a symphony of late summer sound.  What a time and what a place.

north carolina farm

Our farmhouse. (Click on images to enlarge.)

We leave much of the pond area absolutely wild, untouched and are rewarded when the wildflowers present themselves in proud bursts of color.

north carolina farm

The wildflowers, frogs, crickets and katydids around the pond gives us an explosion of sight and sound.  Merri and I love it!

The guests who have stayed with us through AIRBNB have loved the farm.  The response has been so good that in our first five months we qualified for what AIRBNB  calls being a Superhost.

“Hmph.” I thought.  “Maybe we are good!”   Then while studying what being a superhost means, a reality set in.  We might not be the main energy behind this success. The results come from the power of the place.  Airbnb’s research has found that 10 regions are hot beds of superhosts: Napa, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Denver, Nashville, the North Carolina Mountains, the Oregon Coast, and the Portlands (Maine and Oregon).

We seem to have been aided by this power of place.

Another interesting thought arose from reading the Airbnb research.

Come stay at The Blackberry Cabin.


Or  The Farmhouse


Or  The Creek Cabin

Farm Building