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The Sound of Silence

Too much noise is bad for our health. Loud sound, even continual levels of moderate sound, can have negative physical and psychological health consequences. Elevated noise can cause hearing impairment, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, annoyance, and sleep disturbance. Too much sound can change the immune system and even cause birth defects. Chronic noise exposure has […] [Read The Sound of Silence]

Better Memory and Longevity in Sleep

“The sun always shines somewhere”.   This positive idea was a main theme in my 1970’s book, “Passport to International Profit” and remains equally true today. Our lives are driven by forces we often cannot see.  Even if visible they cannot always be understood.  Plus we cannot change most of what what we do understand […] [Read Better Memory and Longevity in Sleep]

What If – This Disaster?”>
Here’s some ideas on how to assess risk and survive… even gain and do good in a disaster? This week, Merri and I are in Portland visiting my mom, sister, daughter and granddaughters while we work with our webmaster. Mom’s living where she has for 95 and a half years… right beside the Columbia River, […]
[Read What If – This Disaster?]

Amazon & the Healing of Dragon’s Blood

Here is how we learned how to use Dragon’s Blood for healing. Our recent message “Neosporin not” looked at why we have to be careful of over-the-counter cures promoted by big brand companies.  That message also mentioned that our go to treatment for cuts and scrapes is Dragon’s Blood. Cuyabeno River. We learned about Dragon’s […] [Read Amazon & the Healing of Dragon’s Blood]

Secrets to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

How can someone become 200 or 300 pounds overweight? Autumn and winter and winter weight gain are here. According to research, reported by Johns Hopkins University, people gain five to seven pounds, on average, during the winter months. Add this many pounds each winter, from age 30 to 70 and don’t lose it in the […] [Read Secrets to Avoid Winter Weight Gain]

Extra Market Strength in November

A collision of factors, including seasonality, affect stock markets. Many forces are pushing the stock market down at this time.  Rising US dollar interest rates, tension with and within China and questions about Brexit are just a few.   These and the fact that this longest bull market in history is well into its mature stage, […] [Read Extra Market Strength in November]

Neosporin Not!

Here’s why we have to watch out for what we are told… or sold. As a kid, I used to hate scrapes and cuts.  Fixing them came with a sting! Mom always kept merthiolate, mercurochrome or iodine, all red stuff, in the medicine cabinet. Merthiolate and mercurochrome are mercury-containing substance that were widely used as […] [Read Neosporin Not!]

Will the Stock Market Gap Narrow?

Here’s why you’ll want to watch US stock market activity today. The US market is in the mature portion of its cycle.  Investors should expect the market to correct sometime.  If markets plunge this Friday, it’s a warning.   Prepare your portfolio for a downturn. The US market may again recover, but really serious bear […] [Read Will the Stock Market Gap Narrow?]

He Tried Many Things

Here’s a phrase that can make your life better with everlasting wealth … “Go Try Things!” This phrase can help you grow richer, feel better and be healthier… beginning right now. Here I am working at home trying to explain the importance of this phrase “Go try things”… which sums up why you not only […] [Read He Tried Many Things]

The Power of Brain Glue

Here’s why learning a second language can improve intelligence, longevity and help brain healing. The Popular Science article “The Heroes of Science Who Are Unlocking the Brain” (1) shows a new direction that science is taking to understand, heal, and improve the human brain. The article says: Generally speaking, neurons don’t grow back. With a […] [Read The Power of Brain Glue]