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Risks Beyond Money

The greatest risks to your savings, pensions and wealth have nothing to do with money.  Stress, worry and doubt are non-financial forces that can ruin more health and wealth than any economic concern. No matter how much money you have, you’ll still be worried and stressed unless you have one important facet of wealth… “You […] [Read Risks Beyond Money]

Divided Issues – Survive & Prosper

Divided issues can sap our strength, ruin our business and destroy our investments.  How can we live when we are surrounded by divided issues on what is happening to the world?  Let’s examine this problem by using global warming as an example of a divided issue.  Then let’s look at a way to survive and […] [Read Divided Issues – Survive & Prosper]

Brain Waves Assist Free Flow of Thought

Integrating brain waves so we absorb, retain and recall information better helps us succeed. Here are details about brain waves from a Scientific American article “What is the Function of the Brainwaves?” (1) by  Ned Herrmann an educator who has developed models of brain activity and integrated them into teaching and management training.   Herrmann headed […] [Read Brain Waves Assist Free Flow of Thought]

The Danger of Market Jitters

There was disaster in the news this morning.  Yesterday’s message Euro and Value warned about imminent risk to the US dollar.  We never know what the future will bring so I cannot claim to have known that the dollar and stock market would slide the same day that the message  appeared. Then by evening the […] [Read The Danger of Market Jitters]

Euro and Value

A weaker US dollar could reduce our standard of living.  As the greenback falters, prices for imported goods  and essentials like energy rise. The Euro is likely to rise over coming days as there have been four elections in Europe where centerist politicians who strongly support the EU have easily won their elections.   First national […] [Read Euro and Value]

3 Day Spanish Video

[Read 3 Day Spanish Video]

Disaster Strikes when Least Expected

There are plenty of disasters we can expect.  The ones we do not expect are the ones to worry about.  Or better let’s not worry and enjoy life while we make sure we land on our feet no matter what expected/unexpected00 events unfold. This simple idea is really the only sensible way to live, and […] [Read Disaster Strikes when Least Expected]

$150 Investment Earns $17,700 for Grape Grower

I have encouraged readers to create multiple streams of income doing something they love.  One way to do so is with micro-agriculture projects. I have been involved in agriculture for many years and one of the secrets I use is Biowash. I have written about Biowash multiple times, but decided to offer this product for […] [Read $150 Investment Earns $17,700 for Grape Grower]

Investing in Silver Linings

Smart investors look for the clouds so they can spot the silver linings. Take for example the problem of climate change and rising seas. Image from (1) One can argue over weather climate change is man made or not, but smart investors let others waste their time bickering and look for the silver lining […] [Read Investing in Silver Linings]

Gain from the Foundation of Intelligence”>Click
I am often asked about our Super Thinking + Spanish course, “Can I learn Spanish in just three days – Really?” Here is a ten minute video that explains why it is possible to pick up Spanish so quickly. Click here for FREE Super Spanish video. See how the answer to this question can enhance […]
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