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How Stories Can Make You Rich

Stories can make you rich, if you learn how to focus the tales. Self publishing is a great way to live anywhere but earn everywhere, especially when we have a good story. Our granddaughters Sequoia and Teeka. While visiting my mom, our daughter, son-in-law (also our webmaster), and our granddaughters, Sequoia and Teeka, I started […] [Read How Stories Can Make You Rich]

Where Will the Stock Market Go Now?

Will the Dow continue to rise to 27,000?  Or will it suddenly crash? Are there other investments that are better than US shares? Answers to these questions will affect the lives, lifestyles and finances of hundreds of millions of investors.  For some, these are literally life and death questions. Yet the answers are unknown. However, […] [Read Where Will the Stock Market Go Now?]

Tax Act Improves Smalltown USA

Tax changes will help parts of Smalltown USA real estate value grow. The Wall Street Journal article “How tax law will help some housing markets” (1) the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 provide a clue on values of small town real estate in low cost areas. The article says (bolds are mine):  The […] [Read Tax Act Improves Smalltown USA]

LAST CHANCE: Claim Your Free Book Today

Two days ago, our friends at Independence Monthly  told how to get paid to watch TV and how they have created a new, never-before-published book that will teach you 135 tips and tricks to make the year ahead safer, richer, happier… more fulfilled and independent.  They made a special offer that’s about to expire. LAST […] [Read LAST CHANCE: Claim Your Free Book Today]

Paid To Watch TV?!!

Our friends at Independence Monthly  have created a new, never-before-published book that will teach you 135 tips and tricks to make the year ahead safer, richer, happier… more fulfilled and independent. Paid To Watch TV?!! That’s Not The Half of It Dear Gary Scott Reader, You’ve been giving yourself away, for free. The truth is, […] [Read Paid To Watch TV?!!]

Have a Journey of Success

Every moment is a crossroads in life’s journey.  We are all journeymen traveling down the road of human existence.  Every moment, each second, new roads that can take us to the highest pinnacles appear. Sometimes these pathways can seem to make an unexpected turn. That’s why I invite you to turn your passion into profit […] [Read Have a Journey of Success]

Pleasures that Reduce Tax

One benefit of turning your passions into profit is that personal pleasures, especially travel, can become tax deductions rather than after-tax expenses. Painting of the covered bridge at our Blue Ridge Farm. Here is an example of how to turn passions into profits and gain tax deductions. An AIRBNB guest who stayed at our farm […] [Read Pleasures that Reduce Tax]

Regression to the Mean – Not

Golden Rule of Investing #3 is: Expect 7% to 10% annual return in the stock market as a function of global nominal economic growth and long term earnings growth plus risk premium. Whenever equity investments outperform this return, it is at risk of “regression to the mean”. Regression to the mean is a natural phenomenon […] [Read Regression to the Mean – Not]

Purification Recipe

Here’s some purifying benefits to having a winter garden. I am growing onions, three types of lettuce, peas, beans, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, broccoli, tomatoes, sunflowers and numerous herbs. This end of the greenhouse is dedicated to herbs, parsley, sage, thyme, basil, lavender, mints, oregano, chives and cilantro. Having access to pure organic herbs such as […] [Read Purification Recipe]

The End of Boredom

Here’s how to make 2018 in-sightful, richer and freer every day. Boredom is a powerful, negative motivator… like withdrawal from a drug.   We are set up to suffer it as we are distracted, almost from the minute we are born. Excitement bombards all the senses… almost every waking hour… if we let it. We […] [Read The End of Boredom]