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The First Total Eclipse

Today is the first total eclipse visible ONLY in the USA.   Ever… Really.  The last time a total solar eclipse was visible across the entire contiguous United States was during June 8, 1918. But that’s not the end of it… The last time an eclipse could be seen ONLY in the land that is now […] [Read The First Total Eclipse]

Huge Investing Error

Two of last week’s Wall Street Journal articles revealed how many investors are making a huge mistake. The first article “This Market Really Is Different This Time” tells how small investors are moving away from the overheated US stock-market. The article says:  The market has hit Dow 22000 not because of the individual investors Wall […] [Read Huge Investing Error]

Which Road to Follow?

We all have a path to follow.  Is yours calm and serene?  Or is it stuck in a traffic jam? How can a simple life cause such unrelenting stress? According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five adults in the U.S. has a mental-health condition. Please… We do not have to do […] [Read Which Road to Follow?]

Be Smarter, Happier… Healthier

[Read Be Smarter, Happier… Healthier]

Mozart as Medicine″>Psycho
Mankind has been using music for the past 40,000 years.  Talk about sticky.  Anything that lasts that long must have incredible stickiness and power. A group at a Super Spanish course responding to Baroque music. In fact 40,000 years only relates to sophisticated music.  40,000 year old flutes have been found in Germany. Music actually […]
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Three Secrets – Get Ahead

How can we possibly keep up?  Many readers ask for clues on how to keep pace  with the modern world’s relentless change.  How can we possibly stay in step with all the new things and the changes? Nonsense.  Forget keeping up… Let’s get ahead instead! Ray’s Hardware.  West Jefferson, Smalltown USA. Long gone. Ray’s announced […] [Read Three Secrets – Get Ahead]

Beyond Chelation

This message outlines how a simple (and incredibly low cost) amino acid can help improve cardiovascular systems, increase memory, improve vision, enhance vitality, expand energy and extend lifespan. A delegate at one of our courses was a doctor in his eighties but who had the energy and looks of a much, much younger man.  When […] [Read Beyond Chelation]

The Power of Thrift

There is power in investing thrift.  Avoid frequent trading.  Reduce investing costs. Don’t get ripped off by Wall Street. Image from article “Wells Fargo, Awash in Scandal, Faces Violations Over Car Insurance Refunds”  (1) How bad are the thieves who are supposed to look after our money?   The big guys can cheat their customers […] [Read The Power of Thrift]

How to Rise from the Fall

Here is a way to avoid “Trading Down” and moving up instead. Merri and I love our life on the farm, growing our own vegetables and fruit, raising trout, living the simple quiet life and sharing it with others via AIRBNB. We are enjoying life more as the pressure on much of the middle class […] [Read How to Rise from the Fall]

Spanish Course in Panama Beach

[Read Spanish Course in Panama Beach]