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Turning Lemons into Love & Profit″>Babe:
This real example of how to turn lemons into lemonade is a perfect example of Pruppism.  Pruppies combine the strength of preppers and yuppies to gain a simpler, happier, more profitable life.   There is a strategic approach to earning extra income that I am trying to turn lemons into more than lemonade. The commercial product […]
[Read Turning Lemons into Love & Profit]

Deadly Stress on President’s Day

President’s Day can make us angry. If we hate the current leader we can be angry over what he does.  If we love the current president, we can be angry that he does not have more support.  This is a lose-lose proposition.   Whatever happens a big chunk of the American population is angry. Our lives […] [Read Deadly Stress on President’s Day]

Income & Pension Shifts Part II – Triple Distortions

Income and savings  work hand in hand together.  How we earn affects how we save.  How businesses hire workers affect how pensions pay.  Economic shifts from lifelong to temporary employees affects how we earn and how Social Security will pay. Image from Washington Post article: “The real reason so many millennials are living at home.” […] [Read Income & Pension Shifts Part II – Triple Distortions]

Income & Pension Shifts

Now is time to adapt to two of the biggest shifts that affect our income and pensions.   Millions who do not modify their earning strategies and revise their savings tactics can miss exciting opportunities and suffer diminished purchasing power. Merri and I have been gradually adapting for 20 years. See how our North Carolina ginseng […] [Read Income & Pension Shifts]

St. Patrick’s Longevity Tip to St. Valentine

See Red?  Feeling Blue?  Go Green. There is a lot of political tension in America between the red and blue that can leave us angry or depressed.  See a cure below when all this stress gets you feeling fried up or melted down.  This is a tip from my Natural Health Report.  Colors can be […] [Read St. Patrick’s Longevity Tip to St. Valentine]

Freedom Hit by Gag Order

A article presents one of the greatest challenges that freedom has seen.  We are seeing a huge shift in the freedom of the press. What’s happening to freedom of the press?  What can we do about it?   These are two of the most important questions we might ever ask.  Ease of publication and the […] [Read Freedom Hit by Gag Order]

When the Right Pension Fails

What happens when we do everything we are taught right and are punished for it? My dad with “Boots”, a lion we raised from the Portland Zoo. (Circa 1955). Raising lions and tigers at our home taught me some lessons.  These incredible felines were wonderful pets, warm and loving… unless at meal time you stuck […] [Read When the Right Pension Fails]

Last Day to Order Fresh Ecuador Valentine Roses

Our flower supplier just sent this note.  “Something very unusual has happened.  Farms are flooded with roses, so we have plenty of flowers which almost never happens for Valentine’s Day . We can take orders and fill any new orders coming in until tomorrow at 12 noon EST. Ecuador fresh cut Valentine Roses can be […] [Read Last Day to Order Fresh Ecuador Valentine Roses]

New Tax Law Enforcement

Plans to enforce a 2015 tax law must give us pause. Image from There has been a lot of controversy about building the US southern border wall.  We’ll see what happens with that but here is a thought to chew on regarding the idea behind the wall.  Everyone is thinking that it is all […] [Read New Tax Law Enforcement]

After You Have $175 Million

When you have $175 million why start a funky band tour at age 72?  When you have more money than you can spend, what comes next? The Wall Street Journal article  entitled “‘Oh, Yeah,’ the Song from ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,’ Is Catchy, Irritating and the Origin of an Investing Fortune” (1) tells the story […] [Read After You Have $175 Million]