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The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment Positive Longevity Family Writing Success You Can Write… Right? Pinnacles Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen Longevity Secrets
The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment

The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment

Is the Dow too high?

Positive Longevity

Positive Longevity

Positivity helps good health.

Family Writing Success

Family Writing Success

for Closer Families.

You Can Write… Right?

You Can Write… Right?

First-time writer success stories.

Pinnacles Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers

Pinnacles Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers

Big earnings with small ideas.

Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen

Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen

15% profit in three months.

Longevity Secrets

Longevity Secrets

nutritional chelation.

Why Currencies Lose Value

28 January 2015

Why would a government want to weaken its currency?  The answer to this question creates a 50% currency profit potential over the next two years. Governments as a whole might not want to weaken their currency.  Politicians as individuals do, inadvertently perhaps, because promising something for nothing attracts votes.  The way such promises are kept […]

Why Currencies Lose Value...

House for Sale – San Miguel Cotacachi

27 January 2015

Paid Advertisement This house is for sale in Cotacachi Ecuador Casa # 30 San Miguel Cotacachi, Ecuador Nestled in a valley between 2 volcanoes in the Andean mountains in a 34 home private gated community. You will have a 5 minute to the quaint town of Cotacachi.The community is well established with security guards and […]

House for Sale – San Miguel Cotacachi...

Another Stock Market Trigger Emerges

26 January 2015

What stock market triggers might emerge to kick off a negative spiral.  Stock markets ultimately rise and fall based on economic fundamentals.  Share prices and value fluctuate short term based on emotions.   When markets are over bought or over sold any trigger can cause a massive positive or negative shift.   A trifecta of events in […]

Another Stock Market Trigger Emerges...

Healthy Valentine Gifts

24 January 2015

Why not express your love to your Valentine this year by not giving chocolates! See details about Real Estate Tours in Ecuador Here are two alternatives, rose essential oil and or fresh Ecuador Valentine roses. Give healthy essential oils as a Valentine’s gift of love. Our friend, Candace Newman, is offering Valentine Rose Otto Perfume.  […]

Healthy Valentine Gifts...

Contrarian Risk

23 January 2015

The nature of value investing is to be contrary.  Markets rise and fall, long term, guided by forces of nature.  Markets jump up and down, short term, based on the human whims of fear and greed.  Hot markets are almost always overbought and severely corrected markets are almost always oversold.  This makes contrarian investing really […]

Contrarian Risk...

Good Luck With Mount Dora Again

22 January 2015

Merri and I seem to garner good luck from our research on upcoming real estate trends.  For years we did London and Isle of Man real estate tours.  Prices absolutely exploded.   We took readers to the Dominican Republic and hit another home run.   Then in the mid 1990s we started bringing readers to Ecuador.  Today […]

Good Luck With Mount Dora Again...

Good Value & High Risk

21 January 2015

Good value can often seem like high risk, but it is not.  (See a link below to the ENR conference call on how to develop a high risk portfolio for higher potential profits. ) First, here are excerpts from Michael Keppler’s quarterly good value update of global developed equity markets.   Borrow Low-Deposit High subscribers, you can read the […]

Good Value & High Risk...

Super Longevity & Health

20 January 2015

Merri and I added Super Thinking Longevity sessions into the January Super Thinking course we completed this last weekend. The Llama Walk is one important longevity exercise in the Super Thinking Longevity session. We will include these sessions at our February 13-14-15, Writer’s Camp because long term mental, physical and emotional balance are essential to good […]

Super Longevity & Health...

Medium Risk in High Risk Times

19 January 2015

There is great opportunity in medium risk portfolios during high risk times.  This last week Merri and I received 100 fresh Ecuadorian Roses. We took them to Mount Dora and decorated the seminar room at the Lakeside Inn where we had a full house for our Super Thinking + Spanish course. While conducting the course, […]

Medium Risk in High Risk Times...

Low Risk Investing View

17 January 2015

The first rule of value investing is to reduce risk.  You are invited to join Eric Roseman CEO of ENR Asset Management and Thomas Fischer in an Asset Allocation conference call at no charge. Gary Scott meeting staff at Jyske Bank’s Silkeborg headquarters. Over the next two weeks we’ll share access to five conference calls.  Each […]

Low Risk Investing View...