Live Longer With Nature’s Workout

Here is the perfect workout.  

I made a discovery that can help you gain longevity.  Feel and look better. Be happier.

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My purposeful exercise machine.

Merri and I enjoyed tremendous good luck with our orange grove.  By using BioWash we doubled our production.

Then Citrus Greening set in.  Production fell… a lot.

After several years of terrible, declining production we decided to stop trying to harvest a commercial crop.

“Keep the trees alive.  Irrigate but nothing else.”  We told the grove manager.

He did.  No more Roundup.  No more Paraquat.  No more pesticide.  No more fertilizer.

As these things go… when we returned this month from 6 months in North Carolina, we found the best crop in years!  There are more oranges… bigger and sweeter.  This looks like a nice crop.

Here is the rub.  Without a herbicide, weeds are everywhere.


Weeds before bush hogging.

I now see why farmers use Roundup and similar chemicals.

We decided… “Let’s go for an organic crop.  Let’s replace the chemicals with sweat!”  I brought down our D.R. Fieldmaster Bush Hog from North Carolina and started an early morning exercise routine.  I still rise before dawn and write.  After breakfast instead of a bike ride or long walk, I attack the weeds.


Weeds after bush hogging.

This gives me a tremendous full body workout, combined with walking fast.

“Being pulled” and “keeping up” are  better words.  I am dragged, pushed, pulled, twisted, as I walk up and down the rows straining and puffing.

After an hour or two, I am covered in sweat, weary but feeling really good.  Physically this is great.  Mentally, as I look at the damage I have done  to the weeds… I feel a great wonderful sense of satisfaction.

Here is the discovery. 

I really look forward to doing this… can’t wait to get started each morning.  The time flies by.  I don’t want to stop.

If I had set up a two hour exercise routine… I would have to force myself to start… and to keep going.

Satisfaction is a key to longevity and better health.

Exercise combined with a sense of purpose and satisfaction can improve health and lengthen lifespan.

Satisfying exercise improves the ability to manage stress and reduces depression.

Blood pressure drops, blood sugar is lowered.

Purposeful exercise even helps reduce or eliminate chronic pain.

The greater the demand, the higher the rewards.  Seeing a job well done, a rugged challenge overcome, increases self-esteem and optimism.  This creates an upwards spiral of enthusiasm and joy; as well as better health.

Chewing up weeds with a bush hog, or anywhere like that may not be your thing.

This is my odd, weird quirk.

The lesson here is find some good, but not overwhelming, exercise that brings you satisfaction.

Yesterday I was speaking with a friend who is also my tax advisor.  He is moving offices.  His new place requires renovation.

“I have been doing construction for two months”, he said.  “I have lost ten  pounds, my blood pressure and blood sugar are down. I feel good.”

What’s your thing?  What labor do you love?

What’s worth doing to you?

Find it.


Theodore Roosevelt said it succinctly:  “No man needs sympathy because he has to work, because he has a burden to carry.  Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

Become an artist who lives longer enjoying not just the fruits of, but the labor itself.

Labor at something you love.

Put your heart as well as your body into it.

“He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”
― Francis of Assisi



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