Beat the Blues – Part Two

With the coming of a grey winter I started a series on ways to beat the blues.  This is part two of the series.

I’m an expert on beating the blues…

Self taught.

The family has a history of depression.  I suffered from SAD… might even be a carrier!

I also use numerous bits of ancient health wisdom to escape the blues, maintain high spirits and good natural health.

If you have any tendency towards the blues I recommend reading John Douillard’s article “Blue Zones Meet Ayurvedic Wisdom” (1).

The article says:  In the best-selling book, The Blue Zones of Happiness, Dan Buettner discovered 9 commonalities shared by centenarian cultures around the world.

Part one look at the first commonality, how centenarians move easily though life.  If you missed Part One, read it here.

This chapter looks at the second commonality, the power of purpose.

John’s article says  2 Blue Zone: Purpose! Centenarians live for something more than just surviving or making money. There is a more profound purpose that gives deeper meaning and joy to their lives.

Ayurveda: The Law of Dharma is the law of purpose. Finding one’s dharma or one’s purpose in life is given major emphasis in an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

What can I say?

“Turn you passion into profit”.  That’s been the mantra we teach in our messages and at our seminars for over 20 years.

When we created our latest value investing course, we named it the Purposeful investing course (Pi).  I even kept the word investing lower case to stress the importance of purpose.

Purpose is a most important part of better health, everlasting wealth, happiness and fulfillment. 

The process is so simple and doable, but almost universally ignored.   An article in Business Insider “The Fascinating Reason Many Billionaires Get Depressed (And How They Snap Out Of It)” reinforces the fact that you can easily put this technique to work… today, with no worry.

The article explains that a striking number of billionaires who can’t possibly spend all of their fortune, or even part of it, in a lifetime, even if they spend lavishly, get totally depressed.

The article says:  Financial planners say that this is why a surprisingly high percentage of the rapidly wealthy get depressed. As therapist Manfred Kets de Vries once put it in an interview with The Telegraph, “When money is available in near-limitless quantities, the victim sinks into a kind of inertia.”

The problem billionaires have according to the article is that when they arrive at the top, their momentum often stops.

This is the same reason that only one-third of Americans are happy at their jobs. When there’s no forward momentum in a careers, depression can easily appear.

The solution is progress.  A sense of forward motion, even if it is small, eradicates depression.

Minor victories are as psychologically powerful as major breakthroughs.  Lots of tiny wins.  This is why some billionaires start really small endeavors because even small successes keep depression at bay.

We do not have to do something bigger or better to be happy.  We just have to keep moving.

This is what psychologist Karl Weick of the University of Michigan calls “Small Wins.” A small win is a concrete, complete, implemented outcome of moderate importance, he wrote in a seminal paper for American Psychologist in 1984. “Once a small win has been accomplished, forces are set in motion that favor another small win.”

That’s it, take a small step forward today.   Find controllable opportunities that produce visible results.

Our course “Self Fulfilled-How to be a Self Publisher” shows how to do this using the business evolutionary cycle.

Our mantra for over 30 years has been to turn passion into profit.   Examine…what is your passion, your purpose, not what type of type of business will make money?  Then figure out how to earn in the process and make your life and business more fulfilling and usually more profitable as well.  Good luck in your quest. Look for your passion first… the money will follow.

The article Business Evolutionary Cycle Case Study describes the process.

Passionate ideas or dreams allow the business evolutionary cycle to begin.  The passion creates enthusiasm. Enthusiasm leads to education.  Education leads to action. Action leads to profit or loss and experience.  Experience leads to new ideas.  The process grows, more refined each time.

Expansion. That’s our universal order and when we progress, the movement makes us feel better and leads to more, greater success.  Whenever you feel inhibited or stuck in the doldrums, take a small step towards something that excites you.  The first, smallest step is the most important for having better health, everlasting wealth, happiness and fulfillment.

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John Douillard’s book “Body, Mind, Sport” shows a simple way to make exercise easy and fun and how to get the best value in your exercise. His book teaches how to exercise just enough to get you to the sweet spot he calls the “Effortless Zone”.

Body Mind Sport

John shows how to understand your own unique mind-body type and then work on a continue routine of personal bests without stress or strain.

The books explains how each individual constitution changes during Winter, Spring and Summer so you can determine what exercises or sports are best suited to your mind-body type and what foods you should eat for optimum results.

The Body, Mind, and Sport approach helps decrease heart and breath rates while improving both fitness and performance. Dozens of world-class athletes, including Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King, have used John Douillard’s expert breathing techniques, dietary recommendations, and seasonally balanced workouts.

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“The Blue Zone of Happiness” and “Body, Mind, and Sport” examine wisdom we should all be familiar with.

Live longer.

Living happily,

Live in peace.

Live your dream.


(1) Blue Zones Meet Ayurvedic Wisdom

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