What’s it All About?

What’s being a Pruppie all about?

Use modern technology to do what you love… and to assure you’ll survive.

You too can have the freedom to do what you love from any place you like, even operating (actually preferably) from your bedroom, dining room or den if you wish.

What do you love? Rare cars?  You can make a fortune creating a business around them.  Do you prefer fine art? Or do you love beautiful jewelry, coins, gems, real estate, furs, model railways, dolls, scientific equipment, war memorabilia, old and rare books, or whatever?  Do you prefer social subjects rather than objects?

Are you concerned with the environment or humanitarian problems, with crimes, war or poverty?  Would you like to help wipe these social problems out in the course of your business?

Are you a golfer? Do you love to travel? Why not make all kinds of money in a global business related to golf?

Would you like to help the world be a more spiritual place, help people get along better together?  You can do something good for the world, increase your income and live wherever you please in the process!

Whatever your passion you can learn how to earn by creating an international micro business based on it.  You can be international if you love to travel or not.  Regardless of your skills and position there is some approach that will work for you.

Here is an example of what I mean.

I raise trout, so if tomorrow, a major storm cut out my food supply, I still have a couple hundred pounds of trout in my front yard.

trout pond

Here is a shot of the trout pond from my front porch. X marks the pond.


When we feel like a trout meal, here’s what we get… anytime we want.  Nothing finer than baked, fresh trout.

I love doing this.

Feeding the fish is fun… I do it, even though I doubt the world will fall apart.


We use modern ways to make fishing a business, that we love doing and that makes sense regardless of what happens n the world.

That’s being a Pruppie.





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