The Horror Plot that Has Come True

Here is the plot.   It’s in innumerable stories… “Some terrible person creates a disease and controls the antidote“.

Everyone has to buy… or die.

The horror of this story is awful because it has come true.

Even worse…

The horrible person is a company that comes into your home every single day.

The promotion for my report “Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere” begins:  While the world was focused on the U.S. Presidential election, a frightening new cartel took advantage of the distraction. A syndicate of seven companies formed an alliance that can restrict your food, hurt your health and even reign in your thinking. The worst part is that almost none of the public knows.

You do know the seven companies.

Let me tell you…

One of the companies is Monsanto.

I am revealing this fact due to yesterday’s New York Times article “Monsanto’s Weed Killer,
Dicamba, Divides Farmers.”

This article tells how 25 million acres of soybean and cotton fields have been planted with a new type of GMO seed called Xtend, that is resistant to a weed killer called Dicamba.

This is one of the biggest product releases in Monsanto’s history.

Here is the horror.

Farmers who have not bought the expensive new seeds, have had damage to their crops, which were within a wide area of where dicamba was sprayed.

The damage was to the entire environment, even to trees in the area.

Leaves, a farmer quoted in the article said, were “so deformed you couldn’t even really identify the differences between them.”

This quote from this article reveals the plot.

Farmers say they face a difficult choice — either buy the new genetically modified seeds or run the risk that their soybeans would be damaged more by a neighbor’s spraying of weed killers than by the weeds themselves.

“If you don’t buy Xtend, you’re going to be hurt,” said Michael Kemp, a Missouri farmer, referring to the brand name of Monsanto’s seeds.

The leaves on his soybeans puckered and curled after they were exposed to dicamba, a problem known as cupping. The cost will not be clear until after harvest.

“You’re going to have to buy their product because their chemical is drifting around,” he said, adding that growing crops that are not modified is becoming impossible. “The people who are growing non-G.M.O., which I did for a while, they’re just left out in left field, I guess.”

Dicamba… poisonous.  Spreading around our foods.

Monsanto did not invent it.  Like any other deadly virus they did not have to.  They simply created the antidote to Dicamba and then spread the poison around.

Don’t expect too much from the government either.

In October 2016, the EPA launched a criminal investigation into the illegal application of older, drift prone formulations of dicamba. Monsanto, designed a formula they promised was safe.  In 2016 this formula was approved for use in the United States by the EPA and became commercially available and hugely promoted.

Now the non GMO fields are dead or dying which is why I urge you read the information below… right now.


(1)” “Monsanto’s Weed Killer,
Dicamba, Divides Farmers



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