How to Use Sonic Weapons

You have probably heard about the results of sonic weapons using sound to harm diplomats in Cuba.

First, let’s get this record straight.  The weapon (or whatever it was – some believe it was a surveillance mistake) did not use sound.

We hear sound.

This damage in Cuba was caused by frequency, that was either so high or so low, it could not be heard.

This was a frequency weapon that was used.

Frequency weapons are important because as outlined in a message at this site “Frequency & Health”, of nearly ten years ago,  “One way of looking at everything is as a collage of frequencies”.

Frequency can be used for good purposes…they can also be used for bad.

Well, that’s really nothing new.  The idea of using frequency sound as a weapon goes back way beyond biblical times.

Take Jericho, as an example.

The town was small, about six acres, yet its history of  has significance to mankind that is huge.

Archaeologists believe that town started before the agricultural revolution was in full swing.  Along the way, a tower was built so nearby mountains cast a shadow on it as the sun set on the longest day of the year. The shadow fell exactly on the structure and then spread out to cover the entire village of Jericho.  The message reminded the residents of the frequencies of nature.  The message was “Summer’s over”.

“Start harvesting! The days are long, rich and warm but soon they’ be short, cold and hard”.  This encouraged the evolution of a communal, agricultural lifestyle.

About 6,500 years after the city was first occupied, frequency was used to destroy the town.

An army circled the city once a day for six days blowing trumpets of rams’ horns and shouting.  The seventh day, they circled the walls seven times. The walls came tumbling down.

Tell me that this history is not a message about the power of frequency.

Frequency.  Awareness of it led humanity to farm, and we were never the same.  And as with all good things we learned the destructive forces as well.  Create food.  Fight wars…with frequency.

Militaries and police departments, as well as private companies, use frequency weapons.

The Israeli army has a device known as “the Screamer” that causes nausea and dizziness.   Police used sound cannons to control crowds in the after  Hurricane Katrina and during a G20 meetings in Pittsburgh.  Cruise ships use a military-grade sonic weapon to repel Somali pirates. Malls in the UK use high-frequency sound — inaudible to most people over the age of 20 — to discourage teenagers who are hanging around.

The weapon in Cuba probably generated an inaudible low frequency sound (called infrasound).  Low frequecny can travel further than high frequency.

Low frequency impact can cause vertigo, imbalance, incapacitation, disorientation, nausea, vomiting, bowel spasms and “resonances in inner organs, such as the heart.”  This can cause a permanent loss of balance and hearing.  The frequency can travel deep into the brain, causing nerve injury and potentially microhemorrhage. Long term exposure can hinder cognitive function and memory.

We are surrounded by frequencies that can harm us.

Many disturbing frequencies are manmade.

Take a baby’s cry, for example.

In almost every mammal species, an infant’s cry has a primal impact on nearby adults.

Crying and breathing are physically, neurologically, primarily intertwined.  These natural frequencies impact small clusters of brain cells in charge of fast, active respiration.  That part of the brain allows a baby to cry.

A baby’s cry creates a far quicker and stronger action oriented response in adult brains than other emotionally laden noises, like a dog barking or a neighbor weeping.

Researchers found that within 49 thousandths of a second of a recorded cry being played, the periaqueductal gray — an area deep in the midbrain that has long been linked to urgent, do-or-die behaviors — had blazed to attention, twice as fast as it reacted to dozens of other audio clips tested.

Create Your Own Sonic Defense

Good health is the body operating as a bundle of correctly coordinated, naturally harmonious frequencies.  Research has found:

Baroque Classical Music in the Reading Room may Improve Mood and Productivity.

Listening to Music Can Change the Way how one can judge facial emotions.

Music reduces Stress in Heart Disease Patients.

Jog to the Beat: Music Increases Exercise Endurance by 15%.

Adolescents Involved with Music Do Better in School.

Frequencies even affect longevity.

An article (bolds are mine) at says:  According to, music has the ability to add years to our life.  For years, music has been used during healing rituals.  In many ancient civilizations singing, chanting and dancing was a major part of their culture.

This was seen after World War II, when many emotional disturbed soldiers found solace in music.  Music therapy has been proved to help with depression, high blood pressure and even problems sleeping.  This is why a lot of people with problems sleeping listen to soothing sounds such as sounds of the ocean.  In Alzheimer’s individuals, music was seen to reduce apprehension tremendously.  Although there is no evidence that music can entirely cure very serious conditions such as cancer, it has definitely been proved to treat many of the symptoms and enhance quality of life.

Soothing music is said to help with memory loss, concentration and even logical and reasoning unlike more grating music.  It even decreases blood pressure and stress and elevates your mood as well as your immune system!

Classical music such as music by composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, and Mozart can really add years to our life.  Orchestra professionals are among the healthiest professions.

Like exercising, music can help you in all departments.  It is said those who try and learn a new instrument greatly enhance their IQ scores.
Calming sounds such as wind chimes or fountains can relieve great amounts of tension and stress.  Many people have claimed that they have trouble sleeping.  It proved by listening to calming, soothing sounds an hour before bed puts your body into sleep mode.  Other helpful hints include writing in a journal, meditation or drinking warm milk or herbal tea.

The modern world creates a huge amount of harmful frequencies.

Some frequencies that are heard create damage simply by being too loud. Sounds above 85 decibels (dB) are harmful. Lawn mowers are about 90 dB. A loud rock 120 dB. Here are just a few of the sounds that can harm by being too loud. Subway 90-95, Boom box, ATV, motorcycle 96-1005, School dance 101-105, Chainsaw, leaf blower, snowmobile 106-115, sports crowd, rock concert, loud symphony 120-129, Stock car races 130, Gun shots, siren at 100 feet.

Technology in our society continually bombards us with a multitude of frequencies.

Some such as microwaves can cause violent vibrations on the microscopic scale – like cooking our cells and tissues, causing them to mutate – cancers, tumors, etc.

Cell towers, cell phones and microwave ovens to name a few generate microwaves.  The consequences of  such massive and regular exposure have still not been validated or at least are not accepted by the establishment.

That’s a benefit of living out of cities.

Use frequency for good.

Wherever we live, even if we cannot escape negative or over loud frequencies, we can use frequencies in music to integrate the brain hemispheres, balance the body and accelerate super thinking.  Positive frequencies can be our sonic weapons and defense against negative frequencies.




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