How Big Investing is Small

Merri’s and my personal equity portfolio is one of the most complicated in the world.

Thousands of shares in 18 non US stock markets are represented.  The investments include dozens of currencies.  One precious metal has been added to the mix.

Yet this big, complicated portfolio has a small cost, requires only small amounts of time and has the smallest amount of worry.

Our trading cost for this monstrosity?

Less than $20 in the last two years.

This must take huge amounts of time?

Just minutes…

The investments took just minutes to buy and only spend minutes a week monitoring the results.

This gives me time to focus on my  passions-family, life and my work, which has always been a more dependable source of  sustenance than investments.

Here is a review of one of Merri’s and my personal investment accounts using the principles of the Purposeful Investing Course (Pi).

This particular Portfolio is held at the online brokers  This means that my original investment of $40,000 has trading costs of just $9.95.  I added the platinum ETF PLT which cost another $4.95 so my trading costs in two years has been less than $20.

This portfolio (Blue Line) has risen much faster than the S&P 500 (Green Line) in the last 6 months.


Click on images to enlarge.

Here are the shares in the portfolio.





This personal Pifolio is heavily weighted in the developed markets. Here is why.

Pi depends on the value analysis of Keppler Asset Management and the latest Keppler analysis of good value emerging markets show that the price to book is 1.34 compared to 1.47 for good value developed markets.  The PE ratio of the emerging markets is much better, 12.9 versus 19.0 but here is the catch… the average dividend yield for emerging and developed markets is almost the same, 3.35% for emerging markets versus 3.31% for developed markets.

Developed markets have lower volatility.   This stability, along with the similar dividend yields, fits my personal needs (higher income) as Merri and I are in our 70s and we don’t work as hard as we used to.

Emerging Market Values


Developed Market Values


This is a low cost portfolio.  The shares have been purchased at a good price to book value.

Compare the price to book of our portfolio to the US Stock Market.  We purchased our shares at about 1.4o to book.  On average you’ll buy US shares at 3.13 times their book value. On top of that, our portfolio earns an average yield of  about 3.3% compared to the average yield you’ll earn from US shares.

We can never know what will happen n the global economy.   We can know how much we are paying for this unknown and we are paying a lot less (and getting more).

Plus currently there is good appreciation.  We get all this plus enjoy more time because very little time is required to monitor this portfolio.

This is a formula which fits Merri’s and my needs and might fit yours as well!

Whatever your needs, when investing, always look for value, keep your costs low, diversify but not too much and remember that every investment has risk.

The Purposeful Development Course (Pi) is currently examining each Good Value Stock Market in good value countries, one at a time.  Learn more about Pi below.


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