Brave New Pill

Mankind can overcome the impossible.

We sent a man to the moon.

We could live on Mars.  Maybe harness the moon and the stars.

Build our own reality?

Yet we can never defeat the inconvenient.   When we have problems, as a whole, humanity always takes the seemingly, easy path.

When tired, most people take an upper.

When agitated, they take a downer.

Taking a pill to mask a symptom is convenient!

Aldous Huxley saw this fact in his book Brave New World where drugs weren’t just common; they were distributed en masse by the government.  In the book, Soma, a hallucinogen described as “the perfect drug,” all benefit and no drawbacks (like brain damage).

A Guardian article in its drugs and alcohol feature “Scientists predicts that a brave new world of brain pills” (1) is coming along.

The article in a drugs and alcohol feature said:  Why Not a Brave New World?  Drugs that work on the brain are already common – many people can hardly begin their days without the mind-sharpening effects of caffeine or nicotine.

A new report by leading scientists in the fields of psychology and neuroscience argues that, very soon, there really will be a pill for every ill.

“It is possible that [advances] could usher in a new era of drug use without addiction,” said the report by Foresight, the government’s science-based thinktank.

Launching the report, the government’s chief scientific adviser, Sir David King, said that brain-enhancing drugs developed to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s were likely to find increased use among healthy people looking to improve their perception, memory, planning or judgment.

The article reviewed a menu of drugs already being used

Ritalin (methylphenidate) is used by students in an attempt to improve exam results and by business people to improve performance in the boardroom.

D-amphetamine improves memory.

Naltrexone is already used to treat chronic alcoholism and narcotic abuse. It works by blocking the pleasure receptors that are normally activated in the brain when people use the drugs

Propranolol, a beta-blocker, used sometimes by snooker players to calm their nerves.

Modafinil, treats narcolepsy, has been used by soldiers to improve memory and judgment.

The report said the widespread adoption of new brain-enhancing drugs was not without risks and would raise “significant ethical, social and practical issues.”

This poses two bigger problems.

Unknown side affects…

Who determines which drugs can be used and if they must… plus who profits monetarily from the decision.

Yet the rise of pills is likely because they are convenient.

A better way to maintain a clear mind and high energy is with good nutrition, exercise and a calm consciousness.

To this end Merri and I take several food supplements.  One we have endorsed is Vitality Force.

Recently a reader sent the manufacturer of Vitality Force this note.

Dear Kris, Thank You so much for VITALITY FORCE.

It took almost a month to reach us, due to Canadian customs, so my partner, and I have only had 3 days to enjoy it.

WOW… what a difference it makes with mental clarity & stamina.

We would like to order more now, as it takes so long to get to us.

Thank you so much for making this amazing supplement.

The processes of eating right, getting enough exercise and inflating our IQs are not particularly convenient.  Time, energy and good routines and habits are required.

The benefits though are free of the law of diminishing returns, without unexpected side affects and are under your control, not other’s hidden agenda.




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