How to Profit From Ugly

There is so much change.   It’s hard to keep up!  So here’s a tip.

Change is good because…

If nothing changed we could never get ahead.  We would be stuck where we are, in static.

Besides, we all know that nothing is constant.

All the promises we hear about to return to how it was is are just for illusion’s sake.

There is nothing but one way to move…

We have to move ahead.

Here is one way to take advantage of this universal fact.


USDA standards are a refection of how most people ignore true value.

When Merri and I moved to our home in Central Florida we inherited a small commercial, navel orange grove that was attached to our house.

This created a small business and also gave us a supply of all types of citrus, any time we want, right off the tree.

Here’s a tip our grove manager  gave us.  “The ugliest oranges are usually the sweetest fruit.”

Yet the USDA standard’s are based mostly on fruit looking good.

For a fruit to be labeled U.S. Fancy it must meet the following basic requirements:

1) Well colored and not more than one-tenth of the surface, in the aggregate, may be affected by discoloration.
2) Firm, mature, smooth texture.
3) Well formed.

These are great characteristics for art… but food?  What about taste, nutrition, lack of toxicity?

This is the way things are.

This fact can help us find ways to live in a better way.

A recent Wall Street Journal article “Head of America’s Largest Grocer Talks Amazon and Ugly Tomatoes”  gives us a clue when it says:  Kroger facing slowing growth and more competition online and from discount chains like Wal-Mart

Mr. McMullen: I grew up on a farm. Last Sunday, I went out to see my parents and their garden, and I find the produce that looks the ugliest tastes the best.

Here is the tip…

Most people fear change so they are willing to accept the appearance of stability.  Look beneath the surface, for deeper values.  This search makes you rare, astute… wise.   Therein lays opportunity.

There will be change…

Most will resist it., but as Confucius said: “They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.”

We have to change with the times.   Look for real, beneath the skin value. That’s the trick to everlasting wealth.


One change that is likely to take place due to the storms is acceleration of the falling US dollar. See how to get protection (and profit) from this trend below.

(1) Head of Americas largest grocer talks amazon and ugly tomatoes

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