Heck of a Hack

Is our electric grid in Russian control?

A great deal of American internet security is provided by a Russian firm with ties to the Russian government.

See yesterday’s message “Unnatural Disasters” if you missed this fact.

Could we really see our power grids shut down by hackers?


If MIT Technology review is to be believed.

mit tech reveiw

The image and excerpt below comes from the MIT article “Hackers have the power to switch off American grid systems”.

So says new research by Symantec, (2) which finds that hackers have infiltrated power infrastructure deeply enough to sabotage national power grids. The firm has seen at least 20 cases across America, Turkey, and Switzerland where criminals gained so-called operational access, allowing them to send commands to devices like circuit breakers to turn them off.  As we’ve reported before, grid hacks in Ukraine have shown it’s possible to cause outages, and now it’s the West’s time to worry.

Natural disasters are random but can clip our strands of existence easily enough.  At least they are arbitrary.  We can usually get out of the way.

Human disasters can create even more damage…

They can shut down our avenues of escape and be directed directly at us.


(1) Technologyreview: Dangerous hack

(2) Symantec.com: Western energy sector targeted by sophisticated attack group

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