Labor With Creativity

Labor Day in the US and Canada celebrates the labor movement and the contributions that workers make to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of their country.

Happy Labor Day!   Enjoy the holiday…

However, devote some free time to creativity because we are at the end of labor… as we know it.

It’s being replaced.  You can use creativity… (and need to) to prosper from the labor that comes next.

Take trucking as an example.  Trucking provides million of jobs.  This is one of the few middle class salaries still available for workers without a college degree.

Wanna be a truck driver? That’s not always a good idea.

Now, they’ll be replaced by self driving trucks.

There are huge opportunities instead in new fields of transportation technology for those who are creative.


An MIT article “How Technology Is Destroying Jobs” (1) shows how automation is reducing the need for people… period.

Look at the chart above from this article.

Here’s labor’s fate.  Advanced technology is ominous news for workers.  Manufacturing, clerical and retail workers suffered first.  Now labor in professions such as law, financial services, education, and medicine are losing ground.

After WWII businesses generated more value from labor in ways that created more-good paying jobs.  The economy grew richer.  The middle class prospered and grew.

Beginning in 2000 productivity continued.  Increased employment opportunity for better jobs did not.

By 2011, you see a huge gap appearing between productivity and job creation.   Economic growth climbed… but not more decent jobs.

People are falling behind.  Technology is advancing so fast they cannot keep up.   A few creative people (who create, control and run the technology) earn more.  Most work more… and earn less.

Less job opportunities, stagnant income and worsening inequality have arrived.

Let’s don’t expect them to go away.

Jobs at risk from technology are everywhere.

Newspapers use software programs to write up simple news items.

Radio and TV jobs have been hit as well.

Visit, our home town of  Mount Dora, Florida and listen to the local radio station WVGT at 99.5.  This is a Golden Oldies station with zero live announcers.  All the voices are computer generated.

Bye bye disc jockey, good bye.

This shift affects us all, working or retired.  Entire sectors of commerce will evaporate.   Markets will crash. Panic, fear and divisiveness will grow.

Pensions, insurance companies and governments won’t keep promises.

Even currencies will fail us.  They won’t deliver the purchasing power we expect or need.

The rich will get richer.  The poor… more so.

Eventually labor will catch up.  Stronger job markets will emerge.

We’ll have more freedom, better working conditions, less stress and worry.

This will take time… more than many of us have so we need to move ahead now.  Use two assets that technology can’t replace, at least in our life times… a healthy body and a clear, mind bursting with vibrant creativity.

Creativity is what you want and need not just in the future but in the here and now.

Shifts in labor are not coming.  They started over a decade ago and really accelerated in 2011.  The way you, I and the world, works, lives and plays has to adapt.  Those who survive and gain from the new labor of technology are those who encourage creativity.

Learn how to gain Super Thinking and creativity below.


(1) How technology is destroying jobs

(2)  Artificial intelligence regulations

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