New Age of Old Ways

We need a new age of old ways if we can’t depend on the now ways.

Who can we trust today?

Do the media, big business, the government, any of them, care about you?

In this era of alternative facts… so much hoopla, hidden agendas and points of view, are all hidden under the guise of truth.

It’s deception!

Pure and simple, the goal of most institutions is to take from… not give to you.

We can get just about any news we want… pick the prejudice and opinions of our choice.  And it’s pleasant to read comfortable information that supports with our opinions and beliefs.

After all, it’s nice to be right…

Or at least think so.

Yet basing our outlook on slanted interpretation and spin doesn’t help us adapt to the real reality if we do not try to see it!

Living based on truth is a difficult art enough.   Heisenburg’s uncertainty principle tells us that there is a fuzziness in nature. Reality limits what we can know about the smallest scales of nature.

As above so below…

These little things, we cannot see, create the big things so they are not predictable either.  The best we can do is calculate probabilities for where things are, how they will behave and what reality will be.

Probabilities… that’s all we can really offer.

Most everyone wants certainties.

The politicians, the media, the businesses that promise the sure thing, especially the sure thing that most people want to hear…  win.  They get the most votes, the biggest readers and the largest earnings.

The first thing they do is stifle  competition.

Many other  now essentials are untrustworthy.

How about the computers and exchanges that bring us the news or even the programing that runs the cars and truck that bring us everything.

One big solar flare.  An A-bomb explosion and all the networks are down.

Take something simpler… like trucks and cars.

Hackers can do their damage too.  ISIS or radical terrorists won’t need suicide bombers anymore to drive into crowds.

Just a hacker.

Think about semi-trucks.  Have you ever been caught in a canyon of fast moving trucks on the higheway?

You know!  They are big. They are fast. They kill.

The only protection?  The semi drivers.

They want to live as much as you do.

The now news is that autonomous semi-trucks are predicted to take up a significant portion of the market within the next decade.

Wired magazine shows how hackers remotely killed a jeep on the highway.

Think about hackers taking over semi trucks…  Hackers could close highways, stop supplies of gas, medicine, food.

There are too many reasons why we cannot trust the now ways.

What’s the solution…

Find new ways to return to the old ways.  Reclaim our lives from corporate and government control.

See through the medias’ hidden agendas so we can see the real probabilities.

back control of your own life from the hidden forces that try to shape your destiny for their own gain. I prefer my destiny in my own hands, thanks.


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