Earn With a List

Earn extra income. 

Have a list…

Do what you love… find like minded souls… cross reference.

The key to successful business in this day and age is finding and engaging like minded souls with common interests.

Building a list can be accomplished in many ways.

The New York Times article “To Hit a Passer and ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’: A Linebacker’s Two Sides” (1) about Devon Kennard , a professional football player, shows an example of one unique approach to creating a list.

The Giants’ Devon Kennard created a vibrant online book club this summer. Credit Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

The article  begins: When Devon Kennard, a Giants linebacker, posted a message on Instagram about a book-reading contest that he was holding this summer, diverse lives became interwoven on a social media page and soon morphed into a vibrant book club.

The assigned books — “The Alchemist’’ and “To Kill A Mockingbird” — were dissected by dozens of fans and Kennard himself.  Kennard, 26, a linebacker out of the University of Southern California, reread the books along with his followers, and posed questions that he thought might generate the most discussion.

Kennard was a key component in 2016 for the second-best defense in the N.F.L. but uses social media to promote things like canned salmon and wearable fitness monitors.  He also loves to read so he started this online book club.

Why would a foot ball player build a list based around a book club?

First, by engaging with readers, he is doing something he loves and attracting like minded souls…

Think about this.

How many people play football?

How many people read?

Kennard’s not just physically fit, he is smart.  He is surrounding himself from a larger field and one that he can focus on even if he gets kneecapped or concussed in a game.

Second, each time someone writes, Kennard, he personally responds to show that a person who is an N.F.L. player, is not be too good to talk with everyone.  He also promises to mail autographed memorabilia to those who give insightful answers to questions.

This engagements encourages his list of like minded souls to buy other things from him.  For example he sent one book club fan an autographed T-shirt.  After that she  purchased a Kennard jersey for the start of the foot ball season and feels invested in him as a football player as well as a reader who made her think.

That reader said: “That’s why you go to the stadium and buy tickets.”

Cross referencing improves the profitability of a list.

What’s the connection between…


Silver Dip 2017

this and this?

Purely Green

and this?

Purely Green


Vitality Force

Cross referencing can help you see the answer.

Our first interest in cross referencing of lists began many years ago when I noticed that our international investing business attracted a disproportionate number of US southerners, Chiropractors and people of the Jewish faith.  This puzzled me for years.

“What is the connection?” I asked again and again. Then one day the answer hit me. The connection was “Persecution”.

Many Southerners still feel persecuted by the War between the States.

Growing up as an Oregonian, the Civil War was just an idea… known only through history books and the “Red Badge of Courage” which we had to read in our high school sophomore year. This was an idea without emotion attached.

Then one day I conducted a seminar in Pascagoula, Mississippi and was talking about how the US economy grew after the end of the Civil War. One delegate jumped in with “Who the hell said it was civil and who the hell said it has ended?” After the seminar I asked the MD who had sponsored this seminar if that delegate was joking.  The doctor said the man was serious and added that he believed the North had been beating up the South ever since. When I married a girl from Georgia, I learned more clearly how true this is!

Chiropractors felt persecuted by the AMA.  Then they proved it.  In the 1980s the AMA held that it was unethical for medical doctors to associate with an “unscientific practitioner,” and labeled chiropractic “an unscientific cult.” In 1987 a chiropractor, Chester A. Wilk, DC, and co-plaintiffs brought a federal antitrust suit against the American Medical Association (AMA) and other co-defendants.  The chiropractors won.  The judge ruled that the AMA had engaged in an unlawful conspiracy in restraint of trade “to contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession”.

The history of Jewish persecution has been repeated again and again.

The connection between these three groups and international investing was that they did not trust the establishment.  They were looking for alternate solutions in investing.  The obvious cross reference from anti-establishment wealth was alternate health ideas.

This cross reference has continued for decades.  Today we offer products as diverse as reports on investing in precious metals (Silver Dip 2017) to organic cleaners (Purely Green) to food supplements (Vitality Force).

Our readers are interested in outside the box ideas on health and wealth. 

There are innumerable ways to build lists.  The key to earning extra income is finding and engaging like minded souls with common interests. Many successful marketers realize this and use continual cross referencing as we do.

You can learn how to gain extra income doing something you love by building a list and cross referencing it as well.








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